tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHalloween Party & My Drunk Wife Mar

Halloween Party & My Drunk Wife Mar


Some of you have questioned Maria's continued drunk (or acting drunk) state. Maria's fetish is feeling that she is being taken advantage of, and this is how it all started.

In future stories you will see that she has progressed beyond this act to get what she wants!

You will have a better understanding of this story if you read the previous two first.


Chris & Maria



Maria and I were trying to figure out what we were gonna do for Halloween. The options were to go to go on vacation somewhere or throw a party. Maria didn't feel like having a party in our house, too much work to set it up and way too much cleaning to do the next day. We were about to book a trip somewhere when my friend Eric called and told me about some party he was going to that was supposed to be real good.

His wife's boss was throwing the party at their house (from what we'd heard it was a huge mansion) with live D.J. A full open bar, catered, but Halloween costumes were a must.

I really don't like wearing costumes but if that's the rules, what can you do?

I have worn the same the Michael Myers costume for the last 5 yrs, a mask and mechanic jumpsuit, easy and simple!

Maria on the other hand loves the whole Halloween thing of getting dressed up and all that goes with it, she always wears something sexy, Elvira, policewoman, mermaid etc.

This year she decided to wear a French maid costume. That was music to my ears, I bought her the outfit a few years ago but she'd never had the nerve to wear it in public.

I never thought she would this time as it's extremely sexy and revealing and the thigh high stockings enhance the whole look. Then she blew me away by buying a pair of black leather thigh boots with four inch heels, you could just see her stockings over the top of them! Wow!!


I suggested to Eric that we take a limo or cab to the party, it's an hour from home and we didn't want to be worrying about drunk driving! Eric told me not to worry because his wife's boss said we could spend the night there as they had about 12 bedrooms in the house!

Eric and his wife came to pick us up.

He was wearing the outfit from the scream movies and his wife(Julie)was dressed liked Little Bo Peep, but without the sheep, of course.

When they came into the house to tell us they had arrived, he couldn't take his eyes off Maria. I noticed his hand rubbing his dick through his pants as he watched move about, I hoped that Julie hadn't noticed as well!


Arriving at the party, we were amazed that they even had a valet to park the car. They checked our names off the guest list and we went in.

The house was just huge, something you only ever see in the movies. The party must have been going on for a couple of hours because it was packed and some of the guests already looked as though they had had a few too many drinks.

We had a lot of catching up to do so we walked straight to the bar and told the bartender to line up the tequila.

As we were doing the shots at the bar, Julie's boss, Mike, came over with his wife Jill.

They welcomed us to their home, and as he spoke he had his eyes locked on Maria, he even commented to me what a beautiful wife I have, but his eyes never left her!

He must of been in his mid fifties but his wife looked like she was in her early thirties and was very beautiful. Before he walked away he said to us to feel free to use the bedroom if we felt the need to sleep, or for any other reason and winked. He also told us there was a adult show in the guest house starting at midnight and told me and Maria to come along.

After they left, Julie laughed and told us that she had heard that they were swingers so be careful going to the guest house!

I told Maria that I wouldn't mind swinging with his wife, if she fancied Mike ...I received a playful slap as she told me 'Don't you dare!'

We did a few more shots each then grabbed our drinks and decided to walk around and check the place out.

First, we walked up stairs to find a room that we could sleep in and found that all the bedrooms were basically all set up the same except for one. That one was really huge and must of been Mike and Jill's bedroom.

We counted 12 bedrooms and 1 master suite which was his(must be nice being rich!).

After settling on one with two double beds, we went back downstairs and decided to check out the pool outside.

Everywhere we walked the guys were staring at Maria and Julie even if they were with a girl themselves.

When we got by the pool we ordered drinks and sat on some lounge chairs, watching a few people swim. We were just talking about how big the house and pool were when Eric and I noticed some guys carrying what appeared to be mattresses into what I guess was the guest house that he had mentioned. It looked more like a big barn to me that had been renovated.

We left the girls on the lounge chairs to chat and decided to go take a peek into the barn.

As we walked up, the guys told us that we couldn't come in yet and had to wait until twelve.

We watched through the open doors as they placed six mattresses on the floor in a row, the place was looking really plush with couches everywhere and mirrors on the walls. As it was only ten, Eric and I wandered off knowing that we would be back later to check it out!

As we approached the girls, we noticed that there were three guys sitting talking to them.

We got closer, the guys must have recognised us as the girls husbands as they stood up and walked away!

Eric asked Julie what they wanted. She explained that they worked with her and they had asked them if they wanted to dance with them.

"They even gave us some ecstasy tablets!"

Julie opened her hand and offered them.

Eric popped one and Maria took two! I didn't want to be the only one not to join in so I took one as well.

Maria and I used to take them when we used to go clubbing, but we had both stopped since then.

I said to Maria that I hoped they weren't too strong since she had taken two, she just smiled and told me not worry, she then stood up and pulled me inside to dance with her.


Within 10 minutes of dancing the pill starting kicking in strong and I was feeling great.

Maria is half my size so I could only imagine how she felt, she just kept dancing and moving non stop.

Eric and I sat down for a few drinks and just smugly watched our wives being gawked by all the guys on the dance floor. Some even came over and started dancing with them.

I noticed that with all the dancing going on Maria's top was barely containing her big tits and her nipples were popping into view once in a while.

Eric nudged me and told me he was gonna take Julie up to one of the rooms for some fun, he walked up to her, whispered in her ear, and they headed upstairs.

Maria came and sat down next to me not wanting to be on the dance floor alone.

Julie's boss and his wife came over to where we were sitting and asked if they could join us. Of course, we said "Sure". He asked us where Julie and Eric were, so I explained that they had just gone to walk around.

He smirked at me and said, "Yeah to the bedroom, I bet!"

He and his wife could drink like fish, but were fun to talk to.

We had a hard time keeping up and I guess the ecstasy had something to do with it. Once again Mike asked us if we would like to join them in the guest house for the erotic show.

Playing dumb, I asked him what exactly the erotic show involved..

He said he had hired some strippers to dance and put on a show, Maria asked him if it was gonna be like a strip club? He smiled at her before replying.

"Sort of, except there will be no rules, in a strip club you can't touch the girls but here you can! I've got male and female strippers so the wives and girlfriends at the party wouldn't feel left out!

"Wow!" Maria said, "That's great, I want a lap dance from one of the male strippers!"

Mike looked at Maria with a smirk on his face before telling her, as his eyes roamed over her body, that she could have whatever she wanted.

Jill told us that we had to promise to go with them. Maria said "Sure, why not?" and I also agreed.

It was about eleven thirty when Mike suggested that we head over to the guest house to get a good spot before the show started, he stood up and lead the way out.

We followed and Maria held my hand because she was having a hard time walking in her high heeled boots, being as drunk as she was.

As we entered, Mike asked Jill to take us to his table while he went to get one of the waiters to bring us champagne.

Jill brought us to the only table that was not totally in the open, being tucked away in the corner.

As we sat down we saw the male and female dancers walking in the back to change, Maria commented to Jill that the guys looked hot!

"Just wait until you see them up close, you will be amazed at what they have between their legs!" She replied with a giggle.

Mike came over and sat between Jill and Maria with the waiter coming right after him with two magnums of Crystal Rose( expensive champagne, and Marias favourite!)

Mike shook the bottle a little then popped the cork splashing the champagne a bit on Jill and mostly on Maria, she jumped up in surprise because she was nodding out a little on the couch and it woke her up!

Most of it went over her boots and stockings, with some going over her top.

Mike poured us all a glass and we toasted to a fun night and downed them. As Mike was pouring us all another he asked Maria if she needed a towel to dry herself off, but she said she needed to go to the bathroom anyway and would just dry herself off there. He said there were only paper towels there but he would bring her some better towels.

Maria asked where the bathroom was and Mike told her it was upstairs and that he would show her while he got her a towel.

I told Mike to make sure she didn't fall down the steps she was a bit drunk and refuses to take her boots off.

Mike walked behind her as she went up the stairs and his hands were on her waist, but his eyes were glued to her sexy legs and swaying hips!

As soon as they were out of sight Jill reached over and started rubbing my cock. She leant over to kiss me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She told me that was just an appetizer to what she was gonna do to me later, but then she told me that I could only have her if Mike could have Maria!.

She told me that Mike wouldn't stop telling her how bad he wanted Maria since they introduced themselves to us when we walked in.

I told Jill that I thought Maria would be game but we'd have to wait and see. Hearing what she said about Mike I was sure he was probably upstairs trying to make his move already!

I'll let Maria take over now and tell you what happened.



I was having a hard time walking up the stairs with the mixture of the pills, drinks and heels so Mike was walking up the stairs behind me and as drunk as I was I felt him pushing up on my waist so my skirt would rise up and he could get a look at my ass and thong that left nothing to the imagination.

When he got me to the bathroom, he told me he would be right back with a towel and a blow dryer so that I could dry my outfit.

I had to pee so I slid my thong down and sat on the toilet bowl, I was very drunk but was feeling good from the ecstasy. I was also really horny so I started rubbing and pulling on my nipples, thinking about how bad I wanted to fuck my husband Chris and was hoping he had something exciting planned to act out.

Then someone tried to open the door but couldn't because I had locked it.

It was Mike, he was saying that he had the towel for me and hair dryer, so I decided to tease him some.

I ran the water in the sink and called out that I would be a minute as I was rinsing the champagne off my costume.

I quickly pulled the maid outfit off and was standing with only my boots, thong, stockings and garter belt on.

I cracked the door open and peeped through the door, hiding my body behind it and told him to hand the towel and dryer to me.

I left the costume on the sink wet so he would know that I was naked behind the door. I thanked him as he handed the stuff to me, and he asked if he could come in as he really needed to take a leak.

I was slurring my words, and could barely complete a sentence. It must of been from the combination of the pills and liquor and heat in the bathroom because it all hit me at once and I could barely stand up.

I let go of the door to wrap the towel around myself and Mike pushed himself into the room.

He apologised but said he had to take a piss before he wet himself.

I tried telling him that he had to get out, but he just went to the toilet pulled his pants down and started pissing. He was standing in a way that he wanted me to get a look at the size of his cock. It looked like he was only half erect and it still looked at least eight inches and fat with it. I saw him staring at me because I barely had enough time to totally wrap the towel around myself before he came in, and with my head spinning and the small size of the towel it was hard to cover everything.

When he finished I sat down on the toilet and told him that I wasn't feeling to well.

I asked him to blow dry the wet maid outfit for me so that I could get back to Chris.

He started drying it, all the time staring into the mirror looking at me.

When he finished, I tried to stand up but the whole room started spinning and I wobbled over to put the outfit back on.

He noticed how drunk I was and asked if I was O.K.

I said not really, and took the outfit from his hands and asked him to leave so I could put it on. My words were so slurred I don't think he understood, he just grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him as he was saying,

"Come here baby, I want you so bad!"

As I tried to push him away the towel fell off and he pinned me against the wall and started to try to kiss me.

I told him to stop but he just grabbed my tits and started to suck on my nipples while his other hand was pulling my thong down my legs!

I was telling him to stop and pushing him then he pulled me down to the floor and started try to spread my legs.

I felt his finger slip into my pussy, he pulled his pants down and started to jerk himself to get hard.

I yelled at him to stop but he started to rub his cock against my wet pussy.

Just as he had pushed his fat cock head into me, the bathroom door opened and he jumped up when he saw one of the women strippers coming in.

He left pretty damn quickly and the stripper helped me up. I put my outfit back on and left, slamming the door behind me, boy was I was mad!

I carefully walked back down the steps, but got even more mad when I saw Chris getting a nude lap dance while Mike's wife was whispering in his ear and rubbing his cock through his pants!

I had been gone for twenty minutes and he hadn't thought to check on me, but I could see why now!

Jill noticed me approaching and pulled her hand away from Chris's cock.

Chris asked what took me so long, he could see that I was angry. I decided not to say anything, I didn't want to make a scene there, so I thought it best to keep it 'till later.


I sat down next to him and guzzled a glass of champagne, trying to push what had happened to the back of my mind. Chris noticed that I was drinking my drinks quickly and asked me if everything was O.K.

I told him that I was fine and just trying to have a good time!

I had noticed him and Jill keep sneaking looks at each other and felt there was a sexual tension between them. I decided that if he wanted to ignore me I would make him mad as well!

Just then Mike came back to the table and acted as if nothing happened. He did look nervous until he figured that I hadn't said anything to Chris since he was still being nice to him!

Maybe he just thought that I didn't even remember because of how much I was drinking. I asked Mike to get more champagne and a bottle of tequila, I don't know why I was being so stupid but I just wanted to drink my mood away. I guess it was because my husband has never ignored me before.

We are fine again now, but on this night I just wanted to make a scene and make him as jealous as he had made me.

Mike came back with the champagne and tequila.

I told him to pour some shots for us, saying,

"Lets get drunk together!"

Mike smiled when I said that. Chris was trying to talk with me now but I just ignored him and told him to leave me alone, we could talk about it later.

There were a lot of couples in the place now and the strippers were giving lap dances and dancing on the tables.

The difference between a strip club and this place was that the male and female strippers got completely naked.

Mike reminded me that I had said that I wanted to get a lap dance earlier and called over a black dancer with huge muscles.

Mike was now feeding me tequilas and keeping my champagne glass full at all times, obviously trying to get me completely legless drunk so he could fuck me! I was past caring now, as I wanted to make Chris jealous.

The stripper started to dance in front of me and I was really loud with my comments and whistling. I shoved a twenty dollar bill in his underwear and told him to take them off, because I wanted to see his big black cock!

Both Chris and Mike gave me weird looks, Mike whispered something into Jill's ear and two minutes later she started to rub Chris's dick again and was trying to get him to take a walk with her.

I heard Chris tell her to wait. I think I was getting to him now because his eyes were glued to me as I started pulling on the dancers underwear telling him to show me his cock.

Mike told him to do it and gave him a hundred dollars!

Off came his underwear and out came the biggest fattest black cock I have ever seen, I couldn't take my eyes off it and it wasn't even hard yet!

He put a leg on each side of mine kneeling on the couch over me, his cock was like a foot from my face. I wrapped my fingers around his girth and began to pull on it.

He groaned and lent forward, whispering in my ear that he really wanted to fuck me.

Chris was staring at me so I pushed my tongue into the dancers mouth and he started to kiss me back. I was looking sideways at Chris while I was kissing him and pulling on his big black dick, he looked so mad. He turned to Jill and started kissing her.

I felt the dancer getting hard, his huge cock was hitting my stomach, then I felt a hand rubbing my pussy. I looked down to see it was Mike doing it, he handed me another shot, I guess to make sure that I was really drunk, although my head was already spinning and my vision was blurred.

There were two female dancers now dancing on our table completely naked and Mike now had his finger in my wet pussy. The black dancer was trying to pull my top down and rubbing my nipples with his solid meat jutting out just inches from my face.

I felt everything getting into a big blur and out of control so I pushed him off and saying that I could dance like them!

When I stood up from the couch the whole room felt like it was spinning, but somehow I managed to climb up onto the table and started to dance between the two strippers.

That's pretty much the last thing that I remember, everything is a blank from then on, so I will let Chris tell you the rest!



I could not believe the way Maria was acting, she has never been that straight forward before, it was obvious that she was trying to make me jealous so I let her do what she wanted. I wasn't gonna stop her.

I would of stepped in and put a stop to it if I had known at this point that she had blacked out and didn't know what she was doing anymore. But I didn't know that until the next morning.

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