tagFirst TimeHappy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday Sis!


My sister, Suzie who was 23, had planned something special for my 18th birthday but she wouldn’t tell me, it was going to be a surprise. That afternoon we both “dressed to kill” and headed out into the city. We entered a really posh pub and found seats at the bar. We were there for around an hour, drinking and chatting, when she suddenly rose from her seat, gave me a quick kiss on the lips, said “Happy Birthday Jane”, before walking away. Surprised I watched her walk towards the door and was about to follow when a rather large hand was placed on my shoulder.

I turned around to tell the offender where to go in no uncertain terms, when I looked into the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

“M-My name I-is Jane,” I stuttered.

“Hello Jane, my name is Tom. You are quite stunning. Would you like to dance?”

I dumbly nodded and allowed him to lead me onto the dance floor. With perfect timing, the DJ placed on a slow song. Tom caressed one of my small and delicate hands in his right palm, and with the other hand he held my back, pulling us close together. Being so close, inhaling his manly scent was driving me crazy. I could feel a slow burning heat suffusing my loins. Blood was rushing to my breasts and my pussy, engorging both my nipples and my lips. I was beginning to get wet. The start of another slow song wasn’t helping matters. As our bodies ground together I could feel his appendage straining through his pants, he was responding to this dancing as well.

I must seem like such a slut to this gorgeous man. I had to get away.

“Would you like a drink Jane, you seem flushed.”

“I’d love one”, I replied a little too quickly. What was I saying? The longer I stayed around this man the worse things were becoming. I could feel my panties beginning to stick to the inside of my thighs.

“It is quite hot in here, would you like to go for a walk in the fresh air?”

He was right, it was hot in here, my face and my neck felt flushed with the heat. I quickly downed my Bacardi and nodded to him. Once again he gently lead me from the noisy bar and out into the fresh evening air. As the cool air blew around me I felt my nipples go rock hard. We began walking down the street, and I must have been a bit dizzy from sculling my last drink so quickly, because I tripped and twisted my ankle.

“Are you all right?” he asked instantly, with a concerned look on his face. “Here, let me help you.” At which point he picked me up and started carrying me down the street.

I had not realised how strong and muscular he was, I kept getting lost in his blue eyes. “Where are we going?” I asked. My ankle was throbbing, and my head was starting to hurt, all I wanted to do was lie down.

“I have a hotel room just across the street”, and he indicated a large hotel 3 buildings up and across the road, “ that is if you don’t mind, you will be able to lie down and rest your feet.”

Between my throbbing ankle, head and state of inebriation I was in no mood to reject such an offer from a gorgeous man, and being single at the time I counted it as a bonus. I nodded and closed my eyes, allowing him to carry me in peace.


A short time later I found myself laying on a King size double bed, in the penthouse of the hotel with a marvellous view of the harbour and a glass of champagne in my hand, all pain in my ankle forgotten.

“This room has a beautiful view Tom, it must be hideously expensive?”

“It is worth it,” he smiled deprecatingly.

Tom was standing over by the window, sipping his bubbly with an air of supreme confidence and power. Once again I was beginning to feel flushed and found myself admiring his muscular body. Images of unbridled lust and feverish lovemaking kept surfacing in my mind, feelings that were alien to me.

“Come and sit down on the bed and relax,” I offered.

He casually moved over to the bed and sat down close to me, and we reclined on the bed looking out of the windows at the view of the harbour.

We talked for a while, whilst drinking, and imperceptibly moved closer with each passing minute, until while looking deep into his eyes I found myself locked in a passionate embrace, kissing him. He was a wonderful kisser, and I felt his tongue enter my mouth, slowly tasting, testing, exploring. As we kissed I felt his hands begin to wander, those large calloused hands exploring my lithe, young body, eventually finding the zipper at the back of my dress and slowly, agonisingly lowering it. The seconds seemed to drag by, until he carefully lifted my body up so he could peel the dress upwards and over my shoulders. Then his hands began to wander, once again, finally touching flesh. My skin seemed to burn, with an inner fire, everywhere he touched. He slowly caressed by arms, moving up to my shoulders, then down my sides and onto my stomach.

My breasts were beginning to ache as they swelled with blood, and I could feel my wetness slowly leaking down my thighs, I was soaked! Deliberately avoiding those areas in so much need of touch, he began to stroke and massage my thighs and calves, all the way down to my feet. I felt like I was on fire I was burning with need and desire,

“Please, please ………..”

He ignored my and continued to leisurely caress everywhere but where I wanted him to. Finally he reached behind me and unfastened my bra and ever so slowly peeled it off. Then, he stood up and took a couple of steps back, enjoying the view. I looked up at him, pleading. Then he knelt on the bed beside me and began to circle my breasts with his fingers, lightly, almost not touching at all. I could feel my nipples, standing up like bullets, engorged, aching with need, waiting to be touched. Finally he softly caressed the nipple, lightly pinching it, before changing to the other breast. As he softly cupped my other breast he bent over my body and began to molest my lonely nipple with his tongue.

“Oh my god” I cried out. I was in heaven.

As he sucked and nipped at my breasts I could feel the heat linking my breasts and pussy. Something was slowly building within me, straining for release. His hands now slid down my sides to my panties and gently rolled them down my sides.

“My, my, you are wet, you little minx.”

He has just noticed my sodden panties and the trail of moisture they left down my thighs.

“Let me clean you up.”

And with that he buried his face in my virgin cunt. Now whilst I have had a boyfriend, we had never gotten past the feeling up stage, and as he was younger than me, he was clumsy and didn’t know how to give me pleasure. I had never before had a man take complete control and rock my world. Tom lapped up and down my swollen lips, before plunging his tongue into my little hole and then back upwards until he found my little rosebud clit.


My mind shattered into a million pieces and I screamed as I experienced an earth shaking orgasm. He kept lapping at my clit and I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him into me. He then placed a finger at my virgin hole and slowly wormed it into me. I found myself trying to push down on it as it slowly filled me up. Tom kept lapping at my clit. I was so aroused that it didn’t take long before I was bucking wildly upon his face and screaming out his name as I experienced another amazing orgasm.

Afterwards he removed his finger and sat up on the bed whilst I lay there warm and fuzzy in my own little golden world, thoroughly enjoying the afterglow. Tom unbuttoned his shirt and removed his top and his trousers as I watched on through my haze. I was starting to become more aroused just looking over his muscular build and as he removed his boxers I gasped at the size of his monster. I had seen a penis before, but it had just been a little boy penis. This was a huge man’s penis, almost 8 – 9 inches long and probably 1 – 1 ½ wide.

“You’re Huge!” I blurted.

“Thank you.”

Since I had just received so much pleasure from this man I wanted to return the favour. As he sat on the edge of the bed I knelt on the floor next to him and grasped his tool in my hand. My fingers barely closed around the shaft it was so thick. As I started to caress and explore this new delight it seemed to jump in my hand and became even harder than it already was. I slowly kissed the purple head and began to lick the shaft.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” Tom murmured, reclining on the bed.

Soon I began to try to swallow his cock, and only managed to get about 3 inches in before I gagged. However, I kept trying and within minutes I was able to swallow about half. Tom was beginning to move his hips in time with my head, when he grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me bodily so I was crouched above his waist. As I looked down I was a little daunted by his size but I realized that I very much wanted this man inside me right now.

I grabbed his penis and lifted it up so that it was pointing directly at my hole. I lowered my hips down and began to rub his head over my mound, up and down the lips, and around my clit, eliciting groans from both of us.

“Stop teasing,” he said.

As I pushed down I felt his head push against my inner lips, the pressure was immense, I could feel myself stretching to accommodate that huge organ. It was lucky I was really wet or it would have been almost impossible. The stretching increased, then suddenly his head was inside and I lowered myself further down his pole, slowly adjusting to his great girth. It was a little bit uncomfortable at first, but as I began to move up and down the momentary pain melded with the undeniable pleasure, overwhelming me. I found that as I pushed down, I could grind my clit into him.

“Oh, my god that’s soo good, fuck me Tom, fuck me!”

He began to buck upwards as I moved to meet him and as I looked down I realised that our pubic bones were meeting. I was fully impaled upon his monster cock. I could feel him stretching me wide apart. I started bucking up and down on him, our hips smacking wetly as we both fucked each other, lost in the pleasure. He reached between us and rubbed my clit.

“Uh, Uh, Ungh, god yes, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmmming!!!”

My head thrashed from side to side and I flailed my body upon him like a mad woman. As my mind slowly returned to my body, and I lay spent in his arms, he continued pumping into me as I lay passive. Soon his fucking became erratic and he cried out even as I felt my pussy fill with hot liquids. We both lay still for some minutes, his cock still buried deep inside me, softening. Eventually he pulled out with an audible “Pop” and carried me to the shower. I could feel his spunk slowly dibbling down my thighs.

He gently washed me all over, paying particular attention to my throbbing pussy. He pressed the shower head into my pussy whilst he again played with my clit and brought me to yet another amazing orgasm. I collapsed into his arms and he lovingly dried me all over and carried me back into bed where I promptly passed out in his arms, with an enormous smile on my face.

I awoke late that morning, wondering whether it had all been a dream. I looked around the room, and I was still in the penthouse apartment, but there was no sign of Tom. However, my pussy was sore, I was aching all over, so it can’t have been a dream. There was also the undeniable odour of sex around the bed.

My mobile rang at that instant, it was my sister, Suzie.

“So did you have a good night?”

“What do you mean…..?” How could she know? I saw her leave the bar just before I…….Oh. It all clicked into place. “Did you set me up?”

“Happy Birthday Sis!”

A quick note to the reader, hope you enjoyed my little tale. Please leave feedback to let me know what you think. I will try to write some more sultry tales soon. Also a great big thank you to “EroticaSeanStyle” for his editorial assistance. Much Kudos! Cheers Everyone.

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