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Dawn has beautiful hands. Soft, with shapely fingers, and fastidiously maintained nails. On the index finger of her right hand she wears a plain silver band, and on the pinkie, her grandmother's old ruby ring. She keeps the fingers of her left hand bare, although on special occasions, she adorns the wrist with a silver bracelet.

Her hands are much smaller than mine. When we walk together, my hand will completely engulf hers. I love the way her hand feels in mine: so warm, so feminine. Holding hands is a game for us, our fingers twining and our nails playfully scratching. The semi- secret caresses keep us both on a constant sexual boil.

Dawn and I hug the same way we hold hands - because Dawn is a small woman, my arms wrap clear around her body until she seems to disappear within me. While we embrace, I love to finger the nape of her neck or the small of her back. It rarely takes long before Dawn's body squirms against me.

Let me tell you about a special night Dawn and I shared just the other day. It ended with a surprise, although I suppose it was not completely unexpected. It was the day I asked Dawn to marry me.

It started with us lying together in bed. We faced one another on top of the sheets. Her soft hand rested on my bare hip. It is nice when she puts her hands on me, especially when I take the initiative, because I can feel her reaction in her squeezes and her grabs.

Dawn lay still while I traced my fingertips as lightly as possible around the edges of her lips. She has ticklish spots near the corners of her mouth, and she twitched and smiled whenever I touched them just right.

I stroked her lips a little harder, and she closed her eyes and her mouth parted just the tiniest amount. Her soft breath wafted across my fingers, and her palm pressed harder against my hip.

I cradled her lovely face in both hands. Dawn's cheeks are sprinkled with the softest down, and I stroked across the soft hair with my thumbs. Her eyes sparkled in the dim light, and I kissed her brow. Her skin felt warm on my lips.

Her hand ran up and down my hip, sliding down towards my groin. But I gently took her wrist in my hand. "Not yet," I said. First it was her turn.

I raised her hand to my mouth and kissed her palm. She breathed deeply, and a rosy flush formed on her upper chest, circling like a necklace.

I examined her hand. The lines on her palms crossed. The primary lines: love line, life line, and head line. One of the minor lines was surely a sex line, but it was hard to pick which one. I slipped my tongue across the life line, and back across the love line. The skin of her palm was soft and silky on my tongue, and smelled faintly of strawberries.

I nibbled on her fingers, licked the little web of flesh between them. I licked her fingernails, slowly, feeling the perfectly manicured smoothness on my tongue.

I kissed her wrist and looked her in the eye. Her pupils were dark and large. Her breasts rose and fell with her deep breath. I drew her hand to my chest and pressed it against me. She curled her fingers, and her red nails scratched across my skin to my nipples. Her sharp nails teased my nipples erect.

I placed my palm over her cunt. I cupped her, pressed lightly against her, felt the heat of her all along the entire length of my hand. I worked one finger between her lips and was greeted by Dawn's soft inner flesh.

I held my fingertips together and ran them up and down between her legs. My fingertips lined up, one after another like a row of baby ducks, and they followed each other through the furrow of her cunt. She was slippery-wet - I came away with my fingertips shining with her pussy oil.

I licked my own fingertips, one after the other, tasting her. Dawn's watched unblinking, and her nostrils flared.

I sent two fingers back between her legs. I delved into her inner places, and spread her lube all around inside. I surrounded her clitoris with my slicked up fingertips. One finger on either side, I caressed, up and down, up and down, up and down.

Dawn's nipples hardened and her breathing deepened. I used my thumb to pet her clit, and she hummed and spread her legs wider.

I pushed my middle finger up into her vagina. Dawn moaned and arched. I withdrew my finger a little, then pressed back in. I curled my finger upwards, and I found the soft pad deep inside on the front. I pressed firmly against it and wiggled my fingertip. Her hips rose clear off the bed. I massaged the spot deep inside and thumbed her clitoris and a hot flush flowed down to her shoulders and chest. Her nipples raised up like chocolate kisses.

I slipped a second finger in and pressed deeply. Dawn moaned, and her body shuddered like an oak tree in a strong breeze. I used my other hand to touch all around her pelvic area, spreading across her tummy and hips and thighs and her hairy mound.

And then I felt it. Dawn's tiny jerky convulsions. The light stroke of her orgasmic contractions on my fingers. And then she yelled out almost as if she were in pain. Her red flush spread all over her body.

I sucked her juices off my fingers and experienced again her lush taste. She watched me as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

We watched each other, and a lazy smile formed on her face. "You now," she said.

She gently lifted my hands in hers and guided them down towards my crotch. She manipulated my hands, urging them this way, nudging them that way, until they were pressed together like two hands in prayer, my hot cock held firmly between them.

She lowered her head and kissed the tips of my fingers. Soft, deliberate kisses, moving from one finger to the next, never skipping a one. My penis strained between my palms and tried to separate my hands like an axe splitting a round of wood. But Dawn held my wrists firm, trapping my engorged cock in its warm cocoon.

She squeezed my hands tighter together and began to lick along my fingers. Her wet tongue moved up and down between each finger, softly stroking the most sensitive spots. She pursed her lips and kissed my knuckles, and my cock surged. She licked upwards until she reached the fingertip of my longest finger, and she nipped it lightly with her pretty teeth.

She dragged her teeth lightly up my middle finger, then wrapped her soft lips around the end. She slurped my fingers, halfway between a wet kiss and a wet suck. She squeezed my hands even tighter around my prick, and she lowered her mouth down deeply onto my fingers.

She bobbed her head slowly up and down, taking my fingers deep into her mouth. She sucked hard and she lightly licked. She fellated my fingers and sent me soaring.

I finally pulled one hand away, and my iron-like cock stood stiffly against my one palm. And Dawn continued to suck up and down my finger, her lips closing in on the purple cock head. A glistening drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of my prick. Her mouth went up and down over my fingers, stroking and sucking.

Her lips touched the head of my cock on the down stroke. I jerked involuntarily.

And she lowered her mouth over my cock and finger, and her tongue wiggled around the both of them. She sucked my finger and cock together, her warm, slick mouth bathing them both with her saliva. She gathered up my balls with her other hand and softly rolled them.

I pulled my other hand away, leaving my penis alone, and Dawn focused her attention on the solo digit rising from my groin.

Her hand slid down my spit-slicked shaft, and she grasped me at the base. I caressed her cheeks with my fingertips as her mouth bobbed up and down. She clenched the base of my shaft and pumped in time. I began the upward climb and felt my essence converge in my penis, where it was stroked by my lover's artful hands and sucked by my lover's artful mouth.

I grimaced with pleasure, I cried out with pleasure. And, finally, I rushed, and I throbbed with beautiful, exquisite pleasure.

Dawn altered her stroke to match the slower rhythm of my cum. She sucked me and fondled me until I was nothing but a limp shell.

We kissed and whispered softly to one another. I gathered up her left hand and cradled it. I petted her bare knuckles, and kissed the tips of her fingers. I looked into Dawn's eyes, and she looked at me so seriously, as if this were the most important moment of our lives.

Did she know?

I reached under the pillow and found the small box I had stashed there earlier. I gently removed the ring and held it up. Dawn held her breath, and we watched the light glittering off the smooth gold and the shiny diamond. I turned it slowly. I gathered up her hand.

A single tear spilled out onto her pink cheek as I slipped the ring onto her finger. It slid down easily into place and I turned her palm down and looked at the ring wrapped around the base of her shapely finger. I leaned down and kissed her knuckles.

"Dawn?" I said.

"Yes?" Dawn said. Her voice vibrated with anticipation.

"Dawn, may I have your hand?"

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