Halloween Swap


Paige in her nurse get-up and Zeke in his overalls but nothing else came downstairs shortly thereafter. I met them in the foyer by the front door. She approached me with a gleam in her eye. "Hi, I'm Paige, Zeke's friend. And you are?"

I croaked, "Harvey Marcus. Glad to meet you." And to have shared my meat with you.

Harriett hung in the background, almost out of sight. I watched Paige give Zeke a body-to-body hug and an amorous kiss.

Zeke opened the door for her - what a gentleman.

Before she left, she turned and said, "Maybe we can see each other again" while looking at me, then shifted her gaze to Zeke adding, "before you leave."

As soon as the door shut, Zeke took the stairs two at a time with a smile. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was back to just the three of us and the masquerade was over.

Harriett came out of the shadows. "I don't want Zeke having any more female friends come over while he's here."

"Okay." Too bad.

"And you'll tell him tomorrow."

Harriett went upstairs to our bedroom, leaving me with a pleasant memory of an interrupted fuck.

* * *

The next morning I came downstairs. Harriett had prepared a full breakfast for Zeke - eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. She never made me anything as fancy. Zeke started to say something with a mouth full.

"Now don't go talking while you eat. Chew it all and swallow before speaking." Harriett liked to micromanage everybody. "And Harvey, I've informed Zeke that the two of you need to chat. But let him finish his breakfast first."

I was about to ask if Harriett was going to make me the same meal. Then I noticed that there was no serving plate with extra bacon or potatoes, and all of the pans she'd used were soaking in the sink. When she handed me a cereal bowl, it was a final answer to a question unasked.

After we'd both finished eating in silence with Harriett hovering in the vicinity, we both stood up. "Come on, let's take a walk." Harriett couldn't complain about that. It was nominally exercise, and we'd have privacy. We bundled up and left through the garage. There was a faint coating of frozen dew on the grass and we could see our breath.

I delivered the message. "Harriett doesn't want you inviting any women over."

"But I didn't!"

"We know that, and you won't, so there's no problem." It was colder than I'd preferred. "Want to go back?"

"No, wait. I gotta tell you something that happened last night. At the party."

I stopped in my tracks. "What?"

Zeke made this cornball smile, like he'd just eaten a canary. "You'll never guess."

I raised my voice. "What?"

Zeke dug his hands deep in his pockets. "A lady forced me to have sex with her."

Harriett? "What lady?"

"Her name was Juliet, like in Romeo."

The only possibility was Juliet McCarthy, our next-door neighbor. She raised her daughter Breann alone after her husband abandoned them. I'd fucked them both, separately, no three-way. "You did? She did? How? Where?" I wanted the sordid details. And I wanted to know if my name came up.

Zeke resumed walking, forcing me to stroll further than I wanted. The further we walked, the longer the trip back.

"Well, I did like you said, standing next to Aunt Harriett at the party while she talked on and on about her job and how good she was doing. Folks were eating stuff and I got hungry. But I couldn't take off the mask, so I pointed at my mouth and Harriett said I could go find something. She didn't really need anybody to help her brag on herself. So I found the kitchen and snuck some stuff, veggies and tiny sandwiches, up under my mask, one at a time. But then this tall woman comes up to me."

"What was she wearing?"

"Oh wow, it was this shiny red dress, long, but with no arms or anything above her boobies. She looked like one of them movie stars or models."

Juliet had a nice body, as I recalled.

"She came over, slinky like, and stood real close. And then she whispered, 'I thought you'd never get away. We'll have to hurry.' Then she practically dragged me out of the kitchen, away from the food. There were stairs to a basement, and it was dark. She held my hand as we went down. I was just about blind, with the mask and all."

"Good thing you didn't fall and break your neck." Otherwise my ruse would have been uncovered.

"Thanks. Then, in private, she tells me she forgives me, and she's sorry about hitting me, and she's really needy, and asks me if I can help her out."

Juliet had taken Bree's ruler and smacked my ass when she found me fucking her daughter. Because she had me first and then agreed that Bree would have seconds, Juliet's anger wasn't justified in my mind. But after some consideration, maybe she had the right to be mad. "So what did you do?"

"Well, I couldn't say anything, so I just nodded, polite like. That's when she ran her hand down my chest to my privates. And she didn't just rub. She grabbed!"

"I bet you didn't expect that."

"Nope. And then she pulled up her skirt and showed me her knees and asked, "Do you see any scars?" But she didn't shop there. Her skirt came all the way up. I stared at her panties, which were really thin, see-through like. I'd never been that close to a woman's privates before. She held my hand against her crotch. I wiggled my fingers to escape, and that made her moan even more. She reached under my robe and took hold of my cock. That's what she called it. She talked like she's done that before, even though we'd never met. Since I was supposed to be you, has Juliet ever touched your cock?"

"Accidentally, a long time ago." I felt like I needed to explain, even if it was a lie. "She tried to seduce me once. Touched me all over. When I refused, she slapped me hard." The 'hard' part was true.

"Well, she remembered it real good. Said she missed it. I think she might have figured out something was different because she complimented me - you - on losing some weight around the middle. Said I had a nice flat stomach.

"Pretty obvious. So get back to Juliet. What happened next?"

"Oh, well she found us an old wooden chair, like you've got in your kitchen? She pulled my robe up and tried to take my mask off but I wouldn't let her. That made her even crazier. She just plopped down on my lap backwards and gosh, my wiener went up into her. My whole body was shaking, and she was bouncing up and down, I was afraid she'd fall off so I grabbed her waist but she slid my hands up higher. Gosh, she'd pulled down the top and my hands were on her naked boobies. She said she'd never done it backwards and wanted to try it."

At least in that position, Zeke's mask wasn't front and center. "How did it feel?"

"Are you kidding? Like nothing I'd ever felt. Like I was out of control, like when I drove a tractor for the first time, and the rows were all jagged-"

"The sex?"

"Well, it didn't take too long and I felt something scary, like I was going to piss. She wouldn't get off, just kept humpin' like crazy. When I couldn't hold back any more, and she wouldn't let me stand up, I just let it go. It felt so good, a big relief you know. And when she finally stopped bouncing, she stood up, stuff leaking out of her. That was my stuff, wasn't it?"

"Yep. You came with her."

"No, I came with Aunt Harriett."

I shook my head. "Never mind. So what happened then?"

"Juliet stood up and pressed her fingertips against my mask, like she was giving me a kiss or something. And I gotta tell you, I really wanted to pull off my mask and kiss her good and proper."

"You didn't."

"Nope, 'cause I promised you I'd be you instead of me. But I'd sure like to see her again and do more of that stuff."

"You should probably pick someone closer to your age. Someone that doesn't have a daughter in college."

"And then I got the chance, with that lifeguard. I think I like sex."

No duh. "So do I." Too bad Harriett doesn't.

"Oh yeah, one more thing. Before she left me there in the basement, Juliet said that she and Brennan - I think that was the name - wanted to get together with me - meaning you - when her daughter was in town for Thanksgiving. They were really looking forward to it. What do you do with them?"

Ah yes, Breann. I thought for a moment. "We recreate the original Thanksgiving." They'd play Native Americans; I'd play a Pilgrim and fuck them over.

"Say, if I get this job, I'd like to see that. Maybe you'll invite me."

"Perhaps." No way. Hell, he'd already sampled the older McCarthy. I was in no mood to share.

### An Original H M Tale ###

I'm always interested in reader feedback.

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