tagIncest/TabooHardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 04

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 04



Finally, earlier this year, Ben at last reached his eighteenth birthday and was initiated in much the same way as I had been, an afternoon threesome with mom and dad before Tom, Karen and I joined them in our parents' bedroom in the evening. Ben's curiosity was well and truly satisfied that night just as mine had been two years previously.

Mom and dad took it in turns to suck Ben's inexperienced cock and lick his virgin tight asshole while Tom and I stood with our hard throbbing cocks in our hands as we played the part of two enthusiastic onlookers. Whenever dad wasn't actually engaged in any copulating, he masturbated and took photographs of the proceedings. We were all pleased, mom especially, to see that Ben matched his father and brothers measure for measure in the erection stakes with an easily retractable foreskin which he delighted in peeling back to expose to his family his mushroom head, slick with pre-cum. His balls, too, we all noticed, were exceptionally large and beautiful and were sure to release an immense amount of spunk when the time to do so arrived.

Mom could not contain her excitement with the new addition to the parties and within minutes of the proceedings beginning, she had her youngest son's cock in her mouth, notwithstanding that she had already sucked long and hard on it in the afternoon before the full family party began. As Ben's siblings, we were also very pleased to note that it hadn't taken long for our little brother - though little is hardly the appropriate word now - to get into the swing of things.

"You're a complete natural, son," dad said to Ben, "just like your brothers and sister," which had Ben glowing with pride.

Later that night, mom manoeuvred herself on to her back on the bed and lifted her legs in the air, the signal to us that she wanted her pussy licked. Tom and I dropped to our knees in front of her, our tongues at the ready, as we eyed up the juicy gash.

"Why don't you both lick me at once?" mom said.

"Sure mom," said Tom, sending a bemused glance in my direction. "You up for that, Matt?"

"Don't ask silly questions," I replied, "you bet I am."

Then Tom and I extended our tongues together and into mom's cunt. Her reaction was predictable but nevertheless great to see and hear. She writhed and screamed as the tongues of two of her adult sons pleasured her simultaneously. When Tom and I both withdrew, our tongues were smeared in her cunt juice and my brother and I went in for a gay kiss to savour the taste of her secretions. Dad could scarcely contain his excitement as he snapped photographs with his camera and had to stop wanking and just stand and watch for fear of blowing his load too soon.

Ben had been watching intently as Tom and I licked mom's cunt. "Let me have some of that," he said as Tom and I relinquished the kiss. Ben made to move onto his knees but mom had other ideas.

"Come here, sweetheart," she said, rolling onto her side on the bed. "Then lay next to me but facing the other way."

Ben looked a bit perturbed at what he was being asked to do but that was hardly surprising since he had had no experience whatsoever. I made to reassure him.

"Mom wants a sixty-nine, Ben," I said. "She'll suck your cock while you lick her cunt."

"Oh right," said Ben, a smile breaking out on his face as he got the message. With lightning speed he was on the bed next to mom and had his tongue poised ready to lick as mom's mouth came down on his cock. Then Ben ran his tongue tentatively along the groove, just as I had done a few years earlier on my eighteenth birthday.

As the taboo mother and son sixty-nine progressed, Karen got on her hands and knees on the bed next to them. Tom and I knelt in front of her and began sucking and licking our sister's tits while dad stood behind her and fucked his daughter's cunt as the family orgy really started to gather pace with nobody left out of the action.

"Oh dad, oh Tom, oh Matt," gasped Karen, all in one breath, "this is great being fucked and having my jugs sucked at the same time. I've waited all day for this."

"The pleasure's ours, darling," murmured dad, so softly he spoke almost in whispers.

Next to us on the bed, mom had swung herself round also onto her hands and knees to let Ben have his first fuck with her. Inexperienced he might have been but he soon got the hang of it, just as he had with the sixty-nine. Mom, being the whore that she is, and proud of it, beckoned Tom and I over and we stood hard in front of her to have our cocks sucked and our balls licked as Ben slid his cock inside her. Dad was now being similarly blow jobbed by Karen and as he stood in front of her with his cock in her mouth, he was able to take photos of his wife having fun with his sons.

The action turned red hot now that Ben was at last able to participate. We were truly an incestuous family, sucking and fucking together at last. Our grunting and groaning seemed to drown out the rain that spattered against the windows. Dad closed the curtains against the storm and turned on a few lamps, dimming them to create a sensuous glow. The atmosphere swarmed with excited naked bodies as we abandoned ourselves to the joy of sex.

Tom and I both took turns fucking mom and Karen while we both got our assholes well and truly fucked by dad. I had enjoyed dad fucking my ass with just mom watching during one of our threesomes but now with the whole family watching, I felt more horny and excited than ever and I'm sure Tom felt the same.

Dad, Tom, Karen and I all stopped what we were doing, however, when Ben screamed that he was about to cum and we gathered round to watch him shoot his load for the first time in mom's cunt. Once he had finished, Tom and I started masturbating in front of our folks, our assholes delightfully sore from the fucking they received from dad and soon my elder brother and I were spurting out our seemingly endless gallons of cum over mom, me on her tits and Tom on her face while dad, after resuming fucking Karen, flooded out her pussy.

The family enjoyed an immense amount of fun that night with plenty of spunk flying about. Such was our energy that our sex party carried on until well past midnight by which time, despite our enthusiasm, we were all too exhausted to continue ...


From that night on, however, and now that Ben is able to be present, the orgies have truly been family occasions of the most auspicious kind as my parents and siblings did lots of hot sex with each other as often as we liked which was usually every day. We can't get enough of each other, our lives ruled by our cocks and fannies and the joy of sex and I must say Ben, especially, really gets involved as if making up for lost time and all the parties he had to miss in the past. Like me, he is a very quick learner.

Mom and dad both love it when Tom and I and now Ben, of course, fill their respective holes with our incestuous sperm while dad can't get enough of sticking his stiff pole up his two eldest sons' assholes and cumming his load inside us while mom and Karen watch. Ben, however, has so far not got round to doing any gay fucking with dad since Ben feels he isn't quite ready for it but I'm sure he will eventually. Just needs a bit of time, that's all.

This, as I said at the start, is what is so nice about my family and our parties, we are all considerate to each other's needs and nobody ever gets forced into doing anything they don't want todo. The best sex of all is, of course, when it is entirely mutual and I am now, therefore, as confident in my sexuality as Tom always seems to be.

Even after I became embroiled in the family gangbangs, mom, dad and I continued to do many threesomes when Tom and Karen were not available, as I know Tom and Karen did threesomes with our parents whenever I or another of us was away from the scene for some reason or another.

On one occasion when mom and Karen had disappeared on a shopping trip, Tom and I had an all male gay threesome with dad which was fun. Dad enjoyed two of his sons sucking and fucking him and us being likewise rewarded by dad in return and even though Tom and I sucked each other's cocks, we didn't fuck. That happened earlier this year, however, shortly after Ben turned eighteen and mom and Karen had gone out again and us men took things a stage further by doing an all male foursome.

Then Tom did fuck me while I fucked dad simultaneously so that, for all three of us, it was our first experience of an incestuous jam sandwich, as dad described the three-way fuck. It was great to be in the middle with Tom's cock up my ass and mine up dad's but we kept swapping as the afternoon progressed with both Tom and dad enjoying their turn to be, literally, the centre of attention.

Ben simply watched and wanked since he still felt he wasn't quite ready to experience taking cock up his ass although he did enjoy having his hole licked by dad and was happy to suck the cocks of his father and brothers and be sucked by us in return. For instance, when Tom was fucking dad and dad was fucking me, I had no ass to fuck but my cock soon found its way into another hole, namely Ben's mouth so dad and his sons were all joined together in sex. It was a very horny session where we explored our gay sides to the full and, of course, mom and Karen wanted to hear all about it and savor the horny details when they got home ...


On another occasion, one warm sunny afternoon when my siblings were off somewhere, I returned home from one of my regular runs round the neighborhood to hear loud grunting and groaning coming from the patio. As I ran round the side of the house, the scene that greeted me was exactly what I had been expecting. Dad was lying across mom legitimately pumping his thick cock in and out of her cunt and I had a good view of his clenching buttocks as he came inside her.

"Fuck me, darling," mom was crying, "flood my cunt with your cum."

I was still dressed at this stage, accordingly for the purposes of exercise in a blue sleeveless vest and a pair of matching skimpy blue shorts which tightly enhanced my buttocks. The intense fucking between mom and dad was really turning me on and, as I watched, I began to fondle my prick through my shorts. Mom suddenly noticed me standing there playing with myself and smiled as she eyed up the bulge in my shorts. My prick has a mind of its own, I never cease to be amazed by the amount of pleasure I derive from it and so it was hardly surprising that there was now a huge tent in the front of my shorts.

"Hi sweetheart," mom said, realising that another fuck from me was on the cards, "how long have you been there?" "Only a few minutes, mom," I replied. "Mind if I join in?"

"Not at all, sweetheart," mom replied.

"Yeah, son," dad said, "let's have a nice hot threesome."

I knew that's how mom and dad would answer but out of politeness and respect to them I always like to ask first. I smiled as I let go of my package, swinging my arms down by my sides to let my parents have a good look at my prick and balls which were clearly outlined through the front of the shorts on which a large stain of pre-cum had started to appear while my ass cheeks fluffed out the back of them. I walked over and stood within touching distance in front of them with my cock so hard in my shorts, the head peeped out over the elastic waistband, allowing the pre-cum to escape through my piss slit.

"Look at that, Rob," mom said to dad, "Matt's cock is almost splitting his shorts. Doesn't he look sexy in his running kit?"

Dad pulled his cock out of mom's cunt and looked over his shoulder, his eyes going straight to my bulge as I resumed fondling myself. He grinned rather than smiled at me as he muttered his agreement with mom's comment about my package. Even though we are nudists, my parents also have a thing about guys in sportswear and as I stood there watching and smiling, making no attempt to disguise the obscene-looking tent in my shorts, mom asked me to turn round so she could indulge her fetish for my ass. Of course, I was only too happy to do so.

It felt just as great showing my ass off to mom, and dad too, accentuated by my shorts as it did showing it off bare. Indeed, knowing how much of an aficionado of the male ass mom is and in token of her oft-said comments about the visual side of sex, I had selected the tightest pair of shorts that I possessed, making sure they fitted snugly round my bum especially to excite her and dad, too, of course, and I think I can honestly say that in that respect I succeeded.

"You've got such a lovely bottom, sweetheart," mom said, cupping and fondling my cheeks through the material of my shorts with her soft yet firm and expansive hands. "Those shorts are so nice and tight, I love the way they show off your firm shapely cheeks and dent into yourlovely long ass crack."

"Yeah," dad agreed, approvingly, as he also indulged himself in a long lingering look at my tight shorts-clad ass, "our son has a magnificent backside."

Again, I felt somewhat in danger of not being able to control my modesty, the way mom and dad kept praising my cock and ass all the time, it must be the millionth time they had told me since my spectacularly fabulous eighteenth birthday initiation ceremony more than two years earlier.

"Thanks, dad," I replied, as my father reached out a hand to stroke my ass through my shorts and then my mother joined in by leaning across to lick my ass through them, "I know how much you both like my ass and I wore these shorts to show it off best especially for you, they're the tightest pair I've got."

Mom was making little slopping sounds as she continued to slurp her magical tongue across my backside, leaving little pools of saliva all over my shorts.

"Oh mom," I said, "that is so nice. I like you licking my ass through my shorts, it is just as nice as when you lick it when I'm undressed."

I was as horny as fuck and knew I wouldn't be able to keep my cock in my shorts for much longer. As I bent over to allow mom to carry on licking, I somehow managed to reach inside the right leg of my shorts and fish the enlarged pole out into the fresh air. Then I stood up and dad didn't waste a second as he quickly dropped to his knees in front of me and wrapped his mouth around my exposed prick while mom continued to lick the ass of my shorts. This went on for some time before I eventually stripped, joining mom and dad in the nude.

"Fucking hell, mom and dad," I said, "I love being naked and horny with you."

"We love you being naked and horny with us, too, sweetheart," said mom, reaching out a hand and picking up my discarded shorts and holding them up to her nose to breathe in their sweat-filled aroma. That's it, honey," my father said, "sniff our boy's nice sweaty shorts."

Mom inhaled deeply before handing the shorts to dad so he could do the same as I took over from him in mom's cunt to get my sloppy seconds, cumming my load in one fail swoop to mix with the remains of dad's.

That afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. From my inadvertently sneaking up on my parents after returning from my run, it developed into a really hot threesome, just one of many that mom, dad and I have done since my eighteenth birthday ...


After fucking mom's cunt, dad handed back my shorts to mom for her to sniff again as he and I took it in turns to fuck each other, during which I thought my mother would have a heart attack, so turned on was she as, sniffing intently, she watched me, her son, taking it up the ass from her husband, my father, who was pounding me so hard I thought his cock would come out through my mouth. Considering I hadn't been fucking for very long, I amazed myself and my parents at just how able I was in taking all of my father's massively impressive cock in my ass. It was the most intense fuck I had had so far in my relatively short sex life and, of course, the fact that my mother was watching made it all the more enjoyable.

"That really looks great, sweetheart," mom said as she tried to crawl underneath me to get a better look at dad's cock going in and out of my asshole, "you really have learnt how to take it, I must say."

I was only able to murmur in reply since, at that very moment, dad planted his seed deep inside me. I groaned as I felt his hot cum seep into my asshole, warming all its nooks and crannies as it flooded thegreasy depths. Boy, son," said dad, as he pulled out and came down from his orgasm, "you certainly know how to take cock. That was one of the best gay fucks I've ever had."

"Thanks, dad," I mumbled, almost inaudibly as little goblets of his cum seeped out of my asshole for mom to lick up. The whole scene was like something out of one of dad's adult DVDs, except that this was the real thing and therefore much moresatisfying.

When I had got my breath back, I returned the compliment on dad, losing myself in the intensity of the fuck as I decided to show him, and mom too, exactly what I am made of as I surrendered myself to my lust, plunging my cock into dad's ass as deep as I could. I started pumping him as hard as he had me before I came my second load of the day inside him while mom fingered herself to another orgasm as she watched.

If my parents had not made a man of me during my initiation ceremony on my eighteenth birthday, they certainly did on that lovely sunny afternoon when I joined in with them out on the patio after returning from my run. That night I fell asleep feeling immensely proud of myself at having consensually fucked both my parents and knowing my big stiff prick, of which I am also extremely proud, had given them so much sexual gratification ...


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