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Having spent the last two weeks since leaving college in Ohio slowly realizing that my options are severely limited. I hadn't been able to accomplish any of the wonderful things I had planned on just three weeks before, when this unbelievable desire to return to Shelbyville jumped up and began a life of it's own.

Shelbyville, yeah, my hometown. Kind of a modern day Mayberry for those of you late in years enough to remember. Anyway, that's how I ended up back at the local McDonald's. I had been on the original crew when it had opened, so it wasn't hard to get back on. Not that I was too happy about it, but remember, limited options. Anyone that has ever flipped burgers for a living know what it's like, and if you haven't experienced that joy, then far be it from me to deprive you of the full treatment. So no further talk of my days need be necessary.

My life was typical, except today. Being unattached and as always on the prowl, I spied a sweet young thing in the lobby. She was about 5', give or take, lovely long brown hair that sparkled, puppy dog brown eyes, a sinful little smile with a devilish glint in her eye. Not to mention the proudest pair of breasts in the room. If the guy that said more than a mouthful's a waste had seen her he would have change his tune.

Being ever the hound, I grabbed the first available body and asked if he knew who she was. Since he was a typical employee, it took a few seconds for him to respond. "Why, that's Nise," squirted out and then he just looked at me.

I smacked him in the back of his head and she works here joins the name.

"Impossible, I would have seen her, hormones you know," I shot back.

"Well, they must be tired or something, cause you've worked with her two nights this week. The shy little brunette named Denise."

I was stunned, but it was the same face. I had pretty much decided that she would be a little timid and I had been there before. I wanted a little fire in my life. After all who knew how much longer it'd last. At that point it became my goal to get this lovely lass on a date and alone. Yeah, I'm a guy. Substance wasn't important, just animal lust.

I made a lot of effort and finally caught her attention. Then I moved in for the kill, if she was as hot as she looked, I'd be in heaven within an hour after I left work.

"Hello Nise, you look very sweet tonight," I cooed. Sorry, I had to come up with something quickly. And then she burst my ego bubble as quickly as I had inflated it.

"Hi...... um.... thanks. I'm sorry but I can't remember your name," came my way as she flashed her beautiful eyes into my heart.

"That's ok..... I'm Warren."

"Hi, thanks Warren," she uttered as she returned to her friends. With my ego severely in check I returned to work. I thought to myself, maybe a little more than an hour. You see a true hound never admits defeat.

The next time that we worked together I had decided that I was going to ask her out. I convinced the boss to let me go on break right after she had and headed to the break room. As I walked into the room she was sitting at the table, eating a Big Mac. I notice that a small amount of sauce had started to ooze down the back oh her sandwich and I said, "Mind if I lick your Big Mac".

"What?," was the only reply she offered.

"Your sandwich is leaking, I was just gonna help", I answered, laughing a little to help relieve the tension. "Well, actually I just want to break the ice a bit and start to get to know you better." I heard somewhere that honesty worked sometimes, although I had never actually tried it, who knows, I'd have tried anything.

As soon as I had sat down, my whole outlook had changed. I had slipped out of the hound mode into one that I was a little unsure of. She was very beautiful. Her eyes smiled and her smile flash like the sun. I found myself starting to feel things I had long forgotten. I was still young but I had only fallen for one person in my life, and that didn't turn out to well.

But this one, I couldn't understand it, but I wanted to just talk with her. Before I knew it we were getting yelled at for being gone too long. That conversation began a series of times when we just sat and talked. I had completely forgotten about wanting to go out and hadn't even brought it up.

One of the times we were talking and she was very upset. She told me that her boyfriend had broken up with her and she wanted him back. I knew of the kid, but wasn't really a friend, still I told her that I would talk to him and see what I could do.

Well, the truth be known, I never had any intention of talking to anyone, but if it kept me close to her.... like I said I'd do anything. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, she started talking like she was no longer interested in her boyfriend and it was now my turn.

I started asking her to go out, but I could never get an answer. It took her almost a month to finally say yes. It was the first time in my life I had even asked a girl twice for a date, everyday for a month was ridiculous, but I couldn't seem to help it.

When we finally made it on the date I went to her house and she took me inside to meet - HER PARENTS! It actually went pretty well, I sat at her house and showed her parents that I was a good guy, as a matter of fact I talked more to her mom than her. We really didn't get to be alone until the next date.

I don't remember much about the evening, short term memory loss, product of a misspent youth. But the parts I do remember were very nice.

We ended up back at my parents house and went to my room. My parents were going to be gone for the evening and weren't expected back until late. We lit a few candles and turned out the light. Then I started a little music. The only light was from the candle and the moonlight through the window. We stood and held each other for a long time. I pulled back and looked into her eyes.

A soft kiss on her lips, one lip at a time. Brushing my lips across her cheeks, her eyelids and lightly kissing her nose. Then I kissed her neck and lightly flicked my tongue along her soft skin. She stepped back as I helped remove her top. Then her jeans followed, and she was standing in front of me in just her white cotton bra and panties. It was a fabulous turn on.

She was very nervous and also very enticing. She had a very large set of proud breasts, standing out from her chest in a wonderful display. I was determined not to overwhelm her with the raging attack that my mind had been envisioning since we made this date. I wanted this to be special, the way that we are always led to believe what a woman wants the first time to be. A man on the other hand is a panting dog and just wants the act to be as intense as possible.

I carefully take her face in my hands, softly kiss her lips and cheeks. Running my tongue across her lips, her hands sliding up and down my back, softly across my ass, back up to my shoulders. She steps back and unhooks her bra, letting her breasts fall free. I took each of her breasts in my hands and lean over to taste them. Licking and sucking on her nipples she lowers her head back and softly lets out a moan from her lips.

Then she steps over to the small bed against the wall, sits down, slides off her panties, and pulls me close. She begins kissing my belly and rubbing my cock and balls. After a few minutes she slides back onto the bed and reaches for my hand. I settle down next to her on the bed and take her in my arms again.

We begin to kiss and touch each other all over, building the fire and heating the room. Rolling over to a position on my knees between her legs, she wraps her legs around me and pulls me closer to her. After several long licks along the lips of her pussy, I circle the tiny clit with the tip of my tongue, this sets her on fire.

Next, I take my cock and rub it along the already wet slit of her pussy. She helps to spread the lips and takes my cock from my hands. She continues to rub me across her tender clit and raising her hips to show me her sweet, wet hole. I give in finally and let her slip me inside. I can't stop myself and start to pump faster and harder.

This seems to flip a switch inside of her and she starts to buck her hips to meet my strokes. We both keep the pace driving forward and just when I was going to cum and she was reaching her climax, there was a knock at my door and a voice, much like my mothers said "Warren... what are you doing?"

I don't believe I have ever moved so fast. My mind raced and the words flew from my mouth before I could think, "We're ... uh... just listening to some records." Realizing that the record was no longer playing I jumped up and dropped the needle with a thud... zzzzzzzz... and the song starts where the needle slides to a stop.

"In the dark?" She had to be standing in the hall laughing at this time.

"Well... um mm... I... we... I mean... there is a candle lit." I can't seem to grab my racing mind and make it start working for me.

Denise, who had jumped almost as far as I did, was now looking at me and snickering.... I guess I looked pretty funny trying to start an album, put on my pants, pick up my shirt, and think of good things to say at once. All without any blood in my brain at all. That's why we can't think at times like this, all of our blood is busy keeping thing up to snuff, so to speak.

"Ok then, when the records over, why don't you two come out to the kitchen? I have something to show you."

"Sure ... uhh... Mom, as soon as it's over.... right." Wondering if in my haste I would bite off my tongue in panic.

Well we may have made it to the kitchen, she may have even shown us something, but we were only interested in getting out of the house and making the pounding in our chests go away. I do remember the look on my mothers face as I left the kitchen, but my prize was the thumbs up I got from my father as we quickly slipped past the doorway to the den where he was sitting.

My parents have never spoken anything about that night, and as traumatic as that night was, Denise and I continued to see each other and it is now one of my lovely wife's favorite stories from our dating days.

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