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Halloween Friends


From the first day of October, Anna can feel a low-level anxiety enter her system. She doesn't even need to look at the calendar, and she knows, she can feel it. Anna is a pretty girl. Dark brown hair brushes her shoulders. Bright, blue eyes take in the world through a suspicious gaze. She wasn't always suspicious. Up until last year, until that Halloween, she was upbeat. A popular girl who enjoyed the company of others, a girl that other people loved to be around cause she just made people feel happy being in her vicinity. That October night has changed her outlook forever; she keeps her head down now, barely smiling, always keeping her eyes downcast. Timid is the word that most use to describe her.

Loud noises and sudden movements make her jumpy. She flinches when loud cars pass by her on the street. She sleeps less and less with each passing night and by the time Halloween approaches she feels as if she might be going slowly insane. Over the past year, the people who used to love Anna's company when she was the happy, cheerful former cheerleader have fallen out of sight. Some she pushed away, and some left her alone just to give her some distance to heal, but most were superficial friends, and she wasn't sorry to see any of them go. She moved out of the comfortable apartment she had last year, the cute, little place with the sunny bedrooms. Her change in jobs came with the move to a new city. The new apartment was only in the next city, but the move was needed. She couldn't stay in that apartment anymore, couldn't stay in that city with the threat still ringing in her head every day.

She met Megan during what were the worst days of her life, but strangely she finds herself more bonded to Megan than anyone else. As long as Megan is with her, she doesn't need anyone else. Megan is a striking redhead. She is tall, willowy and sophisticated-looking with small breasts and a thin waist. Anna is short, cute and bouncy with breasts too big for her small frame. Physically they couldn't be more different, but in all other matters, they are remarkably similar. This is what caused the almost instant bonding friendship between the two girls.

Just then the phone rings, and not surprisingly Anna jumps and lets out a small shriek. Gasping at the sudden racing of her heart, Anna closes her eyes and tries to slow her breathing. It's just the phone, nobody can you hurt you through the phone, silly. A small smile forms as she reaches for the phone, hoping it's Megan. She could use her friend right now. Anna knows she has relied on her friend more often lately, but that's to be expected, and Megan definitely didn't seem to mind. She's the best friend a girl could hope to have. More than once when Anna started to feel guilty about leaning on Megan, Megan was quick to reassure her, "What are friends for? You'd do the same for me, right?"

Anna had been staying with Megan this past week. She'd taken time off work. Sick time she'd accumulated just for this week. The week before Halloween. That way she wouldn't have to go out. Not that being inside made her feel all that safe, but going outside was beyond her comprehension. Luckily, Megan understood the anguish Anna seemed to be going through and at the beginning of the month, she offered a solution.

"Why don't you come stay with me for Halloween? We can have girl time. We'll pretend we're buying candy for trick-or-treaters, and we'll eat it all ourselves! We'll watch scary movies..." seeing Anna's horrified look she quickly added, "..movies that are fake-scary and corny of course. The ones we watched when boys took us to the movies, and we would jump almost into their laps just to get closer to them."

Laughing now, Anna gasps in mock horror, burying her face into Megan's neck and stretching her body close, "Let me know when it's over. I hate scary movies! You mean like that?"

They grin at each other.

"Yup, just like that."

Anna is smiling as she picks up Megan's phone and says, "Hello" in a chirpy voice, sounding almost like her old self. Then thinking it's Megan, she continues in the same chirpy upbeat tone, "This is M&A's sperm depository. You spank it, and we'll bank it. How can I help you?" There's no answer on the line. Anna slowly starts losing her smile. ugh, what if that's someone like Megan's parents? She finally thinks to look at the receiver for the caller ID. Blocked. Hmm. "Hello?" Nothing, but she can hear faint breathing. Suddenly, she realizes her heart is beating faster, and she nervously says "Hello, is anyone there?" No answer still so she pushes the button to hang up. Putting the phone back in its cradle is harder than it should be since her hands are shaking slightly.

Trying to shake off the dread she's feeling, she chastises herself, It's just a wrong number, are you going to be this dramatic? Just one more day. Just one more night really. If you can get through tonight then by tomorrow you'll be fine again, you can go back to work and get back to trying to be a normal person. Her mind flashes back to last Halloween, and she can see the mask. She can barely breathe, she presses her hand over her chest and bends over gulping in air. A strange tingling fills her. A panic attack. She focuses on her breathing, working on steadying her erratic heart beat as she was taught. She pushes the mask out of her head with some effort, and slowly, she feels the band across her chest loosening. Anna slumps to the sofa and closes her eyes.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she gets up on shaky legs and heads to the kitchen for some water, but before she can get that far, just as she passes the table with the phone on it, it screams into the room causing her heart to slam in her chest again. Angry with herself now, she snatches the phone up and growls out a hello into the mouthpiece.

Megan sounds hesitant as she says, "uhhh..Anna? Everything okay?"

Blowing out a breath, Anna's anger leaves her in an instant. "Yes I'm fine, Meg" She's relieved to hear her friend's voice. "What's up? Did you pick up some movies for tonight? and when are you coming home from work. I'm bored to death!"

When Megan answers, the sadness is evident in her voice, "I'm so sorry, honey. I'm not going to make it home until very late. My boss is being an ass. I have to work on this project that I was told wouldn't be due until next week. Suddenly, Mr. Asshole Jenkins needs to have it by tomorrow! It's unfair, but if I don't finish it tonight I may lose my job."

Anna feels so sorry for her friend. "He's such a jerk, isn't he? I'm the one who is sorry you're going to be working all night. I wish there was something I could do to help."

"I'll be home as soon as I can and we'll order something off cable and still have that candy I bought last night. We'll still make a night of it; it's just going to be later than I intended. I have to go, the jerk is calling me." Lowering her voice to a concerned whisper, "Are you really going to be okay, Anna?"

Touched by the concern in her friend's voice, but not wanting her to worry while she should be concentrating on work, Anna forces happy into her voice, "I'm fine, I promise. I'll take a bath and even maybe give out some candy to the trick-or-treaters." Teasingly, she adds, "Just your portion of course!"

Laughing, they both hang up. Anna wanders into the kitchen to make herself dinner. As she sits at the table barely eating and pushing food around the plate, her unfocused gaze is out the window, and her mind flashes back to that Halloween last year.

She'd been working so much and was looking forward to the Halloween party that night. It was on a Friday this year, and that meant she could get as crazy as she wanted and wouldn't have to worry about work the next day. Great news because she planned on getting drunk! She'd been working too hard lately and needed the release. The chance to get dressed up and let loose.

She'd planned all week what she was going to wear tonight. We all know what Halloween is about when you get older, it's about dressing as anything you want and not worrying about what people think; the sluttier the better actually. Anything goes. Since her job was more conservative, and she felt restrained with the need to be respectable, she wanted something a bit risky. She'd given this a lot of thought. She had her cheerleader outfit from high school, and while she filled it out a little more now, it made the outfit even sexier. When she tried the outfit on, her breasts stretched the front of the sweater. Standing in front of her full length mirror, she had run her fingers teasingly over her breasts. Turning to the side, she let her gaze linger from her little white sneakers to her tan, slender legs to her firm ass. Anna turned her back to the mirror, cocked her hip and admired her ass for a moment. Not bad actually.

She was happy that she kept in shape, even if it seemed harder than it used to be with all the hours she was working now. She slid a finger into each side of her panties and adjusted them to cover her cheeks then flipped the skirt back down and spun around to the front. Cocking her head to the side, she had a thought and reached back to unhooked her bra. She performed that magic trick that all women learned from an early age and removed her bra without removing her sweater. Much fuller without the bra for sure. Anna bounced a bit watching her breasts wobble slightly and her nipples harden from the friction against the front of her sweater. Even though her breasts were full and heavy, she could get away without a bra for this occasion. Mhm that was much hotter and sluttier! A Halloween rule. One she could embrace. Slutty makeup, red, glossy lips and a ribbon in her hair completed her outfit. One last look in the mirror and she announced herself ready to go. She ran down stairs loving the feel of her breasts bouncing free, grabbed her keys and jumped into her car.

It was dark, but not late by the time she got there. Finding a parking spot on the tree-lined street was much tougher than she'd have thought. The street was packed. Judging by the lights and music from the house on the corner, all these cars belonged to people at this party she was headed to attend, too. She finally found a spot, it was pretty far away from the actual party, but since it was a warmish night she could walk it with no problem. Anna slid out of her car and adjusted her clothing. Turning to look around, she noticed groups of kids walking, laughing and some of them screaming. No doubt on a sugar high from all the candy.

Anna fairly skipped off to the party, she was so excited to be getting out, and she felt very sexy in her skimpy costume. It had been a long time since she'd had time for anything fun, and that included any kind of man in her life. Her sex life was non-existent. Maybe she'd meet a man tonight. At the very least, she was anticipating some male company and a couple of drinks.

Anna got to the door but didn't bother knocking or ringing the bell. It would have been useless, the music was loud, and the crowd was talking and laughing, but more than that, the door was wide open. She slipped through and tried to find her friend. Every room was packed with people in costume. Though, in a few of the downstairs rooms she passed, she saw half-dressed people. A few cat women wore lingerie. A cowboy wore a hat, a holster around his waist and a pair of boxers. That made her grin. He was dancing with what looked like Pocahontas, but she was wearing just a bra and a brown fringed skirt. The rooms were dim, and bodies pressed together pretending to dance. What it actually looked like was sex standing up. Anna flushed as she stared at a few of the couples with longing. She gave up on looking for her friend. No way she could find her in this mass of mostly "half" costumed people. She decided that what she needed was a drink. The house is crowded, and that's why you're feeling so warm. Her nipples were hard though as she brushed up against people trying to get to the kitchen. A couple times, as she passed through the throng of people, she felt a hand linger on her ass, the back of her thigh or brush across her chest. At one point, she even felt a strong hand trying to tug her shirt up. She moved a bit faster but with a laugh.

Once she got to the kitchen, she gulped down the first drink and started working on her second. As she sipped her second, very strong drink, Anna remembered that she hadn't eaten since lunch. She'd been too excited to get home and get ready to leave. She looked around the kitchen for food. Hmm. Nothing? Really? She was pushed from behind, stumbled and found herself pressed full-length up against a strong, lean body. She'd reached one hand out to stop her fall and felt a strong, muscled chest under her fingers. Her reaction was immediate, and she sucked in a breath as she let her hand slide across his chest then down his tight stomach trying to push herself back and create some room between them. She grinned as she looked up, an apology on her lips until she came face to face with a black mask. Her smile faltered as her heart stopped beating for a moment. Her heart stuttered back to life as she stared up into the masked face. Why did this mask cause such a reaction in her? It's Halloween and 80% of the party goers were wearing some type of mask.

This mask seemed different somehow. It was made of hard leather, it was a dull, matte black and fitted extremely tight to his face. It seemed very expensive for just a costume. Plus, the rest of his clothing was casual. Black jeans and a black t-shirt stretched tight over a broad chest. As her gaze lingered on his "face", she peered into the darkened eye holes and saw the coldest, darkest eyes staring back at her, assessing her. Perhaps that's what threw her off? Anna didn't know, but she created more distance between their bodies even as she felt his hand pull her tighter against him. So tight that she could feel him hardening. She struggled in his grasp as panic welled up in her, she felt him tighten his hold almost crushing the air from her before releasing her. Letting her know that she could get away only because he allowed it. Finally finding her voice, she whispered breathlessly, "Sorry about that someone pushed me..." She let her voice trail off as he just stared down at her. He was definitely making her uncomfortable, and she excused herself before moving away from him. She put down her empty cup and grabbed another from the table where someone was just filling cups with random alcohol. She didn't know what she'd just grabbed, but it hardly seemed to matter at that moment. She gulped it down and set the empty cup on a table she passed.

As she moved through the crowd again, she felt the hair stand up on her arms and looked back over her shoulder to see the masked man still staring after her. She moved even faster to put some distance between them and found herself in the living room towards the front of the house. Here people were dancing, but with nothing close to the nakedness she'd seen in some of the side rooms on the way to the kitchen. She found herself pulled into dancing by a guy dressed as a devil. He had on a full red leather suit, very close fitting. When she turned her back to grind against him, she felt his hands move under her skirt to her hips exposing her panties as he pressed his hardening cock into the crack of her ass. Her head was spinning, but she felt great. Another set of hands pulled her, and suddenly she was dancing with the man dressed as a cowboy. Anna laughed and wondered what happened to Pocahontas. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they danced. His arms wrapped around her, his hands groping her ass, slowly caressing as he pressed tight against her body. He slipped his hands under her skirt and slid his finger along her panty-clad sex, but she barely noticed as he kissed the side of her neck. That spot on her neck always had such an effect on her. It made her dizzy and disoriented. The alcohol didn't do much to help her clarity either. When he tugged her panties aside and slipped a finger into her pussy, all she could do was moan.

All of a sudden, she felt a tug on her arm that had her spinning away from the cowboy into the arms of someone else. She heard a low growl from above her, "I suggest you move along, Cowboy." The threat in his tone, and the fact that Anna didn't protest made the cowboy shrug and wander off. When Anna slowly realized that she was no longer dancing with the cowboy, she tried to shake off her drunkenness. A vague sense of danger pricked her nerve endings, and she lifted her head slowly to see who her new dance partner was. It was the guy in the mask. The alcohol was definitely slowing her reaction time, and she swayed as she tried to keep looking at his face. Her legs wouldn't support her anymore, and the grip he had on her was the only thing holding her up. In a flash, like a crazy motion picture, she was outside suddenly. She didn't remember leaving the house, but when she looked up, it was the masked guy again. Small tendrils of panic tried to penetrate her alcohol fuzzed brain but just wouldn't stick. She felt him take her purse, the flash again and suddenly she was in the passenger side of a car. Her head moved weightlessly against the headrest. She closed her eyes, but that just made her want to vomit. So, she kept them open and watched the scenery pass by her window in a blur, not truly comprehending what was happening.

Another flash had her suddenly at the door to her bedroom. She didn't remember getting out of the car or the walk up to and into her apartment. The masked man shoved her into the room; she stumbled and fell to the floor. She made a feeble attempt to sit up. He slipped his fingers into her hair and raised her head up so she could see him as he squatted beside her.

"Don't you want to thank me properly for making sure you got home safely? That cowboy was definitely trying to take advantage of you. I believe that you owe me a thank you."

As he talked, she shook her head quickly, but that made her extremely dizzy and the room spun, so she stopped moving and groaned. Anna cried out as he twined his fingers tighter and more painfully into her hair and pulled her up to a sitting position. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered in a menacing tone, "You definitely want to be very grateful to me..."

Finally, Anna slurred a response, "I didn't ask you...to...help me."

The masked man gave her a smug smile, tightened his grip in her hair and forced her to her knees, "That's because you were too drunk to know you needed saving. Now that you know I saved you, though, you'll want to thank me properly."

He unbuckled his pants, and as the sound of his zipper slowly filled the room, she gasped and started to shake. The alcohol was making it very hard to think properly. In her altered state, she wondered if she missed something dangerous about the cowboy. He did have that gun after all. He was half-naked too. She vaguely remembered the cowboy slipping a finger into her pussy in front of all those other party-goers. Maybe the masked man had saved her.

Anna looked up at him and nodded, finally realizing that it wouldn't be polite to send him on his way without expressing her thanks, she concentrated on sounding as sober as possible, "T-Thank you for saving me. I'm-gonna... sleep-now."

The man nodded while listening to Anna's drunken speech, still with a grip on her hair with one hand, the other hand slipped inside his boxers and pulled out his cock, "So you see I did, in fact, save you, but the only thing you have for me is words? Is that any way to show your gratitude?"

He controlled her head by yanking on her hair and pulling her face in to rub his cock over her lips. The lipstick that she had applied with such care earlier was smeared around her mouth as he talked, "I took you out of that party, drove you all the way to your house, and now I'll have to take a taxi back to my own car. You should find a nicer way to thank me."

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