tagBDSMHarsh Domination Ch. 02

Harsh Domination Ch. 02


Hi guys!

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I don't know how long I was in the closet. I knew that hours ago I had lost the battle with my asshole and my enema had flushed into the shallow tub I was kneeling it. I knew that my arms were sore and that my nipples had been hard since my Master left and now were tingling with pain from the constant pressure of toothed clamps. My clit was in no better shape.

But below my tortured clit my pussy was still leaking girl juice all over my legs. A constant flow since my Master had forced an O ring gag in my mouth and then told me my fate. Parts of my body were begging for release but my pussy was begging for more of this sweet torture.

I was accustomed to the darkness, so when the closet door opened and the light spilled in it took a few moments to adjust my eyes. My body did not have that amount of time. Instantly my throat was full of cock. And Master Jason's hand was on my head forcing me all the way down on him before pulling me all the way off again. He didn't start slow; he fucked me quickly and hard, causing my body to bounce and the enema water slosh all over my legs. I felt like a cheap slut. And my pussy only got wetter.

"I see you expelled all over yourself. You're filthy. I don't know why I'd want to touch you when you're like this." His words made me cringe but I was too occupied with the thick cock being jammed down my throat to pay attention to much else.

A small slap to the face had me looking up at him. Then he let go of my hair, and with both palm slapped me gently on each side of my face with his cock still in my mouth. The O ring preventing me from accidentally biting his cock. Being slapped with a cock in my mouth was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I was scared, and horny and degraded and happy all at the same time. And my brain was screaming for more. He could probably see that in my eyes, which is why he smiled before pulling out of me and smearing himself all over my face. Poking me in the eye, the nose, slapping my forehead with himself.

"You like all that cock all over your face don't you slut? Don't you?"

I nodded, a flush coming to my face.

"Ah, the little cunt is embarrassed! Let's see how much more red we can get into your face shall we? Look down at your clit. I want you to watch this. I am going to rip the clamps off your clit and nipples. If you make a sound I'm going to just put them back on. Do you understand?"

I heard the finality in his voice. My legs trembled. I watched his strong hand drop down and his fingers wrap around the chain that connected my nipples to my clit. With one firm pull he ripped the metal from me and my back arched in pain, offering up my tortured nipples to my Master. Instantly his thumb and forefinger were pulling my red and puffy nipple and I couldn't control my cry.

And just as fast as they had come off the clamps were back on me, biting into my flesh.

"I warned you slut."

This time the pain was more intense and I slumped in my bonds, trying to will away the localized pain in my most sensitive parts.

I looked up at Master Jason, who was standing there watching me cope with what he had inflicted on me. He smiled before putting his hand on the back of my head again, holding me still. His other hand wrapped around his dick and he aimed his softening member right at my O ring bound mouth. I couldn't move away from his piss, and it flowed into my mouth, down my throat, overflowing over me, all over my body and into the plastic container below me. It stung the flesh of my nipples and clit and I moaned but that only caused him to aim more at my hair, coating me in his piss.

When he was done he shook the last drops off of himself and onto me.

"That's all I wanted slut." He said, before closing the door again.


When the door opened again I was dry. But I was sticky and I smelled. My Master looked down at me. "God you're disgusting. Aren't you glad you flew all the way out here to get pissed on and sit in a tub of your own filth?"

Obviously I couldn't reply, so I just dropped my head and nodded. Of course I was glad. I was being used how I've always dreamt of in my dark bedroom fantasies. And the reality was so much better. So much more exciting. I was almost dripping for want of whatever he would do to me next.

It surprised me when he brought my handcuffs out of the lock and let my arms drop.

"I'm not taking you out of the closet. You'll stink up my home. Turn around."

By now the tub was dryish due to evaporation so there was no sloshing when I turned. I heard the iconic snap of plastic gloves being donned and then felt the latex as he forced me over more, so my ass was firm up in the air.

"Still wet I see. What a good pet, getting all wet thinking of my cock and what it's going to do to you." I nodded enthusiastically. Maybe he'd finally fuck me and let me cum. I was so excited my legs were shaking again. I heard him kneel behind me, though not in the tub. He pulled my ass back towards him and two fingers were quickly inserted, rubbing lube around my hole inside and out. Then those two fingers started pumping and I moaned, the salvia dripping from my mouth.

He spread his fingers, widening me as he fucked me with his hand. Then his other gloved hand started palpitating my pussy. Sliding one finger in every so often. 'To check for wetness' he said. He found no lack of it inside me.

As soon as his fingers were gone his hands were on my hips and I was being pulled onto the fattest cock I'd ever taken in my life. He went slow but he refused to stop, refused to let me adjust. And within a minute seven inches of thick meat was inside me, filling me. I couldn't stop making noises. Soft whimpers, moans, gasps for air. My nipples were diamond hard and ultra sensitive to the metal teeth biting into them. I was on fire, he hadn't even moved yet and I wanted to cum. From being fucked in the ass no less!

Then he started moving. In and out. All the way out till the tip of his cock rested against my asshole, then all the way in so his hairy balls rested against my pussy. So slow. So torturous. So amazing.

He soon found that my ass could take all of him and he exploited me. Starting to pump in and out faster, but just as far out each time as the beginning, all the way to the balls when he was inside me.

I started giving small grunts as his pace increased. I was forced to brace my hands against the closet wall to stop from hitting it. My cuffs rattled as he fucked me. And I couldn't control the drool running out of my gag. Nor the cunt juice coming from my pussy.

Master Jason had incredible endurance. And my asshole was sore before he pulled out of me and grabbed my hair. I instantly swung around as he yanked me, positioning me supplicating before him, in my nasty tub with my head facing up towards him.

"Stick your tongue out cunt, now!" I knew he was holding back his cum but couldn't for much longer and without thought my tongue stuck out and I was sprayed with hot jets of his cum directly onto my tongue. Some missed and hit my nose, but most landed in my mouth. "Swallow slut." He said, still holding my hair in a firm grip. I did my best to do so while having an O ring in my mouth, but I must have accomplished it well enough.

"You are a dirty slut. And dirty sluts have dirty asses. Suck my cock clean whore." I had no choice. He had me by the hair. So I was instantly impaled again on his cock. Being forced to deep throat clean him. I grimaced at the foul taste and I heard him laugh. "You've been kneeling in tub of your own filth, you've been peed and cum on, get over the taste of your ass. I guarantee that with me, you'll taste a lot of it." His words made my pussy squeeze so tight I thought I was going to cum. "And you brought it all on yourself, you asked for this. Begged for it." I knew I had, and the combination of shame and desire was almost too hot to bear.

Giving him a final couple of licks he used my hair to pull me into a kneeling position again, dragging my arms up and hooking me back into the ring again.

I moaned in distress. He was going to leave me alone again and I hadn't cum! He had to know that I was going too long without it. And it was driving me crazy. When we had discussed orgasm control I had told him it would be too hard for me to go the weekend without cumming. And he had said 'Maybe next time.' He couldn't be doing it to me now! At most it had only been one day and I was already a sex starved whore. He knew that, that must be why he kept checking my pussy for wetness. He wanted to know what he was doing to me.

Before the door closed once more his hands were around my face. So gentle. He was unbuckling the O ring gag from my mouth and I sighed with relief as my jaw was now able to close. I moaned in happiness, though I mourned the loss of the highly sexual object.

"Not so fast." Master whispered before a black cock gag was before my eyes, and my torturous body was already opening my mouth to receive it. I whimpered as the three inch cock entered my mouth and settled on my tongue. The clip snicked shut with a very final sound. And then the door closed. Every hole of mine had had a cock except the one most begging for it.

My pussy continued to drip.

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