tagNovels and NovellasHaving Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 11

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 11


52. The Debt Comes Due.

As Dycke and Payne exited the room, the four young women turned to each other, knowing what they had to do. Jessica could see the knives coming at her, from the looks in her friend's gave her. They had wanted in on the glory, but now they had to pay with their bodies. She slowly started removing her blouse, and then her bra, while the others looked at her. She looked back at them and said, "I am sorry. I know you did not bargain for this. This is just sex, and we will get over this."

Annabella took Brian's hand and moved to a portion of the covered floor, to which she laid her claim. Savannah did the same with Clayton, so did Gail and Wesley. Jessica and Todd stayed where they were.

The women laughed for a moment, when the men appeared to be hesitant to remove their clothing in front of them. However, each of them had the common sense, to fold their clothes, and put them in an area, away from the 'party zone.'

These four couples had been going out together, for different periods. Each had been intimate the night before, and they just viewed this as its continuation. They started out slowly, with each other, as they would on a normal rendezvous, and tried to keep the others body's and sounds, out of their heads. Jessica may have been the leader of the group mentally, but when it came to sex, it was Gail and Wesley, that took the lead.

Before the others had even considered coupling, Gail was riding Wesley, as if it were a race. It was not because she was anymore forward, then any of the other three girls, but because she wanted her first orgasm to come with her boyfriend. Wesley lay beneath her, playing with her breasts, and moved his hips to help her reach her orgasm. They were a couple, well in tune with one another, and their feelings for each other showed.

Savannah and Clayton was the newest couple, in this group. Clayton made love to Savannah with great gentleness. In his way, he loved her enough to know how shy she was, when it came to intercourse. He was not her first lover, but she continually told him, while they were dating, he was the nicest man she had ever met. He was a very gentle man, and the way he made love to her, showed that her opinion of him was correct. He could see how fearful she was, not of him, but of the situation. He put his heart and soul into pleasing her, while time permitted.

Annabella and Brian had known each other, since they were children. They played with each other, while they were growing up, but never seemed to click as a couple, until the end of their junior year. Annabella took charge of the situation, one day at school. She walked right up to him, while he was surrounded by his friends. She said, "Are you going to stop fucking around, and ask me for date, or are you going to wait by your window, and hope I forget, closed my shades, again?"

The whistles and catcalls that erupted from Brian's friends, made him turn red. In an attempt to take hold of the situation, he replied, "If you want to go out with me, all you had to do was ask."

Annabella smiled at him, and said, "You can stand by your window, and jerk off, until hell freezes over. My shades are staying closed, until you die." She turned and started to walk away, with a big smile on her face, knowing she had just called his bluff. She had not taken ten steps, when he grabbed her around the waist, and said that he would love to take her out, Saturday evening.

With a crowd gathering near them, Annabella let him have it, with both barrels, right in the face. "If you even look at another girl, while you are dating me, I will tell everyone about every birthmark and blemish on your body, and the size of your tiny dick."

Jessica and Todd were just in the beginning stages of making out, after a discussion on what sex acts she wanted to start with, and in what position. Todd asked Jessica if she would let him put it up her ass first, as she had promised. Jessica immediately refused. She told Todd that she would like to be completely warmed up and as uninhibited as possible, before that happened to her. It was not something she was looking forward to, and when it did happen, she did promise that he would be the first one.

With that understanding, Todd began kissing Jessica and making love to her, as they always did, when they were alone. He nibbled on her lips, moved to her ear lobes, and kissed her along her jaw line. His hands played with her breasts, and tweaked her nipples, until they stood out, puffy and red. He moved his mouth down and nipped at each nipple, until Jessica moaned, with pleasure. He continued down her body, kissing his way, past her stomach and belly, to the small landing strip that led the way to the top of her pubic bone. Once there, the kissing stopped, and his lips continued down slowly. He extended his tongue, and searched inside the lips of her vagina for her clit. When he found it, he licked it, circled it, and played with it, until Jessica screamed out, in delight. Todd crawled up her body and pressed his member against the lips of her vagina. Jessica nodded her head, and Todd slid his large, stiff member into her, until bone met bone. When they will both comfortable, they began to move in unison. They were unhurried and feeling the other's passion grows. Then, they heard a bell, and a male voice said, "Switch."

This was the hard part. None of the girls was prepared to take on a different partner, while they had been having sex, with their boyfriends. The men looked at their girlfriends, and did not wish to leave them, either. They hesitated, and did not move.

Payne said, "I told you they would wimp out. They would have taken the Porsches from you, but they are unwilling to pay up, because they lost. The eighth of you can get up and leave. I never want to see any of you, ever again."

The young man got up to leave, but the women looked at each other and knew everything that Payne said, was correct. They would gladly have taken the cars or the money from Dycke, if they had won. They had had sex with several partners, in the past. It should not be any different from changing partners now.

It was not Jessica that spoke up, it was Savannah, the meekest girl in the group. She said to Payne, "You are right. We were greedy enough to try to get Dycke's money. We owe it to him, and to you, to complete all of our part of the agreement." She called the young man back, and told them to move in a clockwise rotation, to their next partner.

Each of the four men looked at his girlfriend, and received a nod of approval. Although this is, what they had hoped would happen; the reality was not as sweet as the dream. Wesley went to Annabella, Brian to Savannah, Clayton to Jessica, and Todd to Gail. They were all about to start in the missionary position, when Payne said, "Sixty-nine's, please."

The girls said, "Oh." Each of them had given blowjobs, prior to this evening. However, now they would taste another girl's juice, while sucking on an unfamiliar dick."

Clayton had a problem. He was with Jessica, and he had never gone down on any of his girlfriends before. He knew Jessica was used to getting great oral stimulation from Todd. He knew if he did not do a good job, everyone, in the room would know it.

Wesley thought he had it easier than Clayton did, because he was with Annabella. What he did not know was Annabella's boyfriend, "Brian," was better with his tongue and fingers, then he was with his dick.

When Jessica felt a tongue being used like a plunger, on her pussy, she let go of Clayton's dick, moved her hips back, and pushed it down on his face. She waited for him to stick his tongue into her vagina and when this did not happen, she moved back even further, and rubbed her clit on the bridge of his nose. She yelled at him for not knowing what to do with his mouth. She said, "If you do not know what to do, tell me and I will show you how to do it."

Clayton finally said to her, "This is my first time. I do not know the first thing about licking a pussy. Tell me what to do and I will do anything you ask."

Jessica flipped over onto her back, and began to give Clayton a lesson in the female anatomy, that many women, in the course of his lifetime, would thoroughly enjoy. After five minutes of instruction, Jessica was enjoying the fruits of her teaching efforts, immensely.

Wesley was a different story. He was completely incompetent, and he would not admit it. Annabella was shy, while having any form of sex, and not very talkative, while having it. Finally, she had enough of his futile attempts at pleasing her and yelled at him. "Stop it, you stupid bastard. I am not a cow. I am going to tell every girl at school about your incompetence and when I get finished with you your dating life will be over."

Wesley tried to apologize to Annabella, but it was too little, and too late. He had brought this judgment down on himself, when all he had to do, was ask for a little help and guidance."

Savannah, Todd, Brian, and Gail had no such troubles. They enjoyed the talents of their partners, immensely.

As the group of eight relaxed, came down from their highs, and up from their lows, Payne rang the little bell, and said "It is time for your facials, ladies. You will love it, and the protein is great for your skin."

The four women looked at Payne, with disgust. They switched partners, again, and began jerking the men off. The girls were on a mission to get this one over with, quickly. This was the most demeaning of all sexual acts they were going to be put through. Everything else they considered natural. This was aberrant behavior. This one was demeaning. They pulled on the men's pricks, played with their balls, and licked their mushroom heads, in an attempt to bring the men to climax. The men were not cooperating. They had just cum twice, in the past forty minutes, and even a potent young man needed a little time to recharge his batteries. However, one by one, it started to happen.

Clayton unloaded on Annabella's face and chest first. Some even got into her mouth, which she started spitting out. She acknowledged that she tasted the warm concoction, and it was not so terrible.

Jessica was next. Wesley did not know where it came from, but he unloaded six heavy ropes of sperm, onto Jessica's face. Her eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin were coated, and her body shined with the pearl-like substance. After she cleaned her eyes and lips of his cum, Jessica said, "Wes, you are a dead man."

Gail got it shortly after Jessica and Savannah shortly thereafter from Brian. Each girl was coated from hairline to breast, with enough cum, to create a small ice skating rink.

The bell sounded, again, and the girls could not believe it. They were a mess and they were going to be asked to continue with a new partner. They looked towards Dycke and Payne, and saw them holding large, fluffy, bath towels.

He said, "Jessica, you go shower first. You have five minutes to come out here; you have an extra duty to perform. The three of you may take your time, you will have a break, during which; you may use the shower in the master bath and then eat and rest."

"Men, the four of you have five minutes to take ashower and return here. The four of you will take Jessica in every orifice of her body, until each of you has come at least once. After that, the women will have their chance and Jessica will satisfy them. Please begin."

Jessica was resigned to her fate. She walked into the master bath and entered the shower. She was followed in, by her three cohorts. She was very surprised by this, and was amazed when the girls turned on the water, and started to wash her. They did this gently, and with great care. She soon found out, they did this, with a purpose. They may not have appreciated what she had gotten them into, but they were not going to let her go into the other room, and not have her body ready to accept, what was going to happen to it.

Once she was clean, Savannah bent over, and started massaging Jessica's breasts. Annabella's hand went to Jessica was cunt and started to excite it.

When the first moan came out of Jessica's mouth, Gail pushed down on Jessica is back, forcing her to hold on to the wall. Gail pushed one oil-covered finger up Jessica's ass and wormed it around. The muscle walls grabbed gales finger in a death grip; probably not wanting it to leave for fear it might want to come back. Gail pulled it free, oiled two fingers, and played with Jessica's ass on the outside, until she felt it loosen up just a little, and then, pushed forward, until both were deep inside Jessica.

Jessica moaned aloud. Her knees were bending, her belly was tightening, and her friends were close to bringing her to orgasm. The pain in her ass was as a hot poker had been forced into her.

Gail knew that this was not enough. She coated her fingers, again, and poured warm oil over Jessica's' abused anus and rubbed it in, lovingly. Once she felt Jessica relax again, she pushed three of her fingers into Jessica's ass, as far as she could get them.

Jessica groaned audibly as Gail continually abused her internally. She knew it was in preparation for what was to come, but right now, it hurt like hell.

Dycke's voice rang out in the bathroom saying, "Jessica, your time is up. Get out here, the men are waiting."

Jessica stood up straight. She turned to her friends, and thanked them for helping her helping her get ready for what was to come. She left the shower and walked out to the living area, with a towel, as she continued to dry herself.

The four men were already there, sitting on the floor, waiting for her arrival. None of them were hard and none of them appeared to be looking forward to what they were about to do. This was quite a change in their attitude, since they first heard about the bet, and were hoping for the girls to lose.

When Jessica walked into the room, still drying her hair, the men's attitude still did not change. They were not excited, and could not look her in the eye. However, her body was as enticing as ever, and their libidos reacted as any eighteen-year-old males would have, when faced with having a naked beauty in their midst.

Jessica stood in the middle of the mats, and turn to Payne. She asked her, "In what position do you want me?"

Payne simply showed her a picture, from an ancient Indian text. It showed a woman having sex with four men simultaneously. This picture was an Indian work dating back to the eleventh century, and it brought a gasp to Jessica lips. She nodded her head to Payne and looked at the four men deciding their positions. She reached out her hand to Todd, pulled him up, and embraced him. She told the other three that what was about to happen was her own fault. It was in no way areflection on their honor, as men. She said, "I will respect all of you, in the morning. Let us do this thing, and try to be as gentle with me, as you can. Remember the rules: you each have to come once, regardless of where, and you each have to change places when you hear the bell. I will set you up in the positions I want you to start. You will go clockwise from there."

Savannah, Gail, and Annabella walked into the room, as Jessica was getting the men into position. Using Jessica as North on the compass, she set the young man up with Clayton at Northwest Wesley at North Brianne at East and Todd at South. As she had promised him, Todd was going to get into her ass, first. In spite of what was about to happen, the men were still having a problem with "Erectile Dysfunction." The men had written risen, slightly, upon seeing Jessica, but not to the point, where they could penetrate 'a hole in a donut.' Stimulation was required, and Jessica started with Wesley and Clayton. Her friends decided to lend, more than just a hand. They lent their mouths, also.

Dycke was about to stop them, but Payne put up her hand, before he could say a word. As each of the men reaches their full length, they took up their assigned positions. Clayton was at Northwest and Jessica mounted him, vaginally. They soon built up a very nice rhythm and her juices were flowing in moments. Wesley stood at twelve o'clock and Jessica took him in her mouth and began the process of giving him a blowjob. Her biggest problem was with Brian off to her right. Her right hand was spastically trying to jerk him off, but the rhythm just was not there. Regardless of how they tried to work together, they looked like an early helicopter, trying to take off.

Dycke threw Todd a condom, as he kneeled patiently, behind Jessica. He slipped it on. He knew, when she was ready for him, Jessica would let him know. When everything in front of him stopped, he knew it was his turn. He put his left leg alongside Jessica's ass. He held her waist, with his left hand, and his dick with his right. He pressed the head of his rigid prick against her tiny opening, and pressed forward, harder, and even harder, until the mushroom head popped through the muscles of her little star, and lodged itself inside her.

Jessica and Wesley screamed at the same time. Everyone knew why Jessica screamed. However, they could not figure out why Wesley screamed, until they realized that Jessica's mouth was nearly closed, and Wesley's dick was still in it. Jessica was in extreme pain, and nothing was getting through to her brain, except that message.

Wesley, after the immediate shock and pain had passed, realized his dick was stuck between thirty-two perfect teeth. His immediate action was to try to back out, but that did not work. He tried to coax Jessica into opening her mouth. He asked her to breathe. He asked her to look at him. He begged her to open her mouth.

After a time later, Jessica's mind returned, she started to breathe normally and she did, "Open her mouth." She thanked God for what her friends did to and for her. If they had not prepared her, in the way they had, Todd would have torn her, a new asshole. She, also, realized that this was not over. This was only the beginning and there was much more of this to come. She had to calm herself down, and prepare for an onslaught that could last through the night.

Wesley immediately checked his appendage for damage. He stroked it and held it for a long time, to verify it remained alive.

Todd leaned over Jessica and kissed the back of her neck and bit on her ear lobe, because he knew she loved him and he loved her. He whispered into her ear, how sorry he was, that he had hurt her. He promised that he was going to go very slowly, and try to limit the pain he was about to cause her. He was going to try to cum, as quickly as possible, so she could get some relief. Jessica nodded her head and continued to be taken vaginally and anally. She started manipulating Brian, with her hand, again and waited for Wesley to become brave enough to accept her oral invitation, again. He did not accept it.

Todd moved deeply inside Jessica. He could feel the lubrication the girls put inside her and it was making his progress much easier. Within a few moments, he was inside her, completely and nearly painlessly. When he told Jessica that he was totally inside her, she could not believe that she had taken someone that large into her rectum. The only pain she felt was from the initial penetration, and once she got over that she might actually be able to enjoy this form of intercourse.

Clayton started to move, very irregularly, underneath Jessica. He grabbed her hips, thrust up, closed his eyes, clenched his jaw, and screamed, "I am coming."

While Clayton was coming down from his orgasm, Todd tried, but failed to join him while still in Jessica's ass. He heard the bell and had to pull out of that very tight and special place, he hoped to visit regularly. He popped out of her ass. He removed the condom and cleaned himself with the antibiotic and antifungal wipes, which were provided for them. He moved underneath Jessica and penetrated deeply into her pussy.

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