tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday Ch. 1

Happy Birthday Ch. 1


My Sister's name is Emily. She's 21. What a BEAUTIFUL young lady she is. 5ft 6in., blue eyes and brown hair. Slim waist and long legs. Her breasts are pretty small, but her ass makes up for her chest. It has that slight curve that would drive any man wild. Today was her Birthday. Since she is 21, I took her to the bar. I'm 22.

"Happy Birthday, sis" I said as I clinked our beer bottles together.

"Thanks. I'M SOOO glad I'm 21. I can finally legally drink." My sister was a rebel and had been drinking for years.

"Just don't get TO wasted. Hangovers suck."

She smiled at me. Don't I know it." Emily took a long swig of her Heineken.

"WOW there." I took a gulp of my own beer. With that, my bottle was empty.

I glanced at my watch, it was 9:30. "It's getting late. You better drink that last swallow so we can get out of her. My sis and I were alone tonight because my parents had to go out of town. You never know, these my get interesting, I thought.

My sis glugged down the rest of her alcohol. "Done."

So I paid the tab, and we left the bar.

"I better drive." I grabbed the keys from her as she was about to open her door.

I walked to the driver's seat and hoped in. As my sister slammed her side, I hit the ignition. "We're off." I peeled out of the driveway and buckled my seatbelt. I was a bit peeked, so I was glad our house wasn't far away. 5 minutes.

"Thanks, bro. This was great of you," she exclaimed as she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

MAN! I hope she couldn't see my erection.

"What's that bulge in your shorts, Bob?"

SHIT! "I, uh..UM, it's..."

"It's ok. You don't have to be ashamed. So you find me HOT! That's fine."

I gazed stupefied at my sis and she was smiling. Finally home. THANK GOD! I pulled in the driveway, shut off the car, and opened the door. I ran to our front door and suddenly felt something tickle my ass. I turned around, stunned, and my sister was seductively staring at me. FUCKIN' KEY! OPEN UP! At last I turned the knob and went inside. Dragging Emily inside, she groped my ass, and before the door was even shut, kissed me, HARD AND PASSIONATE! No sisterly kiss this time.

I too grabbed at my sister's ass. Her flesh was everything I hoped it would be. Soft and bouncy. I was SO aroused when her ass giggled with my exploration. My erection was pressing right at my sister's pussy. Finally, our kiss broke. "I WANT YOU SOOO BAD!"

"Me too, she panted, trying to control her breathing. Then, in an instant, her hand was grabbing my cock. "OH, I NEED THAT! she insisted. Her fingers were slowly unzipping my fly. With that exercise out of the way, she hooked her claws in my Jeans and frantically pulled them down to my leg, were I helped kick them off. Then, she hoisted my boxers off. My cock was centimeters from her pussy. My sister licked her lips. "UM, that looks delightful."

I grabbed her shoulder straps, and her Blue dress fell to the floor. She looked FABULOUS naked.

Without hesitation, my sibling bend down and licked the pre-cum from my dick.

"Oh, yeah. Lick my cock. Suck it, whore."

She twirled her tongue around the shaft, and in a quick instant, swallowed my entire member.

"Oh, yeah. Such my cock, sis. Make me cum I your dirty fucking mouth. NASTY SLUT!" Emily was making loud noise with very suck of my entire rod.


"YES! SUCK ME! I ordered.

My sister's hands were on my ass, to steady herself. Her fingers were lightly caressing my flesh. Then, with a finger, she pushed it in my orifice.

"OH, FUCK. NASTY CUNT! MAKE ME CUM, WHORE!!!" With those harsh words, I unloaded a wad of sticky filth down her throat. "FUCK...AHHH!" When the last drop of film spilled from my cock, I pulled my limp dick out of her mouth.

"Lick my pussy." My sister's birthday was going to be a wild trip for both of us.

To Be Continued...

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