tagErotic PoetryHard to Sleep

Hard to Sleep

byCal Y. Pygia©

I stayed up again
too late
(and too long),
and now it will be hard
to sleep.

I will see shadows
on the walls,
of naked men, erect,
and women, nude
and full of bounce--
shadow people,
in celebration of darkness
and hours to kill
before dawn.

We were once leaves
and grass;
we were sky,
clouds, and butterflies;
we were never going to die
when summer was eternal
and grass was bejeweled
with dew.

Rainbows come and go,
and lavender bleeds, pink
and blue, mascara running
my cheeks
strained tears.

I do not trust similes
and metaphors
they reek of decadence
and simplicity,
and we live in a complex world,
of metamorphoses.

Even images are wingless
and nectar lacks substance.

Only a few things matter
in every way:

Breasts and nipples
and labial invitations
to soft, wet clefts
in mounds of flesh
and buttocks so beautiful
they hurt not the eys,
but the heart,
and penises,
of course,
and testicles.

These are eternal
and essential,
the food and drink
of gods pressed imto
human flesh.

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