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Hardware Shop Plaything


Holly remained in a sitting position in the cage, chin resting against her knees with her arms wrapped around her legs. The floor was cold upon her rear and the bars were little comfort for her back, the only thing she was the least bit thankful for was being fairly short, at just over five feet tall she had a little bit more room than most. She could hear the drone of the auctioneer on stage and the shouts from the crowd as they were slowly auctioned off, soon it would be her turn to go. Her eyes were covered with a satin sash that she dare not remove, knowing someone was most likely watching the cages. Besides the sash, she had a leather collar adorning her neck, a pair of black satin panties, and a simple satin black bra on.

"SOLD for seven hundred and fifty dollars!" Yelled the auctioneer, making Holly brace as she knew that put her at least one closer if not the next one up. When she heard the cage next to her open and the whimper of the occupant next door as they were dragged out of the relative security of the cage into the spotlight, she shuddered knowing it would soon be her turn.

In the auditorium the crowd buzzed with excitement as the young man was brought before them and made to turn around several times so they all got a good look at him. Those interesting looked down at the sales flyer, flicking to the lot number and reading over his likes, limits, hard limits, hours available, measurements, and so on. Those not interested went back to chatting with their friends and sipping on their evening drinks. The 6th Annual Kinky Christmas Tree fundraiser was going off as planned, this year there were four local groups that had banded together for the fundraising night.

The idea behind the Christmas Tree fundraiser was to raise enough money to buy gifts for all the kids on the local mall's Wish Tree. An auction had seemed like the most fun way to raise money with various people offering their services for scenes. They ranged from a photographer to a slave that offered suspension and blood play. By the third year they had invited a second group to join in the fun and the fourth they added in the sales flyers so that the auctioneer didn't have to announce the limits and stats, letting those being auctioned more easily remain in the scene. While they had the occasional Dom or Domme go highly, the most anticipated and best earning group were the slaves who had taken it upon themselves to even get cages and fully immersed themselves in the idea of being property, if just for a brief period of time.

Holly heard the gavel come down and knew it was only a matter of time before they came for her. Each second felt like an eternity, waiting for the sounds of footfalls heading her way. Soon the sounds of metal moving and well-oiled hinges came, followed by a hand grasping her collar. The leash was snapped to the collar and the gentle tug pulled her to move onto hands and knees then crawl out of the cage. Once out she was guided to an erect position and had a ball gag inserted in her mouth, "Wouldn't want any poorly chosen words out of this cocksucking mouth now would we?" She heard the stagehand ask her. She just responded by lowering her eyes down to look at the floor.

The stagehand led her out, she could feel the heat off the lamps above and knew that she was now out on stage with the full attention of the audience. The buzz of the crowd filled her ears, catching occasional words that seemed to be used to describe various body parts, making her feel like an animal at the auction block and then realizing she basically was an animal at the auction block. That last thought made her internally shudder, though with some effort she was able to keep from letting that show for fear of what punishment would come from that.

"We have Lot 29 here ladies and gents, a young female slave unmarked and still tight in all orifices. She will make a fine addition to any collection and most able to please you in every manner that you desire. For such a fine specimen how about we start the bidding at $200?" She heard the auctioneer start his rambling, listening as the offers came in and for a few seconds they rapidly rose. For a moment she felt a tiny bit of pride at how much others valued her, until realizing that again she was being sold to an unknown stranger as a sex slave.

The bidding started to slow and as a result one of the stagehands undid her bra, slipping it up enough to show that there was only a little bit of sag in her larger than average breasts, then returned the bra, roughly handling her back into the cups. They made her turn around, bent her over, and showed off that she was cleanly shaven between her legs. These made the bids continue upwards slowly, till there were just three bidders left. Each of the bidders used cards with their number on it to signal the auctioneer, making it impossible for her to figure out anything about them and the anxiety of what sort of person would win the auction was difficult at best.

Finally the gavel slammed down, ending the auction with the winning bid having made it to $725, both making her proud at how much someone was willing to pay and fearful at what they were going to expect her to do for them. As she was taken offstage someone came up alongside of her, she could feel the tugging and hear the metal snaps as her leash was changed out, presumably by her new owner. A cloak was slid over her shoulders and pinned at the base of her throat with the hood slipped over her head. To a car she was led, put inside and driven away for what seemed like a fairly long time.

Once the car had made its destination, she was led out by the leash and into a building. There the cloak was removed and she had leather cuffs placed upon her wrists and ankles. The ball gag was finally removed from her mouth and she began to work her jaw to relieve it of the stiffness. A slightly evil sounded chuckle echoed in the room at her working the jaw. She was guided by the leash towards a concrete wall and made to kneel down upon a foam cushion. Her ankles were then attached via chains to the floor and her wrists to the wall, with a couple of feet of slack in the chains.

For a bit all was quiet and the only thing she could feel was the cool dampness of the air and subsequent chill from the shackles and concrete walls and floor. Finally she heard the sounds of approaching footfalls, the thud of heavy leather boots upon concrete echoing in the room until they stopped in front of her. "Remove the bra, I want to see what Jared purchased for us," came the deep voice and she felt one shackle undone as the back of her bra was unsnapped then arm removed from it. The other arm was removed after the first had been restrained. A rough, callused hand came down and groped her chest, "All natural, good, I had feared there would be synthetic additions. Put the bra away, she won't be needing that for some time. The panties, well we will just rip those off if necessary."

"Well, well my pet, by now I'm sure you're wondering just what exactly you've been sold off into, eh? By the looks of you, your previous owner must have been fairly soft as you've obviously been well fed and not marked up. That will change in your future but for now you'll be put to good use, I hope your jaw muscles at least are in decent shape." A laugh followed his last comment. "You will be servicing my patrons, I own a hardware store out front and it helps customers to spend more if they are in a good mood. So to make this short you will be made available to orally service my regular customers during the work day and for my best customers I may allow them to use one of your other orifices. If they cum in your mouth you are to swallow it and you will not be allowed to clean up unless I give you permission."

She shuddered a bit at the idea of eventually being marked and reminded of the care of her previous owner, obviously it would not be the same here. There was almost a phantom ache in her jaw at the idea that she would be servicing people all day but that did not worry her nearly as much at the mention of orifices, and not specifying which would be used. She'd only had anal a few times and always with caring men who took it easy upon her, and the chance that the next experience would not be so pleasant had not previously crossed her mind. How easy it had been lulled into the idea that life would always be that way, and now she found herself intensely craving what she'd lost. So wrapped up in her thoughts she was, that Holly almost didn't catch the last thing said to her and opened her mouth for the examination.

What she was expecting was to have a finger or two jammed in her mouth to examine it, instead she received a semi-hard cock. Color her surprised but at least instinct kicked in and lips wrapped around the semi-flaccid shaft and gently she began to suckle on him. The taste wasn't all unpleasant, at least he was clean tasting and while he wasn't massive it quickly swelled to a good sized mouthful. His hand came to the back of her head and fingers grasped a chunk of her hair, holding her head in place as he began to slowly fuck her mouth. She heard all sorts of slurs and names slung at her while he violated her mouth, finishing by pulling all but the head out and spraying her tongue with his cum to make her taste it. If she could have, she would have winced as he obviously had a fairly salty diet, and when she didn't swallow it fast enough for his liking, she found her nose being pinched to cut off the airflow. Quickly she swallowed and just to emphasize and perhaps make up for not being fast enough, she bathed his cock with her tongue to get rid of the cum.

That seemed to satiate his mood and he released her nose, letting her wash his cock with her tongue until it was flaccid. He then yanked her hair, pulling her head away and zipped up his pants. "For now that will do, but you better treat my customers better than that! I want them in good moods and if I hear any complaints you will go without lunch!" Out the door he marched, leaving her to kneel in the darkness, trying to work up enough saliva to get rid of that salty aftertaste. Her previous Master would at least usually let her have some water after she'd swallowed a load.

Through the door she could faintly hear the goings on of a shop, the sound of a bell ringing, dulled voices, and the sound of a cash register. Faintly she hoped that maybe none of his so called regular customers was due to come in that day. Her hope though, was soon to be short lived. The shop had been quiet for a few minutes during what she assumed was a lull in the workday but the quiet was broken with a fairly loud, "Right in there, just stick it in and she'll suck you off good. Don't be afraid to be a bit rough if you feel the need but don't mark up the face or the tits!"

The door to the room opened and quickly shut, with heavy steps coming her way, stopping only when they got in front of her. No greeting was given to her, just the sound of a belt being undone, a zipper, and then the sound of pants hitting the floor. Her chin was grabbed and a hard cock pushed into her mouth, it was thick but short, coming a bit shy of her throat. This, she soon found out, was a blessing as the man grabbed the back of her head and began to jackhammer her mouth. His balls slapped against her chin and she did her best to breath when she could as her mouth was used for his pleasure. She'd run across this a couple of times before, men excited at the chance to just use, and let her jaw go lax so that he could do as he wished.

When he pace slowed, she expected him to shoot his load, but it seemed he wasn't quite ready yet. Instead he reached down and grabbed one of her breasts, pinching the nipple and fondling the flesh. She licked the head of his cock, rolling her tongue around it as he continued to slowly fuck her mouth, wanting to be sure to please him and not anger the new owner. He pulled his cock from her mouth, concerning her that she'd displeased him, but the sound of skin on skin and his grunts reassured that he wasn't and when she felt his cum fall upon her chest she felt an actual wave of relief. It bothered her a little that she felt relieved but nonetheless she was so at having his cum covering her.

She listened to him pull up his pants, then walk out, never a word spoken to her and feeling a bit like a sex doll, used and put away. The man that had just used her mentioned to the owner that he liked her tits and hoped that she was a more permanent feature of the shop. At first she grimaced at the idea of being a more permanent feature, knowing how that was going to be, then a tiny bit hopeful as she would at least know what was going to happen to her and knowing that things could be a whole lot worse. Unfortunately the reply was too quiet and muffled by the door for her to find out what he said.

She finally had figured out a way to at least rest her butt on the foam and so was feeling at least a bit of comfort, better than being on her knees the entire time. The leather cuffs weren't overly bad, they were wide so while they got annoying after a while she'd had worse, especially handcuffs. It was the waiting that bothered her the most, nothing really to keep her mind occupied, and the constant wondering of what was next to come.

What was next was another customer, guided through the door, footsteps quieter than the previous two. She'd straightened up to her knees as soon as she realized someone was near the door, the blindfold may have taken her sight but it sharpened her hearing. His breath was coming a bit heavy and labored, presumably from the walk from the door to where she was. When his fingers came to grope her chest, they felt thicker than usual and so she presumed him to be heavier set. He was more gentle at least, taking him time to enjoy fondling her chest, even pausing to lean over and caress her ass.

She felt the head of his cock press against her mouth and parted her lips to allow it entrance. Surprise registered in her brain as her lips had to stretch quite a bit to get around the head and she couldn't feel the base of his cock when the tip touched the back of her throat though she could feel that his belly was near her face. Well he might be overweight but damn he had a nice cock, she thought, rubbing her tongue along the bottom. He took his time, stroking her hair as he very slowly rocked in her mouth.

Slowly he was pushing more into her throat and soon he had the entire head rubbing the back of her throat yet she still hadn't felt his balls yet. Part of her thought about how she wouldn't have minded him in another wet hole but the ache in her jaw from stretching was beginning to bother her. Her tongue continued to caress the underside and stroke the head when it wasn't in her throat. Ears were full of him telling her how he had a nice big load for her and how much he wanted to fill her pussy with it.

Just as she thought she was going to get completely worn out from his cock, he pulled it from her sore mouth and seconds later she heard a groan and felt warm liquid coat her face. It felt like it just kept coming coating her face, till finally he offered her the tip to clean the last couple of droplets which she licked off much to his delight. He kissed the top of her head then got dressed and made his way out of the room.

Against the wall she rested, face dripping cum onto her chest, working her jaw to relieve a little of the soreness from being held in the same position. Her pussy, despite the soreness, had become quite damp and was in dire need of being played with but no one had and she couldn't quite reach it. The thought of trying to squat and run against her calf crossed her mind but the concern over punishment if she was caught kept her from trying.

Over the next couple of hours she serviced another four so called customers, swallowing two loads and getting two more loads over her body. The feeling of drying cum over her face and torso had her feeling quite dirty and yet her pussy ached with the need for release. When the door opened again, internally she sighed, worked her jaw and got ready to have it used again. The footsteps seemed familiar and when their owner got close she recognized the scent as the man who was in charge of her. He chuckled as he looked over her current state, "Well I think it's time for a change of position for you, to make things more accessible."

He clipped the leash back to her collar, then undid the shackles and got her to rise up, walking across the cold, concrete floor. From there he had her climb up on a table then into a sling. The sling was raised and the table rolled away, allowing her to lay upon her back with her legs up in the air and spread. Her arms were raised and tied and her head level with her torso. She had a pretty good idea what this rig was going to be used for and while there was some excitement at hopefully getting some relief there was apprehension at who would be doing that.

The sling wasn't overly comfortable but it was nice to just be off of her knees and with the excitement of the day it was hard to not fall asleep. It wasn't long that she had to wait though, she guessed that he knew someone who would want this was coming in when she heard the door open. To her surprise though, it wasn't just one pair but several pairs of feet that made their way in. Curiosity piqued, she waited to see what was going on, listening and trying to figure out if any of the feet sounded familiar though none of them were clear enough to figure that out.

There was some laughing and joking going on around her, a few crude comments made in regards to her body and current social station. A large hand cupped her pussy and pushed a rough finger inside of her, the owner exclaiming, "Well how bout this boys? The sluts drenched!" A thumb found her clit and rubbed against it as the finger within her began to stroke her insides. Shortly afterwards a hand found her head and guided her to turn it so that a cock could be pressed to her mouth.

Within a few minutes the fingers were replaced with a stiff cock and her hands had been filled with thick members. Never before had she had so much attention placed on her, the man fucking her pussy was caressing her clit with his thumb and the men whose cocks she was stroking were gently pinching and caressing her breasts.

When the man in her pussy drove into her and filled her with his load of cum she felt the man in her mouth leave and soon felt him take the first man's place within her dripping slit. The man who had been within her filled her mouth till she licked and sucked him clean of their juices then stepped away and allowed one of the men getting stroked to enjoy her mouth. So they went, taking turns first being stroked, then getting sucked, and finally fucking her pussy till they added to the creampie.

As the men finally left the room, leaving her laying upon the sling with her pussy dripping cum she began to wonder if this was to be her fate, ending each night filled with strange men's cum and dealing with the taste of their cocks in her mouth. In a couple of aspects that was actually quite appealing to her, to just be a play toy for others. The gentle ache in her pussy along with the slow drip of cum sliding down her ass were a strange comfort to her.

For a while she just laid there, swaying in the sling and listening to the muffled noises from the shop, musing about how people would react if they knew just through the door she was laying, drenched in cum and available for their pleasure. When she heard the door open again, her fun dissipated away as she began to anticipate what was to come next and hoping that things wouldn't get too rough. Whoever was approaching was fairly quiet, came up alongside of her and just stood there.

Seconds took forever as she felt the person standing alongside of her but doing nothing, giving her mind all sorts of fodder. Just as she began to really worry about the intentions of the person her blindfold was tugged off of her head and she faintly heard a voice, "Times up." Eyelids rapidly blinked to adjust to the sudden amount of light, staring as the fuzzy figure slowly morphed into her Master, her real Master.

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