tagLesbian SexHarem Days Ch. 03

Harem Days Ch. 03


It was shortly after 11pm that evening that I slipped from my room and made my way down the dimly lit hall towards the chink of light that was emanating from the door of the Mrs Aziz's bedroom. I was wearing only a white silk housecoat that barely covered my arse to reach my soft thighs. On my feet were my black stiletto heels: I liked the extra height they gave me, and the way they accentuated my well-formed calves. My long black hair hung free down my back. Of course, my heart was racing and my legs less then steady. And yes, my pussy was tingling with anticipation for the touch of the beautiful Mrs Aziz.

The door was already open and swung wide as I knocked gently. The room, like so much else in the house, was large and spacious. A gentle light suffused the scene, supplied by two table lamps and some dimmed wall-lights. A fan turned lazily overhead, stirring the incense-laden air. I had expected to see Mrs Aziz, but it was in fact a younger woman, who I had not seen before, who I found reclining on a large bed in the centre of the room. Sensing my uncertainty she broke the silence.

'Mmm, Tiffany isn't it? Do come in. There was no need to knock - you may enter our room whenever you wish. We hope you will come to regard it as yours as well.'

In front of me was a large bed. Leaning back against its headboard was a strikingly attractive dark-haired woman in a loose green robe, open at the middle. She was about 30 years of age, with high cheekbones, flashing white eyes, deep red lipstick. She reminded me very much of Angela Devi, a real heartthrob of mine whose pictures always made me hot and wet. The swell of her ample breasts was clearly visible with the parting of her robe. But what caught the eye was her very pronounced stomach. This woman was heavily pregnant. She was stretched out languidly, her smooth legs bare to my gaze. I guessed immediately that this marvellous woman was Mrs Aziz's daughter.

'Tiffany, my name is Mumtaz. I am Mrs Aziz's daughter. I have been looking forward so much to meeting you....very much indeed...'

As she said this she eased herself gingerly from the bed and slowly walked towards me, her pregnant stomach swinging before her. Approaching me she reached out a hand and I leant forward to take it. She lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it, holding my gaze as she did so and smiling gently.

'Yes, Tiffany, I have been really looking forward to meeting you. Believe me, Mama has been telling me all about you, how beautiful you are and how sexy. She is just taking a bath and asked me to take care of you. I hope you aren't too disappointed...'

As Mumtaz said this she raised her elegant arm, laden with golden bangles that so complimented her dusky skin, and stroked my cheek with her soft hand. I tried not to move, but my heaving bosom testified to my arousal at this sensual act.

'Umm, Tiffany, perhaps I ought to tell you a little secret. You see, hearing my mother talk about you has made me a little bit jealous. Your curvaceous young oriental body has been getting her all hot, you see. She has been saying how much she wants to kiss your full red lips, to run her hands over your nubile body, how much she yearns to suckle on these nice full titties...'

As she said this Mumtaz let her hand drift down my front to trace the contour of my breast, cupping it in her feminine hand, getting a sense of its size and weight.

'And she was telling me, Tiffany, how much she wants to press her tongue into your succulent arse, and rub her nose in your cunt and eat out your pussy. That's what she said she wanted to do, Tiffany. Can you understand, Tiffany, why that might make me jealous? Can you?'

While she was speaking, Mumtaz had slipped her hand into my open gown, allowing her hand to stroke the burning flesh of my left breast. Her refined hand was squeezing my tit-flesh, stirring my circulation and arousing my nipple. My whole breast ached with womanly desire. My throat too was dry and tight and I struggled to articulate my reply.

'Yes, yes, I do think I understand.'

'Mmm, my dear, I think you just might. I think you do know how a woman can need another woman, how she can crave a woman's touch, a woman's tongue, a woman's body, a woman's scent. I have got strong feminine needs Tiffany, and somehow my condition has only made them stronger. Do you think you can help me Tiffany? Please tell me that I'm wrong to feel threatened by my mother's love for you? Am I wrong to feel jealous?'

Taking my right hand in hers she lifted it and placed it upon her heavy pregnant belly. She held me to her at first, but aroused by the eroticism of the sight of my pale hand against this dark-skinned woman's fertile belly I began to stroke and explore this essence of femininity. Mumtaz groaned and sighed at my touch, pressing her belly out to its fullest extent, revelling in my attention. Her eyes were closed and she began to rock her head back and forth on her shoulders. Reaching up now she took the lapels of her green gown and slid it off her shoulders, allowing it to crumple around her ankles.

Mumtaz was exposing all of herself to me now, offering me her full ripe body. She was indeed a woman in her prime, radiating an earthy sensuality, a bountiful fertility, an utter confidence in her womanhood and her desirability. Her breasts, naturally full like her mother's, were engorged with milk and from her big dark nipples her teats were erect and inviting. Her thick hair hung free down her back, tossing back and forth with the movement of her head. She raised her hands to her breasts and began to massage them whilst I continued to caress here swollen belly.

'Ahhh, Tiffany, this feels sooo good, honey. I love what you're doing to me. Feel how heavy I am - I'm carrying a black man's baby. He impregnated me with his big black cock. But my breasts are full of creamy white milk - I want you to feed from me baby, I want you to relieve my pressure, to drink down my essence. Will you do that, baby? Does it turn you on?'

Fired now with arousal I pushed myself up against Mumtaz's delicious body and took hold of her head, pulling her lips hard against mine. She opened her mouth to mine and our tongues met, each melting into the other. She was hungry for my lesbian kisses, devouring my saliva and groaning as my tongue traced its way over her red lips, her nose, her eyelids and into her ear. Holding her close I whispered my reply

'Yes Mumtaz, yes you turn me on. I want you, baby, I want your sexy kisses, your sensuous hands on my body. I love your hot pregnant body, it's amazing and kinky and ripe. I'll take care of your needs, darling, night and day - you tell me what you want. I'll massage you and lick you and suck you and eat you - and please, please let me feed from your breasts, release your milk for me - I want your sweet milk in my mouth and dribbling down my face and onto my breasts and you can lick it off me baby. Now let me fuck you, honey, let me fuck your sweet body.'

I pushed Mumtaz back towards the bed, and she sprawled back against the loose sheets. For the first time I had a really good view of her body as she spread her legs wide, exposing to me her dark, moist, and aromatic pussy. Instinctively she slid her right hand to her cunt and began to slide her dark fingers, with those long painted nails that so turn me on, over the folds of her pussy flesh. As she did so her hips gyrated, sending ripples through her pregnant belly.

Slowly I crawled onto the foot of the bed and kneeled before her, placing a leg either side of her left thigh. Reaching for the belt on my nightgown I seductively untied it and eased the gown of my shoulders, tossing it to the floor. I was naked now except for my black stilettos. I lifted up my arms to my head, ruffling my thick black hair and thrusting my breasts forward. I wanted this woman to see how well endowed I was. Both Mumtaz and her mother had large breasts: I didn't want to disappoint them. With my arms still up above my head I began to clench and relax my stomach muscles, causing my bald pussy to rub up and down Mumtaz's thigh.

Her eyes were fixed on me, drinking in my curvaceous body. I held her gaze and we each acknowledged the other woman's beauty and eroticism. We were affirming too our essential lesbianism: our overwhelming attraction to and love for another woman. Mumtaz was working her hand against her cunt ever more vigorously, stirring her juices and making pleading gasps and groans. To fire her arousal I began to massage and explore my breasts, teasing the nipples and making them hard.

'Do you like my kinky oriental body, Mumtaz? Have you fantasised about making love to an oriental woman? I bet you have, honey. I bet you've dreamed of eating out smooth Asian pussy, of suckling an Asian girl at your heavy breasts, and of a slender Asian hand fisting your cunt. Isn't that what you've wanted? Am I right?'

Mumtaz was in agonies of arousal as she masturbated her cunt and feasted on my body and words. Her breathing was heavy and she struggled to reply, nodding and pleading with me to satisfy her and make her mine.

'Its ok darling, Tiffany's all yours. I'll be your oriental lesbian slut. I'll rub my kinky oriental body up against yours. I'll show you how Asian women please each other - as long as you share with me your Eastern treasures...'

I moved my body forwards now and lightly slid across Mumtaz's naked form, being careful not to put pressure on her stomach. Our hungry mouths again found each other. She was such a good kisser, passionate and insistent and so sweet.

She lifted the fingers of her right hand, which had been pleasuring her pussy, to my mouth and I sucked eagerly, loving the feeling of each elegant feminine finger. Continuing up her body I offered her my full breasts, which hung down above her face. Stretching up to suckle on my right nipple I supported Mumtaz's head, stroking her hair and nursing her at my breast. She sucked eagerly, her other hand massaging and squeezing my left breast.

'That's it baby, eat my breasts. I know you love full womanly breasts. I do too baby. I love your breasts. I love the thought of them full of milk. I wish I had milk for you as well, darling. I wish I could feed you like your gonna feed me. But I can give you some juice, baby, some wet sticky pussy juice. Come on girl, drink down my juice, I made it for you darling...'

Pulling myself up with the headboard I was astride my lover's face, my horny wet pussy inches from her nose and mouth. Clutching my thighs my lover pulled me against her face, abandoning herself completely to her lesbian desire. This woman was lusting for pussy and I was offering her all I had.

Her lips enclosed my cunt flesh and her long and strong tongue began to explore the texture of my womanhood. She teased my outer folds causing me to leak cum in anticipation of her deeper loving. Back and firth went her tongue over my pussy lips and each time her tongue touched my clit I yelped with desire. God this woman knew how to lick pussy and I was shaking with desire, groaning out satisfaction, abandoning myself to my lover.

'Ohh Mumtaz, Mumtaz, don't stop what you're doing, honey. Fuck me with your long tongue, fuck your lesbian whore. Urgghh, ahh, ahh...yes...that's it, darling, that's it. Love Tiffany's clit, girl, ouch, this is sooo good, I'm close dearest, I'm close...'

As Mumtaz ground her face against my pussy she clutched my plump arse, sinking her nails into my soft flesh. I was held in a vice of desire and it was all I could do to slump my upper body over the headboard. And then, just when I thought I'd reached the height of pleasure, I felt one of Mumtaz's exquisite fingers press up against my anus. My arse hole was already wet with arousal and I wanted that finger up inside me - I was hungry for everything this woman wanted to do to me.

'Push it in, baby, go on. I'm wet for your finger - shove it in deep - fuck my arse, fuck me...'

As my lover's finger penetrated my anus my pleasure became almost too much to bear. I was being completely satisfied. While her tongue made love to my cunt her finger fucked my arse. Juice was oozing from both orifices. I was being totally and devastatingly taken by this woman, reduced to a quivering heap of female desire, utterly wanton and wholly eroticised. All I could do was swim with the sensations she was giving me, allowing myself to spend my juices, glory in my sensuality, and let my orgasm take over my body. And this it now did. My clit was now unbearably sensitive, my juices were rising from the depths of my cunt. In the past my most intense orgasms had caused me to squirt cum and I knew that this would be no exception.

'I'm cumming, I'm cumming. I'm gonna squirt baby, watch me squirt - for you...ahhhh....yeeessss!! urghhh...'

The dam broke and my desire flowed. Mumtaz pulled back her face and opened her mouth. She was transfixed as one then another then another jet of pussy juice shot from my cunt over her face, onto her hair, and into her mouth. I had never cum so hard, so much. But then I'd never been so turned on. By the time my orgasm had subsided I was panting and sweating and flushed.

I was also completely fulfilled. Completely a woman. And it was a woman who had done this to me. I slid my body back down the bed and Mumtaz opened her arms to me and hugged me to her dusky bosom. I kissed my darling tenderly on her full lips - loving the taste of my own juices.

'That, my sweat, was incredible. I've never cum like that, never. I've never been eaten out like that, either. You really know how to satisfy a woman. Well, this woman is totally satisfied.'

I began now to lazily kiss my way across the upper part of my lover's breasts, my hand settling again on her pregnant belly and gently stroking it.

'I've always fantasised about Middle Eastern women. I've always been intrigued and turned on by your deep dark eyes, your alluring dusky complexions, your long black hair, and your oozing sensuality. And I was captivated by the thought of eastern lesbian love. Tell me, Mumtaz, is it true about what they say went on in eastern harems? Did the women, my darling, turn to pleasuring each other? Did they indulge in lesbian lovemaking?'

Mumtaz smiled as she stroked my hair.

'Mmm, will you answer that mummy - could you tell Tiffany the secrets of the harem?'

Startled by Mumtaz's reference to her mother I looked around. I was shocked to see reclining on the divan adjacent to the bed the beautiful and voluptuous form of Mrs Aziz. She was lying against a pile of cushions, wearing only a tight black cut-off top that struggled to contain her heavy breasts and a thin see-through nightgown. Her thick black hair streaked with grey cascaded over the cushions. Her legs were parted, the left bent at the knee, and her left hand was gently stroking her cunt - which I saw, for the first time, nestled within a thick covering of black pussy hair.

Smiling, she eased her ripe body off the divan and approached the bed. Crawling up behind me I felt her hand delicately caress the curve of my arse and up to my hips. As I automatically began to twist to face her I felt the force of her hand press me back down towards Mumtaz's soft bosom.

'Don't stir, Tiffany, my sweet. Rest your head on my daughter. You beautiful girls need to rest. You've given mummy quite a show - now let her look after you...'

I felt an electric charge as this older woman spooned my body from behind, allowing the fabric of her top to rub against my back, her generous stomach to press against my arse. Her hands were soon massaging their way over my body and then her tongue began to trace its way between my shoulder blades and up to my neck. The touch was exquisite and I arched my head upward to find her daughter gazing into my eyes and stroking away the hair that had plastered to my forehead. As Mrs Aziz kissed her way around my neck she whispered seductively.

'Yes, my darling Tiffany, what you say about the harem is true. We Eastern women have been kept secluded in palaces, our only purpose to satisfy the carnal desires of our masters. But no man could satisfy so many women - beautiful women, trained to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, to indulge expensive appetites, living lives of voluptuous ease. So naturally, my love, we women, horny with desire, turned to each other for pleasure. We found love in each others arms and soon discovered, what we three know full well, that lesbian love is the most satisfying, the most tender, the most erotic.'

'And yes, my love, it was the special pleasure of the older women of the harem to befriend the younger girls and initiate them into the delights of Sapphic love - and the younger women, my dear, always responded and gave themselves to their lovers...'

This time I did twist around my body and seek out the lips of Mrs Aziz. And this time she allowed me to do so, easing my body round till I was facing upwards and then gently lowering her body onto mine. Our mouths closed over each other's and our bodies merged, my younger curvaceous body complimenting Mrs Aziz's full, mature form. Our passion, building for days, now found mutual release and we each of us got to know and experience the sensuality of the other.

I pushed up Mrs Aziz's night-gown to bare her arse, gripping the soft flesh tightly, clawing at her with untrammelled desire, not wanting a millimetre to separate me from my lover. Only when our lips parted could I rasp out words thick with desire.

'Ohh, Mrs Aziz, please choose me as your pupil. Initiate me into the secrets of harem love. Open to me the delights of lesbian love. I'll do anything you want - anything you desire. Treat me as your Sapphic slut...'

Drawing herself up Mrs Aziz sat crouching over my body. Placing her fingers over my mouth I licked and sucked on them eagerly.

'Of course you can be my pupil, Tiffany. But I think you know that you'll have to share me - with my darling daughter. But you don't mind sharing me, do you Mumtaz?'

Mrs Aziz reached out now towards her daughter who slowly sat up in the bed and gently moved towards her mother's open arms. And then, each kneeling and facing the other, mother and daughter embraced for the first time. Embraced and then openly and shamelessly kissed. At first their kisses were short, stabbing, movements. And then Mrs Aziz gripped the back of her daughter's head and pulled her close and now they kissed long and deep, Mrs Aziz running her hand up and down the smooth back of her daughter, each woman groaning and sighing with desire. I had never seen anything so erotic and lay back gazing up in amazement. What I was witnessing broke every taboo - yet it was also so right, so natural - and so beautiful.

'Mummy dear, don't you think its time we got you naked for our Tiffany - Isn't it time we released your lovely big breasts....'

Mumtaz positioned herself behind her mother and took the two edges of her night-gown, gently pulling it of her mother's shoulders to reveal her lovely dusky skin. Mumtaz reached around now and began to massage her mother's big boobs through the black fabric of her tight top. As she explored her mother's tits I could clearly see the outline of her hardening nipples through the fabric. Mrs Aziz reached up her arms to clasp her daughter's head, her wonderful bust thrusting forward as she did so, rising and falling as she gasped for breath.

'That's it mummy, show us your breasts, show us your beautiful sexy bosom. Lets release you now, let's show you to your young lover, let's show her your womanhood...'

Mumtaz unhooked Mrs Aziz's tight black top and her heavy breasts spilled forward and swung free on her body. For the first time I saw the whole of Mrs Aziz's feminine form, her gorgeous succulent body. And I saw, too, for the first time the dark sensual hair that adorned her. Though I always keep myself clean-, I have always been turned on by women who preferred to go natural. And Mrs Aziz was more than natural: she was positively hirsute. With her raised arms I got a full view of the black hair that graced her armpits - sticky now from the combination of perfume and feminine perspiration. From her nipples too, so large and exotic, sprouted several dark black hairs. And her pussy hair now filled my gaze, reaching some way up her navel towards her belly button.

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