tagNovels and NovellasHaving Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 03

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 03


Chapter 3

18. The Shower

"Come on Payne, let's take a shower."

"Okay, you go first and I'll go when you're done."

"Didn't you hear what my mother said? Come with me young woman, you have to learn to follow directions."

Payne screeched but followed him because he had her by the wrist. "What are you talking about now? What did she say?" she asked him.

Dycke said, "Think, Payne. What were the exact words my mother said?"

As they entered the bathroom, naked, Payne replied,

"Dycke, your mother said 'You two go shower and clean up.' I'll make lunch."

Dycke looked at her and said, "Exactly, and that is what we are going to do. Take a shower and clean up!"

Payne had a pensive look on her face and then, like a light bulb went on in her head, yelled "Together?"

Dycke said, "Think about her wording, 'You two shower'... she didn't say apart. Just for us to shower. So let's go shower!"

Payne said, "I'm not getting in trouble for this. This one is all on you."

Dycke said with an evil grin, "It will be worth it."

He turned on the water in the shower and waited for it to reach the appropriate temperature before he asked Payne to test it. She nodded her head and went in first. He followed her and closed the sliding glass door behind him. Turning to face the water, he pulled Payne back into the water's warm embrace, as well as his own. He aligned his cock with the halves of her moon and Payne used her ass muscles to grasp and delight it. She was very happy that he planted that hard, erect object, firmly, between her cheeks, because not only she could grab it with her cheeks, but, also, she could grind up and down against it, with abandon.

Dycke lowered his hands from her belly to her pussy and started to rub her clit faster and faster, until Payne started moaning. She reached her hands forward and grabbed the wall in front of her. He inserted a finger into her tight hole. Payne spread her legs a little because his fingers pinched her a little. She spread her thighs a little further. Dycke pressed a second finger into her. He, also, added more speed, rotation, and more depth to his attack on her tunnel and put more pressure on her clit. Payne was panting and moving her ass against Dycke's stiff cock when she exploded with a cry "Oh god, I'm coming!"

When Payne spiraled down from her high and heard Dycke laughing, she realized what she had done and said "Oh shit!"

Dycke looked at her and said, "There's no hiding what we were doing now."

She turned to kiss him and said, "You started it, I was the victim here."

Dycke kissed her and said "Oh, you poor dear!" Dycke kept forgetting how hard she could hit from close range, but Payne kept reminding him, repeatedly!

After they had dried off and dressed, they went downstairs to have lunch. Dycke was not sure whether Payne or his mother blushed more, when they looked at each other.

You upset both your father and I this morning, making us believe you were ill, so you could take the day off from school to be with Payne. I hit you because you lied to me. Don't do it again, or you will be going to a junior college."

Dycke went white looking at his mother. He started apologizing profusely to her, trying to explain that he was leaving soon, that time was short and so on, and he dropped his head in his hands. Basilica winked at Payne, who, at first thought she was serious, but saw the wink and went into a hysterical laugh. Dycke heard her laughing and his head popped up, looked at her and then at his mother, who had a grin on like a Cheshire cat.

He said to his mother, "That was not fair, mom! You scared me to death. You threatened to take Payne away from me."

His mother looked at Payne and said, "Dear, did I do that?"

"No mom, you didn't." she said.

"What! You two had this worked out. I should spank both of you. I'll take care of you, missy," he said to Payne, who was still laughing at him and he turned to his mother and said, "I'll tell dad to take out that paddle he used to use on you and re-teach you some respect for the men in this family."

With that, his mother laughed heartily. She said to Dycke "Ask your dad, while you are at it, which side of paddling he liked being on the most!" Dycke sat there open mouthed, while Payne continued to laugh, heartily.

19. Saying Goodbye

Sunday, February 28th, came too quickly for everyone concerned. Dycke's father grilled him the evening before he was to leave to claim his inheritance, to within an inch of his life. He knew his Social Security Number, Passport Number, flight numbers, and departure times, credit card number and if anything else had an address or number attached to it, he knew those too. His father was taking no chances with his safety.

A caravan of six cars escorted Dycke on his way to the airport. He felt funny having so many people saying their goodbyes to him prior to entering the boarding area. Payne was the only one he did not want to say good-bye to because she was teary eyed. She was going to be in the hospital when he got back, where her doctors would have already tried to transform her face into what it should have been without the accident shortly after her birth. She was not happy about that, at all. He did not want to make any promises he could not keep. He told her that he would do all he could to call her every day, but if she did not hear from him, not to worry because he was taking care of the business of his relative's last Will with the lawyer. They hugged and kissed a dozen or more times before, they heard the announcement being called for his flight's departure. Payne's parents had to take her away from him, so he could run to catch his plane.

Dycke's flight took off at 8:15a.m. Combined, his flights from Charleston, S.C. to Charlotte, N.C. to Dulles International airport took, just over, four hours and covered a flying distance of 485 miles. He arrived at 12:35p.m.

His flight from Dulles to Brussels, on board the huge Boeing 777, took eight hours and thirty minutes and covered a flying distance was 3,890 miles. Dycke's flight departed at 6:00p.m on February 28th and arrived at 7:30 a.m. on March 1st.

After clearing customs in Brussels, Dycke was taken by a car service to the Central Brussels train station. He boarded his train, which departed at 10:00a.m. local time. He arrived at Utrecht, Netherlands at 12:40p.m. Dycke was amazed as he realized he had travelled between three countries in less time than it would have taken to drive from his home in Charleston, South Carolina to the airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

In Utrecht, he found the youth hostel, checked in and slept for a few hours. He had dinner and purchased clothes from a local store. He went to an office supply store to purchase the box, marker, and packaging tape. He was now ready for the meeting with the attorney, tomorrow at noon.

20. The Meeting

At 9:30a.m., he called Payne to say hello. The telephone rang a few times and a male voice answered, "Hello."

Dycke said "Good morning Mr. Temple. This is Dycke, may I speak to Payne please?"

Pike Temple replied, "Only if you are prepared to die! Do you know what time it is?

"Of course, it's 9:30."

Mr. Temple said, "In Europe, maybe, but here in Charleston, it is 4:30 in the morning."

"Damn" Dycke said, "I forgot about the change in time zones. I am sorry Mr. Temple. Would you just tell Payne I called."

Piker Temple grunted, hung up, and went back to bed.

Dycke could not believe what a dumb mistake he made. Now he had ticked off Payne's dad. He would have to make amends somehow.

At 11:30, he picked up the box and headed for Turnquest Schneider's lawyer office. He found it a little later than expected, but was still a few minutes early. He announced his arrival to the secretary, who asked what was in the box.

Dycke said "Nothing, yet. I did not know if I would be carrying anything back with me so I brought a box with me.

She smiled and said, "I tell Mr. Schneider you are here."

A man, about the same size as Coach Short, came out of his office, greeted Dycke, and introduced himself. "I am Turnquest Schneider, the nephew of your father's great, great uncle. Welcome to Utrecht."

Dycke replied, "Thank you sir, it's nice to be here."

The lawyer asked, "Why are you dressed so commonly. I expected you in a suit and tie?"

Dycke said "Neither my father or the U.S. State Department could find out anything about you or your character. In an abundance of caution, they advised my father to have me arrive looking as ordinary as possible. If there was anyone or anything that did not feel comfortable, when I arrived here, I was to call the U. S. Embassy, and they would pick me up, immediately."

"Very logical" Turnquest Schneider said. "Shall we get down to the business at hand, so I may retire to my country home in Switzerland?

Dycke looked at him at little oddly. Turnquest was no older than his dad was, and he was going to retire, already. What was his secret of his success?

They proceeded into the office, sat down and the lawyer opened a leather folio with the embossed title "Last Will and Testament of Strokum Rhodes Schneider." It was not a large document, so Dycke was not expecting what came next.

The lawyer read the preamble of the document and then proceeded to blow Dycke's mind away. He told Dycke that he was now, the owner, part owner, or majority stockholder in 82 public and private companies around the world. The lawyer said that he could tell him that he had inherited six hundred and seventy four hundred million Euros in liquid assets but until you sign these documents, I cannot tell you anymore.

Dycke sat there stunned. The number had come out of the lawyer's mouth as if the amount of money he had just mentioned was pennies. He did not know what to say, but he did know what to do. He picked up the pen and started to sign where the little yellow tabs indicated. He could have been signing his own death warrant and he would not have known it but his mind kept saying "six hundred seventy four million Euros." He kept trying to remember the exchange rate his dad had paid when transferring dollars to Euros but he was not paying attention at the time. He was paying attention to Payne. As he finished signing the documents, he sat back and started to breathe again.

Turnquest looked at each page of the document, making sure each page was signed and dated, properly. He placed the papers back in the folio and began talking: "Dycke, there are twenty six letters in the alphabet, from alpha through zed. You own or control at least one company of each letter. It would take me weeks to tell you about all of them. Do you have a lawyer in the U.S. that you or your father trusts?"

Dycke thought this could be a great way to get back into Mr. Temple's good graces. He said, "Yes, I do. I will have to give him a retainer and you can send him the files, okay?

Dycke gave Turnquest, Piker Temple's name, home address and the amount of the check. "One Million Dollars should make him forgive me for that telephone call." Dycke thought. He asked that the enclosed letter read, '"This is a retainer for a personal services contract. This contract is to supersede the duties of your current employment. If this is unacceptable, cash the check and give the proceeds, in cash and in person, to Payne Temple, for her personal use only. Best regards. Dycke Schneider."'

Dycke asked Turnquest "Is there a bank open so I can give him the check, personally?"

The lawyer said, "We are on the way to your new bank, now. The bank you are part owner of is in Zurich, but it does not have any branches in the United States."

"Dycke said "Oh, Okay." stammering a little at being part owner of a bank. " Good, in that case, I'll need two of these checks if that is okay?" Dycke asked.

Turnquest replied, "Absolutely."

He walked out of the office with the lawyer at his side and they went to a local branch of a U.S. chartered bank. Dycke opened several accounts, into which the lawyer transferred more money than Dycke thought he would make in his lifetime. Around his neck, Dycke had coded keys for his numbered accounts in Switzerland, the Bahamas's, South Africa and several other countries, with favorable tax structures. According to the lawyer, his companies would add more money, quarterly or as contractually agreed , but only he, or his assignees, could withdraw monies. There was one catch: He could never sell or transfer any of his 82 assets to anyone outside his immediate family. Upon his death, he was to transfer his remaining wealth, less a maximum of ten percent, which he could use for any purpose, to the youngest male heir, 18 years of age or older.

The bank stayed open late, because the fees the transactions Dycke was making would be huge. The changeover to dollars, alone, netted them over eighteen thousand Euro's. Getting a certified check to Piker Temple netted the bank several thousand more. The second check, for the same amount was just icing on the cake. The banks manager was grinning from ear to ear when his assistants totaled up the fees for everything Turnquest had done for the new heir to the Schneider fortune. He had already sent an email with a picture of Dycke to the head office in Delaware, Maryland. They were ready to begin their campaign to Keep the Schneider Money "In Their Bank."

When, Dycke and Turnquest walked out of the bank, Dycke asked him, "How much do I owe you, for everything you have done for me, today?"

The lawyer laughed and said, "Nothing. I have been paid in advance. I received all my uncle's properties, cars, and airplanes. I, also, received a hefty bonus upon his death. I had a great salary while I served him when he was alive. I am now an extremely wealthy man and I am now, "officially retired."

"You said airplanes, as in more than one?" Dycke said.

"Of course," Turnquest said.

"Do you have a really fast one with long range that I can buy?" Dycke asked.

The lawyer answered, "Buy? I have three, intercontinental jets, and several shorter-range jets sitting around with aircrews doing nothing. You pay their salaries, the maintenance, and fuel for the aircraft and any one of them is yours."

Dycke said "Deal! When can I have one?"

"I can have the papers drawn up for the bill of sale and have the title transferred to you by tomorrow afternoon, if that is suitable?" Turnquest Schneider said.

"Fantastic," said Dycke. "Do you have a crew that is familiar with the U.S., so I can tell them where I want to go, so they can make all their arrangements?"

The lawyer responded, "Of course. I will have my secretary call them from my office. They will meet us at the airport, but first we must go to lunch."

Dycke said, "Good, but I'm buying."

Turnquest said, "If you insist."

21. The Airport

Turnquest took Dycke to the airport in his sports car. Dycke was thankful that it took less than ten minutes. At speeds in excess of 150 kph, he was not sure that he was going to live to get there.

Turnquest and the car seemed like one to Dycke. The Mercedes was going through turns at speeds that, any car Dycke had ever driven in, would never have attempted. When the airport came into view and Turnquest started to slow down, Dycke started to breathe again and color returned to his face.

Turnquest drove through the security gate and waved to the guards. They, then, proceeded to a large private hangar and parked. The large doors started opening and Dycke saw the most impressive thing he had ever seen in his young life. Parked in the hangar were seven large and medium sized private jet aircraft, gleaming magnificently under the floodlights. He gave a wolf whistle and walked towards one of the larger ones.

Two uniformed pilots greeted them along with the planes ground crew. Turnquest asked them to greet the new owner of one of the aircraft. He would let Dycke talk with them and then decide which one. The lawyer then retired to the office, where the secretaries fawned all over him.

Dycke told the gathering, that quite obviously he knew nothing about the large jets and would rely totally on them to choose which aircraft they would prefer to fly across the Atlantic to Charleston, South Carolina.

They pilots told him about the quirks of each aircraft but said that each were a dream to fly. The ground crew told him about their maintenance records. The interiors were identical and their ages ranged between three and five years old.

After talking with the pilots and the ground crew Dycke thought that each of the aircraft was exactly equal to the other. He went to Turnquest and asked for the five-year-old aircraft.

Turnquest, immediately, said "No." "I knew you would do that," he said. "Take the three year old. It has the newest, most fuel efficient, engines. The older aircraft are going to be retrofitted at the end of the year, with the newer engines. Now, what do you want the painters to name it, and in what color?

Dycke did not hesitate, he said "Payne and pink, please." He wrote Payne's name on paper so there would be no mistake in the spelling.

Turnquest Schneider gave the orders and the people around him acted as if the instructions had come from God. They moved in unison and like lightning.

The next afternoon, Dycke was in the hangar office, with Turnquest again. He signed the transfer of title and signed the bill of sale. Turnquest said, "Young man, we have to make this legal. You owe me ten Euros."

Dycke laughed and took out ten Euros from his wallet and gave it to the lawyer and said "Thank you for everything, sir. Now, I have to make a phone call."

The lawyer said, "Make it from your aircraft when you're in the air. Your hostess will show you how."

Dycke liked the sound of "His Aircraft," but now he was thinking ahead to Payne and wanted to surprise her with a gift that would knock her socks off. He asked Turnquest one last question. The lawyer laughed. The pilots made a last minute change to their flight plan and off they flew to Amsterdam. While in the air, the hostess, Fiona, sat beside Dycke. She told him that she was just a little more than just his hostess. She was, also, his escort on business trips and his bodyguard.

Dycke said "Body guard?"

Fiona said "Yes, sir. I am a former British agent, the equivalent of your CIA. I trained in all the martial arts, weapons, and surveillance techniques. I am quite the decoy."

"I would think so" Dycke replied. "You forgot to say very beautiful."

Fiona said "Thank you. I, also, have two Masters Degrees. One in German and the other is in Finance. The British government found my talents extremely beneficial, while I worked "under the covers!"

Dycke laughed with her, when she winked at him. I can do the same for you if you like.

Dycke said "Thank you, but no. My fiancé and I are committed to each other and I am going to stay that way, forever.

Fiona said "Good for you. Now, when do I start training both of you?"

"Training us in what?" Dycke said.

"Self-defense naturally" Fiona replied.

"I don't know" he replied.

"The sooner the better" she replied. "Once word of your inheritance hits the financial newspapers, everyone will try to make you part with some of it."

Dycke said, "Is that why it was so hard to get information about Strokum and Turnquest Schneider.

"Yes" she said. "You would be surprised how much anonymity you can get for the correct amount of money in the Netherlands. The U.S. will create a bigger problem."

"How did Mr. Schneider do it?" he asked?

"By keeping his money out of his country of residence, so when taxes came due, he was wealthy, but just wealthy enough for a successful lawyer," Fiona said.

By the time, Fiona finished talking to Dycke they were in Amsterdam. She escorted him to the Diamond Market and through the private security doors to the diamond room. She introduced Dycke to the head of operations and Dycke told him what he needed. The man moved, just as the aircrafts crew had when Turnquest issued his directive. Ninety minutes later, they were on their way back to the aircraft.

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