tagBDSMHard Fuck By My Master

Hard Fuck By My Master


'L.A. Wicker and I Cowrote this together. We both hope You will enjoy it. Make Sure You vote for it. Thanks L.A. Wicker You sweet Man for everything You have done for me.'

Master smiled, taking her hand; leading her to the room. Once inside Master jerked her in his arms. 'I hope you liked getting fucked hard, because that's what you're going to get, cunt!' Master said as he yanked down her short skirt. 'Fuck, I love your long legs!' Master said looking at cunt's long, stocking covered legs and gave her small, tight ass a firm slap.


Cunt jumped and felt her pussy tingling like never before. 'Oh yes, Master!' Cunt yelled out sticking her small ass out for Master to slap again. 'Spank me! I've been so bad, Master!' Cunt begged Master, giving him a pleading look.

'What did you do?' Master asked looking into her big, brown eyes. 'Tell me, now!' Master ordered, grabbing a handful of her pretty, long hair and gave it a hard pull.

Cunt felt as if her pussy was on fire. At last a man that would play rough with her and Master had a massive cock to give her the hard fuck that she needed. 'I rubbed my cunt, thinking of you fucking me, Master!' Cunt replied giving Master a lustful look hoping Master would spank her hard.

'What have I told you about that?' Master asked in a mean voice. Master grabbed more of her hair and swung his other hand across her panty-covered ass.


Cunt was in heaven as Master's hand slapped her burning body. 'I can't help it. All I think about is your cock, deep in my whore cunt, Master!' Cunt panted and waited for Master to slap her again. 'Spank me, Master!' Cunt pleaded with Master and waited for his big, wonderful hand to slap her ass again.


'Is that what you want, cunt?' Master asked feeling his cock needed to be freed from his jeans. 'Come here, cunt.' Master ordered Cunt, grabbing her hair and jerked her between his legs. 'Pull off my jeans and if you touch my cock, I'm giving you a beating, understand me, cunt?' Master asked twisting her left nipple hard as he could.

Cunt was in heaven. 'Yes, Master!' Cunt smiled enjoying the pain that was running from her nipple and to every inch of her body. She unzipped his jeans and slowly pulled them down. 'Oh Master!' Cunt moaned when her big, brown eyes saw the prize hanging between his legs. 'My I please touch it?' Cunt begged as her right hand caressed his pulsing shaft. 'It's so big!' Cunt moaned out thinking of how good it was going to feel rammed deep into her body.

Master grabbed her hair, lifting her to her feet. 'I told you not to touch it, cunt!' Master yelled in her ear. 'Now I'm going to punish you,' Master said with a big smile. 'What should I do?' Master asked as she stood before him looking to the floor.

Cunt knew this game well. A cunt never looked her Master in the eye, if she did it could mean a great punishment would follow. 'Anything you wish, Master!' Cunt replied wondering what Master would think of. If Master needed help dreaming something up, Cunt had a list of things in her perverted mind that she would love to have done to her. 'Anything but…' She replied.

'But what?' Master asked grabbing her long hair again. 'Tell me now, cunt!' Master ordered pulling her hair. Master was enjoying this game.

Cunt trembled with delight. 'Anything, but don't hurt my cunt, Master,' she replied in a soft, submissive voice. 'Don't get the cunt clips from my purse, Master. The last time they hurt so badly,' Cunt whispered hoping Master would get her hint.

'Oh really?' Master said reaching to her small purse on the dresser. As Master opened it, Master couldn't believe all of the perverted things she had inside it. Handcuffs, clips of all shapes and sizes and a small leather whip. 'So, cunt, what clips shall I use?' Master asked not knowing what ones she wanted him to use. Master loved this game and he didn't want to hurt the sexy cunt.

Cunt reached to the dresser and made two small piles of clips. 'These are the ones for my tits, Master,' she pointed to the pile of bigger clips. 'And these are for my cunt, Master,' she said pointing to the other pile of smaller clips.

'In that case,' Master shoved her down on the bed as hard as he could and picked up all of the clips. 'I think I'll just put them where ever I want,' Master said grabbing her pretty face with his strong right hand and squeezed. 'Will that be okay, cunt?' Master asked tearing her tiny panties from her hips. 'Look at this!' Master moaned when Master saw the small, silver ring that was in her swollen clit.

Cunt looked to Master and knew he was enjoying this. 'Do you like it, Master?' She asked in her submissive voice. 'You can pull it as you fuck my cunt, Master,' she whispered.

'I'll pull it anytime I want, cunt!' Master replied giving the ring a good, firm tug. Cunt moaned out with joy. 'You like that, cunt?' Master asked giving the ring another good pull.

'Oh yes, Master!' Cunt moaned with more excitement. Her body was on fire and she loved it. His long, thick cock was going to feel so good rammed deep in her burning young cunt.

Master looked at the pleasure on her pretty face. 'My sexy cunt must be very horny tonight,' Master said caressing her left breast. 'What would you like next?' Master asked the sweet girl.

'Oh Master, please use the clips!' Cunt begged him lifting her slender hips in the air. 'I want to feel them cutting into my soft cunt!' Cunt moaned out with want in her soft voice. Cunt knew the clips always brought her so much pleasure.

Master reached for one of the clips, holding it to her face, Master asked, 'Do you like this one, cunt?' Master held it into her view and slowly ran it over her naked breasts, down her very flat stomach to the top of her wet cunt. 'Where shall I put this?' Master teased her. 'Maybe here or on this.' Master moved it over her extremely hard clit. Master squeezed open the clip and moved to the left side of her tender, wet cunt lips. Master carefully closed the clip, letting it bite into her sensitive flesh.

'Oh God it hurts! It hurts so bad!' Cunt screamed out feeling the heat in her cunt building. Cunt knew she would orgasm so many times. No one had ever played her game this good before and she loved it.

Master picked up another clip; Master held it to her face. 'Where should this one go?' Master asked tracing it around her swollen right nipple. 'I think it will look very good here!' Master said squeezing open the large clip. 'Are you ready cunt?' Master asked letting the clip lock on her inflamed nipple.

'Oh Master!' Cunt screamed out as the clip chewed into her tender bud. 'Please, Master, no more!' Cunt begged, but she truly wanted all of her many clips attached to her soft flesh. The more that were tearing into her, the more she loved it.

Master reached for another clip. 'So cunt, where do we want this one?' Master teased his sexy little cunt. 'Shall we put it on here?' He ran it across cunt's other swollen nipple. 'Or shall we put it here?' Master quickly opened the clip and released it on her right cunt lips.

'Oh fuck! It hurts!' Cunt screamed out with pleasure as the cold, hard clip chewed into her soft flesh again. 'No more, Master, please!' Cunt begged, but she wanted more, lots more.

Master looked to her with shock on his face. 'What did you say?' Master asked his sexy cunt. 'Do you say 'fuck'?' Master asked, reaching for another of the cold clips. Master squeezed it open and shoved it on cunt's right nipple. His hand covered her mouth.

Master laughed as cunt tried to scream out. 'Did you like that cunt?' Master asked reaching for another of the hard clips. 'Let me think,' Master thought as he looking over cunt's trembling, young body. Cunt was a beautiful thing and Master felt only love for cunt. 'How about here!' Master said squeezing open the clip, pushed it to the side of cunt's fuck hole, and released it.

Master held cunt's mouth and could feel cunt trying to scream out, but she couldn't. Master reached for the remnants of cunt's panties and crammed them into cunt's mouth. That should keep you quite, cunt.' Master laughed looking to cunt lying across the large bed. 'I have a few more things I want to try.' Master laughed and walked to the closet, pulling out a big duffel bag, he returned to cunt.

Master opened the bad, pulled out rope cut in many different lengths. 'I think I want to tie up my cunt and really do anything I want to you.' Master said with a grin and saw cunt pulling the panties from her mouth. He quickly jumped over cunt's face. 'No you don't, cunt!' Master yelled as he each of his legs covered both of cunt's arms, leaving cunt totally helpless.

Master pulled the panties from cunt's mouth, leaning forward. 'Suck it cunt!' Master ordered, but cunt didn't open her mouth. 'Suck it cunt!' Master yelled louder and his right hand squeezed cunt's nose closed. 'I bet you will now!' Master laughed, seeing cunt fight for air until her mouth at last opened. Master rammed his very long, hard cock deep into cunt's warm mouth.

'Oh yes! You're a good cunt.' Master said with a smile as he caressed cunt's long, soft hair. 'You're the best cunt any Master could ever dream of!' Master smiled again and started to slowly fuck cunt's wonderful mouth. Master could hear soft moans of pleasure coming from deep in cunt's body.

Master look down to the wonderful cunt as she sucked him, Master knew that he loved his cunt with all of his heart. 'Ready for more?' Master asked as he carefully lifted off of cunt's arms. 'I was thinking I might tie up my little cunt would you like that?'

Cunt smiled to her loving Master. 'I love anything you do to me, Master.' Cunt said with love in her soft voice as she watched Master reach for his ropes. Cunt loved when Master tied her burning body so tight that she'd be lucky to breathe and then Master would fuck her wet cunt hole with no mercy.

'Good!' Master smiled as he grabbed cunt's right arm, tying it to the bed. He moved to cunt's other arm and tied it. 'So, how should I tie your legs, cunt?' Master asked his sexy cunt, enjoying the sight of cunt not being able to move. Master reached for the handcuffs lying on the bed. 'How about..' Master grabbed cunt's right leg as fast as he could, snapping one cuff around cunt's ankle and then he fought to pull cunt's legs to the headboard. 'Keep fighting me cunt and you will get hurt!' Master yelled to his struggling cunt.

This was the only thing that cunt didn't like. Cunt knew Master would fuck her tight ass with his massive cock and cunt hated it. Master overpowered cunt with little effort. Cunt's delicate arms were tied tightly to the bed and her long, sexy legs pulled over her head. Leaving cunt's seductive cunt and ass open to be used. Cunt was now at Master's mercy. 'No please, Master!' Cunt begged Master and saw Master licking his lips as Master admired cunt's very sexy ass.

Master reached into the bag, pulled out a jar of sex jelly, dipped his fat cock-head into it and moved to cunt's beautiful ass. 'Are you ready, cunt?' Master asked with a smile and knew cunt hated this, but he didn't really care. Master loved ramming into cunt's tight ass, tearing it open and fucking it until cunt passed out under him.

'No Master, please!' Cunt begged him as tears ran down her pretty face. Cunt knew Master would hurt her and cunt hated it. 'Please, Master! I'll do anything you wish!' Cunt begged him with luck.

Master leaned over cunt. 'I won't hurt my beautiful, cunt!' Master lied as he moved to cunt's pretty mouth. Master gently kissed his cunt's lips and felt cunt relaxing. He jerked forward, ramming his long, thick cock deep into cunt's tight ass as hard as he could.

'Oh God! Fuck I hate you! I hate you!' Cunt screamed out in agony as her tight ass convulsed around Master's fat cock until she passed out under him. Master used cunt's tiny ass hard and fast, she was passed out, so who cared.

Master sat on the bed, smoking a cigarette when he saw her waking up. 'I was just going to wake you.' Master said with a smile and noticed cunt crying. 'I'm sorry. You know I love fucking this great ass of yours.' Master said reaching to caress cunt's sexy, little ass. 'We go through this every time, you should just learn to like it.' Master added as he slipped the key into the handcuffs and freed her long legs.

Cunt sniffed back some tears. 'I know, I'm sorry for fighting you so much, Master.' Cunt smiled to the only man she had ever loved. 'It always hurts so bad.' Cunt sobbed again as Master moved over her young body and carefully removed the clips from her.

'Is my little cunt ready to be stuffed full of cock?' Master asked and saw a warm smile fill cunt's pretty face. He moved forward, pushing his long cock deep into her young cunt as far as he could push. 'Oh yes!' Master moaned out, enjoying her very tight cunt wrapped around his cock.

'Oh it feels so good, Master!' Cunt cried out with joy. 'Fuck me Master! Fuck me like the no good cunt I am!' Cunt screamed with joy pushing her slender hips up to meet the hard cock of Master. 'Oh yes!' Cunt moaned out with each of Master's hard thrust into her willing cunt.

Master used cunt hard and fast, just the way they both loved. Their skin slapped together each time Master rammed into her wet cunt. Faster, harder Master fucked his young, willing cunt until. 'Oh mother fucker!' Master yelled out as his cock began shooting his hot seeds deep into cunt's sexy body. 'I love you!' Master moaned out each time his cock shot into her.

'And I love you, Master!' Cunt grunted out as her tight cunt locked around Master's giant cock. 'Oh yes!' Cunt cried out with joy as a weeks worth of orgasms escaped her young body. 'Fuck me!' Cunt moaned out as orgasm after orgasm rushed through her body.

Later, he laid on the bed having a cigarette. 'Who's watching the kids?' He asked as he hugged his beautiful young wife to his body.

"My Mom is. They won't be back until tomorrow afternoon,' she smiled up to him and knew they would be playing more of their wonderful game bright and early the next morning.

Well, I hope you liked this. Please remember to vote.

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