tagNonHumanHaunting Dreams

Haunting Dreams


She sat astride the mare, looking down across the valley to the empty old castle. Night after night she rode the same dark path, her dreams always the same. Tonight was no different from her dream, other than the fact she was awake and watching. Why this place called to her, why had night after night of dreaming this very thing haunted her so? She came here to relax, a distant country with no one bothering her, unknown was something she longed for.

Sighing, she brushed back a strand of chestnut hair that blew gently into her face. Every night for weeks now she lay in torment of these dreams. The same dark eyes calling to her, so lonesome, so pain filled. Who or what called to her, she didn't know, but she felt compelled to come here and see.

Riding down the hillside, the night was filled with an eerie silence. No wolf howled, no dogs barked. She heard no crickets or seen anything scampering to hide from her. In this area of the country, there were all kinds of animals. What made them silent this night? No storms brewed overhead, it was clear and only moderately cold. So why the silence?

She halted the mare before the old stone keep and quietly made her way up the steps. She knew no one was rumored to dwell here, it was speculated in the local village that a monster haunted this castle. She did not believe in monsters, or the boogey man. She was a mature adult, and knew fable from fiction.

Her hand barely touched the surface of the door when it slid soundlessly open. A little uneasy, she glanced around the darkened interior for someone who could have opened it for her? No one was inside, the pale full moon was the only light offered to her. She wished briefly she had brought a flashlight with her, but it was too late now to turn back.

"Hello?" She called softly, her voice carrying not as far as she thought it would. The house was not empty, from what she could see it was fully furnished. No answer came, the house was empty, so why was she calling out hello?

Stepping into the house, the door shut softly behind her. Jumping she swung around and searched the shadows, "Anyone there?" She whispered, fear crept up her spine.

And still there was no answer, not one noise anywhere in the house.

She glanced around the lower floor of the old castle, no light emanating from anywhere. Shivers passed over her again as she got the distinct feeling someone was watching her. Lurking in the shadows, watching every single move she made. Her arms went around herself, a protective move. Slowly she moved through the entryway, neither glancing left nor right.

"Someone there?" She whispered out again. Her eyes caught a flash to her left and she jumped and looked. Nothing was there, but for a moment she thought she saw something black move from one corner to the next. Her breath stilled in her lungs, listening carefully for signs of life. None came to her ears, and she let out the breath she held. Her hand came down to rest on the dusty banister, and slowly she climbed one step at a time. Her heart in her throat, she wondered if it was best to leave and come back at daybreak?

Deciding she was acting like a fool, she crept up higher and higher until she stepped on the landing. Why was she suddenly feeling too scared to continue on? She felt the chills down her neck, as if something was breathing down her back.

"Someone there?" She was repeating herself even she noticed this. But she couldn't help feeling that she was not alone. She turned around and looked back down the stairs, quickly she moved back and glanced down the long dark hallway. Still nothing loomed or jumped out at her. She could hear the soft whiney of the mare outside but nothing more.

Walking further forward, her eyes caught a sudden light flare up under a door. Her heart pounded in her chest a moment, her palms began to sweat. Someone was here, and just not answering her or perhaps they didn't hear her call?

She moved to the door and put one hand on the surface, the other on the handle. This place was empty, she was told so. She had no reason to believe otherwise, and yet her dreams told her there was a man here. One, who needed her, wanted her badly. How else would this man get sunshine into his life if she did not come? Certainly destiny called to her, brought her here. All she had to do was open the door and walk inside. Placing her ear against the smooth cool surface, she heard nothing.

Before she could twist the knob, the door swung open, again silently. The fine hairs on her neck stood up as her eyes fell on the partial room behind the half-opened door.

"Someone here?"

"Come inside Heather." His voice called to her, but was it vocal? A silken voice, one that made her tremble slightly. Not from fear but from an unexpected urge in her body.

She pushed open the door, her eyes taking in the raised canopy bed and the roaring fire in the hearth. A white bearskin rug was on the floor before the fire, the old marble shining in the firelight.

"Close the door Heather, come inside so I may see you." His voice poured over her like molten lava. Seductive in sound, but where was it coming from?

"How do you know my name?" She asked still not stepping over the threshold.

"I've been waiting awhile for you to come here, watching you as you slept." He whispered to her. Her eyes searched the room, trying to see beyond the silken curtains around the bed.

"Watching me?" She felt fear once again, why was he watching her? This was a little creepy.

"I mean you no harm, I am not a stalker Heather." The curtains parted a little from the breeze in the room, was there a breeze? She was uncertain, but her feet carried her into the room. Without glancing back behind her, she felt the door shut. How did that happen? She should have felt cornered and scared, and she should have run screaming from the room. She stood frozen to the floor, her mind going over all she had dreamt and seen in her sleep for weeks now.

"Was I dreaming of you?" Her mind asked.

"Yes." His simple answer, reading her thoughts. He could hear her heart pounding, her fear rising but her determination to keep it at bay.

The curtains parted and he slowly climbed from the bed, his black breeches the only thing he wore. Her eyes widened and she backed up against the door, never had she seen such a man as this one.

Her eyes roamed over him, his long black hair, hanging to his shoulders. It looked soft and her hands ached to run through it. Flattening herself against the door, her heart pounded fiercely. He came towards her, but she didn't know if he floated or walked with a panther like grace. He had broad shoulders, tapering down to a tight flat stomach. He wore no shoes on his feet, only those pants. Lord almighty! Those weren't pants but a second skin on his frame. His gray eyes caught hers and held, "Do not be afraid Heather, I mean you no harm. Won't you come in a little closer?" He voice was as she thought, seductively smooth. Deep and husky sending erotic stabs to her center.

He had been waiting for this moment. Since she had arrived and he seen her one night outside her quaint little cottage. He took in her beauty, his heart catching as he thought of the one before her, so similar in looks, so breathtakingly beautiful that it almost hurt to look upon her. He held out his hand, his heart and soul in his eyes, pleading with her to end his misery of being alone here on earth. Would she take it? Would she accept what he is without qualms?

He had such high hopes, he brought her here to seduce her into joining him for eternity. He would not give her a choice, not once she took his hand. She would be his, he had to have her. The irrational reasons weren't important, nor were the means by which he caught her. Only that she would be his.

She glanced down at his proffered hand, should she take it? Her eyes rose to his and she was trapped within his gaze. She could not deny him anything. The loneliness was written clearly there, and the hope she could ease his troubled soul as well. Could she? Did she dare try and tame the beast?

Looking from his hand to his eyes and back down, she fought to say no and flee from this room, never to return again. But her hand came out and took his, a will all their own she supposed. For her heart wasn't listening to her mind here, and her mind said this was insane! Her heart said he needed her and he was all she would ever need.

"I'm scared." A simple confession, one he felt deep inside.

"Please Cara? I mean you no harm." The words poured from his lips, sensually tingling her spine. His hand closed over hers and she stepped towards him. Her eyes came up to meet his as he tugged her forward, each step took her closer.

Heart hammering in her chest, she couldn't summon the strength to look away, break this spell he had over her. What would he do with her? What were his intentions? Would she be found dead in the morning?"

He chuckled, "No, You won't be found dead Heather. My intentions are clear my love. I want you, I have waited for you for longer than you can imagine. Please, do not deny me this." She trembled, gulping down the rising lump in her throat, she had no desire to tell him no.

"Please, tell me your name?" She whispered, his hands now coming around her waist and holding her.

"Gregori." He nuzzled her neck and began his seduction. She lost all train of thought as his lips met the pale flesh of her neck. Softly his lips rained kissed along the column, tasting her sweet scent, inhaling it into his memory. She felt the same, she smelled the same. It was if she had been reborn just for him, that after all these years he had her back in his arms.

Moaning, she titled her head, giving him access to her skin. Alive with a burning desire, that was ignited the moment his lips touched her. Her hands rose to his chest and clung to him, pressing closer to his body. Her eyes fell closed in pleasure as his lips continued their path up and down her neck. Where her pulse leapt, he flicked his tongue. Hearing her moan was enough to know she wanted this as much as he did.

Lost in a world of a carnal ecstasy, she felt the cooler air blow over her heated skin. Her eyes came open slowly, glancing down where his hands held her against him. She was bare, nothing remained of her clothing. They were puddles at her feet, funny she hadn't felt him remove them from her? She uttered a soft cry as his bare chest pressed against her sensitive nipples. Erect and tingling, they sent some fluttering down to her sex.

"Gregori?" She asked in question to what he was doing? Reading her mind, he pushed those thoughts away with his will alone and kept going. He worshipped her neck with his lips and tongue, her cheek, her lips. She wormed under his hands, her lusts building inside. His intention was to make her scream out for more before this night was over. Show her just how much he had loved her and still loved her.

His arms tightened around her and with ease he lifted. Carrying her to his bed, she was lain down in a soft goose feather bed. It cradled her body, wrapping and conforming to her back. Gregori came over her, his eyes glowing with passion.

She sucked in a breath, recoiling from what she seen in his eyes. He seen the fear there and concentrated on disguising his hunger a little better.

"It's alright Cara, I mean you no harm. Trust in me my love, just let me show you?" He pleaded softly, only this time his lips did not move. She was a little frightened but his gaze again took it all away. The fire burning in his eyes made her shake, made her worry she would disappoint him some how? He smiled, nuzzling her neck once again, "Ahh Cara, you could never disappoint me love." He was doing it again, but how? Did he have some form of ESP? Was he able to read all minds? She fell quiet for a moment and then cried out. Her hands coming around him and her nails raking his back as he suckled on her neck.

"Oh God!" She cried out, spreading and pushing up against him, the heat was intimidating her but feeding her just the same. Closing her eyes she had no more words to say, no more objections. Only he could make her feel this way, she knew it deep down inside. He vanished from the bed and returned before she really was aware he left her. His body pressing hers further down into the mattress. He slid lower, taking each nipple into his mouth and suckling before moving to the other. His hands caressed her sides lovingly, taking great care not to mar her beauty with his rough touch.

His heart was thundering in his ears, he was amused to find his hands shaking with his caution. His cock hard for her, wanting to join them both forever. But he had to ask her, make sure this is what she wanted.

"Cara? My love, Look at me." He demanded softly.

Her eyes came open and held his gaze. Groaning he fought back the urge to push himself inside her, end their torment.

"This is forever, if I take you, I will never let you go. Do you want to remain with me forever?" he was hopeful and deceptive at the same time.

She nodded her head, "Yes Gregori, forever! Just take me now!" She whimpered, wiggling under him, feeling his cock pressing against her thigh. It was what she wanted and craved.

He accepted her words, knew it was what she wanted. But would she want him once she knew what he was? That would come in time, for now he needed her. He laved her nipples again, making them erect, standing proud for him. His hands slipped between their bodies and gently he cupped her sex. He could feel her heat, smell her unique scent all her own. It made him feel possessive and crave her more. She arched her hips, pressing herself against his hand, wanting those slender long fingers to touch her. He moved downwards a little, pressing his middle finger between her folds and rubbing up and down. Her passion was evident on his fingertips, and he pressed that finger in a little further.

She strained and cried out, lifting up and into him. Her hands dug into the bedding and grasped on, afraid she might fall into an unseen pit as high as she was soaring. He moved his weight to the side, watching his finger gently thrust in and out of her center. Warmth, sweet, inviting him to replace his fingers with his cock. He held himself in check, not wanting to rush anything.

His eyes went to her tormented face as he teased her this way. Her features were furrowed, her lips slightly parted as she mewled little sexy noises. They called to him, all the sounds from her and the juices on his hand. His mind caressed hers, urging her to spiral into oblivion. Ignoring his own desires, enthralled with just watching her.

Turning a little, he pressed his thumb against her little nub and rubbed deliciously slow. Both hands now working on her, he watched her face. His mind linked with hers, he knew what felt good and what didn't. He rubbed with one hand and thrust now with two fingers inside her. He couldn't go down there and taste her just yet, he would wait until she was closer to her orgasm.

He bit back a groan and fought down the urge to feed off of her. This wasn't the time to show her, he wanted to give her a reason to stay by his side, not fear him. She rocked under him, her hips rising and falling as quickly as her breaths in her chest. Her skin moved slightly, goose bumps rising over it as he found a tender spot inside and applied more pressure to her clit.

"Yes, Cara! Cum for me my love." His sensual voice made her tense up, she was tightening around his fingers. In one fluid motion he was between her thighs, his mouth feasting on her slit and clit. His tongue darting in and out, moving up to flick her clit and sliding back down to thrust deeply into her channel. She screamed out, her hands tearing into his hair and shoving him roughly into her center. Her hips bucked wilder, harder, pressing as close as she could to his mouth.

"Oh Fuck! I'm... Going t-to! Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed out again, her walls tensing on his tongue, hot juices poured from her, spurting out onto his chin. Eagerly he lapped them up, then fastened onto her clit as she nearly bucked him off. She growled out in a primitive manner, her breathing heavy and labored. He felt his cock lurch with her cry of release, he so badly wanted to join her. But this one was for her, he would take his in time.

He replaced his finger inside her, thrusting in and out as his tongue lapped her saturated folds clean as he could. The bed was soaked under his torso, all from her. Groaning he closed his eyes and fought down the demon within. He shook with the effort it took to contain himself, to keep from pouncing on her. Her hips gyrated on his finger and mouth until slowly she stopped moving. Her voice was raspy as she panted, her hands trembling from exertion.

He rose up over her, his lips fastening onto hers and drawing her tongue into his mouth. She tasted her own juices on his tongue and groaned. The intense pleasure just from kissing him was tremendous. Her hands stroked him everywhere she could reach, up and down his back, gripping and caressing as she cradled him between her thighs. She felt him pulsating against her abdomen, his desire pressing hard into her. Answering him, she pressed up against him, wanting to feel him deep inside her. Gone were the thoughts of leaving and that this was a stranger. She had nothing on her mind but him and hearing him cry out her name when he came deep inside her womb.

"Make love to me Gregori!" She pleaded as she nuzzled his ear lobe, taking the tender skin between her teeth and lightly biting before suckling. His spine tingled and his cock jumped in answer to her soft sweet cries. It was music to his ears, what he had been waiting to hear from her since he seen her. Carefully he moved his thighs, spreading her to accommodate his hips. It was now or never, and he wouldn't settle for never.

His cock found her opening, without directive, carefully he pressed inward. He felt her lips give way and her welcoming warmth surrounded the engorged head. Groaning her name, he shoved with one hard thrust and buried himself inside her.

Crying out, he was larger than she had expected him to be. In her heightened lust her nails scored his back, leaving red marks behind. Clutching him too tightly, he pried her arms from around his neck. Letting go, she found her own nipples and pinched and rolled them as he reared up. His hands gripped her shoulders as he leaned back a little and began thrusting in and out. He paused and ground against her swollen clit before withdrawing once again.

Their groans and panting echoed in the room, her body glistened from the sweat on her skin. He slid in and out, methodically, wanting this pleasure to last. Her head arched up, her chin jutting in the air as she cried out again. Her body twisted and writhed under him, he grunted as he watched her. She ground harder against his shaft, the brief rubbing bringing her closer to her peak once again.

Her lips parted as she whispered his name, her signal she was about to cum once again. Wanting her to, he lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulder. He bent forward, nearly bending her in half as he pressed roughly in and out. His balls slapped against her ass in his rhythmic thrusts, his eyes fixated on her face. He wanted to watch, and see her bared soul for himself.

"Open your eyes Heather, let me see your pleasure my love. Open for me!" His words whispered through her mind and her lids parted. Their gaze locking and holding, he groaned out once more. Shoving her legs outwards he bent down again his lips kissing her neck. She moaned, her nails digging into his forearms as she felt his teeth rake her skin. Quivering around him, his teeth sank into her neck and she screamed out loudly.

Light exploded behind her eyes as she nearly fainted from the intense pleasure. Words could not describe what she felt, her body was melting. Quivering all over, her body felt limp, tranquil like. Her muscles spasmed around him, gripping him in their loving way as he drank one sip from her. Roaring was all that could describe what happened when he lost it. Pounding fiercely in and out, his hammered into her. Banging their bodies together as she rode the waves. Backing off, he lapped the wounds in her neck, watching them seal tightly as she pulsated around him.

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