tagIncest/TabooHannah's Initiation Ch. 01

Hannah's Initiation Ch. 01


Hannah had been dating her new boyfriend now for about four months. She was so happy, her life was going so well. She'd got into university, made a lot of new friends and met Roger. Roger was her first real boyfriend and although they'd been going out four months now, she still hadn't let him have sex with her yet. She'd tossed him off a few times and even given him a blow job once, but that was as far as it had gone. She was just so happy.

The summer holiday was to be their first time apart for any length of time, so Hannah wasn't too happy, but they had arranged to meet several times throughout the break. When she got home she couldn't stop talking about Roger. Roger this and Roger that.

Let me describe Hannah to you. She's 20 years old and about 5'7" tall with a very nice 34C, hourglass body. Her hair is a nice light brown, almost blonde, which she usually has loose, hanging down just past her shoulders. She keeps in trim with swimming and playing tennis. How do I know all this, well that's maybe for another tale.

About a week into the holidays, with the sun burning down, Hannah goes out the back to sunbathe. Having a private garden and not expecting anyone to be home, she decides to only wear the thong bottom of her bikini that she'd just bought. Liberally applying the sun lotion she lies out on the lounger to enjoy the feel of the sun on her sweet young body. After about half an hour of the rays slowly sinking in to her skin and especially her soft breasts, which weren't used to being exposed to the heat of the sun, she rolled over on to her stomach. She draped the towel back over her head, leaving her back and rounded buttocks to the sun.

Soon she was well relaxed and almost drifting off to sleep, when a shadow fell across her. Sensing the change she went to turn, but immediately a great weight held her firmly in place. The towel was wrapped tightly around her head and face and held in place behind her neck. She tried to cry out, but with the towel over her mouth, just a muffled cry could be heard. Something was wrapped around her neck, to hold the towel in place, and then extended down her back, where it secured her wrists together, effectively trussing her up. Then, just to keep her in place, a big hand slapped her sweet young arse.

Hannah decided that maybe it was best not to struggle, as each time she moved her arms it pulled the fastening around her neck tight, making it hard to breath. She just lay there sobbing in to the towel, her face pressed down in to the lounger. For what seemed like an eternity she lay there, with her back and arse exposed to whoever was there, while he ran his hands over her soft, warm skin. She cringed and shivered each time his hands dipped between her thighs and brushed her pussy. No one had ever touched her there before. Oh she'd masturbated a few times, bringing herself to orgasm, with her own fingers, but no one else had ever done it, or seen her most private place before. She sobbed to herself, knowing she was most likely about to be taken for the first time. She now wished she'd let Roger do it, at least the first time would have been with some one she knew, loved and trusted.

As she lay there her legs were pulled apart, until they were almost falling off the sides of the lounger, and then she felt this stranger climb onto the lounger between her outspread thighs. His hands continued to roam all over her body, form her shoulders down to her feet, lingering on and touching her cunt as they passed. A few times he even ran his fingertips up and down her arse crack, gently rubbing his fingers around her brown ring as he passed it.

Much to Hannah's shock and embarrassment, she felt herself beginning to get moist with this attention. The idea of this stranger looking at her naked body and having his hands all over her repulsed her, so she couldn't understand what was happening between her legs. Why was her body betraying her? Another thing that she realised what how gentle this person appeared to be. She'd always imagined that if taken like this the attacker would be violent or rough. None of this made sense to her.

Just at that moment, he leaned forward and slid his hands underneath her and onto her breasts. In this position it wasn't easy to handle them, as she was still face down, but still he managed to cup one heavy breast in each hand and caress them and even to tweak her nipples, which to her horror were also beginning to become hard and erect.

After a couple of minutes of this treatment, Hannah was rolled onto her back. This wasn't very comfortable, as her arms were still tied behind her. The only way to ease her discomfort was to lift up on her heels, but this position raised her arse, thus leaving her fresh young virgin pussy on full display. Her attacker took immediate advantage of this and began to rub her soft, swollen lips beneath his fingers. She was now so wet. A few times he ran his fingers around her clit and began to gently pull on it, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her attacker picked up on this and continued to massage her clitoris and soon brought her to a shattering orgasm. What with the heat of the sun, and the towel still wrapped tightly around her head, Hannah's orgasm seemed to be intensified and she let a large cry escape her lips.

As she lay spent, she felt a new sensation. She could now feel a tongue licking at her cunt. She couldn't believe how good this was. She'd read about oral sex and fantasised about having it done to her young body, but never dreamt it could feel so nice. His tongue licked up and down her lips, occasionally going down as far as her arse hole, then back up to enter her. This new sensation was soon bringing her to her second orgasm. She'd given up on the feelings of guilt, at being aroused by this unwanted stranger, but was now crying out for more. Despite the towel he could hear her moans and sighs, and her cries for him to do it harder or faster. Obviously this only encouraged him more.

After Hannah's third orgasm, she was rolled on to her side. This eased the pain in her shoulders and back and allowed her to flex her arms slightly. With her arms still bound behind her by something that ran round her neck, any movement caused her difficulty in breathing. Whilst this scared her, she found herself experimenting at limiting the amount of air she could get. Meanwhile she felt herself being pulled to the edge of the lounger and having her legs bent with her knees pushed up to her chest.

In this position she realised both her secret holes were now well exposed, a situation her attacker soon took advantage of. Again her was eating her pussy, a sensation she was really beginning to enjoy.

All of a sudden he stopped. Not sure of what was happening, Hannah waited. At first she could hear nothing. Then the distinctive sound of a zipper and of clothes being removed. She froze, not sure of what to expect. Then she felt him, rubbing the end of his dick around her cunt, smearing her juices up and down her cunt and arse.

Then it happened, the moment she'd been, at first, dreading. He began to push his dick into her cunt. Half an hour earlier she'd have been screaming and pushing him away. Now she was actually trying to push herself onto him, encouraging him to enter her. Her she was bound, gagged and blind folded, willing this stranger to violate her. To take her virginity. She was crying out for him to fuck her tight, young, virgin cunt. She felt so dirty.

Soon he was pounding into her. Laid out on her side, with one leg pushed forward, her pussy his for the taking. Again she orgasmed, her cunt constricting around his dick. It was so tight he could hardly move. He didn't remember his wife's cunt ever being so tight. Riding her harder and harder, his dick pulsing like never before, he began to come inside her pretty pink pussy. He pumped what seemed like a gallon of come into her young body, as she came again.

Finally they both lay there spent. After a while he loosened the ties around her wrists and neck, but left the towel wrapped around Hannah's face.

Her Father carefully climbed off Hannah's exhausted sweet, young body and retreated back into the house. From the safety and concealment of his upstairs bedroom, he watched her on the lounger, as she slowly began to stir. With the towel still around her head, she felt her sex, felt her intruders come start to leak out of her abused, fresh, young, virgin pussy. Eventually she rose from her final resting position and stood erect. She placed her hand under her dripping cunt to collect some of his seed. Then she raised it to her mouth to taste what had been deposited within her.

Finally she moved out of sight and he heard her downstairs. Quickly and quietly he closed his door, thinking about what tomorrow might bring....

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