tagErotic CouplingsHave You Ever?

Have You Ever?


Have you ever had a woman worship you cock, as if she totally adored it, loving it more than any other possession on the planet? Have you ever had a woman kneel before you, place her tongue just above your balls and lick upward, along your throbbing shaft to the slit in your purple pulsing head? Then ever so slowly open her mouth, using her lips to caress your head until you feel her hot wet mouth envelope the tip, using her wet tongue to tickle the underside of your shaft as more of your hot cock disappears into her mouth as you watch from above?

Have you ever felt the sensations rock your body as she takes you as deep as she can, encapsulating your cock in hot wet bliss? Only to keep your cock deep and suck while the back of her throat stimulates your oozing head? Then as you think nothing can be better than this you feel her hand push your balls up and roll them in her palm, before slowly talking you out of her mouth while keeping a strong grip on your shaft with her lips, protecting your cock from her teeth?

Have you ever felt the intense sensations as she sucks your head so hard you think you might pass out from pleasure? Or when she moves her hand from your nuts up the wet shaft and begins to slowly stroke your dick using her spit as lube while continuing to suck or lick your head like it's her favorite lollypop? What about when she grabs tight around your shaft with her fingers and stokes downward so hard you feel it in your toes? Or when she looks up at you with those gorgeous eyes, to see if you are enjoying what she is doing. Or what about her doing all this over and over again until your balls are so tight around your shaft they begin to hurt with want of release?

Have you ever seen the look in her eyes when she knows she has you on the verge of climax? When she slows down her motions to prolong the fun she's having? Yes, she's having fun; she's actually enjoying sucking your cock! Has that ever happened to you? She knows exactly what will take you over the edge but she changes things up instead, worshiping your cock, the hard shaft, the bulbous oozing head, the tight balls covered in her saliva. Your legs begin to shake, you feel the pending explosion building, brewing, boiling to the surface as she keeps you so close to the finale.

Have you ever had a woman pin your aching and throbbing cock between her breasts and fuck it with her tits? Have you ever sat back and watched your head pop through her luscious cleavage as she moves up and down on your shaft with her tits, pressing her breasts together hard to give you the friction you need? Have you ever had a woman, tit fuck your cock and tell you she wants your cum? Actually say, "Cum for me... give me your load, feed me your jizz!" while looking into your eyes?

Have you ever felt the sensation of saliva lubed breasts pressed tightly around your cock as a woman takes you over the limit? Have you ever seen your cock explode as the head appears between her jugs, only to shoot a rope of cum up her neck on to her face? Have you ever felt the contractions, forcing the semen out in plentiful bursts, as she continues to work her cum covered tits up and down your shaft while trying to catch your spurts in her mouth? Have you ever moaned in absolute rapture as she takes your cock, covered in jizz, back into her mouth and sucks while you're still in the pangs or climax? The extreme sensation curls your toes making you try and pull away from her sucking mouth, but she holds you by the ass, driving you crazy with pleasure.

Have you ever looked down at a woman who has just sucked your cock like it was her favorite thing to do in the world. Her breasts covered in your cum, her nipples hard from the excitement her chin dripping with excess semen she missed? Have you ever felt weak from the unbelievable blowjob you just received and watched the woman search for your load, feeding herself with her hands until she has swallowed all to be found? Have you ever had a woman smile up at you adoringly with a look of lust for more of what she wants from you? Have you ever?

Yeah, me neither.

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