tagIncest/TabooHairy Holly: Soccer Practice

Hairy Holly: Soccer Practice


My daughter is head cheerleader at her high school, and she recently had a controversy with her coach because she refused to shave her pubic area, and thick dark hairs showed when she did splits. Her Math teacher came to her aid, and she was permitted to keep her thick hair growth and remain on the squad.

In addition to being the head cheerleader, she also is the starting Center Forward on the boys soccer team. She couldn't find the competition on the girls squad, so the boys coach allowed her to go out for the team, which she made easily.

It was Sunday, and I was at the field at her school, playing Goalie as she practiced dribbling and scoring. I had to marvel at her athletic body as she went up and down the field with speed and excellent coordination, as if the soccer ball was a part of her.

In addition to refusing to shave, my jock, 18 year old daughter refused to wear a bra. Her firm orange sized breasts bounced unrestrained under her tank top and I could see the thick patches of hair under her armpits. Each long stride of her muscular legs caused her short nylon shorts to rise up, giving me a view of her abundant pubic hair.

Even though she was my daughter, I found it hard not to stare at her beautiful body, and she was easily scoring on me each time she drove to the goal. She was truly a vision of beauty with her flowing black hair and her deep brown eyes.

We had been practicing for 1 ½ hours when she came to the goal and whispered, "Dad I REALLY have to go to the bathroom."

"No problem Hon. We've put in enough practice. I was about ready to leave anyway."

"Daddy, you don't understand. I am about to pop, and there is no way I can hold it until we get home."

I looked around the field and spotted a patch of trees on the South side of the field. "Okay Hon, you can go behind those trees over there."

Holly looked across to the trees and bit her lip. "Well, okay, but only if you will come with me and stand guard."

I put my arm around my beautiful daughter and squeezed her shoulder. "Sure thing Honey."

When we got to the trees we realized that the trees would hide her from the parking lot, but there was a house backed up to the trees, so anyone looking out the window could clearly see her. I agreed to stand on one side of her and block the view, with the trees blocking the view from the other side.

I turned my head with my back to her as she pulled down her shorts and squatted down. I heard a small grunt and thought she was hurt, so I turned and looked, and was embarrassed to see that she was grunting, having a bowl movement. Instead of looking away as I should have, I was hypnotized watching her feces being expelled by her anus. I could actually see the hairs around her opening as she strained to expel the dark brown poop. It plopped to the ground and steam from the cool Autumn air rose from it, then I noticed a steady tinkling sound as my totally exposed daughter began to urinate. The golden liquid fell in a strong waterfall next to the excrement for over a minute and a half, and finally she emptied her bladder and I once again turned my back to her, trying to hide my erection which had formed.

"Um Daddy, I have a problem."

"What's that Hon?"

"I have nothing to wipe with."

"That's OK sweetie. Just pull up your panties and you can wipe when you get home."

"But Daddy, if I do that I know that I will get an infection or a rash, and I won't be able to run in soccer, or do the jumps for the cheers."

"Well Baby, I don't know what to do. I didn't bring a handkerchief."

"Well Daddy. I know it's a big request, and you can say no if you want to, but would you lick me clean?"


"Okay forget it. I just thought I would ask."

Holly began to stand and pull up her panties, giving me a major case of the guilts. I never could tell my beautiful daughter no.

"Hold on Sugar. I'll do it."

"Oh Daddy. You are so wonderful." She hugged me tightly and was going to kiss me on the check, when I unrepentantly moved my head and her lips landed directly on my mouth. Instead of being surprised and drawing back, she deepened the kiss, sticking her tongue in my mouth, driving me wild and taking the breath from me.

Ending the kiss, she drew back with a smile on her face. "You're such a dear sweet man... and not a bad kisser either. Mom is lucky to have you."

Slowly she turned and squatted, with her legs spread wide. I could see the thick patch of rich black hair lining the crack of her buttocks, and could make out the light brown stain of her BM on each side of her buttocks. What I won't do for my gorgeous daughter.

I took a big breath and moved to within inches of her buttocks. I could smell her and decided just to do it and get it over with. I tentatively licked at the protruding hairs, then finally got up the nerve just to make my tongue as long and hard as possible, and ran it deeply from the dirty bottom to the top of her crack.

I was surprised when I heard a low moan come from my daughter's lips, and I stroked her again with my tongue.

"Oh God, that feels so good Daddy."

"Honey, I am your father, so it is not supposed to feel good. I am just doing my job and helping you out of a tough situation."

"Whatever. Please continue Daddy."

The more I licked, the more aroused I became of her scent, and what I was doing. I was unable to stop, as I parted her cheeks and gazed at the puckered brown hair covered opening, and plunged my tongue deep within her causing her whole body to tense and a scream of ecstasy to come from her lips.

Slowly she turned and between broken breaths whispered, "That was the most incredible orgasm I have ever had. Now please clean my wet pussy."

She squatted once again as she held on to an overhanging branch. Her pubic hair was extremely thick and inviting, with a line of hair snaking its way up to her navel. It was such a wonderful change from her mother, who against my wishes continued to shave her body on a daily basis.

With her arms raised, I had a clear view of the thick black hairs under her armpits, and couldn't resist caressing them as I slowly started to clean her vagina still wet from her golden shower. The salty taste and the feel of her beautiful soft hair made me extremely hard and I was lost in the moment as my hands caressed her armpits and my tongue probed deeply for more liquid to lick and swallow.

I licked and cleaned for ten minutes before both of her legs wrapped strongly around my head as she clung to the branch. Her lower body jerked and humped my face until I was covered in her moist delicious liquid. Clutching my head until I thought she was going to crush my skull, she slammed her fur lined pussy lips into me and shrieked as she came.

Slowly her movements stopped and she dismounted from me. She dressed in silence, and we went back to the car to leave.

The silence was becoming a little uncomfortable, but I didn't know what to say. Fortunately Holly spoke as I pulled out of the lot.

"Daddy. I really can't thank you enough for what you did."

"You're welcome Sweetie."

"And Daddy....Um, I'm not sure how to say it, but....I don't really want it to stop there."

I gave her thigh a gentle squeeze and continued driving with a smile on my face.

"Anything you say Hon."

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