tagGroup SexHappy birthday, Trent!

Happy birthday, Trent!


"So, have you thought about it?"

"No, you're all I need."

"I know that, but wouldn't it be nice to try something new?"

"Are you really serious about this?"

"Yes I am!"


"I love it when you say the word "butt"! You get me sooooo freaking hot!"

Trent laughed and flipped the woman who was teasing him so incessantly so that she was now lying on top of him and he could caress her firm, round bottom. It was the first thing that had caught his attention when they had met nearly five years ago. She had been dancing nearly naked in the streets of Kingston with her friends among thousands of revellers at a Carnival road march. It held his attention still.

"Want a massage?"

"Are you trying to bribe me?"

"Yes! Is it working?"

"Not yet, but you can try a little harder..."

"I love it when you say the word "harder"..."

"Fool! Come here you little minx...!" Trent said snatching at her and trapping her between his legs; his feet and hands stroking her soft skin. "Are you really serious about this though hun? I don't need it; so we'll do it only if you really want to," he murmured.

"I think you'd enjoy it."

"Want to know what I'd really enjoy right now?"

Elinor giggled, "Show me!"


Trent Long's 47th birthday was approaching and his wife, Elinor, had promised to make it memorable for him.

"Promise me that you're going to behave yourself Trent" Elinor warned the next evening as she straddled her husband's legs, pinning him to the bed, and giving him a lazy hand job. "Are you listening to me?" she asked, batting his hand away and refusing to be dislodged from her perch or deterred from her task.

"What?" Trent gasped.

"I want you to have a good time..."

"Stop talking and come here" he groaned.

"No, we have to have a serious discussion," Elinor said tickling the underside of her husband's cock. "I have been thinking about what I could get for you for your birthday and I'm stuck. You do realise that you don't need anything, don't you?"

"All I need is for you and our kids to be happy and healthy," he said squirming.

"What a sweet answer! But no... you need to tell me the theme that you want for your party this year."

"Okay! Ancient Rome - we could have togas, chariots and the works..." he said a little breathlessly.

"We did Ancient Rome seven years ago. I'm certain I conceived Noah that night. You got into the debauchery of the period completely... Come on Trent! Think!" she said slowly spreading the drips of precum over the head of his weeping member with her thumb. "Think Trent," she whispered and leaned over to swallow his erection whole.


Trent's birthday came and the burlesque-themed party that Elinor threw together for him was a resounding success. Nearly two hundred and fifty of their closest friends, relatives, neighbours and staff partied hearty to decadent music, drinking to Trent's health and losing their own in the process. In a room full of beautiful, scantily clad women many of the men ogled Elinor openly and Trent felt a great pride when, ever the gracious hostess, she ignored their stares as she worked the room along with her army of waiters.

The revue featuring his favourite performer, the delightful Ms. Jelly Rolle, was particularly well received. The beautiful woman worked the crowd into a sexual frenzy, teasing the guests to the limit of their endurance. Trent thought that he would have died with embarrassment when she groped him openly, eliciting a response that drew comments from his scandalised guests. He relaxed only after he realised how envious the men, and some of the women, were and how amused Elinor looked.

"Thank you," he whispered when he cornered Elinor in the kitchen arranging what must have been the fifteenth serving of food for their guests. "Thank you for bringing her here for me. This has all been great! And a private show from Jelly! How did you manage that! You're the best hun! The best!" He kissed her; deepening the kiss when she opened her mouth to let him in.

"Go get a room you two!" Trent's friend, Derek, called out heartily as he barged in on his way to the new walk-in fridge stocked full of beer that Elinor had given her husband that morning.

"I'll deal with you later," Trent whispered releasing her.

Elinor chuckled.

Five hours after the festivities began the crowd had thinned considerably. No one had noticed as six of the guests slipped away quietly, up the stairs into the Long's private chamber. Trent and Elinor had one last nightcap with the stragglers before arranging designated drivers for those who needed them and locking up for the night. They surveyed the ruin ruefully before deciding to leave it until after they had slept a little. Elinor sent Trent ahead, promising to meet him in a minute so that they could finish the conversation that Derek had interrupted.

"Oh baby! That was wonderful! Thank you soooooo much!" Trent called out to his wife as he entered his bedroom.

"Take your clothes off, Trent."

Trent stopped dead in his tracks at the sight in his bedroom. Two nearly naked women were sprawled decoratively on his bed, obviously waiting for him. Libby? Julie? Shit! What the fuck??!!! He didn't have much time to process the fact of their existence or the command that he wasn't quite sure he had heard when he felt a stinging blow to his backside.

"Don't make me have to tell you again. Take your clothes off Trent; and get on your knees."

Trent turned and stared into the chocolate-coloured eyes of his muse, the lovely Ms. Jelly Rolle.

Jelly brandished a cane, the one that she had used to hit him. Trent felt himself harden instantly. Jelly's pouting lips barely moved, but her eyes sparkled with amusement at his indecision. He didn't know whether to believe that his wildest fantasy or his worst nightmare was about to come true. He felt his muscles tense, ready for flight. He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself. He fought with himself not to look at the women in his bed. He winced as he felt his cock stiffen. He swallowed and tried to focus on Jelly's face. He tried to step away from her as she hit him again.

"Wait!" he gasped. "You shouldn't be here!"

"You shouldn't still have your clothes on." She turned away from him, "Ladies!"

Trent felt three pairs of arms restrain him while a fourth dragged his pants down leaving his enormous erection to bob painfully in front of Jelly. He felt his balls begin to contract. Oh no! He was going to cum just from looking at this woman holding a cane. No! Please! No!

"Don't even think it" she said. "You know what will happen to you if you cum without permission."

Trent came.

He didn't open his eyes when he heard his wife's disapproving murmur. What must she be thinking? He kept his head bowed submissively, biting his lip hard and digging his nails savagely into his palms to stave off the wave of desperate desire that had hit him when he heard the rustle of those stockings draw closer. He wanted to come again. Don't do it T. Don't do it! Don't! When a pair of stiletto and stocking clad manicured feet were in his field of vision he felt a flood of gratitude toward her that almost brought him to tears. Elinor!

Oh Elinor! I love you more than anything else in the world! You would do this for me? You really don't mind? This doesn't really mean anything. You know that, don't you? It's just sex. These women! We do this only if you're okay with it. But I do want to do this...Libby and Satu and Julie! I want to spank Madison! Please don't be angry if we do this just once. Let me fuck Jelly, just once! I WANT TO FUCK HER HARD! I'll never ask you for anything else in life! It's just sex. IT'S JUST SEX!!! Trent's brain screamed at him. He wanted to tell his wife these things but he held his tongue. He had said some of them to her before in jest. He knew that she knew. She knew better than he, the dark desires of his heart. He did not want to think about how she knew but somehow she had unravelled the confusion that obscured his deepest longings. She knew that despite everything, he loved her.

"Strip him ladies. He needs to be punished."

Trent wanted desperately to meet Elinor's eye, to reassure her, and to receive her assurances, that the events of the evening wouldn't change things for them. He didn't dare look at her though in case that was against the rules for the night. He had confessed to her that he liked to be dominated on occasion. The big, respectable businessman about town, the owner of Jamaica's largest contract manufacturing firm, wanted to give up his control once in a while, wanted to be made to feel worthless, small and helpless every now and then. He had confessed this truth about himself and more, and he wondered how much of it he would have to endure tonight before Elinor decided that he'd had enough. He wondered if their safe word would work. No way to find that out now without calling the whole thing off. They should have talked about that before. He'd just have to trust her; and hope that none of these women found the limits of his strength.

His breath hitched as he felt himself propelled toward the centre of the room and the same pairs of hands peeled his clothes slowly from his body. These women weren't shy about touching him. Probing fingers explored the planes, bulges and crevasses of his body. He relaxed into the sensations, enjoying the anticipation of things promised by those touches. He tried to imprint the experience on his memory. The pain in his nerve endings was exquisite. His nipples were pebbled, his cock straining. He wanted relief but not yet. The evening had only just begun. There was a long way to go. As yet, he was the only one completely naked in the room. Trent stifled a moan at that thought.

"On your knees Trent," Jelly ordered again, reinforcing her words with a light flick of her crop across his groin.

The man gasped and obeyed quickly. He tensed as someone put a pinch collar and leash around his neck. Okay, serious, hardcore shit tonight! He glanced in Elinor's direction, but she wasn't watching him, she was fiddling with something that he could not see.

"Keep your eyes on the floor Trent. Do not presume to look at any of these ladies unless I say you may. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," the man whispered.

"Very good!" Jelly smiled. "If you continue to be a good boy you might get to sample each of us tonight. Would you like that?" she asked in a voice that adults usually reserved for very young children She inclined her head and smiled at the other women who, as yet, Trent had only glimpsed in the mirrors that adorned the room.

"Trent, I'd like to introduce our playmates for the evening. I know that you've met all of us before, you need to be clear about this evening."

Someone shut the door quietly behind him, turning the key in the lock. Trent sighed, relieved. That was the signal that he and Elinor had decided years ago they would use if they ever took a walk on the wild side. It said that they were all agreed that the events of the night would never come back to haunt any of them. What happened behind locked doors would remain there.

"Meet Ms. Liberty Belle..." Jelly announced, and his friend from his karate class, Libby, smiled seductively at him from across the room, her eyes raking his body, lingering on his swollen cock.

"...And this lovely lady is Ms. Julie Don't go There."

Julie blew him a kiss.

"And behind you are Maddy, The Baddy and Ms. Satu Rated."

Trent opened his mouth in a delighted gasp when his friends Madison and Satu emerged from the shadows. Both women were dressed in leather, the stuff of his fantasies, Maddy in a shelf bra and thong that exposed her delectable buttocks and shapely legs and Satu in a cut out affair that offered her beautiful fanny and erect nipples to the company. Trent's mouth watered.

"Do not speak unless you're asked a direct question, Trent. I do not want to have to gag you," Jelly warned. "I have better things to do with your mouth. Do you understand?" she continued.

"Yes Mistress, I understand."

"Good," the woman continued her introductions. "Meet Ms. Kink."

Trent's heart skipped a beat when Karen, his Head of Marketing, met his eyes and smirked at him. Was this really wise? He couldn't afford for this to get out at the office! He tried to fight off his rising panic by focussing on the reality of the locked door, on the fact that she used an assumed name and on the fact that she was one of Elinor's closest friends. These were three unwritten contracts in which he had to believe if the evening were to be a success. That she wore only two strategically placed tassels above her waist and stockings, a garter belt and outrageously high-heeled shoes was also reassuring.

"I believe you know Mama Cookies n' Cream, our gracious hostess for the evening. She has said that you are poly-amorous and in need of a little spice in your life," she said turning slightly toward Elinor; "and as you know, I am Jelly Rolle."

Trent could imagine why Elinor had decided on the "Mama Cream" designation, but he wondered if the "Cookies" part referred to her chocolate-coloured skin or to her usually sweet disposition. He'd have to tease her about that when they were alone and after he clarified what Jelly meant when she said that they needed a little spice in their lives.

"Are you listening, Trent?" Jelly brought the crop down hard on his left shoulder.

"Yes Mistress," Trent gasped.


Trent felt himself being manhandled once more. He was made to bend over with his head to the floor. He heard the rustle of his wife's stockings as she approached him again. His cock jerked as she squatted behind him and roughly tore the cheeks of his ass wide apart. Elinor held them firm, her long manicured nails digging into his flesh, while her assistant, Satu, tormented him with the huge butt plug that he and Elinor often used. Satu took her time first relaxing him and then opening and fucking his hole with the toy, all the while receiving encouragement from Elinor to push it in harder, twist it, pull it out, to make him scream.

Trent had never been fucked in the ass before. That had always been something that he did to Elinor because she enjoyed that more than almost anything else that he could do to her. He gasped and tried to pull away, but the ladies had been well prepared and they held him fast, forcing him to accept their ministrations. Soon Trent found himself surprisingly aroused not only by the full feeling in his ass but also by the simultaneous counterpoint milking of his cock by Elinor that accompanied it. He moaned when finally, Satu yanked the toy roughly out of his body, leaving his hole quivering fretfully around the sensation of having been breached.

He did not have to wait long for a replacement because after a minute of panted mewling, his head was jerked roughly back and his mouth forced open to suck on the large black strap-on that Madison wore.

"Suck it well, Baby" she purred. "It's the only lube that you're going to have when I put this deep into your body," she promised.

She fucked his mouth violently, but he didn't care because while she did this, Elinor was kissing and licking his ass, priming his crack and penetrating his hole with her tongue and Satu had crawled under him and nursed at his cock as if her life depended on it.

For the second time that evening Trent had an unauthorised orgasm.

"Are you even trying Trent, or do you actually want to be spanked?" Jelly asked wryly. "Okay, there is only one thing to be done with you. Get up!" she barked at him. "Ladies..." she beckoned to the three women who had just brought him so much pleasure. They all scrambled away from him reluctantly, Elinor giving his ass one last squeeze as she walked away. Trent, still on all fours, eyed her ass longingly. If not now, then later.

Jelly lined all the women up along the wall across the room from him. Trent saw her eye Elinor speculatively before indicating that she should stand aside. She had obviously noticed the extra little squeeze that the woman had given him and his answering gaze and clearly, they gave her the excuse that she had been looking for to bring out the really big guns for the evening.

Trent staggered to his feet and covering himself with his hands faced the line of women bravely. He licked his lips to moisten them and to give himself something to think about other than the fact that he was about to be punished.

"Obviously you have a hair trigger," Jelly said. Trent felt the heat rising in his neck and face. Well, at least Elinor was a part of that one. He waited, head slightly bowed, wondering what would happen next.

"Pick one," Jelly ordered.

Trent froze; not comprehending her words. He stared mutely at Jelly for about 20 seconds before he found his voice.

"Pick one? Of them?" he asked hoarsely, just to be sure that he was not misunderstanding her.

"Yes, you seem to have been sexually starved. You clearly have a lot of jism waiting to get out. I'm going to help you because it's obvious that your wife can't manage the job...Pick a woman and take her to your bed right now!"

Trent winced. Elinor was not going to like that comment. She probably wouldn't let him touch her for a week!

"I thought your wife had you trained but obviously not. The sight of seven naked women wouldn't do this to you if you were a real man. An adolescent boy is what you are...and what does that make your wife? A cougar?"

"Libby!" Trent said breathlessly, trying to shut the woman up before she did any long term damage to his relationship with his wife. He could already imagine two weeks of having to help himself with only his right hand for company. Even as he called Libby's name he realised his mistake. He hadn't even asked if Elinor was eligible for selection. A month... Trent sighed.

"Excellent choice! Ms. Liberty Belle will be at your service until you learn your lesson."

Trent wasn't sure he liked the sound of that but since this might be his only chance to bed the buxom beauty he'd give it his best shot. Fucking Libby was his punishment?!!??! He wasn't sure what Jelly had in mind but he was still game. He'd deal with the Elinor situation somehow... later...after everyone was gone... Perhaps some flowers or a new pair of shoes...a car?

"Well, what are you waiting for? Claim your prize!" Jelly cut into his thoughts.

Trent approached Libby shyly. Now that this was really happening he realised that he didn't want an audience. He held his hand out to her, gently inviting her to join him. It was only when he was sitting cross-legged on the bed, gazing at the play of the shadows on the woman's skin that he realised why Jelly had chosen to punish him this way. He had already come twice in the last hour and was feeling very mellow...not rabidly horny any more. He could still appreciate and want Libby's beauty but he didn't think that he could get it up again quite yet. Oh God! What was going to happen now? Jelly would say that he was impotent!

Trent breathed deeply, trying not to panic. That would only make things worse. He had to calm down quickly.

"It starts with
One thing I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away..."

The music barely registered on his consciousness... A car it would be... His woman deserved everything that he had in his power to give her. He would spend the rest of his life making this night up to her. She deserved it! She knew that he would have trouble and so she had turned on the soundtrack that they had created together for their lovemaking.

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