tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHard Day in a Schoolgirl's Life Ch. 02

Hard Day in a Schoolgirl's Life Ch. 02


I was sitting on one of the benches in the hallway reading my book while waiting for my next class to start. I really couldn't concentrate properly because of the events that took place in Mr. Michael's office last week. My mind kept replaying the scene; his humilating words, his rough hands that groped and spanked my ass and his big cock stretching me. My pussy was sore for days. Add that to my spanked ass, and sitting was quite uncomfortable. I tried very hard though to keep my focus during lessons and do well in my studies; I feared what the principal would do otherwise. I had found pleasure in how he treated me, but I knew for certain that I would be foolish to anger him.

I also felt guilty about my pleasure. Surely a proper girl wouldn't have enjoyed being treated roughly and being called humilating names like 'slut' and 'pet'. And I was the one that had brought all this on myself by allowing my imagination to run wild, thinking dirty thoughts. While in class, no less. Maybe principal Michaels was right to take me in hand and punish me for my wanton thoughts.

Mr. Michaels had ordered these 'discipline sessions' to happen weekly, and now I anxiously awaited my next session that was scheduled to start after school today, so I had just less than two hours left to prepare myself mentally. I was feeling both scared and excited. I knew the spanking were going to hurt badly and I wanted to run away, but I still remembered vividly my explosive orgasm and that thought alone made my pussy moist.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't at first notice the man that had stopped in front of me.

"Miss Davies. May I have a word with you?"

Startlled I looked up from my book and noticed Mr. Thompson, my physics teacher, standing before me.

"Of course, Sir. What's this about?"

"Let's go somewhere more private first."

Mr. Thompson led me to an empty classroom that was situated away from most of the activity and locked the door behind us. I started to get an uneasy feeling. I'd never liked Mr. Thompson, he was a fat slob that often leered at pretty girls and almost strained his beady little eyeballs to get a good look at their cleavage. He never said or really did anything offensive, but he made my skin crawl. I thought it would be better to make up an excuse to leave as soon as possible.

" My next lesson is actually starting very soon, so I don't have much time."

"Don't you worry about that, Miss Davies. I've informed your teacher that you'll be missing her lesson."

"But why?"

"Because you will be otherwise occupied, of course."

I didn't like the sound of this and started to back up towards the door.

"Don't be foolish little girl, come here."

"I really should go to my history lesson, I don´t want to fall behind..."

"I said, 'come here'!"

I didn't mistake that for a request and approached him.

"Good girl, sit here in front of the desk and we will have a nice little chat."

I sat down on the chair he pointed out to me and waited nervously for what he had to say.

"You must wonder what is this all about, so I'll get straight to the point. I thought it would be fair of me to tell you first that I´m going to inform your parents their sweet innocent girl is fucking with her principal."

I couldn't believe my ears. How did he know? I tried to deny it of course, but couldn't keep the tremor out of my voice.

"W-what? That isn't true!"

"Don´t you lie to me young missy!" he bellowed and I flinched at the loud volume. "I happened to walk by the principal's office and heard you; I know full-well what was going on."

"I didn't want it, please don't tell my parents!"

"You have the audacity to claim you didn´t want it after I heard you moan and scream like a dirty whore?"

"Please, don't tell my parents!"

I was crying now. I was so ashamed and thought I would die if my parents found out about my behaviour.

"Well, I really should tell them so they can punish you as they see fit...But perhaps we can handle this just between us. I'll show you what happens to sluts like you, so you will learn the error of your ways."

"Yes, Sir. Please, anything else..."

"Exactly my dear, anything..."

I felt a shiver go through my body at his words and had to suppress the urge to run away. After my previous experience with Mr. Michaels, I knew very well what Mr. Thompson wanted, but I didn't know how I could stand to be touched by his grubby fingers. The very thought made me sick to my stomach, but I didn't see any other way out.

"Stand up and remove your clothes, Miss Davies."

I stood up slowly and started to unbutton my blouse; my hands trembled and my fingers were clumsy. My heart was beating fast and I tried to breathe deep so I wouldn't panic. I removed the blouse and slid my skirt down my legs. I stood there only in my white lacy bra and panties, staring at my toes. I didn't want to look him in the eye; I didn't want to see that sleazy leer directed at me.

"I said remove your clothes, and that includes your underwear. This is going to take too long if I have to repeat every order and I'm not a patient man. Don't test me."

With shaky hands I unhooked my bra and let it fall down on the floor and then reluctantly dropped my panties and stepped out of them. I tried desperately to cover myself with my hands, but he moved forward and slapped my hands away. My skin crawled at the touch; I didn't want this.

"Do not cover yourself. I want to see what I'm getting."

His words made me raise my eyes. He was staring me triumphantly and his smile was lecherous when his eyes traveled my body head to toes, lingering on certain areas.

"Very nice. Good, plump tits for a whore like you."

My cheeks turned scarlet at his crude words, but he didn't give me time to think about my embarrassement.

"Bend over the desk, Miss Davies. That should be a familiar position to you."

I bent over, my upper body,hands and cheek pressing against the cool surface of the table. My nipples stiffened immediately at the contact.

"Spread your legs wide." I complied, but he wasn´t happy.

"Wider!" He bellowed, a sharp slap on my bottom accompanying his words.

He moved to stand between my legs and his hands grabbed my ass cheeks roughly, squeezing, pinching and slapping them. His fat fingers moved down to my pussy and spread the wetness around. I shuddered with disgust when two of his stubby digits pushed inside me stretching me uncomfortably.

"You have a nice tight cunt, slut. Probably not for long. Sluts' cunts have a tendency to loosen," he mocked with an evil laugh.

He pushed a third finger inside me making me flinch with pain. I was wet, but not enough though my pussy was getting wetter in an effort to protect itself. He continued to push his fingers in and out of me, sometimes slowly taking them almost all the way out before pushing them back in, sometimes fucking my pussy with rapid movements.

Although I was thoroughly disgusted by him, my body reacted to the manipulation and soon my hips started to meet his fingers on their on accord. I bit my lips in effort to stifle my moans, but couldn't stop them altogether.

"Ah! The little bitch is enjoying this. Why doesn't that surprise me? You try to pretend to be a good girl, but only a few fingers in your pussy and you´re moaning like a filthy whore."

"Well," he continued, thrusting his chubby fingers so hard into my snatch I grunted, sliding up the table. "I can´t have you enjoying this too much, can I? The point was to discourage your slutty behaviour," he said, stopping the movement of his fingers, but still keeping them embedded in my cunt.

"So, tell me my slut, did the principal take your virginity?"

"No," I gasped, new heat reaching my cheeks. "I wasn´t a virgin anymore."

"Good thing there are other virginities."

I didn't understand his words until I felt him remove his fingers from my pussy and moved them to circle around my anus.

"Oh god, please no!"

"Shut up bitch! I told you I would show you what happens to filthy sluts."

His thumb pressed on my puckered anus and I squealed when my spinchter gave in and the thumb popped inside my rectum.

"Please, that hurts..." I still tried to plead with him even though I knew it was pointless.

He smacked my ass cheek soundly in retaliation.

"Be quiet, slut, and take it."

He moved his thumb around a bit, pushing it deeper and then pulled it out. I sighed a premature sigh of relief when the burning subsided as his finger left me, but I got worried when I heard him take something out of his briefcase. I heard a squirt and felt some cold liquid land on my asshole. He then spread the liquid, pushing it inside of me with his fingers, and ignoring the tight refusal of my sphincter muscles.

"Can't have you too busted up, you'd be no fun after that."

I heard the sound of a zipper and knew what was coming, but there was no way I could have prepared for what came next. I felt the head of his cock pushing on my anus and when the pressure intensified I couldn't help the scream of pain that escaped my lips.

"Ohhh! Stop! Please no..."

"You really just can't keep you mouth shut, can you?" He said, and smacked my ass angrily several times.













"Maybe this will help you," he said, and I felt the pressure to my asshole lessen when he moved to pick my panties from the floor. He then came to stand in front of me and pushed the panties roughly into my mouth.

For the first time I got a good look at his penis and my mind filled with dread.

This was going to hurt badly.

His cock was big, not as thick as Mr. Michaels', but long and still thick enough to cause damage to my poor anus. Every muscle in my body was tense, just waiting for the pain. He settled his cock against my asshole again and without a warning pushed it all the way in with one fast, brutal stroke.

My body bucked trying to dislodge the intruder, but I only managed to cause myself more pain. My screams were muffled by the panties in my mouth and only unintelligible whining came through.

My rectum burned so bad! It felt like someone had pushed a baseball bat into my ass. He kept plowing into me, totally uncaring of my agony, grabbing my hips painfully and grunting in time with his thrusts. He sounded like an animal rutting away while I whimpered in pain. Gradually, the sharp burning pain started to recede and turned into a throbbing one. He knew none of this and continued to stab into me at a steady rhythm. It felt like it went on forever, but finally his movements gathered speed and his grunts got louder. His fingers grabbed my aching hips even tighter and he groaned as his cock spewed his cum in to my depths.

Thank god it was over...

His now limp dick fell out of my still throbbing ass and he patted my head like I was a dog.

"Good slut."

I scrambled off the table and tore the panties out of my mouth. I frantically collected my clothes and put them hastily on, trying to make myself look presentable.

"Go to the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up. Don't forget to put your panties on so you don't drip my cum all over the floors on the way."

I ran out of the room, not daring to look back, ignoring the pain between my ass cheeks. Feeling his cum leak out of me with every step, I glanced at the hall clock and realised if I didn´t hurry I would be late for my 'discipline session' with Principal Michaels. I burst in to tears; the day wasn't over yet.

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