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Handcuffs Anyone?


Authors Note: This is my twenty-third story. It was actually written as an email to a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) in response to the suggestion of me and him, my wrought iron bed and his handcuffs. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


My fantasy the other night (about you and I, my bed and your cuffs) was us celebrating the success of my vow by ordering in dinner and watching a movie…and then you asking if you could kiss me.

You said it would just be a kiss…but knowing myself I knew when I agreed to the kiss it would be a lot more than just a kiss.

We started making out on the couch and when I could pull myself away from you to come up for some air I practically dragged you into my room.

Once we were in my room I practically tore your clothes off you and began kissing, licking and touching your shoulders, chest, stomach and then slowly rubbed my cheek against your hard cock before I took it in my hand and began tracing my fingers and nails lightly up and down the length of it.

I handcuffed your hands to the bed so you couldn't interfere while I played and held your cock in my hand and started with quick licks with the tip of my tongue all over your cock before taking the head into my mouth and began slowly licking and sucking your cock deeper into my mouth.

I sucked, licked and stroked your cock and balls for as long as I could before I felt like I was about to explode and then I collapsed on the bed beside you (keep in mind you never got to cum).

I unchained you and pulled your mouth down to mine and kissed you long and hard before pulling away and whispering to you in a voice thick and heavy with lust, "Promise me that no matter what I say, no matter how much I beg, no sex tonight, no actual intercourse." You kissed me back softly and agreed, then began kissing your way down to my breasts to suck on my nipples, sucking hard when I asked you too and giving light little flicks with your tongue when they got too sensitive.

You abandoned my body long enough to handcuff my hands to the bed, since now it was your turn to play and you didn't want me interfering.

Then you moved down my body to my now soaking pussy and began licking my clit ever so slowly. I begged for you to lick me faster, harder but deep inside you knew what I really needed was a big release and you were more than willing to help me build up to that big release by teasing my clit with your tongue. Licking in slow, lazy circles, pulling away and then giving surprising quick little licks, abandoning my clit to shove your tongue deep inside my pussy and drive me insane with pleasure and need.

When I couldn't take it any more I begged for something inside me while you licked my clit so slowly. Keeping to your promise you easily slipped one, then two, then three fingers deep into my pussy and began licking my clit ever so slowly again. You just held your fingers there, deep inside me, while you began licking my clit faster and faster and then just as I was on the brink of orgasm you pulled your mouth from my clit and moved up my body.

With your fingers still deep inside my pussy you kissed me deep and long, letting me taste my pussy on your lips and tongue, making me ache even more to cum. Your fingers were still inside me and I was on the verge of exploding if I didn't cum soon. I pulled away from your mouth and begged for you to fuck me…to make me cum over and over again.

You moved back down to my pussy and began licking my clit with abandon, shoving your fingers deep into my aching pussy. I came hard and fast, my body lifting off the bed with the intensity of the orgasms, scream after scream tearing from my lips because as soon as one orgasm ended another started.

When I was exhausted from cumming over and over again I begged you off me and you moved up my body to uncuff me.

You kissed me long, slow and deep and I could taste my cum on your lips and tongue and found myself full of passion and desire again. I moved my hand between our bodies and found your cock painfully hard and wet with your own precum.

I began stroking your cock slowly as we kissed, until you pulled away from my mouth and let out a low moan, which elicited a moan of my own.

You smiled at me, that knowing smile men get when they know they've done something to arouse a woman and they are pleased with themselves for it…and it only turned me on more.

You saw the desire in my eyes and let me stroke your cock ever so slowly as you moved your mouth down to suck on my nipples, causing me to moan again.

As I slowly stroked your cock and you eagerly sucked at my hard nipples your hand moved ever lower until it found my soaked, raw, recently finger fucked raw pussy. You found my clit and I jumped from the sensation. You began ever so slowly again, teasing my clit, barely touching, while your mouth worked wonders on my nipples.

I was growing closer and closer to cuming by the second and ached to feel your cock in my mouth again.

I pulled your mouth from my nipple and moved our bodies so that your fingers could stay playing with my clit while I brought your throbbing cock into my mouth.

Your fingers teasing my clit, driving me insane with pleasure, my mouth drinking your cock in deeper and deeper, my hands all over your body, both of us moaning, both of us so very close…then you moan that your about to cum and it sends me over the edge, my body convulsing as another intense orgasm rips through my body.

My orgasm sets you off and you try to pull away from my mouth so you can cum, but my hand moves behind you to press you deeper into my mouth as you cum.

I feel you cum in my mouth; roll it around with my tongue before swallowing it and collapsing on the bed. You collapse beside me and we lay there, panting, exhausted and spent...enjoying the afterglow.

So…what did you think of my fantasy?

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