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Happy Mother's Day


*Happy Mother's Day. Read and enjoy, don't forget to vote!*

Mom was only 14 when she had me. She never talked about it much, but I knew that getting pregnant when she did was one of her biggest regrets. She always made sure to not confuse being angry because of getting pregnant and her love for me; she loved me and gave me everything I ever needed, even at the cost of her own goals and wishes. Love is sacrifice, and mom sacrificed herself to me being in a better place at 14 than she was. Dad died when I was 4. We really don't know who my real dad is, but mom's boyfriend became "dad." Eric was pretty cool from what I was told, but he was driving his motorcycle too fast in the rain and went off the side of the road. Eric dying and the pushing of my mother made me want to succeed in everything I did, and I started with school.

I graduated from high school at 16 and I was kind of shrimpy. I had been skipped ahead a couple of grades and they marked me as exceptional, even after the crash. I went to college straight away and I discovered the joy of lifting weights and working out. I went from grade-A nerd to significantly stronger grade-A nerd over the course of two years. I turned 18 at Easter and at the end of the semester I came home for a couple weeks. Mom wasn't expecting me home the first weekend right after finals; I had told her I would be staying with some friends from college for the summer and working in the city instead of lounging in suburbia. She didn't have a problem with that and it left her open to date. Between her trying to finish school and trying to raise me and working to keep busy, she never did have enough time for herself. That was something I had always felt bad about.

I came home on Thursday after my last final in the morning. The two-hour drive flew by. The only thing I could think about was sitting with mom in the back yard and having a beer with her. Yeah, I was underage, but as long as I drank around her and didn't get stupid drunk, she was fine with it. I didn't even unpack the car, I just strolled in at 11 am and tried to be sneaky; just for a surprise.

I didn't see her in the main floor of the house, so I figured she was probably down stairs sleeping or painting in her studio. I crept down the stairs as quietly as possible, carefully avoiding the three squeaky steps and was just about to her bedroom door when she walked out of the bathroom down the hall. She was just out of the shower and absolutely naked.

The only thing I could do was stare at her. Her long auburn hair was wrapped up in a white towel and twisted high above her head with a few stray locks peeking out here and there. A few strands trailed out from behind her ears and arched out from behind her ears, trailing down her neck, flowing into her body at her collarbone and sticking to the tops of her breasts. It looked like she'd been working outside over the last few days of good weather and she was starting the first signs of a tan with the creamy toffee color of the sun stopping and blending into the natural alabaster of her skin. She was still taking care of herself, her shoulders and neck still extremely feminine but very well defined and very sexy.

Her breasts, while not huge, were good sized, with silver dollar sized areola around them. They were a very pale pink brown, and the nipples in the center of them--the nipples I had teased her about being stiff on so many occasions--were almost smooth and blended into the areola. My eyes continued drifting down her body, noticing the way her well-toned abdomen moved and her hips swayed even though she thought she was alone. Her hips flared out sexily from her waste, curving gently into her thighs. Between those well-toned legs was her completely shaved, slightly red pussy. It wasn't opened or anything, it was just a little cleft between her legs and a little tiny hint of the pink lips concealed inside. I couldn't take my eyes off that pussy and then I watched that pussy slide back a couple feet and I heard mom squeak in surprise.

"Holy shit!" she said and looked like she needed to run somewhere. I took my eyes off her crotch and let them drift back up over her body. Her tits were jiggling with every excited movement she made as she tried to get away. It took her a full 2 seconds to figure out she could have just gone in the bathroom door she just walked through. In the meanwhile, I got a hell of a show from incredibly beautiful woman with an extreme blush.

As she moved away I noticed three things. First, she had one hell of a firm heart-shaped ass. Second, her nipples were erect and she had goose bumps all over her body even after being in the hot shower only a minute before. Third, I had the biggest hardon I'd ever been sporting in my entire life.

"Um, Bran?" I heard from the other side of the door. There was a second's pause. "I...didn't know you'd be...home," she stammered out.

"Yeah," I said, talking to the white three-paneled bathroom door. "I, uh, wanted to surprise you."

There was a nervous laugh coming through the door. 'What if she's not alone, dude. Maybe that's why...' I thought. My heart sank and so did my dick.

"Mom, you don't have, um, company, do you?" I asked. The door peeked open a little and I saw my mother, with a short, black satin robe on now look out into the hallway. I saw one of her normally soft brown eyes peeking fiercely through the blush on her cheeks.

"Brandon James, you know I haven't slept with anyone since Eric. I don't even think I could if I wanted to," she said and threw the door open. She took a couple steps out into the hall and saw me still staring at her, trying to undress her with my eyes. She stopped, still blushing bright red. Her hands went to her hips and she cocked them to the side, the robe riding up an inch or two on her tightly toned thighs. Another 4 inches or so and I could have seen that perfect pussy again. I didn't even think it was possible, but she turned another shade of deep crimson and it extended to her burning ears and disappeared under the white towel her hair was still wrapped in.

"Like what you see?" she mumbled demurely. Before I had a chance to react, she shot past me and into her bedroom. Her running did cause the hem of her robe to kick up a little and I had a nice shot of her ass as she slid through her door into her room.

There was silence for a second and then I realized that my hand was playing with my hard dick through my jeans. 'What the fuck was that?' I thought. I shrugged, trying to pass if off and went into my room, straight across from mom's.

A million thoughts were going through my head as I let myself drop onto my bed. What the hell was that, why was I getting so turned on over my mother, and what the fuck was she doing right before she went into her room. I found my hand idly stoking my cock again as I tried to answer those questions. After a couple minutes of me floundering in my thoughts and wrestling with the image of mom's thighs spread wide open with her knees tucked behind her elbows. Her right hand was playing with her pussy, running its entire sweet, glistening length, dipping slowly into her hole and then softly stroking her clit. Her other hand was softly caressing her breasts, moving from one to the other, pinching and pulling her stiff nipples with her whole hand. She opened those dark brown eyes to half-lidded slits and licked her lips, moaning the words "Brandon, cum,"

I just about shot a load in my pants before I heard mom knocking on the door.

"Brandon, come on out of there," she said clearing her throat. I sat bolt upright and looked for something to cover my crotch because there was no way in hell my monster was going down any time soon. I decided to just bite the bullet and answer; it's not like I was naked or anything, I was just stiff as a board and there was an 8 inch ridge in my pants.

"Yeah," my voice squeaked. The door opened and there was mom, in a tank top and a pair of ratty, baggy pants. She poked her head around the door and looked at me.

"I was going to go to the store for some stuff," she started. Her eyes shifted down my torso and locked onto my cock resting along the top curve of my thigh. The very tip of mom's pink tongue slipped out between her un-glossed lips and her head lowered for a second, her eyes focusing on my stiff rod. "Did, uh, did you want to come?" she said. My cock twitched and she snapped her gaze back to my eyes and she smiled, the crimson blush creeping back to her face.

"No," I lied, "I think I'll get my stuff from the car."

"Okay, I'll help. I want to talk about some things with you anyway," she said. I could see her eyes drifting down my chest and then her forcing herself to look back up and lock on my eyes. "Like why you're home early." She shut the door and I saw that magnificent ass again.

I'm convinced my mother's always been a drop-dead knock out. She's always taken good care of herself, she's got a nice rack, a contagious smile, and curvy legs that seem to stop in the upper atmosphere. Just watching her come into my room made my mouth water and those clothes...my cock started jumping in my pants just thinking about it. I wanted my mother in the worst way. I wanted to feel her nails digging into my back as I plunged my rock hard cock into her tight shaved snatch. I wanted to smell her pussy creaming around my cock, mingling with the scent of the vanilla candles she always burned and the smell of our own sweat. I wanted to hear her panting out my name as she came on my dick. I wanted to taste that pink flower of hers with her legs wrapped around my head, her fingers grabbing my by the hair, pushing me deeper, and the smell and taste of her pussy all over my face. I wanted to...

'Dude,' my voice interrupted me in my head. 'She's your mom. What the fuck are you thinking about?'

"Sweetie, you coming?" she hollered and I could hear her feet on the stairs.

"Just about," I half-shouted back. I wasn't lying that time. I couldn't have made my dick go limp if I wanted to. Every thought brought me back to my mother. Sometimes she was pushing her ass at me, leaning against the kitchen table for balance as I fucked her; leaning on the kitchen table where meals had been eaten and homework had been done. Sometimes we were in the bathtub together; the same tub where she used to bathe me when I was little. Sometimes we were in a car, driving to the store; I was driving, she started playing with herself in the passenger seat and she started slowly playing with me too. She leaned over and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped my fly and brought my dick out and started flicking her tongue all around the head, her hand softly rolling my balls as she cradled them in her hand. Her hot, wet mouth slowly engulfed more of my meat and she started humming as my cock hit the back of her throat...

I shook the images from my head and tromped up the stairs. I don't know how long I was dreaming, but I had a nice view of my mom's ass as she hit the top step. I saw the muscle contract and flex even under the loose denim, the whole leg of the jeans being picked up from the inside. For the first time I noticed just how beat up those jeans were getting. There were small holes and tears in them everywhere from use and abuse. They were no longer the brilliant sky blue that they used to be; now they were a sun and wash faded light blue, with more white than anything in them.

Then I noticed the rips in them. They weren't obvious unless they were being stretched, and when she walked up the stairs, those jeans practically sucked to her hips and ass. There was a series of small cuts along the backs of the thighs, probably from sitting on her slatted bench in the studio. The seams were almost giving away in most of them, and then I saw the thin webbing of material that comprised the crotch of those jeans, stretching as her left leg pushed her weight up and her right leg rose up behind her. I could see the creamy soft flesh of the junction of her thighs, I could see the contrast of the bluer hem of her jeans riding tight against the white faded fabric and her beautiful skin.

I could see that she wasn't wearing panties. The right side of the hem was significantly more worn than the left and the fabric was literally nothing but threads for about an inch. I could see half of her pink, and what looked like glistening, pussy cut in half by that hem and her lips spread wide open, displaying under that fine webbing of fraying white thread. I stopped, my mouth hung open slightly. I couldn't believe it. My dick throbbed in my pants now; it was well beyond twitching. Twitching was when I saw her just out of the shower. This was a full on shot of her open cunt and my cock was throbbing in time with the heartbeats thundering in my ears. I felt myself break out in a fine sweat and I just froze.

"Honey?" she asked after hearing my steps on the stairs stop quickly. I shook myself out of my daze and kept walking up the stairs.

'Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?' I heard the voice in my head say. I got to the top of the stairs and headed outside for the driveway. The front door opened and shut and Mom was outside.

"Wait just a damn second," I mumbled to myself. "Fuck what the fuck is wrong with me, what the fuck is wrong with her? She wanted me to see that. She wanted me to see her." That thought echoed in my head all the way out the door. My dick could have chiseled steel when I hit the front door, thinking about my mom, her ankles on my shoulders, and me pounding her pussy with reckless abandon, the couch squeaking, her squealing and moaning, and our bodies slapping together in a growing puddle of cum.

I opened the door, and mom was on the porch steps, leaning against column that supported the awning. Her arms were crossed under her tits, lifting them to my view, erect nipples and all. For the first time in my life I saw just how thin my mother actually was and I noticed how good she looked in a tight-fitting tank top. Even being as young as she was, she looked better at 32 than most of the college girls did at 21. My eyes were glued to her chest for an instant, studying those round fleshy globes. I used to breast feed from them, and I wanted nothing more right now than to clamp my mouth around one of those nipples, bite it gently, suck it, and have nothing else in the world except me, that tit, and her.

She uncrossed her arms and fished the keys out of her pocket. She tossed them to me, and concentrating on catching them made me break my gaze from my mother's body. She giggled and pushed off the post, arching her back and flexing that magnificent ass again. I watched her turn and bounce down the 5 steps leading to the house, her ass swaying from side to side as she walked around the hood of the car and got in the passenger side. I walked as I watched her, my cock still hard. I was looking forward to concentrating on driving.

'Driving your 8 inches of meat into her quivering pussy,' I heard my inner voice say. 'You want it, you want it and she knows it and she's teasing you with it. She's your mother and you want to fuck her into orgasmic oblivion, you sick bastard. And the funny thing is, the sick bitch wants you to do it to her. She wants to get what she hasn't had in how long now, just a shade under 14 years. Look at her, she's in her prime, and so are you.'

"Shut up," I said softly as I opened the door and sat in.

"What was that?" Mom asked as I sat down and closed the door.

"Nothing, just clearing my throat," I said. 'Yeah, you'll give her something to clear her throat,' that little voice said again. I fastened my seatbelt and checked out of habit to see if Mom had hers on as well. She did, but she also had her right leg up on the seat and her left leg spread out a little, spreading that broken hem out further and putting most of her pink core on display. My eyes must have lingered a little too long and Mom followed where they were locked on to and blushed a little.

"Oops, sorry. You know me and these old jeans," she said and re-positioned her legs more appropriately. I had a feeling that the thick hem still left in the seat of those jeans sucked right up against her clit and that she probably had a hell of a camel toe going for her. I swallowed the mouthful of saliva that had gushed into my mouth and backed the car out of the drive. I caught her sneaking a peek at my still rock-hard dick and smiling, her eyes lingering a little too long, her smile a little too big. She tried to turn away fast enough that she thought I had missed the look, and I let her think that for the time being.

The trip to the store went pretty well normal. Mom asked me about finals and I told her they were hard but I thought I had done all right. I asked her about her paintings and she said she hadn't sold one in a while, and that she was waiting for some inspiration to come. My mind twitched and wondered if she meant a picturesque sunrise or me.

The rest of the day went pretty much like that. Just normal Mom and son stuff. She was putting her body on display quite a bit, and she made sure I had ample opportunity to take everything in from her slightly curly auburn hair to the shape of her calves as she moved in her jeans. At home, there wasn't much else going on either. Nothing like this morning, anyway. I caught a couple of quick looks at her pussy here and there and I was hard off and on for most of the afternoon. That evening she went in to her room to paint and I went into my room to jerk off. I had a case of blue balls that would make Paul Bunyan's ox jealous.

While jerking off, which took me all of 1 minute before I shot my spunk all over my bed, I came to a revelation; two can play her game, and if she wants to play it, so will I. After I came down from thinking about my mother's tight cunt riding in those almost non-existent jeans all day, I needed to shower between being outside in the warm May weather, the good jerk I had just had, and the sweating I had been doing all day while thinking about running my tongue slowly through my mother's jeans and eating her out in a quiet corner of the mall. Yeah, a shower would be good.

I opened my door and just walked naked to the bathroom, with my half-hard cock leading the way. It was only a couple of feet, but it was at the end of the hall and I had to walk past Mom's studio; there was no door on the studio, just a big open space. I walked on through and I'm sure she saw me, but didn't say anything. I heard her paint brush clatter to the floor but beyond that, there was no sound. I jerked off slowly in the shower and couldn't get my mother out of my head.

I was wondering what she would be doing when I got out of the shower. I kept wondering if she was getting herself off while I was in the shower; using the handle of a paintbrush to fuck herself while her fingers worked furiously over her clit. I could see lying down on the bench, her legs perpendicular to her body, the paint brush splattering white acrylic over her abdomen as it slid in and out of her hot, aching pussy. Her back arched, her legs were taut, and her feet were pushing off of just her tip toes as she plunged that paint brush in and out of her sloppy pussy while soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

My hand on my own tool was flying. With a few squirts of shampoo for lube my dick was a slick, sudsy, glistening rod of fleshy steel. I could almost smell that pussy when I shot another load in the shower. My whole body was tingling from the orgasm and my knees about gave out on me while I was cumming. I had never cum that hard; and it was all while thinking about mom. I rinsed myself off, realizing that the water had gone cold. I toweled off and wrapped it around my waist to go to my room. I had indulged my fantasies enough for the evening and I was looking forward to sleeping in my old bed again.

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