tagMind ControlHappy Lewd, Crude and Rude Nude Day

Happy Lewd, Crude and Rude Nude Day


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Wife pretends her husband hypnotizes her, so she'd flash his friend for Nude Day


A few months before the Nude Day holiday, Gordon took an online, ten week, intensive course in hypnotism from the prestigious Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and Wizards. The Royal Academy was the only such academy that had the highly regarded Harry Potter seal of approval. Upon completion of the course and remittance of his final payment, he received his mortarboard, black robe, diploma, and wand. The wand was mostly used for magicians and wizards, but since the academy bought them cheaply by the gross, having all their graduates buy a mortarboard, black robe, and a wand increased their profits.

"The Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and Wizards, after having completed its extensive training, with all the honors, privileges, and responsibilities appertaining thereunto bestowed, recognizes you, Gordon, as a Hypnotist, Ventriloquist, Magician, and/or Wizard."

Lumping them all together, apparently, it was more cost effective not to have separate diplomas for hypnotists, ventriloquists, magicians, and/or wizards. Nonetheless, after barely finishing high school decades earlier and never having cracked open a book since, Gordon was proud of his educational accomplishment in taking and completing his course in hypnotism, and his academic achievement in graduating and receiving his diploma, mortarboard, black robe, and wand received from the prestigious Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and/or Wizards.

So long as he occupied his time with anything other than drinking beer at the pub, watching sports on television at home, while drinking more beer, and surfing the net for porn, his wife, Irene, was proud that Gordon was willing to continue his education by taking a course in anything. Irene, a freckled, sexy, and pretty redhead with hair as red as she was Irish, had eyes so blue that people thought they were colored contacts. The reason why he continued his education to become a hypnotist, Gordon had been after Irene to have sex with his friend, Roger, while he watched and masturbated.

Not immediately making the connection, Irene was glad that her husband occupied his free time with something other than that kind of monkey business of her having sex with his friend, Roger. Even though she fancied his friend and would, no doubt, have sex with him, if she could, the idea of Gordon watching her having sex with another man, while he masturbated didn't much appeal to her. Nonetheless, knowing Gordon, as well as she did, she soon suspected that his sudden interest in hypnotism had something to do with her having sex with Roger.

All through his instruction of hypnotism, Irene served as his practice subject and volunteer test dummy. He was so committed to learning hypnotism that he practiced every day. Not wanting to burst his bubble by telling him that he wasn't hypnotizing her and that the instruction received from the prestigious Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and Wizards was just a bunch of malarkey and a ruse to get his money, she pretended that she was hypnotized. So long as he was home with her, rather than out drinking at the pub, what harm would pretending that he was hypnotizing her do?

For the sake of her husband's pride and happiness, she was happy to go along with making him think that he was hypnotizing her. Besides, with hypnosis her excuse to do things that she'd normally never do, especially not in front of her husband, perhaps this was a way for her to have some sexy fun. Now with him thinking that she was hypnotized and didn't know what she was doing, maybe that was her way to finally have sex with Roger.

Unaware that he was being duped by his wife, proud of his intellectual accomplishment and his newfound skill at successfully putting Irene in a trance like state, Gordon invited his friend Roger over the house for a few drinks and a demonstration of his ability to hypnotize his wife. Now having complete control of Irene, Gordon, no doubt, had thoughts of doing more than just hypnotizing his wife.

"Part of the hypnotism is that I have to sway a shiny object in front of Irene's eyes. Of course, it doesn't work, unless the person's mind is cleared and ready to be hypnotized. Even the best hypnotist can't hypnotize everyone," said Gordon puffing out his chest. "It works better when the subject being hypnotized isn't very bright," he said lowering his voice and watching out that Irene wasn't listening.

"I heard that, Gordon," said Irene from the kitchen.

"I wasn't talking about you, Irene," said Gordon, while winking at Roger.

"Wow, I'd love to learn how to hypnotize people," said Roger. "Just off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen women I'd love to put under a love spell, if you know what I mean, my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, and my cousin Susan with the big tits."

"Actually, to be honest, I took the course because of National Nude Day," said Gordon. "Now that I'm quickly becoming expert at hypnosis, Nude Day is just the tip of the iceberg. I dare say that, once I have enough experience under my belt, I can hypnotize anyone on any holiday."

"Wow," said Roger, "but Nude Day? I don't get it. Why Nude Day?" Roger looked at his friend with curious interest.

"I figured I'd hypnotize Irene and have some sexy naked fun with her, if you know what I mean," he said with a lusty laugh, while giving his friend a wink and a high five. "Maybe I'll ring up for some fish and chips delivery and have her answer the door naked."

"I heard you, Gordon," said Irene from the kitchen. "I don't mind you hypnotizing me, but I'll never get naked, especially in front of a food delivery driver or Roger or any other of your horny friends. Besides, I read that you can't make someone do something that they wouldn't ordinarily do."

"Calm down, Irene. I was only kidding. I knew you could hear me," he said looking at his friend with an apologetic shrug. "I'm not that accomplished in my craft, yet, that I have that kind of hypnotic power over you," he said to his wife, while winking at his friend again.

"So how does it all work, Gordon?" No doubt imagining Irene naked, Roger looked at his friend with even more interest.

"Well, as part of my power of hypnosis, it helps if I use some rhyming words, in the same way that a witch uses rhyming words to put someone under her spell."

"Wow. I never knew hypnosis was so complicated," said Roger.

"Oh, it is. Let me tell you. I took an intensive ten week course and I never read so much and studied so hard in my life," said Gordon looking up at his diploma that he prominently displayed in his living room and over his favorite chair with pride. "So anyway, in honor of National Nude Day, the reason why I took the course--" he said lowering his voice again, so that Irene wouldn't hear.

"I can still hear you, Gordon and you're not getting me naked," said Irene from the kitchen.

"No one's getting naked, Irene. So, anyway, being that I'm not much of a poet, I chose the words, Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day as my opening to clear the mind of my subject," said Gordon.

"I can't wait to see you hypnotize someone," said Roger looking towards the kitchen and nodding his head in Irene's direction.

"Irene, get in here, please," said Gordon. "I want to show Roger all that I learned."

"Okay, but behave yourself, Gordon. You know that I have no idea what I'm doing or what someone does to me, once you put me under your powerful hypnotic spell and give me your mind clearing hypnotic suggestions. I hope you'll have enough respect for me, you're wife, not to embarrass me in front of your friend," she said.

"Don't worry, Irene, as a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and Wizards," said Gordon looking up at his diploma with a face full of pride, "I must adhere to their strict code of conduct or I lose my license to practice my black art."

"You do?" Roger looked at his friend with awe. "You have a license to practice a black art?"

"Well, I don't actually have a license, yet. But I will after I complete their advanced course in hypnotism and after I study all the next batch of new materials and pay them a fee. This time, before I graduate, I have to go to England to take the test at the Royal Academy and that's the next thing I'm going to do," said Gordon puffing out his chest with pride again.

"I've never seen you as serious about anything, Gordon," said Roger. "What's a black art?"

"Theoretically a black art is having the power over someone to control them. The typical things that fall under the black art category are witchcraft, wizardry and other mystical practices, such as magic, demonology, astrology, voodoo, bringing back the dead, reincarnation, the occult, paranormal psychology, spells, hexes, and now hypnotism," said Gordon.

"Wow," said Roger. "What's the code of conduct?"

"The Code of Conduct are rules and regulations that I must adhere to, so that I don't take advantage of people by making them do things that they'd never do. Being that I'm now a trained hypnotist, I take my power over people very seriously and I realize that, because I have power of over people's minds and can greatly influence what they do and say, I must take responsibility to protect them," said Gordon.

"Wow," said Roger. "So, the Code of Conduct has to do with you not being able to hypnotize someone and telling them to jump off a bridge or run out in front of a car," said Roger.

"Precisely. That's exactly right, Roger," said Gordon.

"Okay, I'm ready," said Irene wiping her hands on a dish towel and sitting on the couch. Sitting like the lady that she is, she smoothed out her dress with her hands and sat with her knees tightly together.

Gordon pulled out his solid gold-filled pocket watch and held it in front of Irene's eyes, while allowing it to slowly sway back and forth.

"Okay," said Gordon. "This is how I start," he said to Roger. "Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day. Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day. Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day," he said slowly waving his watch in front of Irene.

Wide-eyed, Irene followed the movement of the solid gold-filled pocket watch with focused attention.

"Wow," said Roger. "As if she's already in a trance, she's totally focused."

"Shh," said Gordon to his friend, before returning his full attention to his wife. "You're getting sleepy. You're so tired that you can barely keep open your eyes. Your eye lids are very heavy. You can't keep your eyes open any longer and you must sleep, sleep, sleep," said Gordon.

Within seconds, Irene dropped her chin to her chest.

"Wow, that's amazing Gordon," said Roger. "Is she really under?" Roger snapped his fingers in front of Irene's face.

"Oh, yeah," she's out. "See?" Gordon walked over to Irene and felt her breast. Then, he lifted the front of her dress and exposed her panties to his friend.

"Can I try?" Roger asked Gordon for permission, before looking at Irene with lust and sexually assaulting her.

"Sure, go ahead. Be my guest," said Gordon.

Roger sat next to Irene and cupped her breast through her dress with his hand, before feeling her tit. With his hand on her breast, he looked at Gordon. Then he felt Irene's other breast.

"Irene sure does have nice tits, Gordon." Feeling one breast and then the other again, he looked at Gordon. "Would it be okay with you, if I stuck my hand down her top? Do you think she'd mind?"

"Sure, she'll never even know," said Gordon. "I don't mind if you feel my wife's tits."

Roger pulled open the front of Irene's dress and peered down, before sticking his hand down the front of Irene's dress. First he cupped her tit through her bra and then he stuck his hand inside of her bra. He cupped her tit and fingered her nipple and then did the same to her other tit. Then, while still sitting beside her, he took her hand and put it on the bulge in his pants.

"Oh, my God, Gordon. I have to take this course, too. I'd love to try this with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and cousin."

"Yeah, well, don't forget that as professional hypnotist, just as do doctors, we must adhere to a code of ethical behavior. Even though I'd love to hypnotize some of my female relatives, too, we just can go helter skelter and sexually assault all the women we know."

"Irene is so very pretty and she has amazing tits. I just love her tits," said Roger rubbing Irene's hand all over the swollen bulge in his pants. "You're such a lucky bastard to have such a pretty wife with such great tits. If she was my wife, I'd be feeling her tits all day, every day," said Roger reaching up to feel Irene's breasts through her dress again..

"She does have a great set of knockers," said Gordon.

"Would it okay, if I, you know, unzipped and--"

"Sure," said Gordon. "Go right ahead. It isn't as if we're doing anything wrong here. We're just using Irene as our test subject to put in effect my educational training as a professional hypnotist."

Roger unzipped his pants, pulled out is cock, and stroked himself to an erection.

"Would it be okay, Gordon, if I put her hand on my pecker?" Roger looked at his friend with a hopeful look.

"Absolutely," said Gordon. "I'd receive no greater pleasure. I'd love to see my wife holding another man's cock."

Looking over at Gordon and then back at Irene, Roger wrapped Irene's fingers around his cock, while Gordon watched his wife holding his friend's penis.

"Just between you and me Gordon, but I've always fancied Irene. She's so beautiful. You're such a lucky bastard, a very lucky bastard, to have such a pretty woman," said Roger moving Irene's hand up and down on his cock.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to get comfortable, too," said Gordon unzipping his pants and removing his cock. Gordon started stroking himself, while watching his wife holding Roger's cock and Roger still feeling Irene's tits through her dress.

"Now what?" Roger looked at his friend with a face full of lust and sexual anticipation.

"Well, this is the part where I give Irene a hypnotic suggestion. Is there something you'd like for Irene to do?"

"Are you kidding me? Apart from the obvious, Gordon, I have a list of things that I'd love Irene to do," said Roger with a nervous laugh. "A blowjob is probably out of the question."

"Well, I don't know about that, Roger. A blowjob is a bit premature. I don't think Irene would suck your cock, even under hypnosis. She's not that kind of a woman. She's a lady. I mean, it's one thing to feel up my wife and have my wife hold your cock in her hand, while under hypnosis, but it's another thing to make her do sexual things to you that she'd never do of her own free will. I'll have you know that Irene is very much a one man type of women."

"I see. Sorry, I didn't mean to overstep, Gordon. I'm just getting a bit excited, after feeling Irene's tits and with her holding my cock in her hand. If it's okay with you, I'd love to see her naked."

"Naked? Sure, why not?" Gordon smiled at his friend. "Rather than a blowjob, maybe we can start with something less provocative."

"Okay, less provocative is good, so long as it has to do with Irene," said Roger looking down at his cock in Irene's hand.

"How about this? Since the reason why I took the course in the first place was because of Nude Day and being that today is Nude Day, what if I had Irene strip naked for you," said Gordon. "How would you like that?"

"Seriously?" Roger excitedly looked at his friend before looking back at Irene. "I'd love to see Irene naked. Does she have a red bush? I bet she has a red bush. I love red bushes."

"Calm down, Roger," said Gordon with a laugh. "Calm down. Yes, Irene has a red bush."

"Oh, my God, Gordon, I'd love to see your wife naked. To watch her stripping off her clothes would be such great fun and a sexual fantasy come true. Only, do you think you can do it? Do you think she will?"

"Don't worry. She's putty in my hands," said Gordon looking up at his diploma from the prestigious Royal Academy of Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Magicians, and Wizards. "I am a trained professional, after all."

"And when she's naked, Gordon, may I touch her, feel her, and caress her?"

"Of course, Roger. I wouldn't be much of a friend, if I didn't allow you to fondle my wife's naked body."

"Yeah, but, Irene said that you couldn't make someone do something that they ordinarily wouldn't do," said Roger.

"Well, there's one thing that I didn't tell, Irene about getting naked," said Gordon with a smug laugh.

"What's that?" Roger looked at his friend with awe.

"Everyone voluntarily gets naked. We all dress and undress in the course of the day," said Gordon with another laugh. "Getting naked is no big deal. Irene would never voluntarily not get naked."

"That's true," said Roger. "Well, let's see if it works, Gordon," said Roger sitting back and stroking his cock in readiness to ogle Irene's naked body.

"Put your cock away, Roger. I have to put her under again to give her the hypnotic suggestion."

"Okay, Gordon. Go ahead," said Roger zipping up his prick.

"Okay," said Gordon. " Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day. Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day. Happy Lewd, Crude & Rude Nude Day," said Gordon slowly swaying his solid gold-filled pocket watch in front of Irene's eyes. Sleep, Irene, sleep. Sleep deeply. Sleep," said Gordon watching Irene's head fall to her chest. "Now, when I say the words Nude Day, Irene, you must stand and undress. You will unbutton your dress, remove it, take off your bra, and slip out of your panties."

"Oh, my God," said Roger. "This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me."

"Shh," said Gordon. "Put that away," he said pointing to Roger's exposed cock, when Roger pulled out his cock again.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, sure. Sorry," said Roger stuffing his cock in his pants and zipping himself with Gordon doing the same.

"At the count of three, you will awaken feeling refreshed," said Gordon. "One, you feel wonderful. Two you are happy. Three you are awake and feel refreshed," said Gordon taking out his wand and anointing his wife with it, as if he was a magician, a wizard, or the Queen of England.

Awakened from her deep sleep, Irene sat across from Gordon and next to Roger looking refreshed.

"What happened? What did you make me do?" Irene looked at her husband with feigned surprise. "Did you make me bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?" Irene looked from Roger to her husband, while awaiting Gordon's response

"No, nothing like that. I had you strip naked in front of Roger and then he had wild sex with your naked body," said Gordon.

"He did not," said Irene looking to Roger and then to her husband, while clutching her dress to her neck. "Did he? Did you, Roger? Tell me, Gordon that you didn't have Roger sexually assault me for the perversion of you."

"No, of course not, dear. I just gave you a suggestion to relax, because you've been a bit tense about getting naked for Nude Day."

As soon as Gordon said Nude Day, Irene stood and started unbuttoning her dress.

"Oh, my God. I can't believe she's really undressing," said Roger intently watching Irene unbutton her dress and expose her bra and panty to him.

"Shh, shh," said Gordon to his friend. "She can hear you."

"May I?" Roger whispered, while pointing to his cock.

"Of course," nodded Gordon. Roger unzipped himself and pulled out his cock again, while Gordon did the same.

First exposing her bra and then her panty to the two men, unbuttoning one slow button at a time, Irene unbuttoned her dress, before allowing her dress to fall to the floor. She stood before the two men in her panty and bra. Standing between the men, Roger and Gordon each had a side view of her, as she reached around herself and unsnapped her bra. First she slid down one strap and then the other. Slowly, as if she was giving them a seductively sexy striptease, she removed her cups to show the two men her breasts. Then, she wiggled out of her panty. Still in a hypnotic trance, Irene stood before the men naked.

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