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Halloween Short


Tuesday October 31

It was just after 10pm when the doorbell rang, loud and chiming, startling him from the deep thoughts of his book.

He walked slowly to the door, assuming a late Halloween prankster, as the regular crowd of "trick or treaters" had stopped ringing the bell over an hour ago.

"These fucking kids should be home already," he mumbled to himself.

Still, he picked up the mostly empty bowl of candy and carried it towards the door, just in case it was a late straggler trying to get that last bit of candy before the night ended. He did not want to disappoint and heavens forbid if he were "tricked" for running out of candy. Besides, he himself was not one for sweets and what was left would only go to waste.

May as well give whomever it is the whole damn bucket, he thought. Of course, he thought if it were pranksters, he could just throw the bowl at them and hope to hit at least one of the little bastards in the head.

His boot heels clicked across the stone tile floor, echoing loudly against the marble walls and high ceilings. Of course the nuance of this place was right out of an Edgar Allen Poe classic. Torch lamps flickered and dimly lit the hall, casting ominous shadows over the walls. And various gargoyles, vampires and other weird creatures decorated the high shelves near the ceilings, looking down on the house's inhabitants.

He approached the inner door to the foyer and the bell rang again, startling him and sending a chill down his spine.

"Fuck!" he shouted to himself.

I really need to get a new doorbell, he thought, embarrassed at his own alarm, even though nobody was there to witness it. Sometimes he wondered why he even bought this old dungeon of a house. Sure it seemed like a fun, creepy idea when he first saw it in the daylight, but lately there were too many nights spent wide-eyed and awake, wondering what, if anything was lurking in the too many shadows. He was not a Creepshow kind of guy and blood, gore and the macabre did not suit him.

Inside the foyer, he turned the deadbolt and slid the bolt to the side. He pulled hard on the old wooden door, creating a long eerie creaking noise, as he prepared for the "trick" he was now certain to get.

She stood alone on the porch in a soft pool of light, smiling sweetly and looking up at him as if he should have expected her. He recognized her at once of course. It was Alice! From Alice in Wonderland! She wore a light blue dress, speckled with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, blue and white striped knee socks, black patent leather schoolgirl shoes with silver buckles and a white ribbon in her hair. And how cute! In her hand was a white stuffed rabbit!

Thinking back triumphantly to his college days, he was pleased to know that his senior year dissertation on Lewis Caroll had finally paid off in the real world! Who else would recognize Alice on sight! Well at least a Masters in literature was good for something.

"Trick or treat," she said softly with a seductive smile.

"Hi," he mumbled back at her, noticing that she was not carrying a "loot bag," as he had called them in the days of his youth.

"I suppose you're the last trick or treater of the night," he said, offering her what was left of the M&Ms and Snickers in the bowl. He peered beyond her and the long front yard to the street half expecting to see a group of teenager who would pelt him with eggs at any moment. But she was alone.

"Don't you have anything more sugary?" she asked with a pout.

"Huh...what?" he stuttered?

"I don't like candy bars," she said, "I like sugary candy like Pixie sticks!"

Pixie sticks? What the fuck?

He took stock of the girl standing before him. She was innocent looking and pretty with silky long, light brown hair, bright blue eyes and a beautiful, white toothy smile. Her lips were painted a light shade of pink and appeared to be almost sparkly, as if she had applied some kind of glittery lip gloss like the kind found in a child's make up kit. His eyes drifted lower to the top of her dress and he looked away quickly embarrassed to having even thought of trying to catch some cleavage. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as the costume was quite chaste and not at all revealing.

"So do you have anything else Mister?" she asked again.

"How old are you?" he asked in response. "It's late for a girl to be out by herself."

"I'm old enough and I can take care of myself," she said confidently.

She then winked at him and slowly ran her tongue over her lips.

He believed her.

He felt his stomach clench and thought, "what the hell is going on here?"

"Come in then," he offered, "I may have something for you."

He led her into the large empty house and she followed him down the long hall to a large open room. It was a sitting room, decorated with dark earthly colors of burgundy and wood. A log was glowing red in the fireplace, creating a delightful autumn smell as it popped and hissed.

He motioned her to the couch, "Have a seat Alice ." I just want to stoke this fire a bit and then I'll find something for you.

She placed the rabbit on a nearby chair before taking her own seat on the couch. She sat upright on the edge of the cushion, her legs neatly together with the hem of her dress resting just on her knees. Very lady like indeed. She watched him carefully as he put a new log on the fire and began poking at it, sparks flying up into the chute. Soon the fire was blazing and flames cast shadows throughout the room.

Turning towards the girl he asked, "Can I get you anything?"

"Just some candy sir," she replied quietly, "something sugary."

"Like Pixie Sticks?" he asked.

"Yes, Pixie Sticks would be fine Mister," she replied.

"Ok, let's see what we can find then," he said with a sigh as he left the room.

He returned not even a minute later with a small, purple velvet bag.

He open the yellow drawstring and looked inside.

"Ok," he said quietly, "Pixie Sticks, Pixie Sticks, Ah yes! Here we go! Pixie Sticks!" he exclaimed with a smile.

"Oh good!" she said with a song in her voice, "those are my favorites!"

Alice was beaming! She looked at him with big blue eyes and he was caught off guard. I'll be damned, he thought if her breasts weren't just a bit bigger than he'd previously noticed and much more exposed. Wasn't she completely covered at the door?

He noticed her skirt. When she first sat down, he was sure the hem of her dress was resting on her knees, but now it was clearly shorter, exposing at least half of her thigh. And as his eyes drifted down her slender legs, he noticed she was not wearing striped knee socks as he previously thought, but sheer white stockings with little spider web designs on them. Weird. He felt heady.

He noticed her shoes as well and felt his cock stir for the first time. Wasn't she wearing flats? Black patent leather flats with silver buckles? He was sure of it. He took a deep breath and his head suddenly felt heavy. Clearly he made a mistake earlier and simply did not notice the 4 inch clear platform heels she now wore.

"Something wrong Mister?" Alice asked with a coy smile, her head tilted to one side and her finger lightly tracking the outline of her lips.

"No, nothing. It's just that I thought...well, never mind," He stammered.

"You're funny Mister," she teased. "So do you want to give me my Pixie Sticks?"

"Yes, of course Alice , but uh, where is your trick or treat bag?" he asked.

"I don't need a bag Mister. I want to eat it here. Can I?"

"If you want to, certainly," he replied meekly, aware that he was falling under her spell.

Who was this girl, he wondered to himself? She was changing before him, tempting him, making him aroused, and making him want her. He was alarmed and somewhat frightened over the control she had over him, but at the same time he was filled with an overwhelming sense of safety and warmth.

"Come feed it to me Mister," she pleaded with big eyes.

He sat next to her on the couch and ripped open the first of the Pixie Sticks. She stared deeply into his eyes and whispered, "Feed it to me Mister," as she parted her sexy painted lips and licked over them with her tongue.

He tilted the first stick over her mouth and watched the colored powder float down onto her tongue.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, licking her lips, "More Mister, give me more candy."

He tore open another stick and again held it over her waiting mouth and watched it coat her lips and tongue. He tore another open and did it again and again and again.

Her lips and tongue were a colored mixture of red, orange, blue and yellow...he could smell the sugary scent. He tore open another pixie stick and poured it in her mouth. Soon her mouth was coated in sticky sugar; it dripped down her chin and a bit ran down her neck to her breast.

He looked at her and felt fear. Her hair was no longer light brown, but a bright fiery red. Dark, black mascara outlined eyes that were grey. Her eyes were actually grey and generating light! Her breasts were heaving, growing before his eyes and literally bursting from the corset. It used to be a dress he screamed to himself in terror)! Her skirt, now patterned with skulls instead of the deck of cards' hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, barely covered her ass and with her legs spread wide he could easily see her wet exposed pussy as it glistened with arousal. Her legs, strong and muscular, were sporting the sheer white spider web stockings, now held up by a garter belt that had little metal spikes sticking out of the thin material. And her hair! The white ribbon was gone! Replaced by a shiny, wet looking black snake! A snake that was actually alive and slithering in her hair! He tried to scream, but could not.

"I'm sticky Mister," she said, taunting him with lips that glistened blood red, "I need you to clean me."

She reached towards him and pulled his mouth to hers. He pushed his tongue greedily into her mouth, tasting her deep and savoring the sticky sweetness of the candy. She moaned into his mouth and panted; her breath hot and arid with arousal. Her teeth, sharp like a wolf's bit down on his tongue. Her hands found his cock through his pants and freed it with one quick magical motion. She gripped it hard and pulled it. He felt like he was going to burst.

"Clean me Mister," she whispered again.

Her hands took hold of his hair, pulling it as she guided his mouth over hers, over her neck, down to her breasts. The candy was everywhere and he did his best to clean as much of her tempting flesh as he could. She was coated in sticky colored sugar from head to toe.

Her fingers raked his naked back and he felt his flesh give way to her nails. How he became undressed he did not know. Her nails, no not nails, her claws tore into his skin and she pushed her body, now naked and entirely coated with sugary candy against him. He licked her entire body. He sucked the candy off her hardened nipples causing her to cry out. He bit down hard on them and pulled them with his teeth.

He worked his way down her tight stomach, moving closer to her pussy. He could feel it beckoning him, drawing him in. He wanted it. She pushed his head lower.

He licked just above her clit, cleaning more of the sticky candy. He was about to take her pulsating clit into his mouth when she cried out, "Yes, clean me! Be a good boy and clean me!"

Boy? Did she just call him, "boy?"

She pushed hard on his head and his mouth stopped, his tongue wavering over her open throbbing pussy. He could feel the pain on his skin from her nails, the firm grip her fingers had on his hair, the ache in his cock. He fought her with all his will.

And suddenly he was hit with clarity and resolve, "No Alice!"

"Yes, clean me boy!" she shouted with fury.

"No Alice , I will not!" he responded even more firmly than before.

"Yes, you will clean me! Do it now you fucker!" she ordered, her voice echoing down the halls of the house.

But there was something more in her voice. Uncertainty? Fear? Need?

"No," he spoke again, more softly this time.

"Yes, clean me Mister," her voice now obviously laden with want and desire.

He looked up at her and smiled.

She looked back at him with wide, teary eyes, "Please? Please sir?" she asked meekly.

"No Alice , not now," he answered.

She groaned in frustration. He pussy leaked clear fluid down her thighs.

"Please? Please clean me Sir?" she begged again, as a single tear made it way down her cheek.

"No Alice , not now," he said again smiling warmly.

"But I need you to clean me Sir!" she pleaded.

"No, I will not Alice ," he said as he pulled away from her.

Alice again had fallen into the wrong looking glass.

Later that night he peeked in on Alice and her new accommodations. He thought she would be most comfortable in the north tower room. He quietly opened the door as to not disturb her.

Alice was there on her back, spread eagle on the bed and secured firmly. A dark red blindfold covered her eyes and a scarf was stuffed in her mouth, gagging her. Her hands, arms, legs and feet were all tied to the bedposts by the charm snakes, the same kind that he found in her hair just earlier in the evening. They would not release her until he bid them to. Her dress, the pretty light blue dress with the knee-length hem lay softly against her body, with the long hem pulled up over her waste, exposing simple white cotton panties that covered her once demon pussy. They were wet and he could clearly see her arousal through the thin material and the outline of her swollen achy lips. While the rest of her had reverted back to the "innocent girl" version of Alice, her clit still pulsed and throbbed as if it had a life of its own. It did.

He thought the white and blue striped knee socks were pretty, especially with the black patent leather shoes and silver buckles. And of course that white ribbon in her hair was adorable.

The white rabbit sat in the corner watching her, keeping an eye on her, guarding her. He would make sure she remained bound and that the snakes held her tight. After all, it was the rabbit who had brought her here.

He moved towards her on the bed and watched as her body struggled against her bonds. He knew she would suffer and that the condition of her clit was her own personal hell, but her suffering would bring eventual release. He picked up the cat 'o nine tails and waived it in the air, creating a "swooshing" sound. He felt bad for her, but only for a moment. After all, she did try to kill him. Now she would pay.

"Will these demons ever learn?" he asked out loud, as he brought the flogger down upon her.

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