Thanks to all those that commented or sent emails after my first post; they were very much appreciated. Some of the suggestions were quite interesting, and I may have to look into them. I haven't been writing this kind of thing long, normally doing fanfics for a forum I belong to, but I hope to keep doing this and getting better.

Any feedback is welcome, and thanks for reading :D


Tegan hated Halloween. It had to be one of the dumbest holidays going around. As if kids going from house to house to get candy from strangers wasn't bad enough, adults who were old enough to know better, got dressed up in lame costumes and then went to parties to get so blind, they would make out with anyone. Well, Tegan wouldn't be part of it. Not this year, or any other year.

It hadn't always been this way. As a kid, Tegan looked forward to this day every year, loving the whole dressing up bit and going to parties with her friends. Until the year she turned 17. That was the year she caught her supposed best friend Julia giving her boyfriend a blow-job under the stairs at the back of his house. Since then, Halloween has only ever meant bad things to her.

As she had for the past 5 years, Tegan planned on just locking the front door, turning off the lights and pretending she wasn't home. Sure, the kids of the neighbourhood would still knock and call out to her, but she would ignore them. If she couldn't have fun on this day, then why should they? No, let them get candy from someone else; this girl aint giving out squat!

When the phone rang Halloween morning, Tegan answered it. Had she known what was about to happen, she would have ignored that too.

"Teg's! I hope you're coming tonight. There is someone I want you to meet."

Her sister-in-law Karen. She liked her, and was glad that her brother had found someone, but if Karen thought she was going to come to her party, then she was going to be very disappointed. "No, I have to do something."

Karen shook her head, although Tegan couldn't see. "That excuse will not fly I'm afraid. I know this is not your favourite day of the year, but I promise; this year, you will want to come. Trust me."

For ten minutes, Tegan begged off. She promised to baby-sit free for six months, or to do their grocery shopping for six weeks, but Karen stood firm. She knew of Tegan's dislike of the day, and why she disliked it so, but this was going to fix everything. She had invited amongst others, one of the men from work. He was perfect for Tegan. Now, all she needed was to get her here.


Checking her costume one final time in the mirror, Tegan left to go to her brother's house. She felt ridiculous, wrapped in nothing but a sheet, but it was all she had, given that she hadn't expected to be attending any party. When in doubt, toga! Thankfully there were other people out walking the streets in costume also, so she didn't look too out of place.

Knocking on the door, Tegan prayed there was alcohol and lots of it. If she was pissed, then this wouldn't seem so bad. Once she was finally let in, she made a bee-line for what looked like the bar area, not even bothering to go and say hi to her brother or sister-in-law first. Normally she would have, but she needed a drink more than she needed to be polite.

She had just sculled her first drink and ordered a second, when some guy dressed as Superman came over. "How's about you and I go upstairs and see if I can't rock your world?"

Tegan almost choked on her drink. Was this loser for real? He was 40 if he was a day, with thinning hair, and teeth browner than his eyes. The fact that you could barely see his underpants because of the pot belly also did him no favours. Tegan may have not had sex in over 12 months, but she was not that desperate! She simply grabbed a fresh drink and told the guy to piss off before going to find someone she knew.

As she strolled around the room, Tegan willed for it to be midnight, so she could leave. The four drinks she had consumed since arriving had done nothing to cheer her up, and she didn't like being looked at like a present that all the men wanted to unwrap. Even a couple of the women had given her the once over and an inviting look, but she ignored them. Eventually she found Karen, dressed as Tweedle Dee, chatting with a woman dressed as Catwoman.

"Tegan! Glad you could make it hun. You look great. Did you want a drink?"

Tegan held up her almost empty glass and replied, "I'm good for the moment thanks."

Karen quickly introduced her to Catwoman, and then excused them both. Taking Tegan by the arm, she said, "Now, don't be mad, but I want to introduce you to someone. I work with him, and he's a nice guy."

Tegan stopped in her tracks. "You're kidding me right? Why would you do that?"

Not to be deterred, Karen answered, "Because you've been in a funk for over 12 months, since that louse Nigel left. Besides, Seb is new in town and doesn't know many people. I thought it would be nice if he had someone his own age to talk to. I'm not asking you to sleep with him or anything, but maybe you can talk to him. For me?"

Wanting to scream, throw down her glass and storm out, Tegan was about to protest about being set up when a young man dressed as a naval officer came over. He excused himself and then kissed Karen on the cheek. "Thanks for the invite, Karen, but I think I'm going to go."

As Karen tried to talk him in to staying, Tegan could only stand there and try to not let her jaw hit the ground. This guy was hot. And not just in a 'I haven't had sex in 12 months so I'll shag anyone' way, but in a 'oh my god, heaven on a stick' kind of way. Suddenly, she no longer wanted to leave.

Karen, remembering her manners, made the introductions. Seems the young man was Seb. As he smiled at Tegan and shook her hand, she could feel herself heating up. She was standing there in little more than a sheet, and yet she was flushed. Holding on to her hand a little longer than was necessary, Seb told Tegan it was nice to meet her. Karen took the opportunity to slip away. Her job was done, now it was up to Tegan to do the rest.


Some twenty minutes later, Seb and Tegan found themselves in the kitchen, talking away happily. They seemed to have a lot of things in common, not least of which was the fact that they both wanted to leave so they could fuck. Tegan had been undressing Seb with her eyes the whole time they had been talking, a fact that Seb hadn't missed. He in turn sat before her, and wondered what it would be like to put his hand under the sheet, and run his fingers up and down her thigh, before heading for her sweet spot. Eventually, he couldn't wait any longer.

"Do you want to go out and get some air? It's feeling a little stuffy in here."

Tegan smiled and told him it was a good idea. She thought it was cute that he came up with an excuse to get her alone. Most of the losers she knew just came out and asked if she wanted to shag. At least Seb had attempted to not be obvious. That just seemed to make her hotter. She had always had a thing for men in uniform, and now it would seem one of her fantasies was going to come true.

Outside, the air had cooled considerably, and Tegan shivered. Partly because she was cold, but also because of the anticipation. Seb, grabbing her hand, led her over to the pergola. Taking a seat on the swinging lounge, they sat there for a few moments, and then Tegan couldn't wait any longer. Making the first move, she leant over and kissed him. Not normally this forward, she found she was no longer in control of her body. Whilst it scared her, it excited her too.

As she kissed him, her hand ran the length of his thigh. When she had reached the top of his leg, she couldn't help but feel how excited he was becoming. This only encouraged her to caress him, making him harder. He groaned as his organ grew and strained against the material of his pants. Seb was a little shocked at how forward Tegan was, but then found that it excited him. It was nice for someone else to take the initiative occasionally.

Instructing Seb to take his trousers off, Tegan also stood and wriggled out of her panties. With Seb now free of his material constraints and standing to attention, she pushed him gently back down onto the seat. She then straddled him, lowering herself onto his cock. Wow, but he was huge! Thankfully all the thoughts she had been having of him back in the kitchen had 'lubricated' her, and he slipped in easily enough.

As they both rocked back and forth in a nice gentle rhythm, the swing rocked also, enhancing each thrust. With each too and fro movement, Tegan's need for Seb to go deeper grew. His hands fondled her breasts, which had been revealed as the sheet she was wearing fell off her shoulders.

"Harder, Seb... faster..." she moaned.

He accommodated her, also taking her breast into his mouth and playfully biting the nipple. He came first, but continued to rock back and forth, helping Tegan to find her own release. In the end she had to bite her lip, to stop the primal scream that fought to escape, and in doing so, drew blood.

Not removing herself from Seb's now deflated member, she reached under and cupped his balls. They were hot to the touch, but it had the desired affect. She could feel him getting hard again.

Seb leant forward and seductively licked the blood from Tegan's lip. This only served to fuel the fire again for her as well, and they soon found themselves rocking again, building momentum. Knowing it might be a little harder for Tegan to cum again so quickly, Seb put his hand under the sheet and caressed the already burgeoning bud of her sweet spot, barely touching it as he circled it.

Tegan arched her back as this time she came first; Seb's fancy finger work having done the trick. Just as she finished, Seb came. He held her close, and both shivered, but not because of the cold; both were so hot, they could have baked a cake! Slowly dismounting, Tegan stayed closed to Seb, curled up under his arm, the sheet she had almost lost covering her, but barely.

They sat there for a time, and eventually dressed and went back inside. Both promised to get together again, having enjoyed each other. In the end though, they both left and spent the night together, doing things to each other that would make the Karma Sutra look like a kids book!

Halloween no longer held bad memories for Tegan, and became her favourite holiday once again. Seb kept his uniform, and wore it more often than not, and not just on that one day a year! Life was good!

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