tagNon-Erotic PoetryHave So Long Not Cried, I Cry Now

Have So Long Not Cried, I Cry Now


See her dancing on the pale moon yonder.
Wavy hair breathing that life into me like a
delicious wonder.
To take her hand and march gayly down the
green side hills.
To never cry again, as love is the savior now.

 That untold love story, of the two who wonder
aimlessly through the chosen relm.
To sample love and taste the fire that love burns
brighter, in the fires of heart.
Will wonder a thousand hells to know her scent and feel her spirit lift me.
To never cry again, as love is the savior now.

 Now comes the day, the truth comes free, that he
and he is me, have nothing to offer in this life.
A failure, and wonger, a laugher in disguise.
To play with fate and dare to show my love,
and beg her love in turn.
To cry forever, as love is the lost one now.

 Let not his tears be seen, let not his weeping
sobbing breaths be heard.
He is unworthy of this love, as God has cursed him
in promise.

 He, and he is me. Stood atop the strongest mountain, atop the highest peek to swear.
"By loves fair vow, dear lord, give her to me,
and this I swear and swear again, no woman shall
ever he place be kept. Not even our end in death, or strife. No end will justify the promise broken,
I'll alone remain if she is ever lost to me. This
my lord, my savior, a promise I give to thee."

 A promise twill be kept and forever more,
no other shall I love or dare adore.
For I made the vow, the oath of my soul...
she is gone, and now alone I must go.
Never to cry again, for love is lost and I am numb
Never to cry again.

 Forgive me, Kimberly. I'll love thee more as days
grow more. I'll swear my love unto heaven
and let no other woman be adored.
Now go, and let some man, who's more,
give more and more to thee.
Never to cry again, for love is the savior now.

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