tagMind ControlHaving Fun with Faith Ch. 03

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 03



'School is almost over, after this class I only got two more classes and I'm done. Thank God.' Faith had been jittery since she had entered the school. All it took was being near enough to a girl to smell her and she would be transported back to those dreams. And when her hand had touched Sarah's by accident she had felt a shiver working its way up from her arm and straight down into her pussy.

And when she saw April for the first time her reaction had been even more extreme. She had just stopped moving, right there in the hallway. Part of her had wanted to push her against the lockers and give her a bruising kiss. Or push her head under her dress. But the greater part just wanted to sink into floor because she was convinced everybody could see what she was thinking.

Still, she had managed to cover it up and keep her hands firmly outside of her clothing. But now she had to pee so she was on her way to the bathroom when she picked up the hushed sound of conversation. It had come from a hallway at her right and for some reason she sneaked towards the sound.

Faith didn't know why she did that until she came to the classroom door that was a little bit open. She could just see the two teachers that were talking. On the left was Miss Crabble, a redhead in her thirties, and on the left was the raven-haired Miss Ashton who had started teaching the same year Faith had started school here. 'And they're both quite attractive,' thought Faith. When she realized what she had thought she closed her eyes and chided herself for thinking that.

Those eyes opened again when she heard Miss Ashton speak. "So, tonight you'll come to my place?" And to Faith's astonishment she caressed Miss Crabble's left cheek.

Even more amazing, Crabble leaned into the touch and murmured that she would. Faith watched with eyes that couldn't possibly go wider as the two women sealed their date with a slow kiss. She whimpered without sound as the two teachers began to get into the kiss until Miss Crabble pulled away.

The redhead had to take several deep breaths before she could speak though. "Not here Jane, we might get caught." That was enough to spook Faith who backed away from the door. 'It's everywhere, I can't escape it.' When she was certain she was far enough away, she ran to the toilets. 'I won't give in, I won't give in,' Faith repeated to herself as she flew through the hallways.


Faith was sitting in her bed staring at her bald pussy as she absentmindedly touched it with a finger. She wasn't playing with herself; she was just trying to come to grips what had happened.

The sound of the water spray hitting the tiles echoed through the bathroom. Faith took another look at herself in the mirror before stepping under the shower. Her eyes drifted down to the furry patch on her pussy, for some reason it didn't look right.

Before she realized it she was gathering her father's shaving equipment and began to emulate what the doctor had done for her in her dream. The memory of that dream and the feeling that she wasn't really in control merely fueled her arousal.

When she was done she resisted the strong temptation to rub the now smooth skin, to slip her fingers into her wet snatch. Instead she quickly cleaned up all the evidence before stepping into the water. All day long she had felt a trickle of arousal coursing through her body, making her body long for the touch of her hands. She had managed to resist that call just now and continued to do so when she began soaping up her body.

Up until her hands reached her yearning pussy that is. When the first finger bumped into it she gasped but instead of pulling back her fingers were drawn in. She threw her head back as her hand seriously went to work on her snatch while her unoccupied left hand started to give her tits some attention.

The first climax drove her to her knees as she bit down on her lower lip to ensure she kept quiet. But one wasn't enough so she kept going as the water pelted her undulating form.

Faith hoped that what she had done in the shower, again and again, would make her dreams peaceful once more. Masturbation was supposed to be a sin but she could keep it quiet, nobody would find out if she was careful. But she had been assaulted by images in the shower as well. Images of a soft, naked body sleek with sweat. A woman crying out in pleasure and need.

Faith shivered and pulled her nightgown down as she crawled under the covers. 'Please, don't let me be like my sister.' She didn't know to whom that plea was directed.


"You know, I am not your pet." Jack's voice was petulant. "So I don't need treats because I'm such a good boy!"

April mentally rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know that actually. But you've been complaining about having your cake but not actually being able to eat it too. And you're supposed to enhance pleasure so I thought I'd take advantage of that today, I didn't do that just for you. I happen to enjoy self-loving, it's the only loving I've been getting these past five years."

"I know," Jack grumbled. "I know all of that, but I still got my pride dammit."

"I thought pride was a vice?"

Jack did a raspberry. "Demon here, we're not exactly known for being virtuous. Although suffice it to say, when you get my age you've learned the vital necessity of moderation."

April changed the subject. "Did you see Faith today, she looked like a scared bunny or something." She shook her head. The question was of course rhetorical. Jack saw everything April saw.

"Yes, I believe she has met herself and scared of what she found. Speaking of Faith, it seems she has gone to bed so we can get this show on the road."


Faith came to lying face down on a floor made of some kind of rubbery material. She dragged herself up until she was standing and took stock of where she was. It seemed to be some kind of big cube with transparent surfaces and metallic ribs. There were slits in the floor near the walls, probably for air circulation since it was an enclosed space. And she was still wearing her costume and gauntlets.

"I had hoped you would come to before the formula was ready, Amazona. I would hate to lose an opportunity to gloat before your... conversion," a soft, melodious voice intoned.

Amazona turned and saw her captor. She was working at some kind of large console that was facing the cell, half of which seemed to be made up of tubes containing various liquids and gasses. The villainess wore a catsuit with some kind of black-and-white swirling pattern on it. She was leering at Amazona over the console but she didn't let that faze her. Her costume didn't cover her much better than a one-piece, strapless bathing suit would but it was the traditional costume and she had gotten used to the stares.

"Mesmeri, I didn't know you were up for parole."

Mesmeri smiled. "I wasn't, but there was this nice guard who had trouble with trying to quit smoking. I helped her and she was very grateful after that."

Amazona had enough and launched herself at Mesmeri with the intent of simply smashing her way out of this prison. But when she hit the wall it didn't shatter but gave way before bouncing back, catapulting Amazona in the opposite direction.

Mesmeri chuckled but didn't stop working on the console. "That's transparent rubber, perfect to hold brute-force brawlers like you. And I wouldn't touch the metal holding the construct up, it's solid heraclium. It'll sap your strength away and I have plans for that strength."

"What are you planning on doing to me?" But Amazona had an inclination on what that would be, Mesmeri's M.O. was mind control and she had tried to recruit superheroes in the past.

"Making you my willing and loving servant," was the matter-of-fact response. Mesmeri tapped one of the containers. "I had to have a tissue-sample before I could complete the formula though. It won't be ready for at least another half an hour but when it's ready it will only take a few good lungfuls and then..."

She was interrupted by a large bang coming from the massive door to the left. Simultaneously an alarm began to ring on Mesmeri's console. "No, I'm not ready yet!" Mesmeri stared furiously at her console before raining in her temper. "Fine, I guess I will have to settle for plan B then." With those words she grasped a canister of something and plugged it into the console. She pressed a few buttons and then she ran away.

Amazona didn't care about that. She was too busy trying to escape the gas that began filling the cube. She held her breath and tried to smash through the walls again but the only result was that she accidentally inhaled the gas when she was thrown to the floor.

The sound of tearing metal signaled the arrival of Super Woman who didn't waste time and flew straight to the cage. "Don't worry Amazona, I'll get you of this." She gave a section her icy stare and within moments the now brittle material began to crumble.

Super Woman didn't wait for Amazona to come out on her own but flew in and carried her out. She was about to go after the supervillain when a large screen activated showing Mesmeri. "If you're seeing this it means that I had to use plan B to cover my escape. In that case, I recommend you don't follow me and instead worry about yourself. The gas you inhaled is a little something I cooked up quite a long time ago. It's a failed experiment because it doesn't affect the mind, it just affects the body."

Amazona got increasingly worried as the recording continued. "But you want to know what it does, what's going to happen to you. It's quite simple, the gas is making you dependent on a specific protein. You'll start noticing the craving in a few hours. It'll be bearable at first, but after a while you'll become so desperate for it that you'll do anything, even hurt someone, just to get your fix. Now the good news is that it isn't permanent if you manage to ingest some of the protein before the craving starts."

Mesmeri's smile turned evil. "Bad news is, the protein can only be found in female cum and it has to be straight from the source." Mesmeri cackled and Amazona realized this was about buying Mesmeri time to escape as well as tormenting her. "So you either find a willing woman and hope she keeps quiet or not in which case it's only a matter of time before you attack some poor, innocent girl and ravish her in public. In either case, your reputation will be ruined. And trust me, I will ensure it's going to come out. Well, that's about it. Oh, one last thing. When this recording ends, the self-destruct on this place gets armed and you'll have about 5 seconds to get out. Have fun!"

They had made it out of course. Amazona had been very quiet as they made their way back to the Watchtower. She had let Super Woman explain what had happened and had kept up that silence until Crowman confirmed Mesmeri's words. The formula was affecting her biochemistry and she only had an hour or two before that transformation was complete. She hadn't kept quiet after that, instead she had broken down and fled to her room crying all the way.

It was there, sitting on the side of the bed, that Super Woman found her. Without a word she sat down next to Amazona and began stroking her hair murmuring meaningless words of sympathy in her ear.

"Oh April," they could use their real names here, "what am I going to do. You know what happened to the Green Parakeet when they found out about her." The Green Parakeet had been caught kissing a woman she had just rescued. The uproar only died down a little when it was revealed she was the Parakeet's girlfriend. The Parakeet had been shunned even by some of the superheroes and wasn't doing any heroing these days.

April was quiet for a moment. "I... I could help you, I already know what's going on anyway and there is no way Mesmeri can find out, let alone proof it happened."

Faith stared amazed at April. "Would you? Oh, thank you!" Faith hugged her tightly as relief surged through her. Embarrassment came soon after when she felt their breasts pressed together, something that took on more meaning in light of what April just had agreed to. She released April and wanted to scoot away but April prevented that.

"Hey now, this is going to be awkward as it is. If you can't hug me how can you do... other stuff?" Faith nodded but didn't look at April. "Why don't you close the door. We don't know how much longer before your condition becomes permanent so we better not waste any time."

Faith did as April suggested with a thumping heart, behind her she could hear the sound of clothing dropping to the floor. After she locked the door she didn't turn around right away but kept facing the door for a moment so she could get her anxiety under control. That threadbare control was gone again the moment she turned around. April was lying on the bed leaning against the headboard with not a thread on her. Her pussy was hairless making it impossible for Faith to say if the blond hair was a die-job.

Faith blushed as April didn't look away when she herself undressed. When Faith was finally lying on the bed between April's legs she wondered for a moment if she should kiss April first. It didn't seem right to just start lapping at her pussy but a kiss would make this look like... lovemaking.

So Faith kissed her nether lips instead, not entirely sure how to start but hoping that would work. After she had planted a dozen or so slow kisses she decided to use her tongue too and was pleased to hear April's breath hitch the first time she did that. 'Not because I want to have sex with her, but I can't get cured if she doesn't get off on this,' she assured herself.

Eventually Faith got bold enough to try licking. She flattened her tongue and gave a lick. 'The taste isn't actually that bad, I could get used to this.' She kept licking and parted April's folds to get better at certain parts. It also meant she got more of the taste. 'Because I need that, for my condition,' she told herself.

Meanwhile, above her April was breathing faster and holding her head in her arms in an attempt to stay put and not hump Faith's face. Faith herself was beginning to forget why she was doing this, so consumed had she become with eliciting more gasps and shudders from April. When April finally came she eagerly lapped it all up and Faith had almost started to try and bring her to a second climax before she realized that this wasn't about pleasuring April.

She sheepishly looked up at April who was looking down at Faith. Faith licked her lips, tasting April on them. She didn't know what to say, but April did.

"You know, you were in that chamber for a while. And, and I might have inhaled some of that gas too." She paused for a moment. "So maybe we should, you know, just to make sure."

"Maybe we should," Faith agreed. She raised herself up to her hands and knees so that April could scoot down. When she had done that, Faith had a moment's doubt before resolutely turning herself around until the both faced a pussy. 'We might just have to do this for a few weeks or so, to make certain we're not affected,' Faith thought as she felt April's tongue for the first time.


Faith gave a contended sigh as the warm sun caressed her body, punctuated like clockwork by a gentle breeze that was just cool enough. She was alone on this isolated part of the beach and in a moment of boldness she had discarded her swimsuit so her entire body could bask in the feeling.

She opened her eyes when she became aware of a sound that was just audible over the crashing of the waves. It took a minute for Faith to identify it but she finally recognized it as singing. She listened to it a little while longer but she couldn't hear it very clearly. Desiring to hear it better she got up and moved towards a rocky outcropping that was even more isolated than her patch of sand. For some reason she didn't even spare a thought for the fact that she was traipsing along the beach naked.

The singing became clearer and more beautiful the closer she got to the source until finally she rounded a boulder and saw who was singing. It was a woman, as naked as Faith was, who was lying on a partly submerged stone. But the most remarkable thing about her wasn't her state of undress but the green-blue fishtail that she sported instead of legs.

Faith absentmindedly noted that she should be amazed to find a mythical creature like a mermaid but the song was still drawing her in. She fearlessly navigated the rocks until she was standing on the same stone the mermaid was lying on. She could feel the warmth from the stone through the soles of her feet.

Now that she was standing in front of the mermaid she could see more details. Her hair had the same color as Faith's and her breasts were also similar, mere handfuls with cute, little nipples that were proudly standing up. The mermaid's tail began about where the legs on a human started but she did posses a hairless pussy. There were differences though. The eyes of the nereid were bottomless pools of dark-green and her skin was a mix of bronzed hide with patches of little fish scales here and there.

The mermaid had of course noticed her but didn't greet her except for an amused look in her eyes. Instead she began to weave a different song. Like with an opera Faith couldn't really hear the words even though she knew they were there. But the words still reached her, slithering into her mind and caressing it like a lover.

She felt compelled to kneel before this magnificent creature and crawl to it and so she did. She desired to touch the nereid and taste her skin, which the mermaid gracefully allowed. And so Faith found herself on all fours looming over the mermaid while she lapped and sucked at its snatch.

Her skin and secretions had a salty taste as was to be expected for a being that lived in the ocean. But she hadn't expected those fluids to make her lips tingle and her tongue hum with pleasure.

The mermaid's song began to change as her pleasure climbed and her orgasm approached. A new tone was added that seemed to vibrate through Faith's nipples and clit, spurring her on. The old song began to fall away until at last it was gone and the mermaid orgasmed. The sound she made as she came wasn't just an auditory companion to the climax, it was its representation. It was a sound of pure pleasure and release and Faith was swept up by it.

She came as the sound seemed to drown her mind in ecstasy and she added her own voice to the song, a duet of pleasure.


"Very nice April, very nice indeed. So, you got one more fantasy left for today. What will it be? Perhaps you would like to play cowgirl and indian or maybe sheriff and prisoner is more to your liking?"

"Actually, I was thinking of something more intimate. Yes, it's time we brought this home. You think Faith is ready to be seduced by April?"

Jack was silent for a moment as he discerned her meaning. "Ah, my young padawan. I do believe I have little else to teach you." He actually gave a sniff. "And the answer to your question is yes, it would work although I do have a small suggestion. To set the mood, as it were."

"Alright, fire away."


"That smells nice," Faith commented. April had brought the scented candle with her for the sleepover, she said her parents had a few of them in the bedroom.

"Yeah, it does. And thanks again for inviting me over," April said as she returned to the bed. They were both sitting crossed-legged on the covers with the only light coming from the just-lit candle.

Faith shrugged. "We're neighbors, I should have tried to get to know you months ago." She took another deep breath. "It really smells nice." The girls returned to talking about their lives before they moved to this town. Faith took pains not to mention or hint at her sister.

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