Hard Public Window Fuck


"Move," he managed to grunt grabbing his own cock in his hand. Veronica was confused and moved to the side seconds before Chad's cock exploded sending spurt after spurt of thick white cum flying. The strands hit the window and immediately started to drip down the cool surface. Veronica watched, mesmerized. Once again the sound of cheering was evident.

Chad collapsed back in the chair, milking the last bits of cum from the tip of his cock while Veronica watched. "Clean it up, slut," he said, giving a tired but charming smile. Veronica was used to licking his cock clean and moved towards his lap but Chad held up his other hand to stop her. "Not me, Ronnie. Clean the mess you made."

Veronica's heart sank as she realized he meant the window. She felt her entire naked body flush as she crawled on her torn stockings to the window. The crowd was substantial. As she moved to the glass she saw the unmistakable flash of several cameras and heard a loud roar of claps and shouting.

Her body seemed to switch into automatic as she licked the first dripping strands of cum from the window. The crowd immediately reacted. The window was cold and had no taste other than the salty taste of Chad's spunk that was pleasing to Veronica. She used her tongue to lick up the strands, occasionally scooping it with a finger and bringing it directly to her mouth. Some of the cum had begun to dry by the time she finished requiring her to work her tongue over it like a fish against the glass of a fishbowl to ensure the mess was cleaned.

"You missed a spot," said Chad, and she realized he was watching her, his expression unreadable. Veronica looked for a spare drop of cum she had missed and noticed the messy stain left by her own wetness.

Obediently she cleaned her own stain from the window, knowing that both Chad and the crowd below were watching and judging. She enjoyed the taste of her pussy and licked the window until all trace was gone except the streaks from her own saliva. What would the cleaning crew think?

When she finally finished and sat back on her heels, she felt flushed and ashamed. She started to crawl away from the window and Chad began to laugh.

"Wow Ronnie, I had no idea you were into fucking in public," he teased. He stood up, naked in front of the open windows, and the crowd below went wild. Veronica swore the crowd was getting larger and louder. Chad made a few poses, completely at ease with his nudity, his cock softening and hanging proudly. Veronica was too embarrassed to join in his revelry.

With a quick wave, Chad closed the drapes to a resounding BOO from the spectators below. Veronica wrapped herself in one of the complimentary robes in the bathroom and joined Chad sitting on the bed.

"I told you that you would enjoy Vegas. So what do you want to do tomorrow on our last night here?" asked Chad.

"You told me there were great shows here..." she said, coyly.

"And to think we were part of one of them tonight!"

Veronica just laughed and started to dream up ways to top that night's performance.

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by Anonymous

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by boradda02/27/18

WoW Hot

One for our bucket list. Wife says this cant happen quick enough.

Getting wet thinking of doing it

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by HungBigBen01/28/18

I've done it thousands of times

I've had sex, many times, oral and fucking, in front of windows of hotels, high rise apartments and condos, and even offices after hours....many, many times. Try to do it side ways...if anyone is watching...theymore...

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