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Carol Sheldrake knelt before her sons Ryan and Luke and lifted her smiling face up to them. They were all in the nude and the two brothers were furiously masturbating with their stiff rods directly in front of their adored mother's pretty face. Both were very close to shooting their loads and their swollen cum-filled balls were dancing up and town in time to the rhythm of the wanking.

"Come on, boys," Carol urged, as her unwavering eyes took in the full beauty of the two hard throbbing pricks as well as the sweaty nut sacs and she licked her lips with pleasure, "make it a very Happy Mother's Day for me."

"Suck me again, mom," Ryan said, pointing his thick pole towards his mother's mouth, his foreskin fully retracted, and the exposed and beautifully engorged head smeared with pre-cum. Carol didn't really need to be told, she loved sucking cock, especially the two exceptionally succulent ones belonging to her own much-loved sons, and she smiled as she opened her experienced mouth and immediately gobbled up her eldest's, gagging on the incestuous penis until she thought she would choke to death.

"That's the way, mom," Ryan said, smiling down at the mother he adored and placing his hands on his loved one's head and running his fingers through her hair, "suck it really hard, you know you fucking love it."

Carol rolled her eyes upwards and smiled as best she was able to as she began to coax the cum up from her son's balls and out through the slit in the rounded purple head of Ryan's sensational prick. She didn't have to wait long; a few minutes after beginning the taboo blowjob, Ryan's body shook with the joy of orgasm as he pulled out of his mother's mouth and tossed himself off, dumping several successive spurts of his hot glossy spunk over Carol's face in the process.

"Oh yeah, mom, here it cums!" cried Ryan, his excitement increasing as he creamed his mother's face.

"Oh wonderful, sweetheart," said Carol, as the globules of her son's delicious sperm got in her eyes and started to run down her nose towards her mouth, "you always give me so much."

"Me now, mom," said Luke as Ryan stood back and Carol opened her mouth again and her youngest son shoved his equally big appendage deep into its darkest corners, gasping as Carol began the suction and bringing Luke to the brink of orgasm. Just like his brother, Luke groaned as he pulled out and squirted several helpings of his rich cream directly into Carol's mouth. His mother, still savoring the taste of Ryan's spunk, was beside herself with joy as she tasted the combined offerings of her two beautiful horny sons.

"Fucking hell," said Ken, as Ray, Carol's husband and father of Ryan and Luke, turned the film off and smiled at the audience, "I thought my wife was the world's biggest cumslut but it looks like she's got some competition."

"Certainly looks that way," said Marion, nodding her head in agreement. "Those lads of yours, Carol, certainly know how to show you how much they love you."

"They sure do," said Carol, smiling proudly at Ryan and Luke, "I can't think of a better way for sons to show their love for their mother than coating them in a thick helping of cream after a good hard fucking."

"Me neither," said Marion, "my son's the same. I'm sure he'd prove again how much he loved me if he was here now."

"That was a brilliant film, Ray," said my wife Linda, cuttting in before Marion could start waxing too lyrical about the undoubted talents of her sex-mad son, "you're an excellent cameraman."

"Thank you, Linda," said Ray, humbly.

"Yeah," I said, "you got some really interesting camera angles, especially when your boys were double fucking their mother. Every bit as good as a professional porn movie."

"Thanks, Alan," said Ryan, "mom, Luke and I got a huge turn-on knowing dad was filming us. It was one of the best foursomes Luke and I have ever done with our parents and we gave it everything we had."

"That was obvious," I said. "Those big pricks looked fabulous deep in your mother's holes. Your father got some excellent close-ups."

"Yeah," agreed Luke, now no longer a teenager, having had his 20th birthday a few weeks earlier and now a handsome young man at the peak of his sexual powers, "it was a real fuckfest with all that spunk flying about, too, and I ain't never gonna forget it, no matter how many fabulous fucks I have with mom in the future. And dad, too, of course," he added, turning to smile at his father.

"Thanks, Luke," said Ray, "you and Ryan certainly know how to fuck your dad's ass just as you do your mom's pussy with those talented tools of yours."

"Both my beautiful sons can fuck me to my dying day," said Carol, smiling the smile of an extremely proud mother, "you both fuck so well."

"Certainly do," said Ray, "I love taking a ride on my sons' big thick cocks."

"Don't you just, Ray," I said, having seen Ryan and Luke fuck their father on innumerous occasions in the past year since the Sheldrake family had joined in with us. "And I must say I enjoy it when they fuck me too."

"And me," said Ken, "nothing feels better in the ass than a young man's cock."

"Yeah," said Ray, "especially if the cock in question belongs to your son. My asshole still feels sore from the fucks the lads gave me last night when we had one of our foursomes back home."

"You can talk," laughed Carol, "after that film we made, it took my pussy and ass days to recover from the good seeing to Ryan and Luke gave them. I thought I was going to be bedridden for the rest of my life," she finished, her laugh turning to a childish giggle.

"How long ago was it?" I asked after Carol regained her composure and tugging on my cock as I tried to conjure up images of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club in action, just the four of them.

"If you'd been listening instead of just watching the action," Ray said, smiling, "you'd have realised it was last Mother's Day."

"It's great you've got such a fantastic movie to remember what was obviously a very happy day," Ken said, slapping our relatively new friend Ray playfully on the back, "I can see just why you and Carol are so proud of your sons."

"Yeah," said Ryan, two years older than Luke, the brothers having enjoyed watching themselves fucking their mother on film and re-living the magic of their kin's recent Mother's Day party, "and we're proud of mom and dad, too."

"Sure fucking are," agreed Luke and their parents smiled appreciatively at their two handsome naked lads.

"We'll still be watching that film when we're old and grey," said Carol.

"Which,I am happy to tell you," Ray added, quickly, "won't be for many years yet."

In case you are wondering how three separate incestuous naturist families managed to get-together like this, then let me explain. My family and the Murchisons had met at the Sandilands Nudist Club some four years ago and had been having regular incestuous swingers' parties with our adult offspring ever since. And, I might add, with the full consent of everybody involved.

A year or so ago, we'd had a party that had gone on seemingly non-stop from Friday evening to Sunday and was made extra special as our son Christopher was on a short break from his workplace and had been with us too, which added enormously to the overall fun of the events that took place over that sex-filled period of forty-eight hours. Christopher, you see, is more than just our son, he is a professional adult movie actor, his workplace one of the better studios in Porn Valley, and working under the name Wayne Benton and Linda and I are so proud of him and feel it to be a privelege to be the parents of such a wonderful son ...


On that sunny summer Sunday a year ago, Linda, Christopher and I, along with the Murchisons, had gone along to the nudist club, ostensibly to take some al fresco porno-style photos of Ken and Marion's son Ian for Christopher to take to the studio with a view to getting the horny lad a contract. While we were there, we met the Sheldrake family whom, it soon became clear, lived in the same orbit as us and we have been friends and sex partners with them ever since.

Ray Sheldrake, the head of the family in more ways than one, quietly informed me on one occasion that he and his family had once vowed never to let anybody else in on their secret but since Ken's clan and mine inhabited the same world, there was no way we would lift the can on them and we have had many exciting perverted evenings together in the twelve months since we have known each other.

"I'll go and make some coffee," my wife Linda said, "I'm sure we could all do with some refreshments after watching such a great home-made porn movie."

"We'll come and give you a hand," said Marion. "Come on, Sally."

Sally, Ken and Marion's daughter, reluctantly lifted her naked ass off the sofa where she had been sitting next to Luke with a look of "If I must" in her eyes. "I'll be back soon," she said to Luke and his brother, "I need a good fuck from both of you before you go home tonight."

"Who said anything about going home?" Ryan said, knowing full well that Linda and I would be only too delighted if he and his family stayed the whole weekend along with the Murchisons, though where we were all going to sleep was another matter entirely.

"I could do with a good fuck from my sons, too," said Ray, speaking as if Ryan and Luke were not in the room.

"I'm sure that can be arranged, dad," said Ryan, smiling.

"I'll fuck you too, dad," laughed Luke, "on one condition."

"What's tbat?" asked his father, though he had a good idea of the answer. Ray had told us that this kind of dirty small talk was a little game the Sheldrakes played at every one of their sex club meetings.

"You rim me first," said Luke without a moment's hesitation.

"That'll be a real pleasure, son," said Ray who, like his wife Carol, was just as enamored with their son's asses as they were their pricks.

"That'll be fun to watch," said Carol, standing up and following the other females into the kitchen, the men's eyes on stalks as they watched the ladies' bare ass cheeks swaying away from us. "I'll give you girls a hand, too," Carol went on, as the kitchen door closed behind her.

"For crying out loud," said Ryan, giggling, "how many does it take to make a pot of coffee?"

"They just want to have a mother's meeting," said Luke. "I can't wait to fuck Sally," he added, swifty changing the subject back to what the party was all about.

"Me neither," said Ryan.

"As you know from our last few parties," said Ken, his usual note of pride in his voice, "you'll find my daughter is an exceptionally good fuck. I made love to her this morning and she enjoyed every minute. So did I," Ken added, hastily.

Ryan and Luke were stroking their pricks and coaxing them back to full erection, not that they needed much in the way of coaxing.

"Why don't you put on one of your son's dirty movies, Alan?" said Ray, smiling at his sons as he watched their cocks grow in stature in front of him and looking forward to taking them up his ass again.

"Yeah," said Ken, "and don't forget our Ian's a porn star now. Pity they're not with us tonight, ain't it?"

"They're both probably in the middle of a scene right now," I said, "wish I could be a fly on the wall."

"Don't we all," said Ken. "Alan, put one on in which he and Christopher appear together."

I smiled as I hunted through the DVD cabinet. We'd all known for some time that Ian was a natural for the adult movie business and, while at the club that Sunday, I had, as I mentioned earlier, taken several hardcore shots of him, both solo and getting fucked by Christopher. It came as no surprise that, on the strength of the photos, Ian was offered an audition immediately; of course, the fact that the photos showed him getting fucked by the cock of the world's number one male porn star Wayne Benton must have gone some way to helping though it was obvious that Ian possessed all the sexual and totally uninhibited show-off skills that are a pre-requisite of the porn actor.

I found the film I was looking for, "Bareback in Baltimore", a joke of a title since it was made at the studio Christopher and Ian are contracted to, the pair of them going nowhere near Baltimore. I slid it into the DVD player and pressed the button on the remote; we had to sit through all that warning shit about copyright, etc. before the title appeared, followed by the word "starring". Then a still shot of my son Christopher appeared, naked and standing with his hard cock in his hand and a come-hither grin on his face with his movie name Wayne Benton emblazoned across him ...


The film moved onto a still of the next star, a gorgeous young man bending over showing his bare ass and with his aroused prick and his juicy balls poking through his legs. He was smiling a very cheeky smile over his shoulder directly at the camera and audiences were informed that the actor was Brad Dexter, a relative newcomer to the adult movie circuit but who now had several hardcore films to his credit and was certainly becoming very popular among porn aficionados. The world of sex might know him as Brad Dexter, of course, but those of us gathered for our latest gangbang all recognised him as Ken and Marion's son, the totally uninhibited Ian Murchison.

"Brad Dexter, what a name!" said Ken, contemptuously, "you'd have thought they could have thought of something better than that."

"I think Brad Dexter suits him," I said, placatingly.

"Yeah, well maybe," said Ken, becoming contrite, "but I'd like to know who thinks these silly names up."

"The studio producers, of course," said Ray, "who else would think them up?"

Ken was saved from answering as I flicked through the stills of the remainder of our sons' co-stars with the fast forward button. The first scene started with Christopher and Ian in a sports car, Christopher driving, speeding down a sunlit lane.

"Bloody hell," said Marion, returning from the kitchen with several cups and saucers on a tray, "going a bit fast, aren't they?"

"Christopher's a good driver," I said.

"So was James Dean," retorted Marion succinctly, returning to the kitchen. If she was expecting anyone to reply to that, she must have been disappointed for almost before her words were out, Wayne Benton had driven the car into a deserted sunlit field and brought it to a halt.

"I need a piss," Wayne said and got out of the car and walked over to a tree where he began fumbling with the fly of his pants.

"Me too," said Brad Dexter, likewise standing next to Wayne. As they released their cocks from their pants, the camera panned in to capture their privates in close-up. Both porn actors were still flaccid but, we all knew, it wouldn't be long before they were showing the world exactly what they were made of.

The ladies returned with the coffee on a tray, just as the boys on screen started to unleash two hot streams of steaming piss up against the bark of the tree. The camera zipped between Wayne and Brad, zooming in for close-ups to capture the crystal-clear urine tumbling swiftly from the lads' piss slits. Everybody was too engrossed watching Wayne and Brad unahamedly relieving themselves to drink any coffee ...


"Which one of you boys wants to be first to fuck me?" Sally said to Ryan and Luke. "I'm really horny and I can't wait much longer."

"You go, Luke," said Ryan, "I want to have some fun with mom."

Ken gave his daughter's tits a good long lick and ran his tongue up and down her cleavage before handing her over to Luke, patting her ass as he did so. "This I gotta see," Sally's father said as he slumped into an armchair and began stroking his cock as he waited for the action to begin.

Sally lifted her right leg up onto the arm of the sofa and arched her body forward, sticking her well-rounded feminine ass in the air, and began fingering her snatch as she waited for Luke to give her a tongue job.

"Come on, Luke," she implored, looking over her shoulder, "get stuck in."

"Yeah, Luke," said Ken, his eyes riveted on his naked slut of a daughter, admiring the curves of her succulent bare bottom, "lick it hard."

Luke was on his knees behind Sally before anyone could blink and stuck out his tongue and began worming it into Sally's juicy cunthole. Sally reached her right arm round and grabbed Luke's head, pushing him in deeper until his tongue was completely trapped within the folds of the young lady's pussy skin, smearing his face with her juices. Luke breathed in the intoxicsting odour of Sally's deliciously wet cunt while her father Ken tugged harder on his cock as he watched with unwavering fascinated eyes.

"Oh yeah, Luke," Sally cried out in joy as the young man's tongue sent all kinds of sensational thrills through her, "you're a brilliant cunt licker."

"He sure fucking is," said Carol, smiling proudly at her second-born son as she watched him getting down and dirty with Sally and who had lost count of the number of times she had been on the receiving end of his tongue in the past two years, ever since Luke had been old enough and eligible to participate in the family sex sessions. Like Linda and I and Ken and Marion, Ray and Carol had strict rules about incest, our offspring not being allowed to join us until they were official consenting adults.

Luke worked his tongue along the groove of Sally's cunt and then ran it up and down her ass crack and Sally shivered as she spread her cheeks, exposing her asshole to give Luke's tongue easier access. Ken gasped as his daughter's pink sweaty rosebud became fully exposed as she opened up her hole, her father helpless with pride as Luke bestowed on her a long lesiurely rimming.

"Oh yeah, Luke, lick my baby's ass," said Ken, totally beside himself with excitement as he watched Luke's tongue lapping around the ruby red wrinkled skin of his daughter's asshole. "You enjoying that, sweetheart?"

"Fucking well am, dad," replied Sally, "Luke's tongue is just SO hot!"

"Luke and Ryan were born to be sex addicts," said Ray, increasing the pace of his wanking to keep up with Ken, "it's all they ever think about."

"Quite right, too," I said, "this is what life is all about."

"Some people wouldn't agree with you," my wife said.

"Yeah, well that's up to them," I reorted, "let them lead their dreary ghastly lives if they want to. They're the ones who need their heads seeing to."

"Couldn't agree more, Alan," Ken said, "what can possibly be wrong with enjoying having so much fun? It's what our bodies were made for."

"Yeah, well let's not bother about those poor sad-ohs," Ray said, who was not one for philosophising, "we're enjoying ourselves and that's all that fucking matters, ain't it?"

"Sure fucking is, dad," agreed Ryan, grinning as he stroked his hard cock in his hand.

On the t.v. screen, Wayne Benton and Brad Dexter were indeed showing exactly what their bodies were made for with Brad a.k.a. Ian now getting fucked by Wayne a.k.a. Christopher, the action having moved on from them pissing up the tree. Both young men had removed their clothes and were now completely naked, apart from their boots and socks, and revelling in the thrill of doing porn for a living and proudly show-casing their cocks, balls and asses to a world-wide audience ...


Brad had arched himself forward while still standing, his taut ass cheeks standing out provocatively, his hole ready, willing and able for Wayne's cock.

"Oh boy," said Marion as she watched her son masquerading as Brad Dexter on the screen, getting fucked by my son masquerading as Wayne Benton, "my boy's taken to being a porn star like a duck to water."

"As we all knew he would," said Ken, glancing across at the screen just in time to see Wayne pulling out of Brad's ass and his son's gaping and well-fucked hole filled the screen, bright red and sore-looking from the heavy pounding it had received from my son's prick.

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