Handsome Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

"OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!" she screamed, "Please wait. I'm not ready ... not for that!"

I laughed and began to pump into her, using long swift strokes.

"Uh, uh, uh." she grunted in tune with my thrusting.

Gritting my teeth, I increased the tempo and felt the rush of pleasure vibrating through my balls and cock.

But I..." she huffed," ... wanted to suck you off ... ugh, uh ... like you did me!"

"I like this better," I said, breathing heavily.

"Me too," she replied, and we both started laughing.

We went silent for a while, the only sounds our mutual grunting as we both increased our efforts to make the other cum.

"Oh, jeez!" she cried out. That told me she was about to cum.

"Hang on, Joy. I'm gonna cum any second."


"Jesus, you're tight!" I growled through clenched teeth.

"Cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth ... please don't cum in me!"

My mother's warning to use a rubber flashed before my eyes and I pulled out and, holding my boner with one hand, fed it into her mouth a split second before I exploded jettisoning the first line of my load onto her tongue.

"Mmmm, she moaned as she tasted my sperm and quickly swallowed, but not fast enough for her to deal safely with the following spurt, which made her gag.

I pulled away from her mouth and finished ejaculating in her hair and patted her back while watching a string of my cum hanging precariously from her locks, only to be dislodged by her gagging cough and land on the bridge of her nose.

As soon as Joy regained control of her gag reflex she took my dick back into her mouth and sucked contentedly, licking away any remnants of sperm that had the audacity to seep from the hole at the tip of my penis. She also began fondling my testes, as if trying to get a bit more out of them, while from just above her bent head I sighed in satisfaction.

Finally, she released me from her mouth, and still holding my flaccid member tightly with her fingers, she smiled proudly and said, "You taste so good. Did you notice, I didn't miss a drop?"

Laughing I touched the bridge of her nose and lifted a dollop of cum, and presented it to her.

"Oh!" Joy said, and with an expression of embarrassment, licked it from my fingertips.

"There's some in your hair," I told her, and then pointed it out. She got up, went to look in the mirror, swore and rubbed briskly until satisfied she'd gotten it all.

We played some silly games until I was sufficiently aroused and then I had her doggy-style, once again pulling out before I came.

After that, Joy's pussy was to tender to plunder again, and we made out for a couple of hours, ending with a farewell blowjob. We were both in tears as we said our farewells. And, yes, I saw her again in class before they moved, but it wasn't the same, and of course there was no sex.

We wrote each other over the course of the summer. But when our new school year began began in September, we stopped; new friends, new activities ... whatever. That's life.

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