tagIncest/TabooHaving a Daddy Fantasy

Having a Daddy Fantasy


Paisa was tossing and turning. She had been trying to get to sleep and had only succeeded in laying there for an hour. She saw her door open up a little and knew it was her dad checking on her.

"Paisa, are you all right?"

"Yes dad, I'm just having trouble falling to sleep."

Eric walked into his daughter's room, "Baby, would you like something to drink?"

Paisa smiled, she was 18 and her dad would always treat her like his little girl. She had plenty of girlfriends that would trade places with her. Karen's father could care less about her. Barbara's father yelled and screamed at her all of the time. Laura's father was so strict she had run away from home, but she had been brought back. Now he kept her on an even tighter leash. But Paisa had more than a father, she had a dad. The only thing he did was love her. She wouldn't trade what she had for anything. "That sounds good." She watched him leave to get the drink.

He came back, and Paisa sat up in bed and took it from him. "Thanks dad," she felt the cold water slide down her throat, "That hit the spot." She handed the empty glass back to him, and lay back down.

"Is something bothering you?"

It had started slowly for her. She adored her dad and compared all boys to him. When she had sex with her boyfriend she just couldn't help but wonder what it would be like with her dad. "Not bothering me, really, but I could use a good back scratcher right about now."

Eric chuckled, "Well I guess you are stuck with me until that good back scratcher shows up."

Paisa laughed and turned on her stomach. She soon felt him scratching her through the over sized tee-shirt she slept in. It felt nice but really wasn't getting it done. "Dad, can you go under my shirt?" She had expected him to barely reach under her shirt, and he did. He was such a sweetie.

Eric slid his hand under shirt, being careful not to pull it up too far; unfortunately, it was pulling at her neck.

"Dad, my shirt is choking me, go ahead a pull it up for crying out loud."

Eric took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up. He felt her raise up to help. The skin of her lower back came into view. He started scratching again.


Eric scratched as high as he could.

"Dad, I want you to go up more."

"I can't without raising it further."

At first she was terribly embarrassed to even think of her dad that way, then the idea crept into her dreams at night and gave her a mental image to go with her fantasy. "It's all right, dad."

"Well, you're going to have to move over, I can't do this bending over."

Paisa scooted over and watched her dad sit down on the bed beside her. She felt herself flush as a tingly sensation spread through her. When she had scooted over, the blanket had come off and now her panties were showing. She felt his hand on her back again, "You didn't raise my shirt up any, silly." Her fantasies were making her want it for real. She lifted herself up off of the bed, by supporting herself with one arm.

Eric swallowed hard, and raised her shirt up. He got a good look at the side of her breast before she lay back down. He started to scratch her upper back but his eyes were drawn to her thinly covered butt.

Peaking at her dad from the corner of her eye and saw him looking at her butt. It felt nice having her dad pay attention to her, and not as a child.

Eric could feel the tension in his daughter even as his fingers traveled over her skin. "Honey, what's really bothering you?"

It was too much for a teenage girl to keep inside. She turned over her showing her breasts to him. "Do you love me?"

Eric swallowed hard and stared at her breasts. "Of course I do."

She bit her lip, embarrassed yet terribly turned on at telling him, "Lately, I've been having dreams about having sex with you."

"Honey that is pretty much normal stuff, I'm sure your girlfriends have done the same thing."

She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. "I've never had any sexual attraction to you before, why now?

Eric smiled, "I think that is the nicest compliment I have ever received," and he bent down and kissed her.

"Please dad, it was hard for me to tell you this."

He heard her moan as he trapped her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. He had to admit he liked touching her.

Paisa loved it; she had not only dreamed about being with her dad but had gotten herself off fantasizing about it. Delicious feelings spread from her nipples as they got hard. "Suck on them" She watched his lips encircle her nipple. "Mm," no she thought, none of my girlfriend's dream of doing this with their fathers.

Eric gave her another kiss, "I need to go. Your mother will wonder what is keeping me."

Paisa knew that couldn't get caught like this, but she was damn well going to get a good bye kiss. She pressed her parted lips to his and her dad slid his tongue into her mouth. Her eyes were glued to the bulge in his pants as he stood up to leave. Her hand pressed against his erection and then he left.

Eric had gotten way more turned on that he had thought he would. He only intended to fool around with her to get her though this.

Cheryl saw her husband's condition as he came back to their bedroom. "What's going on?"

"Your daughter has been dreaming of sex with me and tonight she decided to she wanted more than a dream."

Cheryl was stunned. Years of suppressed memories surfaced, "What did you two do?"

Eric knew he could never hope to hide this from her, so he just told her, "She wanted me to touch her some, so I played a little. I figured if she got it out of her system it would just go away. "

Cheryl never knew her parents; they had died when she was a baby. She had spent her entire life in one foster home after another. "It looks like you enjoyed it."

Eric didn't want to fight with his wife over this and he also didn't want her to get all over their daughter for it. "I wasn't really prepared for her to want me that way."

Growing up Cheryl had imagined doing it with her own father many times, and now her own daughter had those same fantasies. She wasn't surprised at Paisa but at herself, she was terribly turned on and had never gotten over it. She kissed her husband, "What did you do?"

He found it difficult to answer his wife with her tongue in his mouth. As he returned her kiss she coaxed his tongue into her mouth. He couldn't help but compare kissing his wife to his daughter. "I played with her tits."

Cheryl took the shirt she slept in off over her head. "Play with my tits daddy." She shuddered as his fingers found her breasts. "Daddy, make my nipples hard." In her imagination, her daddy had sometimes come to her and she would let him touch her.

First his daughter and now his wife, his cock wanted out of his pants so bad he almost couldn't stand it. Her nipples became hard as rocks as he played. He knew she had never known her own dad and wondered..., "My daughter also wanted me to suck her nipples."

"Yes daddy, suck my nipples." She held his head to her as his lips surrounded her nipple, "Oh yes daddy."

After a few minutes of sucking first one then the other nipple he had them almost purple. He put his mouth to her soft lips, "That's all we did. Daddy would love it if his little girl put her mouth to his hard cock."

After all of these years her daddy wanted her to play! "Yes daddy let me suck you." Cheryl practically ripped his pants and underwear off. She had her mouth around his huge cockhead, talking as she sucked, "I love it daddy"... her lips opened to let him slid in, "...it's so big daddy," in and out of her mouth, "...I can take...your hard...cock...deep in my throat...daddy."

Eric took his cock out of her mouth and making his tongue hard stuck it out. He saw her eyes go wide as she and closed her lips around it. Treating his tongue like a cock, she started sucking it in and out of her mouth.

Cheryl had thousands of ways she wanted to do her daddy. Years of imagination and buried sexual fantasies flooded her brain. She was a young girl and didn't know about sex. Her daddy would teach her. What would it be like to do things with him?

Grabbing his hand, she led him to the bathroom. Lying on the vanity, her breathing was erratic, "I want to see you cum in my mouth daddy."

Eric took the rest of his clothes off. Her pubic hair drew his eyes, "I would love to touch your pussy?"

"Oh yes daddy, play with my pussy." She opened her legs for him. A long sigh escaped her as she felt his fingers slid inside of her. "Do you like the way my pussy feels daddy?" She bit her lip to the sensation. "Maybe next time you can put your big hard cock in my pussy daddy." Her tongue licked at her daddy's cock. "I think you should fuck me in the mouth daddy."

Eric had never felt his wife so wet and wanted his cock in her pussy, but she wanted the fantasy and he wanted to give it to her. He slid his cock into her mouth and started fucking her, being careful not to go too deep or hard. "Daddy likes his cock in his little girl's mouth."

Her daddy would cum in her mouth; just like she had wanted him to when she could see him sneak into her bed at night. Cheryl knew he was being gentle with his little girl but she wanted him to know she was all right. Her hands grabbed his hips and drew him toward her making his hard cock slam deep into her throat. She didn't gag because she had practiced with hotdogs when she was little.

Her daddy had his fingers in her pussy too. He was sliding them in and out. She had always wondered what his fingers would feel like inside of her. "Your cock...tastes...so good...daddy." She kept her hands pushing him in her mouth hard. "Mm...mm...mm...it's hitting...the back...of my throat...daddy."

She pushed his cock out of her mouth but kept her hand playing, "I going to cum daddy. Your finger in my pussy feels so good." She was moving all over the vanity, "Make your little girl cum daddy!" His fingers were playing and sliding in and out of her making the pleasure better and better. Waves of pleasure burst through her. After all of these years, her daddy was making her cum for the first time! It was so much better than she thought it would be.

She felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest. "Cum in my mouth daddy, I want to see you cum. Make yourself cum in my mouth."

Eric saw his wife turn her head so that she could see herself in the mirror and she opened her mouth wide. He placed his cock head just over her lips and started stroking himself.

She saw her daddy playing with his hard cock. He was doing this for her. He would make his hard cock shoot his cum for her. She was ready. Her eyes never left her daddy's cock in the mirror. His hand was moving back and forth just liked she had asked him to.

"I'm going to cum for you baby."

She stuck her tongue out so she could see him cum in her mouth and taste it at the same time. Suddenly a huge glob of white hot sperm shot out of her daddy's cock. She loved seeing it fly in the air and then she saw it land in her open mouth.

It tasted funny, not like she had thought it would. It wasn't a bad taste. Late at night when she was supposed to be asleep, she would imagine her daddy would come to her and want her to suck him. Nothing she had used as a substitute for his cum tasted like this.

Eric shot cum again and again trying to aim for her mouth. When it eased off he placed his cock to her mouth and pushed just the head in.

She could taste his cum oozing from her daddy's cock! She sucked out his last drops of cum and smiled at him to see if she had pleased him.

Eric cleaned her up and carried her to bed.

The next morning Paisa got her dad alone before she left to go to school, "Dad, are we all right -- I mean about last night and all? She suddenly found herself in his arms and receiving a passionate kiss. When she was let go she whispered, "I'll take that as a yes."

Paisa had felt her dad's kiss all day. She had no idea he was going to do that and she liked it.

That night in bed Eric lay kissing his wife. Cheryl had spent years dreaming of having sex with a mom, dad, sister and brother that she would never have, and wasn't going to let her daughter have to just wish it would happen. She pushed away from him, "Go to her room, your daughter wants her daddy. She kissed him long and sensuously, "Leave the door open so I can see my daddy fuck my sister, and then came back and fuck me daddy."

Paisa heard the knock at her bedroom door. "Come in." She had been laying there wishing her dad would come and check on her. In her excitement she didn't notice he left the door open as he was coming into her room. She greeted him with open arms and was pleased that she got another kiss.

"I love you baby."

"I know dad, I love you too." Her eyes closed as her dad continued to kiss her neck. She gave a soft moan as she felt his hands on her shirt front. "Take my shirt off dad." She watched his face as he looked at her with nothing on but her panties. He liked what he saw.

Cheryl watched her fantasy come alive as she saw her daddy gently start licking her sister. She used her own hands to play, pretending her daddy was licking her. She knew that later she would have her daddy again but she dreamed of sharing him with her sister so many times.

Paisa loved her dad's lips on her nipples; his mouth sent tiny pin pricks of pleasure through her. It had taken her quite a bit to actually tell her own dad she wanted him, and now she wished she had done it sooner.

Eric stopped, made a little wet trail to her face and kissed his daughter, "And in answer to your question last night, yes I think you are pretty." He stood up and undid his belt.

From the hallway, Cheryl watched everything, saw every detail and her breathing was getting harder, "Come on daddy, your daughter wants your big cock."

Paisa reached up and stopped her dad, "I want to do it" She fumbled with his belt but soon had his pants open and they fell to the floor, his underwear soon followed.

Cheryl watched her sister playing. She smiled as her daddy got hard. Running her tongue over her lips, she whispered, "Come on baby, suck our daddy's cock," and she brought her own finger to her mouth.

Paisa had lay in bed and wondered what it would be like with her dad. Even when she was having sex with her boyfriend, sometimes she wished it was her dad instead. Her lips went around his cock and she sucked him in. Moving so that his cock slid in and out, she giggled when his pubic hair ticked her nose.

"Don't make our daddy cum yet," Cheryl whispered a warning from the hallway.

Eric made Paisa lay back, getting on the bed with her he kissed her some more. He pulled her panties off and gently started playing between her legs.

As her dad let his fingers roam over her pussy, her clit became excited. He was being gentle, exploring. Paisa could feel her body responding to his touch. Finally, moaning, she grabbed his hand and pushed two of his fingers inside of her, "Mm."

Using her own hand Cheryl was making her pussy feel wonderful as she watched her daddy and her sister. "Come on daddy we want your hard cock inside of us."

Paisa grabbed her dad's cock and started to move her fingers along its length. His fingers in her pussy were driving her crazy. After a few strokes she grabbed the cock just under the head and squeezed, making it turn purple. "Put that thing in me where it belongs."

She wanted her dad so bad she couldn't stand it and grabbed him pulling him on top of her. Her lips touched his, "Please put it in me dad."

Cheryl pushed her fingers deep inside of her pussy, "Yes daddy fuck her pussy." She wanted to see more, going on her hands and knees she crawled inside of the bedroom. She didn't stop until she was only a few feet away. Her eyes were glued to them as she watched her daddy get on top of her sister. Her sister spread her legs and her daddy used his hand to guide his hard cock to her pussy. Just like she had imagined it, her daddy pushed his big cock into her sister's pussy.

Eric couldn't believe how incredible his teenage daughter's body felt. Her pussy sucked in his cock as if it was never going to let it go. She was incredibly hot and his cock slid in and out of her easily.

Paisa grabbed her dad, "Yes...oh yes." Her parted lips found his and she accepted his tongue into her mouth.

Cheryl could see that her daddy's cock was coming out of her sister slick and shiny. She liked the way it looked continually sliding in and out. She wanted to join them so bad but knew that would have to wait for another time. She wanted her daddy to shove that hard cock in her, but the first time needed to be just the two of them. She would add her sister some other time.

Her pussy was sending messages of pleasure to her brain. Paisa couldn't believe she was actually having sex with her dad. It was everything she had imagined it would be. "Suck on my tits dad and ram that thing in me hard." Even as his lips surrounded her nipple she felt his cock slam in her.

Cheryl's fingers had her pussy going crazy as she heard her sister want it hard. Her daddy was going to make her sister cum. Her own fingers were taking her to the same place.

Eric slammed into his daughter. He made it go as hard and deep as he could. A steady stream of "Yes...yes...yes," made him believe he was giving her what she wanted.

Paisa was having trouble breathing, each time her dad rammed his cock into her, the intensity of it made her suck in her breath. Her body was on fire with the passion of it. She tensed as she felt her body get rigid, ready for an explosion. Wrapping her arms and legs around him she held on for dear life as her orgasm sent a sudden rush of intense pleasure through her. Wave after wave ran through her only to collide with other pleasure waves. A long low throaty moan was her only noises.

Eric ground himself into her young hot pussy, "Baby I'm going to cum."

Cheryl got a huge smile on her face; her daddy was going to cum in her sister.

Paisa moaned, "Yeah dad, cum in me." She felt her dad's cock jerking deep inside of her, "I feel you shooting. Give it to me -- all of it."

Cheryl crawled back out of the bedroom. Her daddy would be coming to do the same thing to her. She licked her lips at the thought of getting him hard again.

Paisa finally relaxed and let her arms and legs fall back to the bed. She felt her dad's lips on hers again. "I love you dad."

Eric smiled at her, "I love you too." He got off of the bed, grabbed his clothes and headed for the door. He figured that there was no reason to get dressed his wife already knew what he had done. He got to their bedroom and his wife was in bed with her arms open for him.

"I've waited for your cock in me for a long time daddy." Cheryl was kissing her daddy and licking his face, "I watched you daddy, did you like that?"

Eric tried to trap his wife's tongue that seemed to be everywhere. "Yes, I liked it."

"Good, now you can cum in my pussy daddy."

"You're going to have to get me hard again."

Cheryl giggled as she got over her daddy's soft cock and she could smell her sisters cum as well as his. She licked and licked, tasting their sex. When she was alone in the dark, she imagined that her daddy would come to her. He would ask her if she could make him hard. Using one hand to play with his balls she grabbed his cock at the base and squeezed. Her lips closed around the soft cock head and she softly sighed. Sucking her daddy was a special to her and a way for her bring him pleasure. She had dreamed of having his soft cock in her mouth many times. Licking him as best she could she blew on him with her hot breath. Slowly she traveled to his balls and licked them all over.

"Would Daddy's little girl like me to put my mouth to her pussy?"

She giggled again, "Silly daddy...yes." Cheryl let out a little squeal of delight as she positioned herself with her pussy over his face and went back to sucking his soft cock.

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