tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHaving a Party

Having a Party

byDream Seeker©

Stephanie was dripping wet as she stepped out of the shower. She made sure after she finished her jog that she got cleaned up so she could be ready to go to the party with her friend Linda tonight. With Stephanie's boyfriend out of town for the weekend with his family, her friend Linda offered to take Stephanie to her friend George's house tonight for a huge party. At only 25 years old, Stephanie was not looking forward to staying home on a Saturday night alone.

Stephanie began drying off her well proportioned figure with a towel. Stephanie had 34 C sized breasts with long thin shapely legs. She stood 5'7" tall with long brunette hair that reached slightly beyond her shoulders. Because she exercised quite frequently, her butt and stomach were in model-like shape. She weighed only about 120 lbs soaking wet which thanks to the towel, she now no longer was.

Stephanie's face was probably her best feature as most guys found her looks stunning. Furthermore, not only was she good-looking, but she knew how to carry herself also. She was a flirt and a tease and she knew it.

Stephanie walked over to the bed and lay down. The shower actually aroused her so she began to slowly caress her breasts and pinch her nipples. She then moved her finger down to her vagina and began gently masturbating her clit. She hadn't orgasmed at all in over three weeks.

Sadly, Gary had been busy with work for two straight weeks and only dropped by yesterday for a little while. They had been dating for over two years and she has been loyal to him the entire time. Unfortunately for her, it was very hard for him to satisfy her. Her sex life with Gary was a major disappointment. His penis even fully erect was a little less than four inches. To top it off, he always ejaculates quickly and most times she misses a turn to come. Yesterday morning they made love for a few minutes and Gary came right on time as usual. After resting a little while, he just got up and left to go to work. Consequently, Stephanie had been feeling very horny and other than her own hand, had no outlet.

She started moving her hips back and forth in motion with her finger and began moaning. Her nipples were very hard and erect. Her vagina filled quickly with lubrication as she enjoyed the sensations that her hand was providing to her. It didn't take but a moment for her to find a good spot for her finger to rub up against to make her feel really good. She suddenly sat up startled when the doorbell rang. Her face was flush red with excitement. She was very frustrated that she didn't have time to achieve an orgasm, she quickly grabbed a robe and answered the door.

Linda was at the door. Linda was one of Stephanie's very close friends. They had known each other since freshman year in high school. Linda was a 5'5" very attractive girl with large 34 D sized breasts and long blonde hair. She weighed 110 lbs and also was in great shape.

"Hi Steph, aren't you ready yet?"

"Oh no, is it that late already?" Stephanie responded.

"Yes, let's get going. I want to get there before all of the good looking guys hook up." Linda said with a wry smile on her face.

"Is that all that you ever think about Linda, guys?"

"Hey, you used to do your fair share of messing around before you and Gary met, so don't try to con me."

"Okay, okay, just let me get dressed." Stephanie quickly ran into her bedroom and put on her best tight fitting jeans and a small button down blouse showing off her nice breasts. Just to be a little more of a tease, she decided to wear a very sexy bra. She knew that with the bra she put on, her boobs would still bounce up and down slightly when she walked.

She blow dried her hair in record time and then met Linda in the Living room.

"You know Steph, there are going to be a lot of yummy hot guys there tonight. What Gary doesn't know won't hurt him."

"No, I'm not going to do that to him. But I don't mind letting the other guys get an eyeful of what their missing. Let them all be jealous of Gary."

"Okay with me. You work them up and I'll finish them off." Linda said with a laugh.

Twenty minutes later they both arrived at the party. George was a guy that Linda met two months ago and the two of them had been flirting by telephone quite frequently. He was having a party in the back yard of his parent's huge house by the lake. It was an 18 bedroom house with so many rooms that people could get lost in the house. The swimming pool was so big, it could pass as a town pool. All of the people were in the back the alcohol. A bar area with bartender was set up specifically for the party. The music was blasting and people were already in mid party form.

Linda and Stephanie stayed together for almost an hour drinking beers and doing an occasional shot. They both worked the room a bit and mingled with the other girls and flirted with the guys. Later on, Stephanie noticed that three of Gary's occasional drinking buddies, Adam, Steve and Bobby were at the party. She decided to go over and say hi and be nice to them.

"Hey Steph, where's Gary?" Bobby asked her.

"Oh, he had to go home to visit his family for the weekend. I'm flying solo tonight."

"I just heard a rumor that the two of you broke up?" Adam said.

"What? That's not true. Where did you hear that?"

"Well, actually, I just started it five minutes ago." Adam said as everyone laughed. "Gary is way too lucky to have a girl like you. Hey, any time that you are looking to upgrade, you come to us and you can have your choice out of the three of us."

"Well, maybe someday I just might do that." She responded as she put her hand on the top of Adam's shoulder and ran her finger seductively down his arm. She walked away and all three guys were checking out her ass as she went back to find Linda.

Stephanie thoroughly enjoyed flirting with the other men. She bumped into them every so often with Gary and was attracted to all three. Each of them were good looking guys. Bobby was about 6'1" with brown short hair, rugged looks and very well fit. Steve was 5'11" with arms and an upper torso that were jacked. He worked out quite frequently at the gym and it showed. He had a very pleasant looking face and longer hair down to his collar.

Adam though was the best looking of the three. As good looking as Bobby and Steve were, Adam had that special look that girls drool over. Just a little over 6'1", he was not overly muscular but in great shape. He had six pack abs and a great looking face. His butt though was something she had always admired. It was a perfect butt. But alas, she met him after she started dating Gary so she always just assumed that it was never meant to be.

As the party went on over the next hour and a half, Stephanie noticed that Adam was always glancing her way during the evening. Later on Adam, Bobby and Steve all came over to talk with her. They all kept joking and drinking beer and frequently mixing in shots for the next forty-five minutes. Stephanie felt herself getting very woozy on her feet and she decided that she better slow down with the drinks. Steve made sure to bring her over another beer though and she couldn't say no, so she drank that down too.

A slow song began to play and Adam grabbed Stephanie and brought her out to dance. Many people were dancing so she didn't object. She had to hold to him to prevent herself from falling over because of all the alcohol she had so quickly consumed. He was pressing his body very close to her. She couldn't help herself getting very excited by brushing her breasts up against his chest. She could feel her nipples getting hard underneath her blouse. It was obvious from the large bulge in his pants that was pressing so hard against her that he was very excited also. She was aware that she should probably go find Linda and get herself out of this situation, but she decided to throw caution to the wind. She was having too good a time and she really liked being held by Adam. Besides as much as they were rubbing up against each other, it was just innocent fun. She certainly wasn't being unfaithful to Gary even though he wouldn't be pleased seeing her dance this close with another guy.

After the song ended, he brought her over to the side of the house. The next song was very loud and Stephanie couldn't hear Adam very well. He suggested that they go find someplace a little quieter inside the house. Everyone was supposed to just stay in the back yard, but Adam had said that he knew George very well and that he wouldn't mind. The loud music combined with all of the drinking was actually starting to get to Stephanie anyway, so she agreed. A few minutes of unwinding from the party would refresh her she figured.

Adam brought her into the house and they wandered around several minutes admiring the large house. Somehow they found themselves in one of the large spare bedrooms in a secluded portion of the house. The sound of the music outside was still ringing in Stephanie's ears.

Steve and Bobby suddenly popped into the room and closed the door. "Hey guys, so this is where you two wandered off to huh?" Bobby said.

"Yeah outside was just a little too noisy so we figured we would just come inside and escape for a couple minutes." Adam told his buddies as Stephanie nodded affirming his explanation.

Stephanie staggered into the wall and almost fell over to the floor. Getting a little nervous with three guys and herself all by themselves, she told them "I think I better go find Linda now. She'll get worried about me."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about Linda right now" Steve said. "I just saw her making out with George down by the hot tub."

Adam sat Stephanie down on the couch and snuggled close to her. "You know, Gary always tells us good things about you."

"Oh yeah, what does he say?"

"He always says how cool you are. You let him come out with the boys and drink and not whine or nag like all the girls we are used to dating."

"Well, l I try to be a cool girlfriend."

"What else does he say?"

"Well….." Adam said while hesitating for a moment. "He tells us what a great kisser you are."

Stephanie blushed ever so slightly by the comment that was just conveyed to her. "Well I talk to your ex-girlfriend Suzy every so often and she has told me some good things about you. She has definitely told people that you kiss really well." Stephanie said to Adam.

Steve chimed in "Well I don't mean to brag, okay, okay, I do, but according to Suzy who dated both Adam and I, he places second in the kissing department after me."

"I doubt that buddy." Adam told him.

Bobby said "You know Steph, we could settle this right now. I have a hundred bucks right here that says if you are willing to be the judge that I am a better kisser than both of these clowns. This hundred dollars goes to the guy who you say is the best kisser. What do you say?"

"No, I … I can't"

Adam leaned over and was caressing her hair on the side of her head with the back of his hand. He began slowly kissing her neck as Stephanie whispered to him to stop.

"I'm sorry, I can't. What if Gary found out?"

"Come on Steph, nobody will know." Adam begged as he continued caressing her shoulders and neck. "Just help us decide this bet and we won't tell, I promise. Just one little kiss Steph, I promise, you will enjoy it. One little kiss."

Her voice was saying no, but her body was saying yes. Adam then pressed his lips to hers and gave her a light kiss and gently tongue kissed her for a minute or so. She alternately between gently resisting and gingerly kissing back. He was a good kisser and she confessed to herself that it might have been the best kiss she ever got.

Adam grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers together. He was caressing her hand with his thumb in circular motions. The sensations that was going up and down her arm from his touch was tearing Stephanie's conscience apart. She didn't want to betray Gary but yet her heart was melting in Adam's arms.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Adam asked. "Wasn't that enjoyable?"

"It was nice, but….I don't know. I .."

"Come here." Adam whispered to her very passionately. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. She tried to slowly pull away but all she could do was stare at his lips. It felt so good, what would it hurt to just kiss him again she wondered to herself.

"Steph, please. That first kiss was so good, just one more time. I won't hurt you, I promise".

He reached his hand behind her head and pulled her lips to his and once again deep kissed her. Once more Stephanie was hesitant and resisted slightly but then began kissing back with more effort. She couldn't help it but she was enjoying kissing him. She was totally oblivious to the other two guys in the room as she only concentrated on making out with Adam.

After another minute or so of passionate kisses from Adam, Bobby sat down next to Stephanie on the couch and reached over and lifted her on top of his lap.

"No, Bobby I can't." Stephanie pleaded.

"Relax, we won't say a word. This will be our little secret. Nobody will ever know. Come on, I want to prove that I am a better kisser. Give me a chance here to show you."

Stephanie's words were slightly slurred from all of the beers and shots. "Bobby, I, uh, I need to think. This is all moving too fast." She said as she tried in vain to push him away. It was like trying to push away a boulder, he was that solid.

He pulled her to his mouth as she gave in to his wishes. He began kissing her as the other two guys watched. She adjusted to Bobby's kissing style, which was different, but yet good. She lay on his lap sideways while she was making out with him. Her chest was on top of his the entire time as he held her close. Bobby and Stephanie locked their lips non stop for two or three minutes, Steve then pulled her from Bobby and laid her down on the couch.

"Here let me show you how good I am." He said to her. He then began kissing her. He was kissing her all over from her eyelids to her neck then finally to her lips. Stephanie was almost out of breath from the relentless kissing from Bobby and Adam and she was still very dizzy from being so drunk.

After a couple minutes Steve stood up. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. He pulled down his underwear and his cock sprung out. It was swollen but not yet erect. The way that it was hanging there swinging around, she saw that he had to be at least five and a half inches long. She was scared because she didn't feel in control of anything that was going on. It was hard for her to think as the alcohol dulled her perceptions.

Steve began stroking his penis and it quickly grew in size. He pulled Stephanie's head close to his now erect penis and she tried pulling away. "No please don't." she pleaded softly. But she allowed Steve to place his cock in her mouth and she began orally massaging his manhood. She could hear Steve moaning as she used her hand to also stroke him at the same time as she licked the head of his dick. She could see the veins popping out of the side of his cock. She licked it all around with her tongue and his penis head glistened in the light. She then sucked on it up and down. She could feel his dick throbbing with excitement as she sucked on it.

Bobby and Adam were standing around watching the show take place. Bobby took his shoes and pants off and then took Stephanie away from Steve. She didn't resist at all and complied with his physical guidance. He carefully grabbed her head and guided his cock into her mouth.

His cock was thicker than Steve's and maybe six inches long. She accepted his dick in her mouth and began sucking up and down on Bobby's cock. He groaned even louder than Steve. Just like with Steve, she could feel the throbbing in Bobby's cock. Between that and his moaning, Stephanie was feeling very aroused herself.

After a minute she felt herself being turned around again and now found herself staring straight into Adam's dick.

While she was sucking on Bobby, Adam had totally stripped off all of his clothes. His penis was the longest of the three. It had to be about six and a half inches long and as thick as Bobby's penis was. She looked up into his eyes and she could see the wanting look he had for her. She began sucking on Adam's manhood as his knees slowly began to buckle. He put his hands on her head and moved it back and forth up and down on his penis. She could tell from the throbbing of his penis that he wouldn't last long.

Adam's cock was long and smooth. It didn't have a blemish on it. It was the best looking dick she ever saw. She allowed herself to enjoy the sight and feel of his penis in her mouth. While she was sucking on Adam's cock, she let her hand wander up to his bare chest. She slowly caressed his chest as she continued orally pleasing him. Feeling his firm yet not too muscular pecs and his tight wash board stomach was too much of a major turn on for her. She couldn't resist holding onto his ass with both hands as she was going down on him. She desperately wanted to come herself, but instead just put the attention into pleasing Adam.

She knew at this point that all three guys weren't going to leave until they all came. She justified to herself that if she just finished giving the blowjobs and made them all come, the three guys would be satisfied. After they were sexually relieved, they would get dressed and she would just sneak back to the party. She would swear the three of them to absolute secrecy and she would never tell a soul about this so Gary would never find out.

She liked the fact that they were so attracted to her and that they all desired her, but Stephanie wanted to make sure that this session didn't go any further than it already had. She never entertained any serious thoughts about having sex with three different guys at one time even though she fantasized about it.

The more she thought about it, the further she reasoned that guys just need it more than women. Gary had always told her how guys would be in pain if they were so hard and couldn't come. She decided that she would just make them come by jerking them off and using her mouth and then she would just have to trust them that they would never share what happened this evening.

Unlike some of her friends, Stephanie didn't mind swallowing whenever she gave a blowjob. She knew how much it turned a guy on watching a girl swallow his cum. She wasn't sure she would be able to handle swallowing all three guys' cum though. She could tell that Adam wasn't too far away from coming and she really wanted to swallow his cum. She didn't really like the taste of guys' sperm, but she wanted Adam to feel really special. She wondered if she could get Bobby and Steve to just come all over her breasts instead.

Suddenly Adam pulled her away. He picked her up by the hand as she walked very unsteadily over to the bed. He laid her down on the bed. She was very nervous because she could see what the three of them were thinking. The kissing and the blowjobs were one thing, but she couldn't make love to them. She had already betrayed Gary so much, she couldn't possibly cross that line. Looking at the three bare bottomed men did get her all excited though. She couldn't take her eyes off Adam's ass and his beautiful penis.

Steve was stroking himself in the background which was very arousing for her. She loved watching guys jerk off. The only thing better for her was watching a guy shoot his load all over her tits. If she was masturbating at the same time, she could usually come immediately after seeing a guy shoot his wad.

She tried to get up and regain her balance. Adam told her to relax and he pushed her carefully back down to the mattress. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time. She tried to push his hands away. "No please Adam, don't. I think I need to go. Please." Bobby came over to the other side of the bed and helped grab her hands away allowing Adam to finish unbuttoning her shirt. Bobby held her hands over her head. She tried to get her hands free from Bobby's hands, but knew that she couldn't. He was much stronger than her and she would be unable to break free. She was helpless as Adam opened up her shirt so they all could see her firm breasts held back by her bra.

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