tagIncest/TabooHalloween Party Ch. 01

Halloween Party Ch. 01


My parents had Halloween parties as far back as I can remember. Every year, the party got bigger and wilder and the costumes got flashier and more expensive until it was nearly a carnival atmosphere at our house. When I really started noticing the parties, was when I was becoming sexually aware. I noticed so many women dressed as hookers or in thin, sexy clothes, or their costumes fit them rather provocatively.

My mother, with her fairly larger breasts always seemed to be popping out of her costume. My father always liked to dress as Robin Hood or Don Juan, romantic figures in tights. The two of them were quite the pair and they were admired by all the guests at the party.

When I was nineteen, I didn't attend the start of the Halloween party. Friends of mine were having a party across town and I had gone over there. The party was okay, except my girlfriend and I got in an argument and she left pissed off and I had to walk home.

Our house was at the edge of town on two and a half acres of land that had belonged in my father's family since they farmed a great section of land to the south. My father had sold off the farm land with his brothers when I was kid. The house was huge with a sprawling front yard and a three and a half car garage with an apartment over the top where I had moved to when I graduated high school. The back yard had a small maze of hedges and a tool shed the size of a normal 2 car garage.

I came home about midnight as several guests were leaving. My father had a woman pinned inside the front door, his mouth pressed to her ear. I wasn't sure, but it looked like she was trying to stroke him through his Doctors scrubs. I recognized her as Mrs. Waverly, the wife of the president of the bank. They moved out of the light along the side of the house. I could make out my father's hand pulling up her flapper skirt. I moved on just as he raised her legs up.

The hot tub on the side of the house was jam packed with guests. I saw my mom's friend, Dorothy, making out with a strange woman dressed in a Sarong. Dorothy was kind of the local slut, I had seen her giving head to one of dad's friends the previous year. It seemed that every year after the party, mom and dad would discuss Dorothy's adventures.

No one seemed to notice me as I moved through the yard and around the to back of the house. I didn't see my mother anywhere. She was probably in the basement playing pool or doing dishes in the kitchen. I made my way around the hedges and went up the back steps to the apartment atop the garage. I had grabbed a couple of beers from the ice bucket by the back deck and thought I'd sit up on the ledge of the garage and watch the fun and frolicking.

The ledge faced south and looked over the hedges. The moon was nearly full and cast its light down upon the party. I opened the beer and thought about the argument with my girlfriend. It had been quite stupid and why we got so upset, I couldn't understand. I thought I would call her once I finished the beer and had time to relax.

I heard a noise down below me, a moan, that stirred me from my thoughts about Amy. Peering over the edge of the roof, I saw my mother leaning back against the tool shed, her face pointed toward the sky, mouth open in ecstacy. She was wearing a big, hoop skirt as I think she was supposed to be Scarlet O'Hara or something. Looking down, I could see the soles of small shoes facing toward me from under the dress. I realized that someone was under my mother's dress, pleasing her.

I quickly downed the rest of the beer and quietly made my way down the back steps into the hedges next to the tool shed. I quietly maneuvered myself into a spot about eight feet away from my mother where I could see her breasts heaving up and down with each heavy breath. Suddenly, she clamped her mouth shut as her face tightened. She moaned through clenched teeth, "Oh, oh, oh! Yes. Yes." as she came.

As she leaned heavily back on the shed, trying to catch her breath, the person under her dress crawled out. She was dressed in a hooker's outfit with a short skirt and a red top that came off her shoulders; it was my old high school teacher, Grace Styles. She climbed up to my mother and kissed her full on the mouth.

"Whew." Grace said as she pulled back with both her hands still resting on my mother's breasts. "My face is covered in your juices."

My mother, pulled her closer and licked at her face playfully. Grace cooed and the licking turned into manic kissing and groping. Grace pulled back again trying to catch her breath. "Holy shit, Sylvia."

"Too hot for you?" My mother replied cooly.

"First you rub my clit to orgasm in record time then you push me down under your dress and nearly drown me with your orgasm." Grace laughed. "I need a drink. My date will never understand why my face smells like a pussy."

"Do you have a cigarette?" My mother only smoked when she was drinking.

"Where's Will?" Grace found her purse on the ground and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Aren't you afraid he'll catch us?"

"He hasn't yet." My mother took a cigarette from the pack and placed it between her lips. "Besides, he was chasing Alice Waverly."

"God, Sylvia, you are something. Everyone knows he's been banging everything within fifty miles of here and you don't do anything about it."

"What about you and me? Isn't that something?" My mom's words shocked me. Never in my life had I ever imagined her having a lesbian affair. My cock was swollen in my jeans and I was pretty sure I would be jerking off as soon as I got inside the door of my apartment thinking about my mother and Grace.

"What?" Grace replied taking a cigarette for herself and digging in her purse for a lighter. "We meet every couple of weeks -- we make out, play around and I eat your pussy. That's not exactly revenge on your husband."

"It's something." My mother replied. "Look, we have a -- an understanding. It's unsaid, but it's there. As soon as Jason finishes college, Will is going to move up to the city and we'll get a divorce."

Grace lit her own cigarette then held the lighter for my mom. "How come you never go down on me?"

My mother blew a stream of smoke over her head. "You need to trim that bush of yours." She laughed, then said, "Maybe next time."

"I don't mind." Grace replied. "You get me off with your fingers and the toys, but, I would like to see that lovely face between my legs sometime."

My mother looked at Grace then reached out and pulled her to her. She kissed her hard on the mouth, crushing Grace's body to hers. "I should treat you better, Gracie. You've been keeping me sane these last few years. Well, you and Jason."

"It works both ways, Sylvia." Grace kissed her on the chin. "Having your around keeps me from jumping into another bad relationship."

My mother went to kiss Grace again, but someone was pushing through the hedges about twenty feet away. They stepped further apart from one another and sucked on their cigarettes as Dahlia Morris stepped around the tool shed looking flustered. Her witches costume was askew and her hat was crushed.

"Fucking men." Dahlia was drunk.

Sylvia took Dahlia by the arm. "What is it, dear?"

"Some guy tried to rape me while I was looking for a quiet place to pee."

"What?!" Grace exclaimed.

"Oh, it's okay. I don't mind." Dahlia slurred her words. "I think it was Henry. He grabbed me from behind and had his dick out. Henry has a big dick."

Henry was her ex-husband who had made no bones about the fact that his former wife was the best lay he'd ever had. He would tell anyone who would listen that he never should have divorced her for having an affair. Apparently, they still met once a month for a heated fuck sessions three years after their divorce.

My mother took Dahlia by the arm and guided her back toward the house. Grace stood by the shed for a moment, enjoying her cigarette and staring at the sky. When she finished her cigarette she checked her costume and pulled a compact from her purse. She attempted to fix her make up in the moon light. She sighed. "God, Sylvia, you could make me forget about men all together." She put her compact away and walked toward the house.

I went quickly back up to the apartment over the garage. My cock was trying to rip through my jeans as I got inside. Like most young men, I had admired my mother when I was younger. She had amazing tits that just riveted my attention. On top of that she was exceptionally attractive, with big, dark eyes and nice, full lips. She used to have larger hips, but in the past few years she had started working out and now she hardly had any hips. My dad often commented that now she looked like a stick with tits.

All through high school I had compared my girlfriends to my mother -- and all of them failed miserably. When I had my first real sexual encounter -- when my girlfriend gave me head in the front seat of my father's car -- I imagined it was my mother's mouth on my cock, not my girlfriends. When I first got laid, it was my mother's face I saw beneath me. It took me awhile to not think about her sexually, but as I progressed through high school and had more sexual experiences, I found it easier to do.

Inside the apartment I tugged off my shirt and started toward the bed when I heard a small voice, "Jason." It was Amy. She was seated in the chair behind me, I never saw her when I came in.

I turned to her as she rose from the chair, her straight blonde hair shimmering in the moonlight. She fell into me hard and started to sob. "I'm sorry about the fight."

I pulled back and lifted her face to mine and kissed her passionately. I was so horny I couldn't even speak. Amy responded quickly, happy that I wasn't still mad. I pulled her to the bed and nearly tore her clothes from her body. Amy's body was thin, but she had long, sexy legs and small, firm breasts.

We didn't talk. I pulled down my jeans and pushed her panties aside, thrusting myself into her. She groaned loudly and clenched me tight. "I'm sorry. I love you, Jason. I don't want to fight with you. I'll do anything for you." She sighed as I pumped away at her pussy.

I couldn't talk. All I was seeing was Sylvia kissing Grace and talking about eating pussy. I kissed Amy ferociously, but it wasn't her I was kissing, it was my mom. It wasn't Amy I was fucking, in my mind, it was my own mother.

I pulled out and came on Amy's chest. One stream lapped over her face and another hit her chin. When I finished unloading on her, I collapsed next to her. Amy was panting.

"Is that make up sex?" She finally asked.

"I think so."

"Wow. We need to argue more often." She laughed.

A moment later she was off the bed in the bathroom cleaning the cum off of her body and face. She came back to bed and, took off her panties and laid down next to me, cuddling softly. Feeling her naked body next to me, I started to get aroused again. Amy kissed me and started stroking me.

"I want you, Jason." She said quietly.

"You know how to get me ready." I smiled at her.

Amy smiled back and then kissed me down my torso to my cock. She knew that sucking on my cock would have me fully hard again in an instant. While she didn't like for me to cum in her mouth, she did like sucking my cock. I was okay with that, but sometimes when we were drunk, I'd make her swallow my cum. Tonight though, I just wanted to fuck.

I started pushing my cock into her mouth as I grew in size. Amy moaned and turned her hips toward my face. I let her straddle my face then I started licking her pussy as she sucked on me. She was very wet and I made her cum in short order. After she came, there would be no stopping her. She sat on my cock and rode me hard. Finally, I flipped her to her back and fucked her as hard as I could. When I came, I pulled out and she stroked me, spilling pools of cum onto her stomach and chest. I collapsed next her again as I heard my mom outside saying goodbye to some of the guests. "Come again! Can't wait 'till next year. You better come again." I had to laugh.

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