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Halloween Celebration


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She was wearing just a little makeup. It easily improved the circles under her eyes, her slightly paler complexion and shaded cheekbones that made her sweet face look thin and but still very pretty.

She was wearing Gothic colors. She wore a thin, almost transparent black skirt in a worn out material with small tears here and there. The transparency was offset by the skirt's length that went down to the ankle. I could clearly see the lace edge on the slightly thicker white petticoat she was wearing beneath. Luckily, she was wearing that petticoat; otherwise she would have frozen even more out in the November cold.

She was shaking in the cold with her arms tightly wrapped around her body. Her shapely tits were highlighted by a tight and very small black cotton tank top under a slightly larger translucent white T-shirt. Every now and then her shirt rose up and showed her flat belly and cute little belly button. Her shirt were fashionable for accentuating the fashionably accentuated her narrow waist. She had on black tight, glitter white short socks and stylish worn black shoes with a short slender heel.

Her outfit suited her well. She looked very feminine. She triggered my fantasies and I almost had to restrain myself from "accidentally" get to meeting her in the small group that gathered at the train station for the Halloween party. We had mutual friends, we had probably talked a few times and if I had had some time, I probably would have remembered her name but she had to remind me: Jenna.

She was 18, a few years younger than me. These days she was damn sexy, but oddly enough, I had never really thought of her in that way before. She was as playful and full of pranks as I remembered her. During the walk to the party, a friend decided to decorate his outfit with a pile of colorful autumn leaves from the ground, a few of us laughed at several scary stories from our childhood and scared a few kids who were out trick or treating.

In the same stretch, I tripped twice because my mind was preoccupied with studying Jenna's beautiful body instead of watching my step. I noticed that I was not the only one tripping over my dick. When she and a girlfriend were giggling a step ahead of the rest of us, my friend Eddie bumped into me. "So you've already decided who to bet on tonight?"

I looked away and hoped that my feelings have not been so obvious.

"Huh? And you are not going to try with all these hotties when we get a chance?" He joked.

I played along. "Lucky for you, you have a mask, so maybe you can get someone good-looking this time."

Although we both laughed, I did not feel particularly confident, and when by the time we arrived at the party, I had lost track of both Jenna and her friend.

There were plenty of people. Plenty of chicks, as Eddie said. Some used the Halloween dress-up as an excuse to dress sexy; some were simply dressed sexy anyway. Eddie looked around for a moment before selecting a little blonde to talk to. I got bored, however, and soon went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, more to have something to do than because I was thirsty. A few steps from the door, I heard voices from inside a bedroom.

"...He was watching you!" I caught the end of a conversation.

"Ha ha! No? Are you kidding?" I heard Jenna's voice.

I wished I had been able to continue listening but they had already heard my steps so I had to go back to the living room. I was hoping that they were not talking about me, which would be so embarrassing if she found out what I thought about her. Though in a way, I hoped that it was me they were talking about. Jenna sounded pretty happy when she heard whatever she she was told. In that case, of course it could definitely not be me...

After a half a second's hesitation I went back to the hall and pushed open the door, pretending to be surprised to see them there. I realized how exaggerated my facial expression must have looked like with my blushed cheeks. They could not keep from laughing and I blushed even more.

"Hello," Jenna said and jumped from her seat on the table that was full of make-up stuff, "would you like to wear makeup?"

"Uh," I said. “Makeup?”

"Well, I can get paint some blood on you," she said, "It IS Halloween."

I could not really think, perhaps because of her voice, perhaps because of the smile, so I said yes without really knowing what I was getting myself into.

I sat on a chair while she sat on the table again, dangling her legs while she picked out a number of lipsticks and a jar of pale powder.

She was so sweet and she moved so gracefully, easily and effortlessly, despite the long skirt. She seemed so free when she laughed and jumped around. Not at all like me who could not relax for a second, especially with her so close to me. It wouldn't take much of a stretch to touch her nice tits, her slender waist, or her soft thighs. I was lucky that there was a table top between us; otherwise she might have been able to see what was happening to my cock when I thought of it.

"Close your eyes," she ordered.

It was wonderful to feel her soft hands in my face. They moved in gentle circles around my eyes, across my cheeks and neck. I could not help but shudder with pleasure.

She asked if I wanted to have streaks of blood or bruises and showed me examples of both on her own skin. She looked really fabulous, like a princess locked in a tower to be beaten by a monster.

"What do you think?" I asked. Actually, I did not care so much about how I would look as the feel of her hands touching me again.

She pulled back and looked like she was scrutinizing at me with a thoughtful expression. I don’t think overly much about my appearance. I was thin, not directly fit. If I had known that she would be looking at me so closely, I would have spent many more hours in the gym. I was pleased with tonight's outfit - black shirt, designer jeans and a modern stylish gel tousled hair style.

"Should I go with a few little blood streaks Paula?" She said turning to her friend who had stopped on the way out of the room. The friend stood there texting on her cell phone.

"He's a dangerous type, you mean?" Paula said jokingly, "Then maybe I should not leave you two alone."

"No problem," laughed Jenna," I will paint him a little bruised too so he looks a little wimpy."

The silence after the girls' bright laughter became much more apparent now when I was alone with Jenna in the room. I tried desperately to think of something that did not sound too silly to say.

"Your outfit looks really beautiful on you," I managed to say after a while.

"Thanks," she said, and certainly looked to be pleased to hear it.

"It is really nice."

"So you like girls with bruises all over their arms," she smiled as she stroked the little red lipstick on one of her nails and then pulled it against my skin to form blood streaks.

"No, it that wasn’t what I meant;" I began, blushing, though I knew she was just teasing me. I was so lousy at being funny. Finally, I mumbled some words out of my mouth.

"You look really good."

"Thanks," she smiled again, "you'll look great when I'm finished."

She was finished too quickly. When we came out with the other guests, she was immediately occupied by people who knew her better than me and hugged her when they greeted her. I looked away and was both jealous of them and angry at myself for not having taken advantage of my time with her. I was looking for Eddie, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Presumably, he had better luck than me. It was always him that the girls liked the best, but hHe was simply not as shy as me either. What would I do then? Why would Jenna see me in that way? How could I know that she did not already have a boyfriend?

While I drank a few beers, I continued to look for Eddie and tried to avoid looking towards Jenna and her group of girlfriends, because. I did not dare to go there. I thought she looked unusually often in my direction quite often, but that was clearly wishful thinking. In the end I decided that I had to try. She and a mixed bunch of people, some of whom I at least recognized some of, had settled down into a sitting area. I went there and pressed myself in, smiling at Jenna. She smiled back. Oh well, it was better than nothing. The topic - movie - suited me and, with two other nice guys, I began to mimic scenes and story lines, together with two other nice guys. Jenna sat mostly quiet, but laughed her irresistible laugh. We slipped into the topic of horror movies and I found out that, in honor of Halloween, we were going to be watching lots of horror movies.

I was not the only one who did not know about it. My two movie imitation buddies got eager to see if they had started with a good movie in the other room. I was also excited but decided to keep Jenna company.

"Are you coming?' I asked her while I stood.

She was hesitant, she said she would have nightmares, but she followed me when I whispered in her ear "I will protect you."

It felt good to say so, and to my excitement, it looked like she appreciated my comment.

People were surrounding the couch in the unexpectedly large movie room. Almost all the seats were occupied, but we managed to find some space on a couch near the wall. Jenna placed her body close to mine and I felt horny again. Damn, she was fine when she pulled her legs up under herself to sit comfortably. Damn, I longed to feel her body against mine.

She turned out to be just as scared as she said she would be. She winced at the slightest sound, holding her hands over her eyes when the music signaled danger. Her soft vulnerability appealed to me more than I expected, perhaps because it differed so much from her usually so self-assured manner. In any case, I gave me a fantastic excuse to put my arm around her to comfort her. She didn't push me away. On the contrary, she moved closer to me and rested her thighs against mine. She tore her eyes from the screen and looked briefly in my eyes; she did not seem prepared that for my eyes would to be there to meet hers. I looked quickly away when it happened. I saw inform the corner of my eye, the way of that her gaze, returned to my face again and again., in the direction of my face.

During a particularly scary scene, she curled up against me, and I dared to gently pat her hand that was resting on my knee. She grabbed my hand and our hands began to move around each other in a gentle and caressing manner. She had so silky soft hands. I could not help but fantasize about how they would feel somewhere else.

I expanded my touch to include her arm and she did the same. I let my other hand touch her thighs in the same manner as the first touch by moving it in a careful pattern up and down her leg. By now, we were not paying attention to the movie. Her slender fingers found their way up my neck and into my hair. She moved her head against mine and I was not slow to contribute to the movement as soon as I realized what she wanted. Our lips met and we let our tongues play with each other. She was a good kisser, probably much better than me. Nevertheless, she interrupted the kiss and stopped moving.

Somehow she sat more or less on top of me. I understood the annoyed amused glances from the other people sharing the couch. We sat there with our arms around each other until the movie stopped. She closed her eyes, rested her head on my chest, as if she was listening to my heart. Her hands had crept up under my shirt and were stroking my back, arms and chest with gentle graceful movements. I played with her hair, letting the beautiful blonde curls slip between my fingers. Her hair smelled good and it was not just the perfume. I let my hands follow the trace of her back, down over the hips and ass. I felt incredibly fortunate to have her in my arms and the perfect shape of her body filled me with desire.

When the other movie ended, we sat there until most of the party goers disappeared. She looked up at me with a sexy smile and said:

"Maybe it's time to get out of here?"

"Sure," I said.

"I thought ..." she said with an exaggerated innocent expression," I live so far away..."

"My place is fairly close and I have a sleeping bag you could use." I said, hoping that I wouldn't need the sleeping bag that I didn't have.

"That works for me," she said and took my hand to lead me all the way out.

Apparently, many people thought it was a good time to leave the party and everyone tried to find their jackets at the same time, so it took a while before we came out from the hall. While we were waiting, I saw Eddie who pushed past the small group that had formed. He did not seem to have any plans for later and I wondered briefly if he would be offended if I left without him. But he smiled and gave me thumbs up when he saw that I had my arm around Jenna's waist. I really wanted to fuck her. She actually had more or less suggested that she would come home with me. At the same time, I was afraid to be too pushy, hence my lie about the sleeping bag.

The station was a short walk from the party. We did not have to wait long for the train, but the one time I was not the least impatient. I would have waited longer there with Jenna in the dark on a waiting room bench. Once on the train, it was difficult to know what we would do. True, it was not that crowded late at night, but it was enough bright and open enough to be too uncomfortable for making out like we did at the station. We sat in silence and let our fingers wander over each other's bodies, such as arms and face...

It was a short ride to my stop. I took advantage of the cold as an excuse to hold her close to me as we walked the three blocks to my flat. We shared shy smiles as I unlocked the door.

I was hoping this would be more than the occasional one-night stands that like my previous consisted of dates. As soon as I closed the door, she started to unbutton my shirt while I was stroking her alluring body. It made me so horny that I could barely breathe. Her breathing was also affected when I tried to remove her tight clothes. She had to help me pull the top and shirt over her head.

When it came to undressing removing the other clothes, it was her turn to have problems with my belt while I easily pulled off her two skirts. Her firm ass felt hot in my hands. Soon, I had pulled off her panties. Meanwhile, she was tickling my stomach and back, and started teasingly slipping further and further into my underwear to feel how my cock grew. While she continued her arousing touch I snapped off her bra behind her back which landed in my lap until she pull her hands away letting it fall to the floor. She started kissing my neck and turned up to my mouth. Our tongues played hot and greedily with each other.

She let one hand follow the inside of my thigh upwards. She lightly massaged my cock and put both of her hands on my scrotum. She smiled at my gasps while she massaged me again and again. I held her tight. I could not get enough of her the gorgeous soft body that I touched with my hands.

Finally, she pulled off my underwear and pushed me lightly but firmly down on my bed. She crawled up on me from the foot of the bed and rubbed her tits against my cock. She straddled me and sat on my stomach. I could feel the moisture from her pussy. I enjoyed massaging her plump, shapely tits when she leaned forward to kiss me. She started rubbing her body against mine, finally pressing her tits onto my chest. She slipped a hand up between my thighs again and pressed me against her body with the other one. All I ever wanted was to fuck her. I was in heaven when she let my hands play with all of her body. She finally grabbed my stiff cock and slipped it in between her beautiful warm thighs.

I tried to push deeper inside her. She pushed me gently away and sat up on me instead. Her pussy was soaking wet when my cock re-entered it. and Then she was easily sliding up and down on my cock. She was so incredibly beautiful and her whimpering was so tantalizing I could hardly believe it. I held her hips and we got quickly into a steady rhythm. Her pussy was the smoothest and most comfortable I've ever felt and I loved her moaning noises when I repeatedly penetrated deep into it.

Once I almost could not hold it back anymore, I asked her to stop.

"I do not want to come like this."

She started kissing my face, my neck and my chest.

"Do you want to take me from behind instead?" she asked.

"Oh, yes please" I replied.

She got up and knelt down, leaning with her hands against the wall. I looked at her pussy and she helped me to put my cock inside. I started thrusting harder into her and it felt possibly even more beautiful wonderful than before. I reached around to caress her tits and worked at a slower pace for a while. She was so wonderfully soft and smooth. When she asked me to love her harder, I thrusted harder into her pussy until she said that she was close to coming. Her muscles tightened around my cock and I understood that she came, so I allowed myself to finish. After some last quick sweet moments I came.

Panting, we slid down and rested in each other's arms. She kissed me softly on the cheek when we were lying down cuddling for a while. I decided that tomorrow I will give her cum for breakfast. Then I fell asleep with her lovely body tight against mine.

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