tagNonHumanHalloween Alley

Halloween Alley


It's only a bit before midnight but I find myself pushing my way past people to get outside, get out of this club, and get home. The night had started so well, the three of us had piled out of the taxi to lots of whistles, from men and women. The doorman, a big strong black man with muscles galore and a chest to absolutely die for, had ushered us to the front of the line and in without a wait. We were all thrilled and expect to get swamped in offers of dances, drinks and rides to their place or ours.

The club had been hopping, wall to wall people moving and jerking to the beat of the dance music screaming out of the giant speakers everywhere. The air was thick with cigarette smoke, sweat, cigar smoke, and a thick cloying smell of sexual tension. It seemed everywhere you looked people were horny, looking about for someone to score with. My friends got picked up in a couple seconds and were soon to be seen dancing out in the rest of the dancers, their bodies jerking and swaying to the beat of the music, so sexy, so looking like they belonged. Me on the other hand, I cornered my way up to the bar, pressed in on both sides by heavy breathing sweaty men and women trying to get drinks for their friends and soon-to-be lovers.

I milked three drinks, at first an enormous margarita, orange instead of the typical pinkish red in celebration of Halloween, then what is called a Romulan ale, I had never had one before. Very surprised one could be found there, I had heard of it from trekkies and seen a recipe in some magazine, though never could convince myself or my friends to actually get one made up. I figured, what the heck why not, it's Halloween. The bartender smirked when I told him, tried to tell me it's not that bad of a night yet. I simply looked at him for a minute, he looked back then shrugged and turned to make it.

He was at it for some time, then he turned back to me and handed me a martini glass mostly full of this weird blue drink. I looked at him quizzically and he shrugged and told me that's it. Shrugging back I raised it to my lips and took a sip, at first it was wonderful, then it slid down my throat and I was coughing. It got easier after that. I'm not sure if it was because you can't get any more alcohol into a drink than that or if it was just because the bartender was cute, but we spent the next hour or so talking, most of it me sharing my life and how miserable it had been.

Shortly after I finished sharing with him he got called away to do a large order by a waitress. I hadn't known there were any, but I figured it was high time I went home to sleep and wake up with what was sure to be a killer hangover. My last drink just finished, a whisky on the rocks, I slipped some cash under the glass along with my phone number. He's cute and listens well, but not much my type. A friend being a good thing to have though, I figured it couldn't hurt.

"Be careful." The sudden comment made me stop in my tracks in the doorway, leaning against it drunkenly. I looked about for a moment before my eyes fell onto the gorgeous hunk of a doorman.

"You are such a hunk, I just love your chest, wouldn't you rather go home with me and ravish this body?" I said to the doorman, grabbing at my toga and baring one large breast.

"I'd love to, but I have to work still, maybe next time." He told me as he reaches out and tucks my breast away with a pat.

Dejected I stumble away from the club. Two doors down there is an alley. Suddenly nauseous I turn, and more fall than stumble my way down the alley a slight way before leaning against a wall and letting go.

Attempting to stand upright again, the sound of a voice made me pause. I look over to see the bartender coming toward me. I move to stand up and face him, but he motions for me to stay leaning against the wall. I do so, I have no idea why, must be the drinks is the only thought making any sort of sense. Then he is there, behind me, undoing my costume. I moan as he pulls the toga apart spilling me out of it before it falls to the ground. As he undoes his pants, I lean over farther and prepare myself for what is surely to come.

I moan again as I feel his cock press at me, then groan as he pulls back to spit in his hand then smear it all over his cock. Then he is back again, pressing into me, his cock sliding deeper and deeper in me. As he gets deeper I find myself rising up higher on the wall. His fingers knead at me before they make their way to my nipples, causing me to moan louder than his cock thrusting at me alone was.

There I am, leaning against this wall, almost vertical, this cute bartender behind me thrusting his cock home in me fast, moans and groans issuing from me as he pumps and plays with my nipples. I'm not sure when I started saying it, but I was saying it over and over so near to an orgasm, oh god. It had become my mantra, right about when I notice I am saying it he leans into my ear and told me he won't be any help tonight.

Before I could think to ask what he meant, one hand leaves my nipple and presses my head to the side. Then I feel him lean into me more, his mouth comes to rest against my neck, at first he sucks, causing me to shiver with anticipation, then he is inside me again. Except he doesn't pull out, he bites me. I don't know why, but I can feel every little millimeter of those fangs as they invade my neck.

Can feel my flesh parting as those fangs went deeper and deeper. Can feel the bumps and grooves of them, most importantly, I can feel my blood rushing for his fangs and the holes they left. I could feel my blood leaving me and going into his mouth. I could hear the slurping sucking sound of him moving in and out of me, or is it the sound of him sucking my blood?

I am growing weak when he finally cums, I can feel his cock swell up then the tremors and the hot spurts of his seed shooting into me. His cock keeps pumping into me as he shoots his load, then he slows down and stops. His mouth still sucking on my neck, I continue to moan with his fangs sunk home, my blood rushing into his mouth. I feel faint, my knees begin to tremble and passing out is a very near thing when he pulls his fangs from me.

I don't know why, but I find myself leaning against the wall thanking him, his cum trickling out of me. I can feel his hot cum oozing out and streaming down my legs as he pulls his pants back up and walks away. I am sure I pass out then at least I think that is what happens.

The next thing I know, there is another guy behind me, his cock pistoning in and out of me, the bartender's cum, what is left of it anyway, leaking out around his cock and falling to the ground with splats. I am sure it was the drinks, maybe I had told him to go ahead, maybe it had never been the bartender in the first place just this guy. Except why is there cum leaking out of me around this new guy's cock?

I just stop caring. I lean back into him, feel his cock going deeper inside and moan, even push back. I just revel in the feel of this large cock as it moves in and out of me, the way it shoves my fleshy folds out of the way with each thrust. The way I close up when he pulls back. Most of all I revel in the fact that I don't know who it is; could be my dad, my old high school principal, whoever it is they are just using me for their own pleasure. I don't know why but that thought is what gets me going on his cock in the first place.

With his cock going in and out of me at a rather breakneck speed I approach an orgasm. I don't know if it is my first or second, but I didn't care, I want to cum, and I want his cum in me when I do. I start talking to him, telling him how good he feels in me, how much I want his hot cum shot into me.

To my amazement he groans and I can feel his hot cum spurt into me, can feel it spread inside me, the heat making my own orgasm crash over me. I scream out my orgasm as he falls against me groaning, hips moving as his release issues forth in me. Can do naught but feel him in me, his cum spurts, leaks and flows into and around in me as my muscles contract on him.

We stand together, him pressed to me, both of us pressed to the wall for what felt like forever, but at least a few minutes, before I pull away from him, his soft cock pops free and lets more cum trickle down my legs. Gently I lean him against the wall, find my toga, still there so I must not have been out here for very long getting fucked, and stagger to the street. Hail a taxi as I put my clothes back on, which led to getting one fast. I open the door and plop in, and think there is no better way to hail a cab than being naked when you try.

In the front seat is a gorgeous blonde woman, she is turned to look back at me, concern written all over her face. The first thing she asks is if I want to find a cop. With a grin I tell her no I just want to go home. A smile spreads across her face. She turns around and starts driving as I tell her where home is and relate my adventure in the alley. I don't mention the bartender, I'm not sure why, but even to me it feels more like a dream than reality, instead I tell her about the second guy, how it felt having him in me, how long he fucked me for, and how hard he came inside me.

When we reach my place, I am horny again. I want to offer myself to her, but she looks at me and tells me how much she wants to go up with me, but has to work for another couple hours. So we make plans for the next night about now. I tell her to pick me up at the same place, I want to go back to the club and see if I can score like that again. With a giggle she drives off, her card in my hand, mine in hers, and I somehow manage to get up the stairs and into bed before sleep.

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