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Happy Birthday


I suppose it's been a few years now since I realized how erotic I found it to fantasize about my wife with another man. I eased into it slowly, approaching these taboo thoughts with caution.

My wife has the most incredible breasts, full and firm with the most beautiful long and thick nipples. The first time another man entered into my fantasies I imagined him watching my wife's breasts as I fucked her. She was lying on her back, arms over her head. I stood at the foot of the bed with a thigh in each hand, rhythmically pumping my cock into her as deep as I could.

He stood beside her stroking his long hard cock, matching our pace. I would watch my cock slid in and out of her beautiful pussy glistening with her juices. Her labia wrapped my cock like a blanket. I placed the palm of my hand over her mound and gently pressed her clit with my thumb, a slight moan escaped her lips. She looks so beautiful lying there with her eyes closed and her mouth just barely open.

Having another man deriving pleasure from the sight of my wife's naked body is oddly arousing. I stair at her nipples as they dance with the rhythm of our lovemaking. His cock is only inches from her breast; the head is swollen as he strokes his thick shaft. A drop of pre-cum leaks from the tip of his cock and I know it wont be long.

I have picked up the pace now in response to my wife's breathing. I dip my thumb into her juices and slide it over her erect clit in a circular motion. Her breasts are heaving with each breath, I know she is close as to am I.

The man at her side suddenly tenses as a long thick stream of cum surges from his cock and lands across my wife's breasts, followed by another and another. His delivery was ample and well placed. The thick white cum contrasted against her engorged dark nipples.

My wife shuddered and let out a moan signaling her orgasm. I could feel her pussy spasm, gripping my cock it was all I could take and I filled her sweet pussy with my seed.

So that was the start, It worked for me...for a little while. Then it began to evolve and grow. Where initially she never even looked at the other man she eventually went from watching him cum to stroking his cock and eventually sucking it.

The next thing I knew the fantasy had taken on a life of its own. I watched in my mind's eye as my wife rode my cock with a man on either side of her. She had a cock in each hand and sucked them both off. But when I first actually let myself see her take someone else's huge cock and guide it into her sweet little pussy I blew a load like no tomorrow. I've since imagined her in every conceivable scenario, even gangbangs and multiple penetrations.

I even began to have her tell me about her past experiences, I wanted to hear every graphic detail. My cock would be throbbing as I pictured her experiencing what she was describing.

I would often joke about her fucking the landscaper, or sucking the mailman's cock. I would tell her to make sure she video taped it if she did. But I never committed myself entirely. I never actually told her I fantasized about her with another man. But she apparently figured it out.

Which brings me to my birthday. I'm not much for birthdays and when my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday I gave her my usual sarcastic response "more sex". I don't know why, it doesn't do any good perhaps just to underscore the fact that I just don't get enough.

Well the day arrived, like it or not. I got home from work took a shower and we went out for dinner. The whole time she looked like the cat that ate the canary, she was up to something. All she would say is that she had a surprise for me when we get home. Her stocking feet rubbing my thigh lead me to believe I might actually get lucky tonight.

When we got home she told me to relax on the couch and she would fix me a drink. Works for me. When she walked into the room she was smiling and I realized she had removed her bra. I could see the outline of her erect nipples through her shear silk dress. She handed me a glass of scotch and proceeded to the VCR.

As she bent over to put in the tape she made sure to linger long enough for me to clearly see she had nothing on under her dress. She returned to the couch, straddled my lap and kissed me. I slipped my hands under her dress and up her thighs when she rolled off me with an impish grin. She then grabbed the remote to start the VCR and proceeded to open my pants.

My cock was throbbing as she pulled it free. She immediately lowered her mouth over it taking what seemed like more than ever before. I knew I was in for the best blow job I've had in a long time. The television flickered, I had almost forgotten about the tape she had put in. Watching a movie was the last thing on my mind.

My eyes, half closed drifted to the screen where there was what looked like the back of a woman's head. As the shot widened so did my eyes, it was a woman and it appeared as if she was going down on someone, it was hard to tell the way her hair was covering her face. The picture quality wasn't great; it appeared almost homemade.

I looked down at my beautiful wife as she continued to pleasure me. Her hair cascaded down her face to my stomach just like the woman in the movie. I suddenly had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. That couldn't be her...could it? Even the dress looked like the one she was wearing. I felt as if an electric current was passing through my body. I felt as if I was about to have an anxiety attack.

The camera panned around to face the woman. I could see her slender fingers wrapped around the thick base of his cock. Her other hand cupped and fondled his balls. His hand appeared and pulled the long blond hair away, exposing her face to the camera.

My heart stopped, it was my wife with another mans cock in her mouth. Her sweet blue eyes looked up at the camera as she slid the long shaft from her mouth and she smiled and said "happy birthday honey".

She turned her attention back to the glistening cock and began pumping it into her mouth as she massaged his sack. I could see his cock suddenly pulse and I knew he was filling my wife's mouth with his cum. She began to swallow but couldn't keep up. His cum started leaking from her lips and running down his shaft.

I was in a state of shock and without even realizing it I found myself in the midst of an intense orgasm. I blasted what felt like a massive amount of cum into my wife's eager mouth. I was so incredibly confused and exited by what I had just see. As my cock slipped from her mouth she turned to me and kissed me, our tongues swirled together, coated with the cum she had just sucked from me.

At this point I couldn't think straight enough to attempt to discuss what just happened. Questions raced through my mind. Who was this fucking guy she was blowing? Has she done this before? I was filled with jealousy, rage, passion, and desire I didn't know what I was feeling.

She hit the stop button on the remote and turned back to face me.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked coyly.

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