Halloween Masquerade


Wisteria embraced her and they leaned against the tree until Renata had recovered her composure. "Now it's your turn, baby," Renata purred. Wisteria leaned back against the tree as Renata scooted between her spread legs, captured the engorged labial lips in her mouth and began to lick between them furiously. "Nnnnnngghh ... eat me, baby, eat me good," Wisteria moaned, humping Renata's face, wanting more of that wonderful tongue deep inside her. Renata didn't disappoint her as she swirled it round and round against the sensitive pink walls of her lover's delicious cunt, eagerly swallowing the waves of precum pouring into her mouth.

When Wisteria felt long fingers sliding deep into her puckered asshole, her orgasm exploded, sizzling along her every nerve. She smashed her foaming slit hard against her lovers face, ejaculating forcefully and emitting a wailing "AHHROOoooo!" that echoed through the forest. When she looked down Renata was staring up at her wide-eyed, cum dripping from her nose and chin. "Baby, that was so beautiful," she sighed.

Wisteria pulled her to her feet and they embraced. "You made me come so hard," Wisteria said, tasting her own cum on her lover's face. "That howl was all about you, lover."

"I'm in love with you, you know," Renata replied. "Come back to my place and we'll have your bags sent over from the hotel."

"Mmmm, you talked me into it," Wisteria said. "It's just my laptop, a couple dresses, my makeup bag and a spare pair of shoes. I travel light."

"Speaking of," Renata said, "It's starting to get light now. We better get back to our room."

They morphed again and sped back to the mansion. Renata flew up to the balcony, tried the door and flew down. "It's locked, dammit. Now what do we do?"

"Let's find a door." Wisteria growled. When they found one Renata said "Won't this be locked too?"

"Not for long," Wisteria said, closing her jaws on the handle and twisting. There was a crunch of metal breaking and the door swung open. They returned to human form, crept through the darkened mansion until they reached their room, spooned on the bed and went to sleep.


"There you are, darlings," Maureen chirped, bustling through the door. "It's nearly noon. You're welcome to stay for lunch."

"Um ... wha ... sure," Renata said sleepily. She nudged Wisteria, "Wakey, wakey lover, it's lunch time."

"Just as long as rabbit's not on the menu," was the murmured reply.

Slipping into robes, they enjoyed a gourmet lunch, discussing the party and giggling about the guest's antics. Maureen sipped her champagne and said "Where were you two last night? Your bed was all mussed, your costumes were on the floor and you were nowhere in sight."

"We were having sex in a hall closet," Wisteria said brightly, grinning at Renata. "She's a wonderful lover."

"Tight spaces really get her off," Renata replied, patting her lover's hand, "Don't they baby?"

"Mmmhmmm, they sure do. By the way Maureen, could we borrow some clothes to wear home? Those costumes are a bit much for street wear."

"Of course, darling, just rummage in my closet and take what you like. Don't bother to return anything."

Finishing their lunch, the women 'rummaged' through a closet as big as a three car garage, found clothing they liked, engaged in some teasing foreplay, then dressed and went downstairs. Maureen offered them a ride home, but they declined and drove back to the city in Wisteria's rental Corvette. Soon they were snuggled up on a couch in Renata's living room discussing their future together.

"Okay," Wisteria said, "I'm not much for cities and you're not much for the outdoors so why don't we compromise? We can do a six and six or alternate months here and there, how about it?"

"I like that," Renata replied. "You can remain in wolf form in both places until we want to play or snuggle. I'll get enough blood from your cattle to sustain me when we're in the city."

"You're welcome to take a drink from me anytime you're thirsty, baby," Wisteria said, "I trust you."

"That is the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me," Renata replied, eyes filling with tears, "I love you so much it hurts."

"I love you too, sexy," Wisteria replied, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

They made love that night and every night thereafter, celebrating their anniversaries on Halloween.


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