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Having a Go


Don was at a party the first time he met James' new bride, Candi. Candi was from out of town and most of James' courting had been done elsewhere. Didn't want to stand the competition from close at hand was Don's opinion. The few times he had brought her home and introduced her around Don had been elsewhere, so this party was his first chance to assess Candi.

James had come strutting in like the arrogant little prick that Don considered him to be, showing off his prize. Don was intrigued to notice that she barely looked at him when introduced, and as soon as James had finished showing her off Candi had headed over to join a group of wives and girlfriends.

Chatting with James later, Don observed that Candi seemed a very nice young woman.

"And she's mine," pointed out James.

"True," said Don thoughtfully, "but how do you intend to beat off the young wolves that will come sniffing around? You know what they're like. Some of them would chase anything in a skirt. Even a nun wouldn't be safe."

"Couldn't care less about them," scoffed James. "Candi is madly in love with me and hasn't got eyes for anyone else. She won't go straying. Besides, you're supposed to be reasonably smart, so don't tell me you didn't notice that she's shy around men. She'll stick to wives and girlfriends for company, and they'll prevent their men from poaching on my preserves."

James paused there and contemplated Don.

"Except for you, perhaps. I've heard rumours about you and women. Not that I believe them, knowing you as I do, but I'll just warn Candi that you're dangerous. She'll be extra careful around you."

Amused, Don strolled away, idly contemplating Candi and wondering what if?

Later that evening Don happened to be standing inconspicuously against a wall when he heard James' voice drifting through the door.

"You'll have to be careful if you happen to run into Don anywhere. He's that tall blonde I introduced you to earlier. You'll find that he's not too good where women are concerned, and he might misinterpret things you say and do."

"True," mused Don. "I think I might happen to misinterpret what Candi says at the appropriate time. I'll have to see how this plays out."

- - -

A few days later Candi was pottering around in the front garden of her new home when someone spoke to her.

"Excuse me, but is James home?"

Candi glanced up, seeing a tall blond looking down at her. At the same time if dawned on her that she was braless and probably showing an impressive amount of cleavage. Blushing, she hastily pressed a hand against her t-shirt, cutting of the display. Before she could reply she noticed that her visitor was blushing and looking determinedly away from her attributes. She blinked. Men didn't often react that way to her cleavage.

"Ah, no, he's not here right now. Can I help you?"

"Er, no, thank you anyway," came the reply. "Um, I'm Don. I think we met at the Jenson's party the other day."

Don? Why did that name ring a bell? Oh yes. Now Candi remembered.

"Ah, yes," she said nervously. "James mentioned you to me. Um, he said you were bad with women and I should watch out for you."

Candi gave Don a tentative smile, hoping she hadn't offended him. It appeared that she had.

"I say, that's a bit harsh," said Don, blushing again. "I wouldn't say I'm bad with women, just a little, um, cautious. I never quite know what to say to them."

"I'm sorry," said Candi apologetically. "I didn't mean to offend you."

She blinked again as she realised that Don was blushing and looking away again.

"No, no," he muttered. "My fault. I guess I'm just a little touchy on the subject. I'd better be on my way."

Candi stared as Don walked away with what she considered undue haste. What had she said? He was almost running. Recalling the way Don had blushed and his comment on being cautious around women it dawned on Candi what the problem was. The poor man was shy around women. No wonder James had said he was bad with women. She'd got it completely wrong and embarrassed the poor man. And after James had warned her to be careful. She gave herself a mental kick.

The next time Candi met Don it was by accident. Literally. Somehow or other she found herself bumping into him in the mall, knocking some parcels out of his hand.

Apologising profusely, Candi helped him to pick them up.

"Um, look," she said, feeling very brave all of a sudden. "We're right next to Starbucks. Can I buy you a cup of coffee? If you feel the way I do, you probably need one."

"Ah, no," said Don, sounding slightly flustered, a hint of a blush on his cheeks. "I wouldn't want to presume on out slight acquaintance."

"Nonsense," said Candi firmly, while wondering where this new sense of determination had come from. "We could both use a cup and it will give us a chance to get better acquainted."

Bustling a reluctant Don into a seat, Candi ordered their coffee and sat down, determined to set Don at easy. To her surprise she found the techniques for doing so came easily to her. She'd had them used on her so often when beset by her own shyness that it just seemed natural letting the technique flow the other way.

It seemed no time at all before Don was telling her about his background while she also recounted hers. Don, it turned out, had two older, somewhat domineering, sisters, who used to rule the roost. Being a number of years older than him they had established a psychological domination over him that left him a little wary where women were concerned.

Candi found she could identify with that to a certain extent, having had a similar experience with older brothers, but she still felt a little puzzled as to his shyness. She'd have thought he'd have outgrown that as he was obviously attractive to women. Even she could see he was a hunk and could probably cut quite a swathe through the female ranks if he just had a little more confidence in himself.

Making her departure later, Candi decided to try to get to know Don a little better. She was curious. Something just didn't add up.

The next Saturday Candi was again out in the garden when she noticed Don strolling down the street. She glanced down at her blouse and, with an evil little smile, she undid another button, feeling extremely daring. Her cleavage was going to embarrass Don, but she didn't care.

"Hi, Don," she called, as he came nearer. "Busy?"

"Um, hi, Candi," Don replied, delighting Candi by flushing slightly and determinedly not looking at her cleavage. "No, just taking a walk and enjoying the fresh air."

"Then why don't you stop for a moment and have some coffee," suggested Candi, swinging open the gate. "We can continue our little chat from the other day."

Chatting briskly, Candi escorted Don into the house, not giving him a chance to back out. Quickly and efficiently she brewed some coffee and sat at the table opposite him.

After a bit of idle chatter, Candi started digging for the information she wanted.

"Tell me, Don," she said, "who was your first girlfriend. I'm sure you must have had some."

True to form, Don blushed.

"Yes. There was this girl, Naomi, when I was about thirteen. It didn't end very well."

"Why? What went wrong?" pressed Candi.

Don was really blushing now.

"You have to understand, we were both young and sort of exploring. She was actually older than me. At some stage I suggested the old I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"What, she got upset?"

"No. She showed me hers, and I have to admit it excited me. I loved the way her curves seemed to flow together. I was the one who got upset. I proudly showed her mine and she started giggling. She said she'd never seen a smaller one. I was frightfully embarrassed. I never saw her again, but I could hear her giggling for weeks."

Candi bit her lip, trying not to laugh. So he had a small penis. They say it's how you use it, not the size.

"Who was your next girlfriend?" she pressed.

"Well, I sort of avoided girls after that. I did meet a girl when I was eighteen who I thought might be the one and we went out for a while. This time when I went the show me yours and I'll show you mine route I had a lot more evil intentions in mind I assure you."

"Why am I getting the impression that this ended badly," asked Candi.

"Probably because it did," sighed Don. "I got her panties off and her curves were just as enticing and erotic as I remembered. I was confident I had nothing to be ashamed of as I'd grown significantly since I was thirteen.

The trouble came when I unzipped and whipped it out. She took one look, squealed in panic and grabbed for her panties. She had, she said, no intention of playing Fay Wray to my King Kong, thank you very much, and good luck finding a girl who would be willing to sit on it. I never saw her again after that day."

Don seemed to brood for a while, while Candi changed her mind. Maybe not such a small penis then. How big was King Kong, she wondered.

Don sighed. "After a couple of experiences like that is it really a wonder that I'm still... ah, that I'm a little nervous around women."

He was going to say he was still something, mused Candi. I wonder what? Her eyes suddenly widened. Still a virgin? He was going to say still a virgin, I just know it.

"You've never been with a woman?" she asked, a hint of incredulity in her voice.

"I didn't say that," protested Don. "I've known lots of women, lots of them."

Cando gave him a patented feminine look.

"It seems to me that we need to do something to improve your confidence where women are concerned. It's a bit of a catch 22, isn't it? You need to get laid to build your confidence, but you need the confidence to get laid in the first place. Would you mind if I set you up on a blind date with a couple of friends of mine? They'll be nice girls and I'll make sure I pick someone who'll get along with you."

"I don't need you to get me laid," protested Don, face flaming with embarrassment.

"I know that. Anything apart from the date will be strictly up to you. I'm just going to help you by introducing you to a couple of nice girls. It won't be a problem. I know some girls who'd love to go out with someone who looks as good as you."

"You're not going to let up until I agree, are you," complained Don.

"Nope," said Candi with a laugh. "There is just one teeny weeny detail that might be important."

"What is that?" asked Don, suspicion in his voice.

"Well you don't need a girl who's going to faint if she meets King Kong, so I should really be able to warn them of how big you might be."

Don stared at her, puzzled, but wary of the smirk on her face.

"Meaning?" he finally asked.

"Well, I'm not showing you mine, but it might help if you show me yours."

"You have got to be kidding. I take it out and James walks in while you're checking it out. No thanks."

"Oh, don't be such a wuss. I'm not going to hurt it. And James won't be back for ages. Come on, stand up."

Ruthlessly Candi hauled James up out of his chair. Ignoring his protests she unzipped him and her hand dived into his trousers, seeking the hidden treasure. Her hand closed upon him and she felt a little thrill run through her as she felt him swelling under her touch.

Candi liberated Don's erection, looking at it with a tinge of awe.

"Impressive," she murmured. "Most impressive. That girlfriend must have been an idiot. There won't be many women who are afraid of something this impressive."

Blushing and swearing softly, Don tidied himself up.

"I'd better be going," he muttered.

Candi nodded. "I'll let you know about anything I can set up for you," she promised as she saw him out.

Watching him leave, Candi giggled. She couldn't believe she'd done that. The poor man had looked so embarrassed, but it had been fun. And he did have nice equipment.

Off and on over the next few days Candi idly considered the problem of Don and how she might best help him. She also considered which of the girls she knew might be agreeable to a blind date with him. Finally she worked out a plan that should have the desired result.

Spotting Don in the mall later in the week, Candi stopped him for a minute.

"Hi, Don," she greeted him. "Look, will it be possible for you to come over to my place on Saturday afternoon? I've got something I want to run past you. Can't stop now, I've got to run."

With that Candi went on her way, confident that curiosity alone would draw Don to her place on Saturday.

As expected, Don turned up Saturday afternoon. Candi made some coffee and they sat and just talked in generalities for a while. Finally Candi came to the point of her little plan. Gritting her nerve, she started.

"About that catch 22 I mentioned last time you were here," she said, blushing slightly. "Seeing you need to get laid to get the confidence to go and get laid sort of thing, I've decided the simplest solution is to do it myself."

"Do it yourself?" said Don warily, flushing slightly. "You'd better be a bit more specific. That almost sounds as though you were saying you would sleep with me yourself to help me. That'd be silly. I've told you I've been with lots of woman."

Candi dismissed this claim with a wave of her hand.

"There's no need to be shy about it," she said. "I want to do this. James is away at a sales convention until Wednesday, so we won't be disturbed."

Don was looking everywhere but at Candi, apparently wildly uncertain about her solution.

"I'm not sure about this at all," he muttered. "You might regret it afterwards and then I'd lose you as a friend. You really ought to think about this again."

Candi sighed. He was going to be difficult. She'd thought he might. She also thought she knew what his weak spot would be from their earlier chats.

"I have thought it through," she said smiling, "and to show how serious I am...."

She tugged the bow at the side of the skirt she was wearing, letting it slither to the ground. From his sudden intake of breath, Candi could tell he was staring at her, suddenly seeing her naked from the waist down.

She'd known how he liked intimate feminine curves and to prepare for this little revelation she'd carefully shaved and skipped wearing panties, so that when her skirt dropped, Don saw everything.

"That is so unfair," she heard Don mutter, at the same time feeling the gentle brush of fingers across her now revealed curves. Knowing she'd won, Candi took Don's arm and walked towards the bedroom.

"Just relax and let me handle things," she told him, reaching for his belt.

It didn't take long for Candi to take down Don's trousers and underwear, marvelling again as his erection sprang into view. Pushing him firmly back, she very quickly had Don supine upon the bed. Scrambling onto the bed Candi took up a position straddling him, his erection pressing against her slit and jutting up in front of her tummy.

She did not need any foreplay at this stage, she decided. There was already a pool of warmth starting to burn within her and she could feel her own natural lubricants flowing.

Don lay there, waiting and watching, as Candi lifted herself and eased his erection under her. He gasped slightly, the sound being matched by Candi, as she eased herself onto his erection, letting it start to slide into her.

Candi eased herself slowly down onto Don, while Don waited, sweating lightly. He was battling a tremendous desire to just grasp Candi by the hips and drive himself to the hilt inside her.

Don held steady, breathing deeply, feeling Candi slowly enfold him, while Candi was gasping slightly as she lowered herself onto Don's cock. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate him, and she wriggled slightly as she lowered herself, enjoying the feel of Don inside her and relishing her apparent mastery of the situation.

Finally Candi sat hard, driving that last precious inch into her, and sat, looking down at Don. Don could see a triumphant little smile on her face, and he thought she looked mighty pleased with herself.

Candi seemed content for the moment to just sit there, enjoying the feel of Don inside her. When she eventually stirred, it wasn't to move on his cock. Rather she calmly stripped off her t-shirt and bra so that she was naked atop him.

Satisfied now, Candi leaned forward, lowering her breasts until they brushed lightly against Don's chest. At the same time the movement caused Don's cock to slowly drag partly out of her. Raising herself erect again forced the cock back inside her. There hadn't been much movement, but the friction had started and both of them could feel sensitive nerves sitting up and taking notice.

Next time she leant forward, Don's hands came up to capture and squeeze her breasts, treasuring them, but holding them firmly and massaging them.

Candi mourned the loss of contact as she straightened, this time leaning back, giving Don's cock even more room to slide back and forth. Candi continued this slow rocking for several minutes, relishing the slow drag of the cock inside and savouring Don's handling of her breasts every time they came within reach.

What she wanted, she decided, was more. A change of tactics was required. The next time she leant forward she kept going until she was lying on top of Don, while still firmly penetrated by his cock.

Don could see excitement plain on her face, and smiled to himself. He could guess what she was about to do now and he waited in happy anticipation.

Still lying on Don, Candi flexed her hips and lifted herself up Don's erection and descended again. A happy squeak came from her mouth and she repeated the exercise, enjoying the new sensations.

It didn't take long before Don could see Candi's bottom bobbing up and down with great enthusiasm as she rode his erection just as hard as she could. He was quite willing to help her in this little endeavour, thrusting forcefully up to meet her with each bounce.

His hands squeezing Candi's breasts, Don tried to estimate how long until she would be ready to climax. A while yet, he decided, and relaxed, letting her work her womanly wiles upon him.

Candi bounced, enjoying her work, trying to stretch it out. She was conscious that men often came faster than women, but Don seemed to be holding up well. She bobbed harder, gasping with pleasure.

The little squeaks and squeals that Candi had been giving off were starting to come more frequently, Don noticed. It was time, he decided, to take a more positive role in things.

Candi gave a shriek as she felt herself being ruthlessly rolled over, then she was on her back, Don was leaning over her, and suddenly he was driving into her far harder and faster than she'd been able to manage.

She shrieked again as the slow build-up of pleasurable tension was suddenly accelerated, and all her nerve-endings started screaming at her. She was no longer aware of Don, or of herself. All she was aware of now was this cock inside her, pleasuring her, demanding her full attention.

She found herself clutching at it, wanting to hold it, keep it for herself, and then her climax was sweeping her away while she frantically tightened her muscles around Don's cock, desperate to hold onto this one object in a world that was a sudden turmoil of pleasure.

Don lay on top of Candi, breathing heavily, still inside her. Candi was looking up at him, slightly dazed, saying nothing. Slowly they separated and Don lay next to her, one hand caressing a breast.

Seeing Candi finally blink and turn to look at him, Don smiled at her.

"I can't believe that happened," he said softly. "It was really quite incredible. I can't wait for a second lesson."

Candi blinked again. Second lesson? She hadn't planned on any encores. It was supposed to just be a once off. How to tell him that?

Looking at Don's hopeful face, Candi sighed to herself. OK. A second lesson it was.

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