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My brothers Tom, Ben and I stand on the patio of our parents' home, as naked as the day we were born and each of us with one hand wrapped around our aroused pricks as, with smiles on our faces, we watch our handsome father Rob licking our gorgeous sister Karen's cunt. What a fabulous sight it is! The hot steamy scene is enhanced by the baking July sun, complemented by cotton wool clouds hanging in the indigo sky of a spectacular summer Sunday, beating down on the nude bodies of the hardcore family fuckers as another of our regular orgies gets under way.

Ben, being the youngest, is the only one of my siblings still living at home with our mother and father but the rest of us always return home for each other's birthdays and at Christmas, of course, to enjoy some really hot family sex. However, we don't need those special events as excuses for us to get together and do so whenever we can at other times, too. To-day is one of those occasions with nothing particular to celebrate apart from our intense love of sex.

We always move the action into the great outdoors whenever the weather is fine, as it is on this glorious day of days. The homestead where mom, dad and Ben live, and where Tom, Karen and I grew up, is in the depths of the American countryside, fortunately miles from anywhere, with no nosy prying neighbours and therefore no fear of us being overlooked. Thus we can go nude together and indulge our taboo lifestyle al fresco in complete safety and seclusion.

Mom and dad are children of the 1960s, the new age of free thinking, peace and love and firmly believe that the human body is a thing of great beauty and, whenever possible, should not be kept hidden by the encumbrance of clothes. Mom has bore dad four children, Tom, Karen, me (my name's Matt, by the way) and Ben - in that order - and brought us up in the nudist way of life which accounts for why none of us have any inhibitions baring our bodies in front of each other. Indeed, the only times I can ever remember wearing clothes at home is when officialdom came calling, like bank managers, etc. or when we were getting ready for, or returning from, school or work. If nobody were calling, we would remove our clothes as soon as we got through the door and spend the entire evening naked, having dinner together and watching t.v. so that from an early age we felt in tune with ourselves and our bodies and very comfortable going about and socialising together completely in the nude.

This, of course, was long before my siblings and I were allowed to participate in our parents' sex sessions. That all came later when we were old enough to do so and was a natural progression of our lifestyle. Mom and dad might be free thinking people, bringing us up as nudists into the bargain but, being the great parents they are, they also have very strict rules about incest and would not allow any of us to take part until we had all turned eighteen and were thus considered to be consenting adults.

Tom started doing threesomes with mom and dad from his eighteenth birthday onwards and a year later, the sessions metamorphosed from threesomes into foursomes when Karen reached the required age stipulated by our parents. Ben and I had to sit on the sidelines, me for another two years and Ben for four and though it must have been frustrating for him, as it was for me but to a lesser degree, he never complained, understanding and accepting fully mom and dad's rules. He would usually take himself off to his room and lose himself on his computer while the rest of us got down to business in an adjoining room although, he was, of course, perfectly free to join us in the nude at other times when the rest of us were not engaged in carnal activity ...


One cold winter's afternoon, just over three years ago, mom and dad entered my bedroom while I was wanking over a porn mag. Tom and Karen were at work and Ben at college so for a time my parents and I had the house to ourselves since it was my eighteenth birthday and we had taken the day off especially for the occasion. I was now old enough to participate in the illicit sex sessions and Tom and Karen would join us when they got home that night in our parents' bedroom where a special party had been arranged, although Ben, poor sod, was still not allowed to meet with us.

I had been thinking about my initiation into the family sex club quite a lot in the days leading up to my birthday, wondering what it would be like as, in the morning of the actual day, Tom and I compared cock sizes while wanking together before he shot his load and then reluctantly had to get dressed and head off to work. I decided to save mine for later when mom and dad joined me to start the initiation proceedings.

"What's it like being sucked by mom?" I had asked my elder brother as we wanked. As I had turned eighteen a few hours earlier, I was now allowed to join Tom in a mutual masturbation sessions.

"Fucking brilliant," replied Tom whom, by this time, had been having incestuous sex with mom and dad for three years, "as you'll find out this evening."

As it turned out, I didn't have to wait that long to discover just how wonderful it is to have my cock sucked by my own mother since, as I have just said, my parents walked into my room - but not before knocking first - while I was enthusiastically thumbing through one of Tom's sleazier porn mags. I need hardly state that mom and dad were naked too, of course, in keeping with our status as a nudist family and likewise completely unembarrassed.

"Hi mom, hi dad," I had said, "I was ..."

"Having a wank," mom had interrupted, smiling her wonderful smile, "which is all quite normal and healthy."

Thanks to the porno images in Tom's mag and the sight of mom's magnificent tits and pussy, I was extremely horny as mom hauled me to my feet and I stood there in front of my parents displaying to them my very full erection. Mom and dad had seen me full frontal nude all my life, of course, but this was the first time they had witnessed me with a throbbing hard-on. My cock felt like it had been cast in stone as it pointed upwards in anticipation of what was about to happen, nudging against my waiste while my balls hung low in their sweaty pubes but I experienced no embarrassment nor shame and, indeed, why should I? My upbringing had instilled in me that our body is a great gift and there is no shame in showing it as nature intended whether aroused or otherwise. Thus, it was with an overwhelming feeling of pride in my smooth young body that I exposed it to my parents' eyes, a feeling which has remained with me to the present day ...


My parents both whistled at the size of my fully aroused prick as their eyes took stock of it, brimming with pride as they admired its stiffness. Dad had his digital camera with him, determined to capture my initiation ceremony for posterity and I was, of course, happy to pose for him. Tom had told me that he and Karen had been similarly photographed for our parents' pornographic family albums on their eighteenth birthdays and I want to make it clear, hear and now, that mom and dad never pressurised any of us into taking part, we were there purely of our own volitions. Mom and dad are the most loving, caring parents in the world and had any of us not wished to join the family sex club, then we were free to go our separate ways, as of course we are still free to leave now if any of us so choose. Not that any of us are going to, of course, we enjoy our family gangbangs too much, especially as we are now a complete family sex club as Ben came of age recently.

However, there I wa on my eighteenth birthday, stark bollock naked in front of my parents with a raging hard-on and I had continued to stand there feeling immensely proud as dad took some more photographs. I was thoroughly enjoying letting mom and dad have a good long look as I held my prick aloft with my thumbs pressed into my pubes to show it off to its best advantage so that mom and dad could see how big it is, revelling in the exhibitionism and retracting my foreskin to display to them my fat knobhead. It felt curiously exhilarating to be exposing my prick in its aroused state to the very people who gave birth to me.

"Happy birthday, Matt," mom had greeted me, kissing me on the lips. "Wow, look how much you've grown," she continued and giving my cock a squeeze. "Your cock is magnificent."

Thanks, mom," I had replied, "I must admit I'm rather fond of it myself," I'd added, giggling.

"You should be more than fond of it, sweetheart," mom had answered. "If I was a man and had a cock as big as that, I'd be one of the proudest guys in the world."

"Welcome to the club, son," dad had said, putting an arm around me and patting my shoulder as I glowed with pleasure at mom's words of appreciation.

"I'm so pleased I'm old enough to join the club now, dad," I had replied, happy to let him and mom go on ogling my prick and balls for as long as they wanted, "its great to be able to show you at last just how big I am. I like you seeing me with a hard-on."

"Good, sweetheart," said mom, "the visual delights of the nude body are just as important as the sex itself. I just can't take my eyes off your lovely huge prick."

"Me neither," said dad. "Nice big balls, too."

"Gee, mom and dad," I said, "you might not have seen my cock hard before but you've seen my balls plenty of times."

"That was before," said mom in a voice which implied I should accept this as a satisfactory answer as I carried on enjoying myself with my erect cock directly in front of my parents' faces. The longer mom and dad looked the hornier and more excited I became. I was itching to reach out and touch up mom's juicy tits and I stuck my hands out tentatively towards them. Mom knew exactly what I wanted and grasped my hands in hers and placed them on the large swaying melons. It was the first time I had fondled a woman's breasts and I was determined to savor the thrill as I cupped them in my hands.

"Would you like to suck them, sweetheart?" mom suddenly said.

"I think you know the answer to that, mom." I replied, "I've wanted to suck them since I don't know when."

"Now's your chance, son," said dad, "go ahead and suck your mom's tits."

As I had tentatively reached out my hands, so I tentatively stuck out my tongue. I began to lick the erect nipples that stood out hard and licked along her cleavage before closing my mouth alternatively over mom's tits, mom letting me taste them to my hearts' content.

"That's the way, son," said dad as he leaned in to snap some more photographs as I sucked. Mom was whimpering with pleasure and I was delighted to be turning her on so much, hardly able to believe that I was being allowed to suck the very same tits I had been fed by as a baby.

"Oh sweetheart," mom murmured, "anybody would think you had been sucking tits for years."

"Thanks mom," I replied, grabbing my prick and starting to masturbate as I continued nursing on mom's firm rounded breasts, "your tits are so nice, I really like sucking them."

"That's certainly a magnificent tool you've got there, son," dad said, noticing me wanking as he snapped away and making me blush. "Do you masturbate a lot?"

"Sure, dad, I love wanking," I had answered and then I went on to tell him and mom that I had discovered the pleasures of masturbation, and that my cock wasn't just for pissing out of, some time ago but up until this day had had to be content with self-pleasuring in private. As I spoke, I stared at my father's proud cock, comparing its size with mine and then dad moved into position alongside me in front of mom so that she had two hard eight-inch cocks staring her in the face, directly in her line of vision, our foreskins retracted to show off our round purple knob heads and piss slits, glistening with pre-cum ...


Dad and I stood together stroking our hard cocks while mom was in her element as she ogled the stiff poles of her husband and second son, one she had seen erect many times and seeing the other erect for the first time. It felt a bit strange at first, standing there masturbating in front of my parents, after so many solo wanks, but once I got accustomed to it, I started to enjoy the fact that mom and dad were watching.

Mom joked that, luckily, she had been listening at the keyhole of Tom's bedroom that morning when I asked my brother what it was like to be sucked by her and that she could now supply the answer to my question.

"There's no need to look at porn mags anymore, sweetheart," mom had said, "not now that you can have the real thing."

"Nor is there any need to masturbate on your own, son," added dad. "Not now that you're a fully fledged member of the club. Your mother and I want you to know that you are free to wank with us any time you like."

"Thanks, dad," I said, "I'll bear that in mind."

"We're all sluts here, son," dad replied, "and always up for it,aren't we, honey?"

"That's right, Rob," mom replied, "sex, and lots of it, is what this family is all about."

"Exactly," said dad. "Lorna," he continued, addressing mom with a little mysterious smile on his face, "I think its about time you gave Matt some of your dictation."

"Sure will," answered mom and then, not wasting another second, she dropped to her knees in front of my prick, holding it in her right hand and cupping my balls with her left. Like that lady in that old black-and-white movie, which I've seen on t.v. a few times, I was ready for my close-up as mom thrilled to her son unashamedly displaying his erection as I waited expectantly to receive my first blowjob.

Mom twirled my balls around in her hand and then licked the pre-cum from my knobhead while dad again leaned in close to take some more photographs.

"Oh sweetheart," mom said, "that is absolutely delicious. I can't wait for you to fill my mouth with your hot sweet spunk."

"Oh yeah, mom!" I cried out, placing my hands on her head as, without another word, she quickly took the twitching teenage pole into her mouth, "that feels so fucking good. Please don't stop."

Mom had no intention of stopping, she sucked long and hard on the stiff horn, twirling my balls with one hand while reaching round to touch up my ass with the other. There just aren't enough adjectives in the English language to describe this very special moment in our lives. I was in ecstasy as a trillion fantasies I had been nursing came crashing down into reality. I had asked Tom that morning what it was like to be sucked by mom and even though he had told me how brilliant it would be, mom's expert blowjobbing surpassed all my expectations ...


My indoctrination into my family's sex club was finally well and truly under way. Dad suddenly stopped taking photographs and stood back with his own hard cock throbbing in his hand to watch his wife give me my first maternal suck as mom wrapped her mouth harder around my trembling prick.

"How does that feel, son," asked dad, "having that big hard cock of yours in your mom's nice wet mouth?"

"Wonderful, dad," I replied. "Tom told me what a great cock sucker mom is and he wasn't wrong."

"That's because I've had plenty of practice," mom said, momentarily relinquishing my cock and smiling before taking me back into her mouth. The heavy winter rain was lashing against the windows of my bedroom as mom's tongue lashed simultaneously over my prick. My body shook with excitement and my legs buckled from my first ever blow job and how lovely, I thought, that the person delivering it was my mom. I placed my hands on her head again and drew her closer to me so that my entire cock was swallowed up in her mouth, only my balls visible and slapping hard against her chin.

"Fucking hell, mom." I said, "I'm really enjoying this. You'll make me cum, soon, if you're not careful."

"That's the general idea, son," said dad who was wanking for all the world as if it would be the last time he ever did as he watched his wife and second born son have their first ever sex together. The action was incredibly intense and even though mom has sucked me off many times since, it is the memory of that first encounter between her mouth and my prick which has remained fresh in my mind right up to the present day.

"You both have huge gorgeous pricks," mom had complimented dad and I, once more relinquishing her mouth's grip on my cock after several minutes of continual cock sucking had passed, "and fabulous asses, too," she added.

"Your mom likes men's asses," dad had explained as mom gave him a blowjob, too, to keep him happy.

"Especially when the ones in question belong to the handsome sexy men in my life," mom had continued. "They're so nice and firm and sexy. Turn round, sweetheart, and let me see your ass."

When mom and dad started talking about my ass, I was not that far off orgasm and really wanted to feel what it was like to cum in mom's mouth. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to summon the willpower to hold the dream as I turned my back to my mother to show her my bare bottom. I have to admit that, up to that moment, I had never thought of men's asses as sexy, least of all mine, but if mom got her kicks by seeing and touching her own son's bare ass, then who was I to complain or stop her? Not that I had any intention of doing so, I was curious to find out just what mom would do to my ass.

While I stood there enjoying exhibiting my naked butt cheeks and crack to mom, however, I glanced at dad's bare bottom and realised that, indeed, the posteriors of the male species do have a certain firmness and eroticism not present in those of the ladies and I am now almost as big a fan of them as mom is. Not that she hasn't got a delightful ass, nor my sister too, I hasten to add but in keeping with their feminine charms, their bums are much softer in appearance, or so it seems to me. Where mom and Karen are concerned, however, I have to say that I definitely prefer their front views.

"Is my ass nice and firm and sexy, mom?" I asked.

"It's beautiful," mom replied, reaching out with her touchy feely hands so that I quivered to the thrill as she gently fondled each fleshy globe, "and its in perfect proportion to the rest of your body. All those workouts in the gym and your jogging sessions have certainly helped to keep you in shape, like the rest of us. Come and have a look, Rob," mom went on to dad, "don't you agree Matt has a super sexy ass?"

"Certainly does," said dad laconically, who was and is not the most talkative of men.

As dad knelt next to mom, I was seriously aware that I was enjoying letting my parents ogle my bare ass cheeks and crack just as much as I had done showing them my erect prick and cum-laden balls. I play basketball for my college team and regularly go out for long jogs round the neighborhood so my sporting activities have obviously helped to hone my body to make it erotic enough to turn mom on, and dad, too. Mom and dad often come to watch the basketball games and, even though I was not aware of the fact until now, they must have been ogling my ass in my shorts during the games every time I had my back to them and my mouth watered at the thought.

It was also at that point in time, as mom continued touching up my ass, that I realised exactly what she had meant when she talked about the visual delights of the naked body being as potent as the sex that was about to follow. Being nude together, seeing and being seen naked and having explicit sex in front of an audience without any inhibitions is all part of the fun and exhibitionism is as big a factor in the joy of sex as the sex itself, otherwise we wouldn't get such a kick out of being watched and nor would there be any porn movies.

As far as mom's fetish for men's asses is concerned, I found out just how much she likes them a few seconds later when, after she had given me a first class blow job, mom ordered dad and I to kneel on the bed and stick our asses in the air where she proceeded to lick and kiss them both. I was completely inexperienced so I was glad dad was there to guide me as I had absolutely no idea what I was expected to do.

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