tagIncest/TabooHaving Some Fun Ch. 01

Having Some Fun Ch. 01


I think I should begin with a little background of my family. My parents met in their second year of college, by the end of that year my mother got pregnant. They didn't get married right away; they actually waited until after they both graduated. To make the story short, they got divorced when I was about 11 years old. It wasn't a bad divorce, very amicable, which was surprising because they spent the last few years of their marriage in screaming and throwing household objects at one another. I was one of few 11 year olds who actually hoped that their parents would get divorce and was happy when they finally did. I would later find out as an adult that what finally broke them up was that they both cheated on each other. When they finally admitted to each other about it they finally agreed that it wasn't working out between them.

Like I said it was an amicable divorce. Things were mostly settled themselves; they only brought in the lawyers to draw up the final divorce papers. There was even an agreement on how to take care of me. My mother had custody most of the time because her job wasn't too demanding and could be at home a lot more, but I still spent plenty of time with my father. He didn't even move away that far, he got an apartment only 6 blocks from our old apartment where my mother and I still lived.

During my early teenage years things happened that began to make me look at my mother in a different way. I was going through puberty, finding myself if you know what I mean, and looking at girls and undressing them in my mind was all I could think of. And of course living in a small apartment with a good looking mother didn't help any. At that point in my life, my mother was so used to me being around that she didn't mind walking around occasionally in her underwear. Not a lot, mind you, maybe a couple of times a month. She never got naked or anything, it was just her underwear. Most of the time it would in her bra while wearing a skirt or jeans. The closest I probably got to see her naked during those years were the few times she had to leave the bathroom after a shower and had a towel wrapped around her body but still showed a decent amount of cleavage on top. Like I said she didn't do this a lot but it was enough to get me looking at her in a different way. And because I didn't have the internet at that age, and couldn't get my hands on any kind of adult magazines, I eventually found myself using her image for masturbatory fantasies. In the beginning I remember how guilty I used to feel about thinking of her that way, but I slowly gotten used to it.

Of course that eventually stopped when I finally did get my hands on some playboys and a few adult videos that I got from a friend of mine who had some kind of connection and sold them to the other boys in school. Then when I started dating and doing things with girls, I got my mother out of my mind. And when I started having sex at 16, I no longer thought of my mother in that way.

At about 19, my father had to move away, only two cities over, no more than a 45 minute drive. He felt guilty about moving away, he felt like he was abandoning me. I assured him that it was alright, we'd still visit each other. Plus, I was in college now and had to be on my own sooner or later anyway. Well not completely alone, I still lived with my mother, but I was able to take care of myself.

Then one day things really began to change. It all happened one Saturday morning when I was studying for a couple of midterm exams, and I was feeling very frustrated. I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on my studying, mostly because at that point I hadn't had sex in almost 6 months. Usually when I go too long without sex I would go to a strip club and get a lap dance. I even knew a couple of strippers who would jerk me off for $40. But I was short on cash at that point and needed to save my money. So I had to make due with my porn collection which surprisingly didn't do too much for me anymore. You know how that is, you use the same porn for too long it doesn't excite you as much in the long run. I would've gotten some new stuff, but like I said money was tight.

So that morning I was in my room studying and I heard my mother outside in the hallway running around and cursing. Her company had called her into work at the last minute and she was of course pissed. I also suspect that she was also just as sexually frustrated as I was. I know she hasn't been out with a guy in almost a year at that point. After her divorce she did pretty well with men, even had a couple of long-term relationships. I didn't know why she hasn't been out with a guy in such a long time, at 42 she was still attractive enough. She had long dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a great face; plain, but in a pretty way. She had a good body; we had the same height, 5'7", her ass was kind of flat, but still had enough meat to grab onto. Her tits on the other hand were amazing; perfect 34D's.

My mother burst into my room and took me by surprise when I saw her standing there in a black skirt and no blouse. She was standing there in a white bra; nothing special just a standard white bra. Now like I said, over the years I have seen her in her underwear on a fairly regular basis, but this is the first time she came up to me to talk to me while in her bra.

"Did you pick up the dry-cleaning?" she asked sternly.

"Um, no," I replied.

"What the hell?" she yelled at me. "I don't ask much from you just a little help around here once in a while."

She stormed out of the room and I turned back to my books. But again I couldn't concentrate because all I could think about was my mother in her bra. I tried to put it out of my mind and think of other things, like my past girlfriends, to get her out of my mind. Just when I was about to concentrate on my studying again my mom walked back into my room. This time she was wearing a sleeveless while blouse with the first few buttons on the top still undone.

"Listen," she began to say in a more mellow tone "I'm sorry about before. I had to lay off two people this week at work, and I have to go in today to determine who else I have to let go. So I'm a little frustrated right now."

"It's ok, mom, I understand."

She walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead and walked out the room smiling. The smell of her perfume lingered on me and it only distracted me even more. About 10 minutes later she yelled goodbye from the hallway and left the apartment. Sometime after that I still found myself unable to concentrate.

"Screw this," I said and threw my notebooks to the floor.

I went to my closet and took out my secret porn stash that I have hidden in a box on the top shelf behind some old notebooks. I took out a magazine that I hadn't used in a while with a sexy big-titted blonde on the cover. I took off my clothes and sat back down at my desk and began touching myself. I had a good erection going but it still wasn't as hard as it usually was. The blonde on the cover was hot, but like I said before, when you use the same porn for a long time it doesn't have the same affect in the long run.

Then suddenly it all changed when I smelled the perfume that was still lingering in my room and thought of my mother; more importantly, I was picturing her how she was in her skirt and bra. My dick got harder with those thoughts and I stroked myself even faster. I thought about pushing those thoughts away but I couldn't help myself, I hadn't had a good hard-on like this in a long while and I was really enjoying myself. I thought of her taking off her skirt and imagined her in her bra and panties, walking up to me and licking her lips. It wasn't long before I shot my load all over the magazine that I still had in my hand. It was the most intense orgasm I had in months.

Afterwards I got dressed and cleaned up my magazine. I was feeling guilty about what had just happened because I knew I shouldn't have been thinking of my mother in that way. I put the magazine away and went back to studying. But again, I had trouble focusing about the idea of what I just did. After a few hours I decided to try it again, jerking off to the thought of my mother, just as an experiment to see if I still felt the same way I did before. This time I pulled up a picture I had my computer of my mother from a picnic over a year ago. She was dressed in shorts and a tank-top, nothing special or sexy about it but it was enough to get an image of her in my mind. I dropped my pants and began jerking-off again and again it worked. I got a major-hard on from her and another intense orgasm.

I didn't feel as guilty the second time around so I began thinking "why not?" I could use her image whenever I wanted to. I knew it was wrong, but that's what made it so exciting.

Over the next week I jerked-off to her image three more times. But I got tired of using the pictures that I had of her, none of them were sexy enough, never thought to have get any before. Think about it, how often do you think to keep sexy photos of your mother? So I decided to go through my mother's photo albums. I remembered seeing some bikini photos of her that she had from a vacation she took with a couple of her friends a few years back and I knew which album they were in. I waited until she was at work before I went into her walk-in closet and picked up the albums that she had on the top shelf. I picked up four albums and then found something interesting underneath them. There was a thick manila envelope and in them I hit the jackpot. There were more than 20 8x10 photos of my mother in various poses wearing some very sexy bras and panties.

"Damn!" I said aloud.

She was posing on some throw pillows with a black curtain in the background. Most of the pictures were of her in black underwear, the others were red and white. It looked like she was having a lot of fun with the way she was smiling in the photos. The photos were at the most 10 years old, I knew because she had shorter hair in those photos and that was the last time she had that hairstyle.

I took the photos to my room and scanned each one onto my computer and put them in a folder that I was sure nobody would find them in. I was careful to keep each photo in place of where they were in the manila envelope in case my mother knew what order they were in. When I was done I put the photos back in the same place in her closet. While I was at it I located the bikini photos that I was originally looking for, scanned them and returned them to her closet.

I had a good time using those photos over the next couple of months. I made sure not to use them all the time because I didn't want to over do it. I even bought some new porno magazines and movies so I could focus on the idea of other women who weren't my mother. I even went to the strip club and visited the strippers I mentioned earlier. And yes, I did date during that time and had sex with a girl I was seeing for a short while.

During this time my mother and I went about our usual daily business, although this time I was checking out her body more and more everyday. I made sure to be subtle with the way I looked at her, if she caught me looking at her tits it could spell a lot of trouble.

Then something happened all of a sudden. I noticed a change in my mother's attitude. She was happier more than usual and smiled at me a lot more. She even began wearing tighter clothing and shirts that revealed more cleavage. A few times she even bent down for some reason or other and I got a good look down her shirt. At first I thought "Lucky me", but after a while I began thinking how unusual this was of her. And remember when I mentioned earlier that at I would see her in her underwear at least a couple of times a month that turned into three times a week. And her underwear went from the standard casual kind to the more revealing kind. Her panties showed more ass and her bras were low-cut. Again I thought I was getting lucky to see her like this more often, but mostly I couldn't help being concerned with this change I've been seeing.

It got really interesting one night when I was watching a movie on TV. She got interested in what I was watching and sat down close next to me. She too me by surprise when she took my arm and made me put it around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I asked right away.

"I want you to hold me," she said. "It'll be fun, like we're on a date."

We were watching a Stallone action film so it was hardly like a date. But having her close to me like that too my mind off how bad the film was. It felt great having to hold her like that. What made it better was that she was wearing another low-cut t-shirt and I got a good view down her cleavage. I tried not to look but it was the best view of her tits that I got to see of them so far. Again I thought this was part of her unusual recent behavior but I didn't care. After the movie was over we turned off the TV and went to bed and as soon as I locked the door I had my pants down and jerked off to the thoughts of my mother. Despite how I've been noticing her unusual behavior lately that never stopped me from fantasizing about her.

Then one day it all began to make sense to me. I had just come home from school to find my mother in the kitchen home early from work. She wore tight jeans and a low-cut white tank top that was see through enough to see the black bra she wore underneath. She was doing some cleaning when I walked in; she looked at me and gave me a big smile as she said hi to me. I felt a stir in my pants from seeing her and I went to my room, locked the door and brought up the photos I had of her on my computer. It was then I noticed something was wrong with the pictures. I had the photos set to a particular size so I can get a good view of each of them whenever I brought them up on screen. But a few of them were now a smaller size. Not much smaller but it was still enough to be noticeable. It was then I realized what has been happening; not only has my mother found out about the photos on my computer, she's likes it and has been encouraging me to fantasize about her.

I took me a long while to think about how I should handle this. Mostly I was considering if I should confront her or not. On one hand, if it is true that she does know about the pictures (there was still a chance that I was wrong about the evidence) she doesn't seem to care and I could just let the whole thing go. On the other hand this situation between us does seem to be out of control, as much fun as I was having with those photos even I knew I would eventually have to stop using them and move on. After an hour I decided that the best thing to do was to confront her about this and put an end to it before it got out of hand.

I went back to the kitchen where my mother was still doing some cleaning and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Mom, I think we should talk," I said.

"Sure sweetie," she said. "Let me get you something to drink first."

She got a can of soda from the fridge, opened it and gave it to me by leaning in across the table low enough so I could get another good look down her shirt.

"That's what I want to talk to you about, Mom" I said as I took the soda can from her. "This whole situation."

"What situation are you talking about?" she asked while she was still leaning and showing me her tits.

"This right here," I said as I pointed out with my hands on how she was leaning over the table. "I know what's going on and I think we should talk."

Her smile went away and she sat down in the chair across from me.

"You want to talk about the pictures, don't you?" she asked.

I bent my head down in shame, I didn't know what else to say. I knew I shouldn't be too shameful about it because she knew about it and was secretly encouraging me.

"How long have you known?" I asked.

"About a month," she said. That sounded about right, it was about a month ago I noticed the change in her. "How long have you had them?"

"A few months," I said.

Then we went through how this all began. She began first by telling me how she was looking for some photos of her that she knew I had on my computer and wanted to download them so she could have them printed out. She couldn't find the ones she was looking for and did a computer search on all photos labeled 'Mom'. And even though I hid those photos in a completely separate folder in a different are of my computer, I still labeled each on 'Mom' and that's how she found them. She was at first shocked because she knew there was only one reason I had those photos. But then she felt flattered and excited on the idea. She liked the idea of being desired in some way by someone, and the fact that it was her own son made it more exciting. Then she thought it would be fun to give me something more to look at on a daily basis by dressing more sexy around me and walking around in her underwear and finding excuses to get her body close to me to help turn me on. She realized now that she might've gone a little too far.

I then told her how it all began for me, how it was kind of like an experiment and I quickly enjoyed it. It was also fun for me because I knew how taboo the whole situation was. I told her that I did enjoy the show that she put on and it did help, she seemed to like that. Then I told her how I found out she knew. It turns out she looked through them on my computer a few times since she found them and accidentally resized them for a better look and she didn't think I would notice.

"So what do we do now?" she asked.

"We can't keep doing this forever," I said. "I'm going to delete those photos and put an end to this.

I got up and went to my room and brought up the folder on my computer that had the pictures. My mother ran in and grabbed my hand and pulled it away from the keyboard.

"You don't have to do this," she said. "I told you I don't mind. We're both enjoying this, lets just keep doing what we've been doing."

"But we can't do this forever, it has to stop eventually.'

"Eventually is the keyword here. I know it has to stop, but it doesn't have to be now. Keep the photos, enjoy yourself for now. Down the road you can get rid of them but for now have some fun."

I have to admit with everything I was saying before even I didn't really want to get rid of those photos, I just thought it would be the right thing to do. But she was right, I was having a lot of fun with those photos and as long as she didn't care what I've been doing with them I don't see why have to stop now.

"Ok, I'll keep them," I said. My mother took a sigh of relief and smiled at me. "But you don't have to keep doing what you've been doing lately. Not that I haven't been enjoying the show, but you should take it down a couple of notches."

"It has been a little tiring trying to be extra sexy for you. It was especially hard trying to get the timing right for me to pass you in the hallway in my underwear."

We both laughed a little and she gave me a big hug, a tight long one to be exact and let me go.

"I guess I'll leave you alone now," she said. "I need to take a shower. A long, soapy shower."

She took off her tank top and let me get a good look at her low-cut bra before she walked out the door and as soon as she turned the corner she quickly took off her bra and dropped it to the floor. I didn't see her tits because she turned the corner quickly. I ran out the door to see if I could still see her naked but she had the door to the bathroom closed just in time.

"Tease!" I yelled at her.

"I know!" she yelled back through the door.

I went back to my room, locked the door and put up one my favorite pictures of her an began jerking off to the thought of my mother in the shower, soaking up her body and playing with herself. I shot off a huge load into a wad of tissues and threw it in the waste basket. I was so glad I didn't delete those photos.

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