Halo Ch. 07


'Tanaya stood leaning against the door uncertainly as she thought about what she had been told. Finally she spoke up. "Gabriel Renford will be back in ten minutes or so. If you want to wait out here on the veranda to speak to him you can."

Robbie removed his foot from the doorway and she slammed the door in their face. He shook his head with a rueful grin. He had to admit he admired the woman's courage.

"We might be best to wait out here for Gabe Renford. He'll be able to let me know how to contact Matthews, Winter and Stanton," Warren Evans the parole officer said as he led the way to the footpath out the front of the lawn.

"I have to warn you that you may get a visit from Senior Detective Adam Saunders. Unless I miss my guess he'll try to stir up some trouble for your clients," Robbie said quietly.

"That warning is late. As soon as Saunders found out Stanton was here he paid me a visit. And then again after the christening he phoned me. At home, out of normal hours," Evans said sounding far from pleased.

"Sounds like you don't have much time for him," Robbie said quietly.

"How much time did the sleaze give your sister before making his moves on her? She's not the first case victim he has become involved with," Evans stated.

Robbie was about to ask some more questions when he spotted Ren walking towards them watching them intently. Even over the distance separating them it was obvious that he had recognised his parole officer and had sped his pace up.

Robbie saw the instant when the blond guy walking towards them recognised him. His eyes narrowed suspiciously and he glanced around quickly.

"Officer Evans," Ren said with a nod as he halted in front of them.

"Hallo Gabe. We got some paper work for you to look over and sign. If we can go inside we can over it in more detail," Evans said calmly.

Ren glanced at Robbie before looking back at Evans, "Yeah, inside is more private."

Ren walked past the two men and opened the front door with his key. He carried the three bags of shopping to the kitchen where 'Tanaya was and placed them on the table. He saw at a glance that 'Tanaya was upset and knew it was most likely because of the presence of Janey's brother. He had to admit he was cautious himself.

"Ren can I speak to you for a moment?" 'Tanaya asked as she sent Robbie an angry glare.

"Can it wait until this is attended to or is it urgent?" Ren asked as he motioned towards Evans and Robbie.

"It's urgent!" 'Tanaya snapped before heading out of the room as she motioned for Ren to follow her.

Ren followed 'Tanaya up the hallway out of earshot of the kitchen and stopped when she turned to face him.

"They're saying that you, Brent and Matty aren't allowed within a certain distance of Janey because of some court orders!" 'Tanaya said worriedly.

"Shit! Okay calm down. I guess I'm about to find out all about it," Ren said tightly. He gave 'Tanaya a brief smile before turning and heading back to the kitchen.

Robbie was looking out the kitchen window where it overlooked the backyard and stood with his back to the door as Ren walked into the room, Evans was standing by the corner of the table sorting through some papers he had placed on the table top.

Robbie turned around and faced Ren as he stopped near Evans.

"I'm Robbie Wilkinson, Janey's oldest brother. I'm aware that Janey intends to invite Stanton, Winters, Matthews and yourself to Nicky's first birthday party the Friday after next. Because of the No – contact court orders that are in place only Stanton would possibly be able to get away with attending. To make things easier for my sister I went over the court orders and suggested amendments to the original orders. If you'd like to look the suggested changes over I can explain them to you and how they affect the orders now in place," Robbie said evenly.

Ren didn't say a word as he reached for the top sheet of paper. He read it silently before looking at Robbie mildly surprised.

" 'Tanaya, come look at this. It's Brad's court order," Ren said softly.

'Tanaya sent Robbie an angry glare before moving to Ren's side to read the writing on the page after a few minutes she glanced at Ren. "Does that mean what I think it does?"

"Bradley Stanton will be allowed limited contact with Janey. He'll be able to call her to make arrangements for seeing Nicky or matters to do with Nicky as well as being able to visit Janey's place of residence for the same reasons. I know our parents wish to get to know him as he is the father of their grandchild and as such will always be part of Nicky's life." Robbie said then motioned at the papers on the table, "On the other three orders I suggested amendments that waive the distance requirement as long as there is no harassment or intimidation. Written invitations to visit would be needed."

'Tanaya glanced at Ren not sure what to make of Robbie's information.

Ren glanced at Evans then at Robbie, "How long have you been aware of the conditions of the present orders?" he asked.

"Since Stanton's release," Robbie admitted.

"It's a wonder you didn't tell your mate - Adam!" 'Tanaya snapped without looking at Robbie.

" Shhh 'Tanaya," Ren said quietly before glancing at Robbie and Evans, "what has to be done to get these amendments made?"

"You, Stanton, Winters and Matthews need to read and sign the paperwork if you agree to the amendments, then it goes before a Judge. The Judge in Lennox Heads court is willing to look at the amendments if they are ready for his court tomorrow first thing after lunch," Evans said.

"If you can handle it from here Warren I'll get going," Robbie said as he shifted his feet uncomfortably and rubbed at his left side unconsciously.

"I think I can take it from here," Evans agreed with a quick glance at Robbie.

"I'll catch you after lunch then," Robbie said before nodding at 'Tanaya, " Ms Redwolf, Renford. I can see myself out."

Robbie had nearly reached the kitchen door before Ren spoke.

"Wilkinson, did you know your mate wants Janey to have another baby?" Ren asked quietly.

Robbie turned around to face Ren, his face infused with colour.

"Yeah, Janey told Brad they were trying for a baby before the Christening, before Ren got out on parole." 'Tanaya said with a faint smile. She watched Robbie's mouth tighten until his lips were little more than faint lines.

"Oh he does, does he?" Robbie nearly snarled before turning sharply and heading for the front door.

Outside Robbie stopped and took several deep breaths to try and calm the anger he felt about what he had just heard; once he was calm he headed towards his car. He planned to phone his commanding officer and ask some questions about Adam, his background and any prior involvement with victims of crime.

* * * * *

Janey sat on the lounge chair with her feet curled up underneath her as she carefully stitched the small rip in Nicky's sweater sleeve. The shrill ring of her phone sounded and she reached for it absently.

"Hallo," Janey said distractedly as she double-checked she had repaired the damage to the sweater.

"Hallo Darling. I been thinking about you and thought I would call you," Adam's voice sounded distant over the phone.

Janey swung her feet to the floor and sat up straight abruptly. She put her mending aside and got to her feet.

"Adam. I wasn't expecting a call," Janey said as she headed from the room. She was aware of her parents and Robbie looking her way as she left the room. Caro was in the kitchen as she passed through it and she glanced up but when she saw the mobile phone Janey held she didn't speak.

"I thought I'd surprise you," Adam said. His voice was slightly husky and he dropped his tone slightly before continuing, "I've really missed you the last few days, I'd love to see you but I only have one day free and it wouldn't be worth the trouble of flying up to see you for a few hours before having to return."

Janey sat down on the back steps as she listened to Adam talking; she frowned slightly at his last sentence.

"They working you hard are they," Janey asked quietly.

"Yeah, it's been pretty full on," Adam said.

Janey tilted her head as she thought she caught a slight sound of music in the background. "Is that music I hear," she asked.

"Yeah," Adam said shortly. "I'm in my hotel room watching some show on tv."

"And you got bored and thought you'd call me," Janey teased with a smile in her voice. It was so easy to fall into the normal way of their relationship.

"I've missed you and I thought it would be nice to hear your voice. How have you been? You've been well, not sick or anything," Adam asked.

Janey closed her eyes and lowered her head slightly as what he was truly asking sunk in. She was glad he wasn't here at the moment.

"I've been pretty good, but I got my period several days back," Janey said quietly.

"Oh," Adam said softly and was silent for several long awkward moments. "well these things can take time."

"Adam, I'm not ...ummm ... I ... ummm..." Janey stammered not sure how to say what she knew she should say to him.

"Don't worry about it Sweetheart. We'll keep trying for a baby," Adam said softly, gently.

Janey closed her eyes and picked the bridge of her nose between her finger and thumb as she tried to find the words she knew she should say.

"I ... I ... I'm sorry I gotta go bye," Janey said with a rush and disconnected the call shakily.

She sat in the faint moonlight trying to work out how she was going to tell Adam that she was seeing someone else. She realised with a start that she had barely spared a thought for Adam; her head had been full of thoughts of Gabriel. A soft smile curved her lips at the thought of him and she hugged herself as warm pleasure filled her threatening to spill over at the first thought of him.

The mobile phone buzzed in her hand as it rang once again and Janey glanced down at the illuminated screen. Adam.

"No. I don't want to talk to him," Janey thought as she ignored the shrill summons of the phone.

Finally the phone was silent and Janey sighed deeply as she folded her arms around her up drawn knees. She rested her forehead on her knees as she tried to block all thoughts from her mind.

She started as the back door screen door banged shut behind someone as they came out of the house; she turned her head and looked over her shoulder to see whom it was.

"I didn't know you were out here Janey," Marina said as she carried a bucket of kitchen scraps to the compost bin.

"I needed some fresh air to clear my mind," Janey said. As soon as the words left her lips she realised they were true, she needed to clear her mind.

"Is something bothering you?" Marina asked as she sat down beside her daughter.

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