tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHalle's Hillbilly Hell Ch. 05

Halle's Hillbilly Hell Ch. 05



Halle Mason's life changed forever when she won a divorce case for her client against a vengeful Southern racist. He took his revenge on her by kidnapping her and his family then used and abused her before exercising mind control over her. They made her quit her job, attack a judge and run up huge debts on cards at banks and with loan sharks before taking her back to their farm and employing her as a slave. After exploits at a KKK meeting a rival clan attacked them and took her to their homestead and abused her further. After her time in Hillbilly hell she made a desperate break for freedom and made it. Escaping back to the city she fell in with one of the loan sharks she had ripped offs minions and her first night back in the city looks like it could be her last....


Vince McNeill slouched back in his leather chair and watched as Halle was dragged, kicking and shouting into his office. She stopped abruptly when she saw him and realised she had been taken to one of the cities fiercest loan sharks, one that she owed a good deal of money to.

Halle was pushed to her hands and knees and the loan shark told his men to get out, leaving the two of them alone in his office. Halle knew his reputation and was scared, he was not a man to be crossed. She broke the silence with an incoherent babble.

"Mr McNeil, please believe me I was not in control of myself! I was drugged! They made me do it, these hillbillies, they..."


He slammed his fist on his desk with his harsh, shouted words. Halle froze where she was.

"I don't want to hear it bitch. You owe me $50,000 and I want to know if you have it with you? Clearly you haven't so we have two choices, don't we? Either I make an example of you to show other people what happens to people who don't repay their debts to me and skip town or you work for me and repay me that way. I'll let you decide."

There was no real choice here, she was playing in dangerous waters and knew it. Seconds later she had agreed to pay her debt off by becoming his whore and there were a lot of people more than willing to pay over the odds for a no holds barred session with this particular lawyer.

McNeil had Halle placed in a top floor apartment of a run down building he owned in the slum area of the city. There was no fire escape and his men guarded the building as he ran various scams (drugs, prostitution, porn) from the building so in effect Halle was now a prisoner. Her flat was a dump, the furniture barely fit for human habitation, the wallpaper stained and peeling. The only new things in the flat were selection of clothing and uniforms that were provided for Halle for the job and a new wide screen TV and DVD. It was a depressing place but Halle clung to the thought that at least it was better than her Hillbilly Hell she had so recently escaped from and if McNeil was to be believed in time there was the prospect of leaving here and starting over.

Mark Brown was the first 'client' of Halle's and the first person McNeil had contacted once he had his newest whore established. The reasons were clear. Brown had been convicted five years ago for several cases of sexual assault. Halle had been the prosecuting attorney and had gone after Brown hard. He was a racist, neo nazi pig with a real dislike of women and blacks. After three and a half years of a fifteen years sentence he was freed on a technicality, following a long drawn out appeal. Of course, by then Halle had her own problems being that when Brown was released she had been a sex slave in Hillbilly land and was one of the cities most wanted people both by the law and criminal fraternity. So Halle did not even realise that Brown was a free man when she answered the door to the run down apartment McNeil had set her up in.

It had to have been the easiest bit of business that Vince McNeil had ever done. He contacted Brown and told him straight out that Halle Mason was working for him now and for the right fee Brown could buy time with her. He did stress that she was not to be harmed in any way which clearly disappointed Brown immensely but knowing McNeil's reputation he realised it was not going to be an option, still he realised this was a wonderful opportunity for some revenge against the bitch he had blamed for stitching him up and costing him time in the Pen.

Halle cringed and shrunk back as Brown's large frame filled the doorway, towering menacingly over her. He flashed her a humourless grin and stepped into the flat and closed the door behind him. She started to speak but he held up his hand as he raked in his wallet and held up a ten dollar note (he had paid a whole lot more than that to McNeil but the deal was all the clients would be giving Halle a minimum payment in person to maximise her humiliation).

"That's for the hour bitch and if I want to continue you'll get another. Now Mr. McNeil says for that you'll do anything I ask, is that right?"

The Halle of old, the dynamic, ambitious lawyer would have stood up to him, no matter the situation, she would have fired back at him all guns blazing. Even the Halle that had been captive in the wilds would have had some fire. Now, it seemed that was all but gone. Sighing she dropped her eyes and nervously nodded her assent, knowing the history of this bastard and knowing the next hour or so would be bad.

"Say it nigger! You know how to speak, I remember all those fancy words you used in court so I know you ain't as dumb a cunt as you look!"

"Y-Yes Sir. I'll do whatever you want."

"So you're a whore, a nigger whore, tell me what you are!"

Halle had been through so much in the last few months that mere words were nothing to her.

"I'm a nigger whore Sir."

"MY nigger whore, and don't you forget it bitch. Now show me your wardrobe, McNeil said the outfit I wanted for you was there!"

The outfit, it turned out, was an exact replica of the smart, fawn colour, business suit Halle had worn in court when she had so eloquently buried mark on the stand. Halle guessed its significance as soon as she saw it and her heart sunk even further.

"Don't bother putting on any underwear slut! Cos that's how I was imagining you in court. Naked and getting off on putting me away, weren't you bitch?"

Halle ignored him as she got into her outfit. After her hard few months she was too thin for it but she pulled on the blouse then the knee high skirt and matching jacket. Mark threw a set of high heels at her and demanded she put them on and join him in the bedroom. Wondering just what the hell this bastard was going to do she nervously did so. He thrust a notebook into her hands and spat at her.

"There you go, that's what your cross examining of me should have been. Let's replay that day again shall we. Read it and make sure you get every fucking word right, OK?"


"Mr Brown, for the benefit of the court can you tell me what you did with the vic-, er, the nigger slut."

The bastard smirked and stared right at Halle and spoke with great venom.

"I threw the bitch on her bed, ripped her skirt off and then I fucked her in her black ass until I came. Then I made her lick my dick clean, straight from her ass."

"A-And you maintain she wanted this? That she enjoyed it?"

"Fucking right she did, all you bitches like getting it in the ass, don't you?"

"Indeed we do Mr. Brown. Perhaps for the benefit of the court you could demonstrate exactly how this alleged assault occurred?"

Halle had played her parted reluctantly, knowing how this would end up. She braced herself as he strode across the room and grabbed her then pushed her onto her bed and tore her expensive skirt off to reveal her smooth backside. She heard him un zip himself and then felt a monster sized dick being slapped against her ass cheeks.

"I had her like this you see, and the bitch was squealing like a stuck pig, but I knew she wanted it, I could tell, the fucking bitch wanted it hard!"

He rubbed his slick dick up and down Halle's ass crack, as if goading her with it, making her wait for it. At least it gave it some much needed lubrication when the bastard eventually decided to stick his dick in. Halle grunted as he penetrated her and looked to her side and the large mirror there. Seeing this bastard taking her like this was awful, but she knew this was her life now not the lawyer she had been imitating just seconds ago.

"You see Counsel, I just ass fucked her like this. It meant I didn't have to look at the ugly nigger in the face, all the better, don't you think?"

"Urgh! Y-yes Mr. Brown. Now for the benefit of the jury can you tell us what else you did while you fucked Miss Carey?"

"Sure, I pulled her hair like this! And I slapped her big nigger tits, like this! And that bitch loved it I tell you!"

There was silence then as he got down to his task of giving Halle the ass fucking of her life. Little suspecting the horrors she had endured in her own hillbilly hell these past few months. He ploughed into her shithole for ten minutes before finally withdrawing, realising that this was his own time and money he was on here and he had other things in store for the bitch lawyer that he believed had stitched him up.

"Look at this slut, you got my dick dirty with your nigger shit, get around here and clean it bitch!"

Watching the sexy lawyer that had prosecuted him into jail crawl before him on hands and knees then kneel up to suck his dirty dick was one of the great pleasure's in Mark Brown's life. He waited until Halle had his dick in her mouth before thrusting his hips forward, slamming into her so his balls crushed up against her chin and the tip of his cock lodged into the opening to her throat. That got a response from the bitch, her eyes went wide in surprise and she looked up at Mark as he casually reached down and pinched her nostrils, holding them together.

"Keep your fucking hands by your sides nigger, let's see how well you can do!"

It was difficult for Halle, she had endured this and worse from previous captors, but she was not bound in fact she was being paid to do this and mentally that was fucking with her worse, if that was possible. Mark eventually released his grip on her nostrils and eased his dick back but just as Halle gasped a breath he slammed it back in again and once again cut off her airflow. By now his 'script' was forgotten and he was just intent on doing what he wanted to and with Halle.

He fucked her face with abandon until his large dick spewed his load all over her face. Line after line of white cum streaked across Halle's face, obliterating her eyes and nose and lips. Gasping he paused a minute as he squeezed the last of his load out into Halle's short hair.

"Damn that was good bitch! But I still have twenty minutes and I ain't letting a cunt like you off easily! Tell you what, while I recover a bit here I want you to bark like a dog. Go on bitch bark!"

Halle wiped some of his disgusting sperm from her eyes then looked up at him and started making barking, howling noises, as near as she could to a dog. Mark thought this was hilarious, watching the stuck up bitch lawyer on her knees, covered in his Cum and acting in such a fashion.

"That's it bitch, that's all you are a mangy fucking dog! A fucking no good mongrel! Tell me, come on, tell me what you are!"

Halle repeated what he wanted to hear, she was passed the point of worrying, if it took up time and kept her safe she would say anything the bastard wanted.

"And you know what dirty dogs do bitch? They lick their own asses. Now you can't do that but you can lick another dogs, can't you? Do you remember what you called me in court bitch? Do you? No? You called me a wild beast. So if I'm a wild beast then a dog like you is gonna want to lick my ass, aren't they?"

Mark held his ass cheeks apart and Halle viewed his hairy asshole. She had no limits now, she new that, not if she was to survive being pimped by McNeil. She gave another bark and crawled over to start licking out the bastards asshole. She threw herself into it, knowing that the better Mark felt the longer she could keep him going and he wouldn't move onto doing something else worse. She wouldn't put anything past him. She jammed her face between his cheeks and got her tongue to work digging in his tight asshole, burrowing and squirming and he loved it.

"That's it bitch, lick my asshole out! Go on dog, lick it, toss my motherfucking salad! That's all you're good for now nigger, kissing ass the old fashioned way, where a woman should be!"

And so the first session of Halle Mason, working girl came to a close with her tongue buried in the asshole of an abusive convicted rapist. Brown left grudgingly at the end of the session with promises that he would be back in the future because he wasn't finished with Halle but in point of fact he was. He had got what he wanted from her and Halle was now so broken and removed from the proud lawyer that she had been it was not everything he had been hoping for. Still once word was out that Vince McNeil had her as a whore for rent there was no shortage of prospective clients.

As the days and then weeks passed Halle saw more and more faces from her past as well as people just paying for an hour who didn't know her at all. She sunk into the life of an inner city prostitute rather too easily, accepting her payment then passing it on blindly, without thought of whether she was running her debt to McNeil down or not. Without really making any thoughts about escaping the building that she had not left since she had entered it. Her guards and the other girls in the building were the only people she spoke to outside her clients and as they were all into drugs there was an inevitability that she would fall into that life and she did, just to escape the world she was now trapped in.

It was a Thursday evening and Halle lay on her bed in what were by now well used underwear, smoking and awaiting her next client. She had serviced three men that day, none that she knew, the initial thrill of fucking their former solicitor (either for or against) starting to run it's course in the city, most people that had wanted a pound of Halle Mason's flesh had paid for, and gotten it. The doorbell rang and Halle dragged herself vertical, the booking list read "7pm NAOMI, FEMALE,GROUP."

This at least was different thought Halle, she very rarely entertained anything other than older, perverted men. It even put a small spring in her step, her dulled senses retreated for a moment as she opened the door. All that disappeared as she stared at the three women standing in the dingy stairway outside the door. Halle recognised them instantly as three girls she had gone to Law School with for nearly four years.

Naomi Banks, Claudia Schaffer and Cindy Crowe had bonded instantly as birds of a feather in University and each had taken an instant dislike to the younger and prettier Halle Mason. That was a dislike that grew when they discovered that Halle came from a poor background compared to their privileged upbringings and only got worse when it became abundantly clear that Halle was far brighter than any of them and surely destined for a far greater career in Law than any of them.

"Long time no see Halle, my haven't you come down in the world?"

Smirked Naomi as she stepped passed Halle and into her room. The other two women followed her in and all three stood looking about the squalid flat of the reluctant whore.

"Still this place kind of suits you Halle, you know?"

Naomi was a real bitch and really she and Halle could and should have been friends, Naomi was a young, coloured woman in a hard profession but rather than that Naomi treated her as a threat and a rival from the first and in their younger years had delighted in trying to embarrass or humiliate Halle. Claudia was a platinum blonde who had some smarts but seemed to get by mostly on her stunning looks and Halle had heard she had married and got out of Law (and she was sure was no worse off for it). Cindy was another hanger on of Naomi's, a tall brunette that had seemed nice at first but as Halle got more and more attention in class had turned more and more towards Naomi's point of view - that Halle Mason was a no good bitch that was stealing the girls thunder. Of course after they all graduated and left their paths had crossed a few times individually on court and Halle had enjoyed wiping the floor with all of them at one time or another, her court form way beyond theirs. They had delighted in reading of Halle's apparent crime spree and when a client of Naomi's had mentioned he knew where Halle was it was just too much for her not to follow it through, initially determined to get her handed over to the authorities but now she was not so sure.

Halle allowed herself hope for a moment that these three had grown up and could be relied on to help her out of this situation but one look at them told her they were just like all the rest of her 'clients' , worse in fact.

"You know girls I feel kind of scared and excited, I've never used a whore before. Tell us Halle, how much is it to buy your services for an hour as our own personal whore."

Naomi knew, they all knew but they just wanted to hear Halle say it out load.

"Ten dollars."

She could not look them in the eye as she told them.

"Ten dollars! Wow, so cheap! So I guess that makes you a cheap, ten dollar whore, doesn't it? But I guess girls, we always knew that didn't we? That must be how you did so well on your classes, you fucked the lecturers."

They all knew that wasn't the case but all three took great pleasure goading Halle with that view. Halle just stood there and took it, knowing there was no point arguing they had obviously all had a drink before coming here (Dutch courage?) and their natural viciousness was really to the fore. Naomi delved into her expensive handbag and plucked out a dollar bill and dropped it to the carpet between her and Halle.

"Sorry I don't have any tens, hardly ever use them anymore I don't normally buy anything so cheap! Still I brought these singles just in case. Why don't you crawl over there and pick it up with your teeth like a good little whore?"

The old Halle, the Halle that existed before her Hillbilly hell would have wiped the floor with these three, cackling, bitchy, bullies she knew it, they knew it but that Halle was long gone. Halle dropped submissively to her hands and knees and crawled over to the note and scooped it up between her teeth to hoots of derision from the three women.

"Oh my God! She looks just like a dog!" exclaimed Claudia hysterically.

"Yeah, didn't I always tell you guys she was a bitch!" hooted Cindy.

"Sure you did, here bitch you can get another single if you bark like a good little doggie!"

Halle looked up at them and considered, for a moment, not doing it. But in the end she started to make pathetic barking noises as the three women laughed and dropped dollar bills around Halle's kneeling body.

"So, like, we can tell her to do whatever we want?" asked Cindy.

"Within reason babe," answered Naomi, "though I've met Mr. McNeil a couple of times and I'm sure he wouldn't want to know one of his whores disappointed me so I think our old friend here will do what you tell her to. Go ahead, try her."

"Um, I want you to kiss my feet."

Cindy didn't know what to expect but she got a big thrill from watching her former classmate and class swot, crawl over and start to kiss her expensive heels.


Naomi smirked and put her briefcase on the bed.

"Indeed Cindy but I've got other plans for what we can do with little Miss Perfect here."

And with that the tall, slim black woman unsnapped the locks on her briefcase and opened it to reveal three strap on dildos in harnesses. She passed them out to the others and smirked at Halle as Halle watched then slip them on into place.

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