Halloween Friends


As Anna opened her mouth to speak, he shoved his cock past her lips, into her mouth and all the way to the back of her throat. The gagging noise she made caused him to let out a low growl of arousal. She tried to pull back. It was hard to think clearly when she couldn't breathe. He pushed the head of his cock once, twice, three times quickly against the back of her throat then pulled back so the tip was barely past her lips. He loosened his grip on her hair, but didn't release it completely as he brushed his cock along her cheek again trailing a thin line of her saliva through the heavy makeup she had applied earlier that night. He whispered tauntingly down at her as he brushed the wide tip of his cock back to her full lips, "Was there something you wanted to say?"

She breathed deeply through her nose, for a moment. His cock moved away from her lips again, and when she opened her mouth to say something, he took the opportunity to shove his cock right back into her mouth. Hard. He laughed at her, gripped her head with both hands and started fucking her face. He tilted her head. With each bump against the back of her throat, she could feel the head of his cock slip even further. Her eyes were wide, filled with tears and reflected her panic as she tried to get away. She shoved at his muscular thighs, punching him ineffectually as she struggled to get air into her lungs. He was relentless, though, and would not ease up on her throat even when she could feel it getting raw with each gagging thrust.

Anna's hands fell to the floor as she started to slump a little. He pulled back, and she gasped for air as he groaned with regret because he had to stop fucking her face, "You can't thank me properly if you fall asleep. So stay awake sleepy head." There was something in his tone that penetrated her alcohol haze, but she couldn't quit put her finger on what exactly the problem was. He did get me away from the cowboy and bring me all the way home. It made sense that he shouldn't walk away empty handed, right? He was just being a little overeager. At that moment, he reached down and pulled her cheer-leading sweater over her breasts and pinched the pink nipples hard. As he groped her breasts, she yelped and tried to squirm away from the pain, but he grabbed her by the hair again. He yanked her back at the same time as he pushed his hips forward. His cock slammed painfully into the back of her throat and then, to Anna's surprise, it bent slightly and more than the head entered her throat. The urge to gag was overwhelming, and her stomach tightened up as her body lurched. He pulled his cock out of her throat with a long, low groan, "The throat of yours is tight but not worth the mess if you throw up on me. I bet your ass is even tighter, though."

He dragged Anna off the floor and tossed her face down on the bed. With one hand on her back, he held her down and flipped the back of her cheer-leading skirt over her ass to expose her rounded butt cheeks. She closed her eyes for a moment trying to get her breath back. A loud smack and stinging pain surprised her and caused her to let out a sharp scream.

"You're not being very grateful."

She murmured into the blankets, "I'm sorry." But he slapped her ass again. She cried out in surprise and pain, but then started to get angry, "Why are you hitting me? I said I was sorry!" His response was to spank her five more times as she wiggled, screamed and tried to cover her ass with one hand.

"So ungrateful. I wouldn't have thought it about you. If I had known, I might not have saved you and brought you home. I could be at the party enjoying the company of someone nicer than you, but instead I'm here, just trying to get a proper thank you out of your ungrateful ass."

With that, he yanked her panties down to midthigh and spread her cheeks. She could feel the air moving across her suddenly-exposed hole. She gasped and started to struggle beneath him. His cruel laugh echoed around the room as he pressed the wide head of his cock against her tight virgin hole. She screamed and begged, but he just laid his body on top of hers. His dick didn't enter her hole but slipped between her pussy lips and lay along the length of her slit as he pinned her to the bed. Finally, he pulled the mask off and pressed his lips against her ear. He groaned softly into her ear as he slowly slide his cock along her slit. His hissing whisper was full of menace, and he seemed to finally stop toying with her, "I am going to fuck your ass. That tight little hole is going to bleed for me. Since you were such a bitch, and wouldn't thank me for being so nice to you, you're going to thank me while I fuck you, or I can make it much, much worse for you. Do you understand?"

Keeping her pinned to the bed, he wrapped her hair around his fist and pulled her face out of the pillows and bit her ear hard enough to make her scream again. His shaky exhale and long, low groan spoke of how much he enjoyed hearing her noises. Lifting his ass up, he repositioned the tip of his dick against her puckered hole and with his lips still resting against her ear, whispered, "Ready to thank me?"

With his body weight slightly shifted, she was able to move her hips and she tried to wiggle out from under him while begging, "Please, p-please d-don't...I've n-never had anything in th-there before. It'll hurt!" Later, she was unsure of whether it was his movement or hers that caused the head of his cock to pop into her asshole. The pain that immediately scorched a path through her caused her to scream. Her scream caused him to laugh cruelly against her ear. With his upper body still pinning hers to the bed, he start pushing his hips down. His cock tried to split her ass open, but the hole was so tight that it was almost painful for him too. He growled against her ear, gritted his teeth and shoved harder. Finally, his dick started to disappear into her ass. Her screams by now were non-stop. They started to sound hoarse, but they didn't diminish in volume.

Repeatedly, he pulled back and almost immediately shoved into her ass again, trying to gain even an inch was a struggle. Every time he pulled back, she gasped thinking that he might stop hurting her, but he just kept grunting, shoving and trying to widen her hole around his shaft. After what seemed a very long time, he was fully in her ass. He stopped moving and held still with a groan. She could feel the contact of his thighs against the skin of her ass. He growled against her ear, "Say it."

Thinking that he might stop, ready and willing to do anything that would get him to stop hurting her, she whispered, breathlessly, "Thank...you. Thank...you for bringing me home."

His laugh was triumphant, and he pulled back, almost completely out of her hole. Her relief was short lived because instantly he rammed back into her with a force that pushed her deep into the mattress. Quickly, he started fucking her ass. The sound of skin on skin slapping together filled the room punctuated with her screams. As he kept fucking her ass, the burning pain started to lessen. His cock slid easier in and out of her hole. The raw pain lessened, and she didn't want to consider why it didn't hurt as much. Her face was still scrunched up in pain, but her screams diminished to whimpers. Tears tracked down her cheeks.

He lifted off her body and pulled her to her knees. His hands went to her asscheeks and gripped them hard so he could spread her wider and drive his cock deeper into her body. He released her cheeks but slapped them over and over. The pain caused her to scream loudly. When he wasn't slapping her ass, he dug his fingers into her hips. His grunts mingled with her screams, cries and whimpers. Suddenly, he increased his speed, pulled her hair so her head was lifted and her back was arched. He growled and slapped her ass with his other hand and demanded, "Fuck me back. Show me that you meant it when you said thank you." She gripped the bed with both hands clenched into fists, lifted her hips and met his stabbing thrusts with a force of her own. His groans, growls and moans increased as he fucked her cruelly and ruthlessly. She hoped he was close to being done. Releasing her hair, he grabbed her hips and slammed once, deep inside her. He held still as he let loose deep into her bowels then collapsed on top of her pinning her under his sweaty body.

She shuddered and thought about her night. It definitely didn't end the way she expected. He climbed from her body and gave her a stinging slap to her ass. She felt him spread her ass cheeks, but she didn't pick up her head to look. What more could he do to her? She closed her eyes and willed him to go away so she could sleep and pretend this never happened. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up. She was beyond pain, but she did vaguely notice he had his mask back on.

"I'm leaving now but maybe next Halloween we could start the party here, in your house. That way I won't have to save you from anyone. Actually, now that I know where you live, we could do this any time I like."

Anna shakes herself as she realizes she's been gazing out the window for long enough that it has grown dark outside. Remembering last Halloween leaves her shaking, but extremely glad she had moved, and that she had found a friend like Megan to spend this holiday with. She takes her plate of barely touched food, scrapes the food into the trash and puts the dish in the sink just as the doorbell rings. She grabs the bowl of candy and heads to the door. She swings the door open without looking through the peephole. Her gaze is about 3 feet off the ground where you would expect little kids to be standing. Instead, she is eyeing a pair of black jeans. With a sense of dread, she drags her eyes upward to a well-muscled chest in a vaguely familiar black t-shirt and finally to a face void of details, the mask. Anna drops the bowl of candy. As it shatters on the ground, he is already on the move. Before she can scream, he grabs her by the hair, pushes her into the hallway and kicks the door shut behind him.

"Hello Anna. Miss me?"

She opens her mouth to scream, her body shaking uncontrollably, and before she can do anything he slaps her hard across the face.

"Let's not start with that.."

He pushes her into the living room giving her breast a quick, painful squeeze as they walk. Anna's mind is racing, but not one full thought forms in her overactive mind. The shock is overwhelming.

"Anna, it was quite difficult to find you at first. It's almost like you didn't want to have a Halloween party with me."

As he shoves her into an armchair, pulls a rope from his pocket and starts tying her up, he continues, "Luckily, I had a friend who kept tabs on you."

Suddenly the front door opens. As Anna's assailant stops tying her and turns towards the sound of the front door, Megan comes walking into the room. The shock of seeing Megan causes Anna to stop breathing for a moment. Megan smiles and saunters over to Anna. She braces herself on the arms of the chair and leans down to kiss Anna. As she pulls back, Megan flicks her tongue over Anna's full bottom lip. She whispers, "Surprised?"

The masked assailant starts talking to Megan, "What took you so long in the car?"

The struggle with the intruder caused Anna's hair to partially cover her face, and as Megan answers him, she brushes Anna's hair back, but doesn't break eye contact with her, "I had to take a quick call from my boss. I almost had to work all night on that project, but we ended up finishing early which is good because I wouldn't have wanted to miss playing with Anna here." Megan leans down and kisses Anna's unmoving lips again.

The shock is wearing off enough for Anna to put a few pieces of the puzzle together, "You invited me here tonight for him. I thought you were my friend."

Megan pouts and whispers, "But I am your friend Anna, I'm just his friend too." She laughs girlishly.

As the masked man finishes tying Anna and wraps his arm around Megan, he laughs, "This many friends in one place should make for a great Halloween party!"

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