tagHumor & SatireHard to Stop Myself

Hard to Stop Myself


I think I know when it started. I had just gotten home, I got myself a glass of milk out of the fridge when I heard the noise.

It sounded like someone was hurt and crying, so I set the glass down and went down the hallway. The noise was coming from my sister Sandy's room, she was home from College for a week. Thinking something was wrong I pushed the door open and went in.

She was on her back, naked as a jaybird, both hands shoved in her pussy. Her face was all screwed up and she was groaning.

Dang! I had always wondered what her titties looked like and there they were, one flopped over each side of her chest. I had always seen them with her clothes on before and they were shoved up high on her chest that way. It took her a moment to realize I was standing there, then she came off the bed like a shot yelling at the top of her lungs. Her big titties were flopping, there was a few big rolls of fat at her waist. She reached for her blouse that was laying on the bed, then she came at me.

Sandy was 4 years older than me and she beat me up a lot of times so I ran for the door and then out of the house.

Sandy could beat me up but she sure as hell couldn't catch me if I got just a step or two head start.

I was halfway down the block when I realized she wasn't chasing me.

Of course not! I grinned to myself, she was stark naked. I hid behind the brick wall at the 7-11 on the corner and peeked out to be sure, though. Then I waited a solid two hours before I went back, I knew Mom and Dad would be home by then and Sandy couldn't go smacking me around or Dad would take his belt to her, 24 years old be damned. Mom and Dad were very strict with the two of us, so even with me being barely out of High School they still had all these rules and I had to follow them or else.

I walked into the house and instantly got it from Mom for being late. Sandy was sitting on the couch and she had a look on her face I hadn't seen before, I realized she was terrified that I would tell.

I really had no plans to tell on her but I also knew that now I had the upper hand for the first time I could ever remember. I was also thinking about her great big titties and what they looked like, that was the first ones I had ever seen in the flesh and it got me all excited, even if they were just Sandy's.

I was thinking I wanted to see her snatch, too, but her hand had been in the way and even when she jumped up all I saw was hair. Besides, I was beating feet, like I said, Sandy liked to smack me around sometimes.

I made some lame excuse about having gotten sidetracked playing catch and forgetting about the time, grinning at Sandy. She looked down and blushed.

I had her cold and I knew it. She knew it too.

That night I was laying in my bed, I was rubbing my dick under the covers thinking about her big titties right out there in plain view when there was a knock at my door. It was a very quiet knock.

"What?" I whispered, yanking the covers up higher. The door cracked open a tiny amount.

"Danny? Can I come in and talk?"

"Yea, but you better not hit me." I said.

"I won't." She pushed the door open, looked in at me. It was pretty late and I knew Mom and Dad would be asleep. There was just enough light from outside that I could see that she was wearing that ugly fuzzy blue robe she usually wore around the house.

She carefully closed the door, then came over and sat on the edge of my bed, sinking the side down far enough that I had to scoot over away from her to keep from rolling right into her.

Sandy really was a bit of a chunk.

"I didn't mean for you to see that." She blurted right out.

"I just thought you were hurt, maybe had fallen down or something."

"It's just..I was..you know, taking care of things."

"I guess so." I answered. Now I was blushing.

"I know you do it too." She said.

"No I don't!" I lied.

"Yes, you do. I saw you...in the bathroom."

"You spied on me?"

"No it was an accident. It's OK, everybody does it."

I didn't know that everybody did it, to be honest. Hell, if that was the case why did I have to go hide in the bathroom with the fan on?

There was a lot of things I didn't know, I guessed. I never would have dreamed that my sister would actually do....that? I giggled at the thought, Sandy glared at me for a second but then her face softened.

"So what did you think?" She asked.

"About what?"

"You saw me, my...boobs..and everything."

"Yea, so what? I have seen lots of girls." I lied.

"Maybe in pictures, don't lie. But what did you think?" She asked again.

"Well, you have nice big ones." I was starting to feel confident now.

"Did you like them?"

"Yea, I guess."

"Do you want to see them again?" Her voice had changed to a purr.

"I guess so."

"OK. But don't tell Mom and Dad." She opened her robe and there they were. They really were big. My cock jumped instantly to erect.

"Go ahead and feel them if you want to."

I reached out and felt first one, then the other. Then I rubbed her nipple on the one closest to me, it was hard and covered with tiny little bumps. She let out a little sigh.

"That feels good."

I pulled my hand back.

"Don't stop. You can touch me here, too. If you want to." She scooted over a bit closer on the bed and brought one knee up. I knew what she meant, I reached out and touched her. She was soft and rubbery feeling, and all wet.

"Yuk! You are all wet, did you pee?"

"No, that's just the way it works, it gets slippery."

"Oh." I was still rubbing her.

"Put your finger in." She was gasping now.

"I don't want to, I might catch something."

"Oh bullshit! I don't have anything, besides, Mom and Dad are full of shit."

"Oh. Ok."

I pushed with my finger, it took several pokes but I found her opening and my finger slid inside a little ways. She moaned and I thought it hurt so I pulled my finger back out.

"Put it back in!" She said.

"Shhhhh! You will wake Mom and Dad!" I told her as I slid my finger back in there. I was getting my confidence back up now.

She stifled the moan this time, turned her body so that both legs were on the bed and one knee was laid over to the side. I had to brace myself to keep from slipping.

Sandy really is quite a chunk.

There was enough light from outside that I could see her hairy bush and some gobs of flesh sticking out, nothing at all like the bare little slits I saw in the magazines I had hidden where Mom couldn't find them. She had a lot of hair down there, too. Way more than me in fact. I felt around, there were ridges on the upper side of her pussy that felt rough, I rubbed those several times and her hips started to buck. That made the bedsprings squeak.

"Shhhhh!" I said again.

"Let's get down on the floor, Danny." She whispered. She slid off the bed quietly and lay down on her back on the carpet.

"I can't, I don't have anything on." I told her.

"Neither do I, it's OK."

I slid out from under the covers, still bashful about my boner sticking straight up and lay down beside her, reaching out to put my finger back inside.

Her hand reached over and grabbed my cock, I jumped at that.

"It got bigger since the last time I saw it." She smiled. Then her head went back as I pushed my finger in and out, bumping up against her with my palm each time. I figured that if I liked it rubbed real fast she would too so I pressed my hand against the gob of flesh and rubbed her really fast. Her hand was wrapped around me, she just held it, then she squeezed down on me. My hips moved back and forth with a mind of their own, in seconds I let loose into her hand. She choked off a moan at the same time. We lay there like that for quite awhile.

"I better get back to my room now, you won't tell, will you?"


"OK. Good." She kissed me on the forehead, then got up and quietly left. I lay there on the floor, then as I started to feel cold I got up and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up to the Sun shining in my window. I rolled out of bed and looked down, there was a wet looking spot on the carpet. Mom was going to kill me for that, so I went and got some water and paper towels and wiped it up. I used my hair brush to brush out the carpet, it didn't show very bad when I got done, but I threw a towel over top of it anyway.

Then I got dressed and went down to breakfast. Sandy was sitting there, she gave me a sly look when I walked in. Mom and Dad didn't notice. Dad always had his face buried in a newspaper, and Mom was over by the sink cleaning stuff.

"Her Danny, would you like to come down to the park with me later?" Sandy asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

"Sure, sounds like fun." I smiled at her. Mom looked at each of us strangely, normally we were griping at each other about something. Then she happily packed us a picnic basket.

"It sure is nice to see our kids getting along better." Mom said to Dad as we were going out the door. Dad mumbled something and shuffled his newspaper.

Once away from the house, Sandy started right in.

"We need to be sure and get off by ourselves before we do that again." She told me.

"Yea, probably."

"We can't actually...you know...do it, though, since you are my brother."

"Yea, I guess not."

"Besides, there are diseases and I could even get pregnant."

"I don't have any diseases."

"Neither do I, it's just that...you know."

"Hey, we could get some rubbers?"

"Maybe." She grinned at me. "We would need to be really careful. But we better not, besides, we can always...." Her voice trailed off, a little catch in it.

I just nodded, I had heard all about things like that from Mom and Dad both. So much in fact that I was actually a bit afraid of girls anyway and I knew that Sandy had also suffered the lectures. But the only reason I was afraid of Sandy was because up until now she was always shoving me around, since she outweighed me by 50 pounds.

Things had sure changed all of a sudden.

We were getting close to the park and there were lots of other kids around now. We spent the day just sitting around, I got into a frisbee game with some guys I knew for awhile. I looked over at Sandy a couple of times, now there were two girls sitting there chatting with her. I knew the one girl, her name was Marilee Miller. She had been one of the hotties in high school, on the cheerleading squad, into everything. She ignored me of course. The other girl I didn't know, she was older. They kept looking at me and grinning for some reason, I noticed that enough that I wiped my nose and checked my fly.

Later I went and sat down, grabbed a bottle of juice and a sandwich out of the basket. Marilee introduced the older girl as Kate. They both took turns grinning at me, Sandy too.

It actually made me a little nervous.

I was just getting ready to go join the game again when Marilee asked me if I wanted to come with them and play some music. I decided why not, it might be cool to be with three girls.

Besides, Marilee had mostly ignored me up until now. They were giggling as we got up, I didn't know why.

We all walked over there, it was just a few blocks. The older girl was named Kate, she put on some music and we sat around. Kate had a bottle of wine and she sipped it regularly, I took a taste but didn't like it. Then the three of them started passing it back and forth. They were yapping away about girl stuff and it didn't take long and I was ready to go someplace else. I got up to go use the bathroom and when I came out the three of them were huddled together giggling about something.

"Hey, Danny! Sandy says you know some things." Kate said, a trace of slur in her voice.

"Things? What things?"

"About girls." She grinned at me.

"What did you tell them?" I asked Sandy, blushing.

"It's OK. We tell each other everything. We just thought maybe you would like to...do some stuff?"

"Yea, some stuff!" Kate said, laughing loudly. She was getting pretty buzzed on the wine, I could tell.

I looked back and forth at them, not completely sure.

"Let's pants him!" Kate said, suddenly lunging at me.

Kate was tugging at my pants, I tried to reach down and stop her but Sandy grabbed my arm. I was pushing at Sandy trying to get her loose but then Marilee grabbed my free arm and I was down on my back. I felt my pants go down my legs, gave some kicks and tried to sit up but Sandy swung her leg over my chest and sat on me and that was it.

My pants were off, I felt Kate's hands tugging at my briefs and then they were gone too. I was stuck, pinned to the floor by my sister while Marilee held one arm. Kate reached out and grabbed me in the crotch.

I quit struggling.

"You weren't kidding, he has a big one!" She laughed. Then she started stroking me, in no time I got hard, no way could I stop that.

Then she reached up to the tip and slowly rolled my foreskin back. Lord that felt good! At this point I no longer even wanted to struggle, then she pulled a little too hard and it hurt.

"OW!!" I yelled.

"That doesn't hurt." She said, but she eased up a little, then began pumping me.

"Oh, look! It's getting even bigger!" Marilee leaned out to take a look, her eyes huge. Sandy had her hands on my shoulders, sitting on my chest. There was nothing I could do.

I felt Kate's hand working my length, then Sandy let go of my shoulders.

"I am going to get off now, OK?"

I nodded, just lay there. Sandy stood up off of me. I felt Marilee let go of my arm. I looked down at Kate who was still busy jerking on my cock. She was sitting crosslegged, her skirt above her knees. I could see her white panties, they were snugged up tight to her. I could see the bulge of her pubic hair and make out the crease where they pulled up slightly inside of her.

Marilee had scooted down to my side, and Sandy was now sitting on the other side. Both of them were staring at Kate's hands.

"Don't make him blow too quick, Kate! We want him to do us too." Sandy said, giggling. I realized that she was buzzed now too. Then she stood up and slid her jeans down. There was nothing underneath, I got my first look at her in the full light. Her pussy lips hung down, swollen, sticking out of the mass of hair.

"God, Sandy!" Marilee said with a giggle.

"Come on, let's have some fun." Sandy said, squatting down beside me. She reached out for my left hand and put it on her, my middle finger went right inside as she pushed down with a sigh. Kate stood up and pulled her top over her head, her bare breasts swung free. They were much smaller than Sandy's but they didn't sag at all. Then she reached under her skirt and her panties came down and off too. She sat back down with her legs spread again, reached for me. Her pussy was bare around the lips with a mass of hair above them. I stared at it, she just sat there wide open knowing I was looking, a silly grin on her face. She wrapped both hands around my erection, then began to slowly stroke it.

"Rub his nuts, Marilee!" Kate said. I looked over at her, she was still fully dressed. She reached out and felt my balls, lifted them a couple of times and then let go.

"Come on Marilee, show him your stuff!" Kate giggled. Just then Sandy pulled her top off too, reaching behind herself to trip the catch on her huge bra. Her big breasts swung down, they were the size of cantaloupe, her nipples were light colored and as big as a silver dollar.

Marilee stood up, hesitated for a second, then slipped off her T-shirt. She had no bra on either, her breasts were about the same size as Kate's but her nipples were much smaller and darker. I looked at her as she smiled at me and slid her jeans down and off. She was totally hairless, her clit peeked out the top of her slit and there was a little outward fold halfway down. She squatted down beside me just like Sandy was, I reached out with my right hand and slipped my middle finger inside her, too. She had ridges inside, too, I remembered how Sandy had acted the night before so I began to reach way inside and draw my middle finger back across the ridges. Marilee let out a gasp and shoved her hips forward.

The whole thing turned into a mayhem orgy after that, I rubbed and poked and probed all of them. At one point I had several of my fingers inside Kate as her hips bucked up and down. They each took turns grabbing me, stroking me for awhile, then one of the others.

I must have exploded at least three times. Finally were were all exhausted, laying there resting.

Then the front door opened and an older woman stood there in shock, a grocery sack in each arm. The girls took off in all directions grabbing frantically at their clothing. I jumped up and wrapped both hands around my crotch, since that was what the woman was staring at.

"What in the hell is going on, Marilee?" The woman demanded.

"It's not what it looks like." Kate whimpered, struggling with her shirt. Marilee didn't say anything as she was trying to pull on a pair of jeans, then she realized they were mine and she had to pull them back off and grab her own. Sandy managed to get dressed first, I got my jeans back from Marilee and pulled them up as the woman stood there and stared at us.

We all stood there shamefaced.

"You kids, good lord!" The woman said finally, then she walked by us into the kitchen and set down the sacks she was carrying.

Then she walked back into the room. She looked me up and down, smiled.

"I bet you had fun, huh?" She asked me.

"Uhhh....." Was all I could manage. I was eyeing the doorway, but she was closer to it than I was.

"Girls, next time you want to do something crazy, find a place other than my living room?" Then she smiled again and went back into the kitchen.

I got the hell out of there.

Sandy went back to her school the next day, things returned to normal for awhile. I was sitting in the chair in our living room a week later watching a ball game on TV when the phone rang. Dad answered it.

"Just a minute." He handed the phone to me.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Mrs. Miller from down the street" He looked at me and turned back to the game. I knew Mrs. Miller was Marilee's Mom.

I froze for a second, then reluctantly took the phone.


"Hello, Danny. Can you come over?"

"What's up?"

"Oh, I just wanted to talk." She had a funny tone in her voice.

"OK. In a few minutes." I hung up. I was pretty sure she wanted to chew me out.

"What does she want?" Dad asked.

"Something about me mowing her lawn." I said lamely.

"Be nice if you mowed ours once in awhile." Dad said.

"Maybe when I get back." I answered.

I was humming to myself when I walked down the street. I should have been scared but she didn't sound mad at all. Besides, I knew there was no Mr. Miller and at the worst I could always run.

I knocked on her door.

"Come on in."

I opened the door, Mrs. Miller was sitting on her couch. All she had on was a T-shirt and it was very short. Her big breasts poked right out through the front of it. I stood there taking that in, a little bit surprised.

"Marilee and I talked about you, Danny."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Well, we were just...having fun. We didn't...." I was still a little bit uncomfortable.

"You won't try to fuck me, will you? I just want you to..take care of me." She smiled and stretched, the T-shirt came up revealing the wisp of hair between her legs. Then she got up and stepped towards me.

She looked....hot?

Now I was sure.

I reached down and lifted the sides of the T-shirt, she lifted her arms to help me. Like I had thought, she was naked underneath. Her body was solid, mature, with freckles all over her breasts. They sagged slightly, pulling her nipples into an oval shape. I reached down and lifted each one, one at a time, then rolled each nipple between my fingers, getting a sigh from her.

I stood up, dropped my jeans. I hadn't bothered with briefs. She looked down as I sprang free, smiled.

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