tagMind ControlHaving Fun with Faith Ch. 01

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 01


This is the sequel to 'For your eyes only'.

Having fun with Faith


"When Sodom and Gomorrah were punished for their ways, the Lord made clear to the human race what is and is not acceptable to Him. But there are those people today that flaunt..." 'Blah, blah, blah,' Jack thought. He had left the two lovebirds not too long ago. Thanks to them he had dinned well but it was time for a change in diet. And in his search for his next meal he had stumbled upon this church. Apparently a sermon was going on but he wasn't really all that interested in it, his interest was in the churchgoers and one in particular.

She was hiding her boredom well but she was practically screaming it out for anybody who could hear. And she kept glancing at a girl that shared her dark brown hair sitting a few rows in front and to the left of her. He could tell that the bored one wasn't comfortable in the conservative clothing she wore. He took a closer look at the subject of her attention.

His eyes widened in surprise. 'Ah, I do believe I have my next meal. But the indirect approach is needed here.' He glanced over at the bored girl again and nodded to himself. He flew up from the bench he was sitting on and glided to the bored girl until he sat next to him. Nobody could see the young man in a brown trenchcoat defy the law of gravity, but that was because Jack didn't want them to.


April let the words of the preacher wash over her doing her best to hide her mind-numbing boredom. Once again she cursed her mother for dying. Her father had grieved and then he had remarried. And because his new wife was evangelical he decided to become one as well. And he had dragged his daughter along with him. A 13-year old daughter who had sough support with a good friend of hers while she was coping with her mother's death. And who had found out in the process that she liked girls.

Shortly after the marriage they moved to this small town forcing April to leave her girlfriend behind and to hear how she was going to burn in hell every other Sunday. 'Thank God I didn't come out to my father.' Not that she actually knew what his reaction would have been. Her nascent love life had been flushed down the toilet along with the move and hadn't recovered since. Luckily it wouldn't be long until she would go to college.

She looked over at the Williams family who had moved in next door to them a few months ago. Their daughter was quite the looker and she had an uncanny resemblance to April. They both had the same chestnut-colored, wavy hair and the same dark brown eyes. Their built was similar as well as far as Faith could tell. The only real difference between them was their noses. Faith's was a small one that made her cute while April's gave her a very fierce appearance.

'Well, not the only difference,' April admitted to herself as she witnessed the rapt attention on Faith's face. 'She actually believes this bullshit. What I wouldn't give to show her how wrong that preacher is.' And Faith wasn't even really a bad person; she was actually very caring. She shook of the thought and resumed staring at the lectern, pretending she was actually listening. She was really getting good at daydreaming while pretending to pay attention.

While she wasn't paying attention to the words she did notice it when they stopped coming. The first thing she noticed when her mind returned to the here and now was that everybody was gone. The second thing was that wasn't exactly true, there was a man in a brown trenchcoat sitting next to her. The third thing she noticed was that he wasn't actually a man because no human had black orbs for eyes.

She scooted away from him, but he made no move and simply smiled. She studied him a little closer. He had a pleasant if unremarkable appearance and was lounging in the bench. When he opened his mouth and started talking April noted that even his voice was pleasant.

"I interrupt your usual boredom to bring you this once in a lifetime special offer. Are you feeling constricted, bored, are you unhappy with the direction your life has taken? Do you wish you could spice it up, have some fun? Well, you are in luck, because there might just be a pleasure demon near you that can solve all your problems!" He waggled his eyebrows at the end, clearly he wasn't taking himself very seriously.

April was amused too, until the word 'demon' hit her. That brought dread and the fear that maybe that preacher wasn't so full of it after all. "Demon?" she asked, hating how unsure she sounded.

He rolled his eyes. "Non-corporeal lifeform sounds so impersonal. Just relax, not a bad guy here. If you want you can think of me as a cupid. Only older, wingless, without a bow-and-arrow and a lot more handsome. And I do this work to get some food on the table. On second thought, pleasure demon really is the best description. But you can call me Jack."

"Okay," April said slowly. She didn't feel she was in danger but this was still the strangest situation she had ever been in. "Where is everybody?"

"Oh, they are still there. We're inside your mind, our entire discussion won't take more then a moment in the real world."

"I see, so this is all in my head." Was she going nuts?

Jack gave a tired sigh. "No, I am in your head. But let's get back to business. You want to have some fun and so do I. Together we can have lots of fun." He looked expectedly at April.

"Sorry, but I don't swing that way."

"Not what I meant and I'm not really a guy anyway." Jack morphed into a blond bombshell for a moment before reverting to his earlier form. "This is just my favorite appearance. Let me spell it out for you. I am a pleasure demon, I eat pleasure and the best pleasure, I have found, is sexual pleasure. You've never been past second base and I can change that for you. With my help you can show our little Faith what she's been missing. That's the deal I offer, interested?"

'Yes,' was April's first thought. It had been so long but there were still some concerns. And this being a church her first concern was of course for her soul. But Jack apparently had dealt with this concern before.

"You get to keep your soul. It won't be tainted, stained or shrunk by making this deal. And no, I won't be taking over your mind or body. Just think of me as a sidekick, the Robin to your Batman. Except I don't sound retarded and I will be living inside your head."

April snorted at that. She had to give him props, he had a sarcastic wit that meshed with her own. 'It really has been a long time, I have almost forgotten how it feels to kiss a girl.' She looked at him again. In the end she didn't have any real guarantees, the question was if she was willing to take the chance?

April nodded, "Alright, you got yourself a deal Jack." He grinned and then she found herself back in the church sitting next to her father. She took another look at Faith and smiled.


April's niggling doubt that it had been just a freaky daydream had been laid to rest even before the service had ended. Some of his comments almost had her laughing out loud and she had gotten an odd look or two. But when she asked him how exactly he was going to get to Faith he had been very vague. "Just wait until this evening, can't do a thing until then," he had told her.

Well night had fallen and she was in her room, in the cumbersome nightgown her stepmother thought appropriate for young women. She wasn't a bad person but she wasn't her mom. She was just too meek to be a real parent for April.

'Alright, it's night. The sun has gone down and the stars are doing their thing. Can you finally tell me how exactly you plan on getting Faith to find the fun?' April thought to Jack.

He didn't respond. 'Jack?'

"Oh, sorry. I was just making sure that things were set. Faith is about to go to bed and so are we."

'What? I thought we were going to do something today, not sleep on it.'

"We are doing this today, now in fact. I am going to act as a bridge and connect your two sleeping minds together. I can only do this because you two are sleeping so near to each other. Anyway, thanks to me you will be able to control the dreams. It's not really making your fantasies reality but it's damn close."

'Okay, I can see how that would be fun. But how can a few dreams uncork her bottle?'

"You'd be surprised what power dreams can have, especially the right dreams."

April mulled that over for a second and then shrugged. 'Fine, let's go where no woman has gone before then.' She lay down on her back under the covers and closed her eyes. One moment she only saw blackness and the next moment she was standing in a hallway while the walls were rushing past her. She noticed that there were doors on both sides. It didn't go on for long and when it stopped April looked up and down the hallway. It seemed to go on for forever and she had no idea what she was supposed to do now. "Okay, now what?" she asked herself.

"Now you pick a fantasy and step through a door, it doesn't matter which one." It was Jack's voice but it seemed to be coming from everywhere. "I said the guy-thing was a choice, you're standing inside of me at the moment. When I said I would be the bridge I was literal. Now, when you pick a fantasy be certain to determine who and what you want to be, who you want Faith to be and what the setting is."

April took a deep breath. "Okay, just pick a fantasy."

"Oh, I almost forgot. This isn't a normal dream, she will be more cognizant of who she is. She might be a little reluctant to participate in the first few fantasies."

"Well, thanks for telling me that so soon." She appeared to ponder the choice but in reality she was at a loss. There were so many possibilities that she didn't even know where to start. Then inspiration hit her. 'And it fits with the 'demons are real' theme,' she thought to herself. Nodding she firmly pictured what she wanted and stepped towards the nearest door. She turned the doorknob and stepped into the gentle light that lay behind it.


Something woke Faith up. At first she didn't know what until she turned around to go back to sleep. Then she saw the figure by the window and suddenly she was sitting up, wide-awake. The figure was wearing a cape and had long hair but the shadows were obscuring most of him.

A light went on which bathed the room in a gentle glow. The light revealed that the person in her room wasn't a man after all, it was a woman. She had curly hair and was dressed like a man from the seventeenth century or thereabouts. There was quite a bit of lace and she was wearing riding boots but all those things weren't the most startling things about her.

She had red eyes, irises that shone with the color of blood. And her half-open mouth showed off the tips of fangs. The woman was a vampire and even though Faith knew that they didn't exist, this did nothing to quiet the fear she felt. She prepared to scream, to jump up and flee the room but the sound died on her lips when the woman put her finger to her mouth and gestured to be silent.

Instead of a scream she emitted a sigh, powerless to even look away she sat there as the smiling vampiress approached. 'This must be how a mouse feels when he faces a snake,' she thought.

The woman smiled at her as she sat on the bed. "There, there little one. No need to be afraid, I am not going to hurt you." Faith wasn't certain about that but despite herself she found the fear slipping away. The vampiress was looking intently at Faith and her smile became approving when Faith felt the last vestiges of fear dissolving. Her heart fluttered at the sight of that smile. "There, that is much better. Don't you feel much better?"

Before she knew what she was doing she nodded. Again the woman smiled and again Faith felt a flutter. Embarrassed she noted her aureoles were hardening and she prayed the lady wouldn't notice. "Why are you in my room," she asked breathlessly.

"I am here for you." The woman began to trace a finger across Faith's jawline towards her left ear. The touch was electric and her eyes fluttered as she suddenly felt very warm. "You're very lovely," she said and leaned over to softly plant her lips on Faith's.

Faith was helpless to do anything and to her shame she found that part of her didn't want to. That part just wanted to keep feeling. The vampiress began to softly massage Faith's lips with her own and Faith's body obeyed by doing the same to the woman's lips.

She whined when the woman pulled back and actually tried to follow her before she got a hold of herself. She plopped back into the cushion, the air currents produced by her labored breathing playing over her tingling lips. The vampiress tongue darted out to wet her lips and sample the taste Faith had left there. "Hmmm, you taste like strawberries," the woman informed her.

She stood up again. "I think this blanket is getting in the way," she informed Faith and she promptly removed it leaving her covered in just her nightgown. After that the female vampire let her cape pool on the floor and stepped out of her boots before she crawled back onto the bed until she was kneeling besides Faith.

"Would you like me to kiss you again?" she asked and again Faith found herself nodding before she could think. The smile the woman gave her was almost reward enough but the kiss was so much more. Faith knew this was wrong, that she wasn't supposed to be kissing girls but she reasoned that she wasn't actually in control here so she couldn't be held to blame for what happened. The fact that she was enjoying this could give lie to that but that was her treacherous body, not her. She was still a good girl.

They pulled apart when Faith's need for air became too great. The vampiress had no such problem and used the opportunity to cast a predatory at Faith's body. She gulped when she saw that look, suddenly fearful at how far the woman was going to take this. A fear that dissolved again when she looked into those two blood-red gems. "The appetizer was nice, but it's time for the main course." She made a movement with her hand and Faith's gown dissolved like her fears had.

As the nightgown came apart in a hundred strips of cloth they flowed over her body caressing every inch that had been covered a moment ago before disappearing off the bed. Faith couldn't help herself, it had felt as if a thousand fingers had caressed her allover, and she moaned.

The vampiress began repositioning her legs to make room for herself and Faith began to worry. She had to put up some of a fight, in her mind if her body remained uncooperative. She had to resist the pleasure, if she didn't enjoy it than she wasn't committing a sin.

When the woman had positioned herself between her legs she took another intense look at Faith's body. "Lovely," she informed her as she gazed directly at Faith's vagina. Faith's face became as red as a fire hydrant. She had never felt so vulnerable as she did right now with a woman staring at her naked body. A body that was obviously aroused as the hardened nipples and the wetness coating her lower lips gave away.

Without preamble the vampiress dived in, parting her lips with her thumbs, and began licking her with a vengeance. Faith had resolved herself to fight what the woman was making her feel but that intention went right out of the window when the female vampire actually started.

What she was doing was wrong, depraved, filthy and felt so good. She tossed her head from side to side in a futile denial that this was happening, moaning all the while. The pleasure kept building and building, she knew she was going to have an orgasm even though she had never actually had one before. But she could feel it approaching, she knew she was almost there.

That was when the vampiress stopped licking and moved her mouth to one of her thighs. Faith was just in time to see her bite into her flesh before her vision went grey as pain overwhelmed by white, hot pleasure turned her mind to mush. Even in her dream, Faith wasn't conscious while the woman licked up some blood that had trailed down her leg.


"That was hot," April said as she stepped back into the corridor. "And very, very disturbing." She shivered. She had been aware it was really a fantasy but when Faith had approached climax an instinct had taken over. She found herself biting and drinking Faith's blood. It had tasted delicious, she could practically taste the orgasm in it and she had basked in the feeling. Even now the memory of what she had done didn't fill her with disgust, just arousal.

"I think I will go as human from now on," she told Jack. She thought back to the fantasy she had just experienced, 'Well, for tonight anyway.'

"That is up to you," Jack told her. "I think you can have two more fantasies tonight. Anymore and you nor Faith will feel rested tomorrow."

"Gotcha. I liked the outfit from that fantasy." April thought it over. "I'll be going as a pirate for my next one." 'Even if this doesn't loosen Faith up that wouldn't be too bad, this is a lot of fun too.'


"Move along lass, don't want to keep the captain waiting." The sailor made a shooing motion with his cutlass to emphasis the point. Faith shivered in the breeze and cursed her bad luck again. She was on her way from England to Kingston when her ship had been caught by these pirates. They had told her at swordpoint to give them the dress, which she reluctantly did. She thanked the Lord they didn't want her underwear nor did they molest her. It would seriously hurt the ransom they could ask for her. Or perhaps they were saving her for their captain.

Finally they reached his cabin and without much ado she was pushed inside, the door closed behind her with a bang. She took in her surroundings and found they were just about what you expected from a captain's cabin. A bed and a desk with some chairs, all of which were bolted down to prevent them from being tossed around in rough seas.

The captain wasn't like she expected though. For one, it was a woman and a fairly attractive one. Her hair was secured behind her head with a ribbon and she was wearing boots. The boots gave her a momentary feeling of déjà vu, as if she had seen them before. Her black trousers clung to her firm and slender legs and her sword belt was hanging on a chair. But it was her shirt which was the most scandalous article of clothing. It was a simple, white one tucked inside her trousers but it wasn't buttoned up. The pirate captain was showing of a startling amount of bronzed skin including the sides of her breasts.

She obviously wasn't wearing any undergarments and Faith got the distinct impression that this apparel was for her. She doubted the harlot could control her crew if she went around looking like this. An impression reinforced by the slow, assessing gaze of the woman.

The captain bowed and the light caught a gem on a ring on the woman's right hand. "A good afternoon, Miss Faith Williams. I am Betty Black, captain of the Sea Stallion. As you probably have guessed, you are our hostage until your family pays us the ransom. Behave and this will be a pleasant stay for the both of us."

It felt very awkward to curtsy without a dress but Faith did so anyway. "You're too kind," the words tripped off her lips without thinking. Another gesture of the captain's hand caused light to fall on the red gem, catching Faith's attention once again. For a moment a memory flashed through her mind of two bloodred gems shining in the night.

Captain Black smiled. "Not really, I am a pirate after all." She noticed what had caught Faith's attention and her smile turned into a smirk. "I see you are admiring my ring. It is quite the beauty. I got it not long before I became captain and I have considered it my good luck charm ever since. Come, let's step closer to the window. It's much prettier in the light."

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