tagGay MaleAfter The Party

After The Party


The day after the party was horrible. I had a nasty hangover because of too much alcohol, which was unusual for me because I've never had a hangover before, so I was passed out in bed all day. It was not too bad there either because Suzuki took care of me. He came with food, drink and love.

"You look like shit, Daniel. How are you?" Suzuki asked. He brought up brunch, consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon and fried potatoes.

I just shrugged and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of the hand. Wearing only a pair of black boxers, I lay out cold on the covers of my bed, sweating rivers. I had already taken painkillers for the dull headache, and Suzuki felt on my forehead to make sure that I did not have a fever. I was feeling crappy simply, but I blamed myself for drinking so uncontrollably.

"Akemi," I murmured, "can you help me into the shower? I feel right disgusting."

Suzuki nodded, pulled me to my feet, and helped me into the bathroom. Just to stand up was a pain for me.

"Too bad you never got rid of that drink, and I've seen you much stronger than yesterday," Suzuki said when he pulled off my underwear.

I jerked back his shoulders and sat down on the shower floor. Suzuki pulled up his pants legs on his sweat pants to his knees and pulled off his t -shirt to help me take a shower without wetting the clothes. He took off down the shower hose and started the water; felt that it was the right heat before he rinsed me off. The warm rays were really comfortable against my skin, and I began to relax. Suzuki shampooed my hair and gently began to lather me with soft, caressing movements and the further down he came, the more I began to come to life. I took a closer look at what Suzuki was wearing and realized that he was shirtless, so I reached out to touch his nascent stomach and saw how the skin grumbled down at my touch.

"Are you starting to wake up now?" he asked teasingly.

"A little," I smiled and pulled the nails we trousers on him.

He splashed water in my face as a thank you before he rinsed off the soap and shampoo from me and threw a towel over my head. He helped me to my feet and wrapped the towel around my body and ruffled my wet hair and then put his arms around me. I leaned my head against his shoulder and relaxed.

"I'm glad you feel better now, " he murmured in my ear.

"Yes, I cannot be half-dead all day now that we finally have the house to ourselves, "I laughed. I was really happy that my girlfriend was not home and could see me in this state. She would certainly never let me go out without her ever again. We went into my room again, which was nice and cool because we arrived home in the early morning and left the balcony door open. I threw off my towel and lay down on my stomach on the bed, beside Suzuki.

"Do you want to play a little bit?" he asked with a mischievous glint in his eye and a roguish smile.

"It depends on what it is, "I replied teasingly, grinning back.

Suzuki moved a little closer to me and pressed his lips to my neck. I leaned my head to the side and shivered. "Akemi, I'm actually not feeling good ..." I mumbled and lay down on my side with my back to him and pulled the blanket over me.

"Aww ... do not be so boring ..." said Suzuki, he sounded a little putt on the voice but could not help but find its way under the covers and caress me in the waist. I sighed and lay on my back; he was horny, so why not let him continue? Suzuki continued to kiss me on the neck and one of his hands stroked over my stomach up to the chest. I moaned lightly when he came to my nipple. The quilt went down to the floor, and Suzuki nibbled my neck and kissed downward over the clavicle against the other nipple. He licked and nibbled at it, which made me turn myself of enjoyment, and I moaned loudly. He continued to kiss down over my ribs and stomach and kissed his way down to my thighs and groin, which made it very difficult to lie still. "Have a little patience," mumbled Suzuki and pushed my hips against the bed with only one arm.

"Do not ... tease ... me then," I moaned as he nibbled a bit on the inside of my thigh.

Suzuki smirked and did a track with the tip of his tongue from my thigh up to my groin. I finally got my cock attention. He took my cock into his mouth and let his tongue play over the glans. I closed my eyes and enjoyed and shivers succeeded hike along the spine of me. The tripping was coming at express speed. "I will soon ..." I mumbled and groaned loudly.

Suzuki had no intentions to stop but continued to suck me. I drove down my hands into his hair and scratched with my nails in his scalp, something I had noticed that he liked.

It went a shiver down the spine and scrotum pulled together, Suzuki noticed it and ran a finger up my anus. That was all that was needed, I had the strongest orgasm I've ever had and groaned loudly. Suzuki swallowed as much as possible, but some leaked into the corner of his mouth. He continued pulling me throughout the orgasm and licked my cock clean before he crept up to me and kissed me. I licked up the sperm in the corner of his mouth, and it tasted a little salty. "We're not done yet," he whispered in my ear and nibbled my earlobe.

"Suspect it ..." I moaned and closed my eyes when he went back to snap in my throat.

Suzuki's hands caressed me all over the body before he stopped with his hands on my buttocks. His fingers found their way down into the slot and found again my opening. He pressed a little to get the sphincter to relax and drove in two fingers at once, which made me gasp as I was accustomed to. He started with banging me slowly at first and then increased the pace a little as he nibbled at my nipples. My breathing became heavy quickly and I enjoyed to the fullest. When I started making movements he pulled out quickly, of fingers to my great disappointment. "Not yet," he murmured against my skin and lifted my hips off the bed for better access.

I felt his cock pressed against the anal opening and relaxed to let him. When he came into me, it was as if a thousand volts went through my body and I moaned loudly. My body trembled with expectation under him and he began to move in and out at a rapid pace, not softly as he used to. I loved reading it and got a new orgasm quickly.

"No perseverance?" Suzuki groaned teasingly and kissed me. I could not answer; I was having enough trouble remembering to pull fresh air into my lungs. It was not long before Suzuki came in me. The feeling of his semen spurted up in the gut sent one to orgasm at express speed, and we were both completely exhausted. I had never had three orgasms in a row before.

"This is ... without a doubt ... the most beautiful thing ... I have been through," I panted breathlessly and caressed Suzuki's hair as he lay knocked me over.

Suzuki looked up at me and smiled, tired and sweaty.

"Do you want to take a shower?" he wondered. I nodded and he got up from me. How I would be able to touch me, I did not really, I was trembling all over.

"I'll probably have sore hips tomorrow," I mumbled and sat up.

After we showered, it was to we pulled on some clothes and go went downstairs to get something to eat. Suzuki could not cook (I just burn everything I touch), so we contented ourselves each with a sandwich and a glass of orange juice.

"Do you watch movies?" I wondered for a moment, still exhausted.

"If I get to choose," Suzuki said and smiled teasingly. I went along with it and sauntered out into the living room to sit down on the sofa. Suzuki put on some film and came and sat beside me. I tipped towards him and looked towards the TV and I fell asleep before it started.

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