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Hawaii Exchange


This is an excerpt from part of a huge novel I'm publishing a piece at a time here at Literotica. Some readers may not be interested in a long read so I thought I'd post a few of the juicy sex scenes just to see what would happen. Here is a brief setup.

Gwen Yoshimura and her lover Hawk Detrick go to the Honolulu Contemporary Museum of Art. There they meet Kira and Emiko Kokura, an attractive Japanese couple from Tokyo. Gwen befriends the couple and take them on a tour of her beloved art department at Honolulu University. The Kokuras speak only Japanese and Gwen translates for Hawk throughout the tour. Out of the blue, an artist named Sally Higgins gives the Kokura's, Hawk and Gwen each a tiny hand size bronze fetish fashioned after the famous Venus of Willendorf. After accepting their unexpected gifts, Gwen takes the Kokuras to her private graduate studio to show them her art.


Hawaii Exchange

I led my group into the rat warren of grad student studios and eventually to my little studio number three thirty seven. I offered everyone beers from my little fridge then gave the Kokuras a look at my work. I sat on my Salvation Army loveseat with Emiko sifting through portfolios of small abstract paintings on paper, Hawk sat at my desk looking at my huge Van Gogh book, hoping to find something on the Van Gogh painting we saw at the Honolulu Contemporary. Kira stood looking at the cacophony of sketches and notes pined and taped to the walls. Stealthily, I admired his profile. On top of his obvious good looks, the man was charming in an old world kind of way. I particularly liked the way he had me laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl all day long.

Then I realized that Emiko was looking at me looking at her husband. To cover up my deep embarrassment, I got up and pretended to look for something near my easel. Emiko made a sound and I cringed, readying myself for a curt rebuke. When none came, I turned to look at her and almost screamed. She was leafing through my special black and green portfolio of drawings. My chest constricted with panic as I rushed over to stop her. To my horror, she twisted away from me with the portfolio in her hands.

"This is fantastic," she said.

The drawing she viewed was a 24 x 36 charcoal of me sitting nude cross-legged in a lotus position looking forward. It was one of many studies I had done for my nude painting titled Shelly's New Dance. I covered my face as Hawk and Kira came over to see. The drawing was done in uncharacteristic photo-realism. The only part I took liberties with was the hair; I had left it flat black with no highlights.

"Shit," I whispered.

"It's a beautiful drawing," Hawk said with his patented lecherous smile. "You have a great body. Be proud to show it." He gripped my shoulder in affectionate support.

Hope you feel the same way in a second, I thought as Emiko leafed to the next drawing. Hawk's hand tightened on my shoulder. Emiko turned her head and looked up at me wide eyed, and then she looked at Hawk.

"The likeness is uncanny," she told him.

"She says the likeness is very good," I translated sheepishly.

"You are one big boy," Kira said with a manly slapped at Hawk's shoulder.

Emiko laughed stopped short and cleared her throat.

Hawk looked at me for a translation.

"He said you've been blessed," I told him softening the comment a bit.

The drawing was of Hawk reclining naked reading a book with a full nine inch erection stretched across his stomach. Emiko's eyes focused on the real Hawk's crotch for a couple of seconds. She saw me watching her and her eyes quickly dropped to the drawing on her lap.

Good, now we're even, I though with some satisfaction.

Emiko went to the next drawing and it was of Hawk too. In the drawing he stood nude in profile with his surfboard under his arm. His erection echoing the graceful curve of the board.

"I'm going to show all my surfer friends your nude photos," Hawk whispered in my ear.

"I'll fucking kill you if you do," I said as I held a fake smile. "Wait, you can show Professor Piedmont but not the rest." I sighed. "Since the cat's out of the bag ... " I got up and pulled the finished painting of Shelly from its hidden corner.

Everyone stared at the nude woman standing awkwardly in her vague blackish-gray world.

"My God," Hawk said.

"It's like a John Singer Sargent," Emiko said in awe.

"More like Rembrandt with those eyes," Kira said with equal awe.

"I Like her too," I said overflowing with joy at being compared to the likes of Sargent and Rembrandt.

"She is beautiful," Emiko said. She looked at me with an odd expression and said, "May we take you and Hawk to dinner? Our hotel has a fine restaurant."

"Oh yes please, as thanks for your kindness," Kira added with his eyes still on my naked portrait.

"They would like to take us out to dinner at their hotel as payment for the good time we've shown them," I said to Hawk.

Like Kira, Hawk's eyes were glued to my nude painting, he absently nodded probably unaware of what he was agreeing to. Pleased and amused, I nudged him and said, "God Hawk, you pervert. You've seen the real me naked a billion times."

I accepted the invitation to dinner.

"Is Hawk's drawing true to life?" Emiko asked in a conspirator's whisper as we exited my studio.

"No exaggeration," I said. Emiko blushed and we both laughed.

"What's up?" Hawk asked.

"Just girl talk," I said.


The nude drawings Emiko discovered were the mildest in my new found stint as pornographic erotic artist. I don't know what I would have done if she had discovered the drawing I did of women giving head or of couples fucking in focused Kama Sutra detail. Thankfully, those drawings were better hidden.

My resent exploration into explicit erotic art has made me rethink my personal theories on the female nude. Case and point the French impressionist Renoir. Like all his fellow impressionists, Renoir had a loose sketchy style of applying paint to canvas. But when he did nudes of frolicking big ass french girls, the looseness went away and he switched to a more realistic application. I always thought the switch was purely sexist and that he just liked looking at naked girls. And Now, I'm positive that I'm right. When it comes to producing erotic images, impressionism and abstraction fall way short of the mark. Like Renoir, I want my naked people in sharp clear focus. When it comes to glorious erect penises the style of Edward Hopper in much more satisfying than Pablo Picasso. The serious downside was that I lie awake at night, worried that I have become an x-rated Norman Rockwell.

All this drifted through my head as I sat on the edge of my bed drying my hair with a blow drier. Hawk lay on the bed watching me.

"Why do you abstract when you can create in such fantastic realistic detail?" he asked.

"Why create poetry when you can write in clear understandable sentences?" I returned with some irritation. Why do people think that painting in the abstract is easy?

"Sorry," he said at my apparent annoyance. He slid forward and kissed my neck and back. His hands slipped around and cupped my bra-covered B-cups. My irritation quickly dissipated. He turned me around and covered my mouth with a kiss that quickly raised my temperature. We didn't come up for air for a long time. When we finally did, he said, "I love arguing artistic merits with you."

"I thing you just like feeling my tits. Now keep your hands to yourself haole boy. We have to get ready for dinner." I went back to drying my hair.


Hawk and I arrived in the lobby of the Ala Wai Arms Hotel at about seven o'clock in the evening. I wore a nice white dress and applied what I called my nightclub face. I even broke out my pesky contacts. Hawk looked good too, in a dark green long sleeve silk shirt and black slacks. He even let me style his near shoulder length blond hair. When I was done he looked a little like Brad Pitt in the movie Troy, only more handsome. We put a call up to Kira and Emiko's room, and then went to wait for them in the hotel bar.

"You look great. Bet Kira will think so too," Hawk said.

"I just felt like looking nice for once," I said liking that he might be a little bit jealous.

"You been giving the guy the eye all day long," he said.

"You weren't shy about looking at Emiko's ass all day," I said. "Not to mention Sally and Oleander from the sculpture yard."

"It was Sally's artistic abilities that interested me," he said.

"And not her over stretched t-shirt or the world's smallest cutoffs around her curvy hips?" I asked with a glare.

"FYI," Hawk said defensively, "I never even noticed Oleander's over stressed sports bra or the way the sweat ran down her flat stomach and soaked into the waist band of her biker shorts that covered her bodacious ass."

"Bodacious? You having a Bill and Ted moment?" I asked with a giggle. I kissed him lightly on the mouth. Over Hawk's shoulder I saw Kira Kokura at the entrance of the bar.

He looked great in a white long sleeve shirt and khaki cotton slacks. He had that manly, world traveler look about him. All that was missing was a floppy straw hat, a camel, and a couple of pyramids to complete the picture.

Emiko joined him a second later and I let out an involuntarily gasp. Hawk turned to look and his eyes widened at the sight of Emiko too. She wore a red strapless dress that came to mid thigh, the clingy material accenting the graceful swells of her breasts with the perfect amount of exposed cleavage.

"There's no way that dress came off a rack," I said feeling self conscious about my dress from Marshall's. Emiko's midsection was enviably flat and I made a pact to work on my abs on my next gym visit. Her sexy hips twisted subtly with each stride of her athletic legs. I could only imagine what the view from the back was like. A tasteful gold choker graced her neck and matching loop earrings hung from her ears. There was nothing girly about her, she was all woman. Hawk and I got up and went to meet them. Oddly, we all bowed formally and then went to the front of the restaurant and the hostess sat us at a nice table near a large glass wall overlooking Waikiki beach and Diamond Head crater.

Dinner was pleasant and fun and the talk was mostly about art. Then shockingly, the topic of baseball came up and Kira and Hawk discovered a shared passion for the game. They both loved the San Diego Padres. Go figure? Apparently, there's some big time Japanese player from Tokyo playing for the Padres that Kira followed.

To be part of the conversation I said, "I like the New York Yankees."

That evoked a flat blank stare from Hawk. Even Kira had something close to a sneer on his handsome face.

I put my hands up and backed off.

After dinner, we retired to the bar and the guys got the bartender to put a Japanese baseball game on the TV. For two guys that didn't share the same language, they had no trouble understanding each other as they watched and talked about the game. Like me, Emiko had no interest in baseball. Apparently, female contempt for organized male sports held no national boarders.

Emiko and I left the guys at the bar and sat in a booth near by. I found out that she had been to the Louvre in Paris. After the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, the Louvre was my life's Mecca. I begged for details.

"On our anniversary last year Kira took me on a special tour based on the Larry Brown novel 'The Da Vinci Code,'" Emiko said. "The tour visited all the places in Paris touched on in the book."

I burned with envy and hung on her every word and description. The wine flowed and the conversation found its way to Georgia O'Keefe, a favorite of Emiko's. Then logically we moved on to female genitalia, and that naturally led right to Hawk's big dick.

"Is Hawk's penis truly that big?" Emiko asked leaning in close.

I laughed. "Yes it is."

She laughed too. The wine was loosing us up.

"Back home Kira and I considered joining a club to..." I didn't get the last part and asked her to say it again. I didn't get it the second time either. She and I went back and forth and then I got it.

"Wife swapping?" I said in English then I searched my brain and found the closest Japanese equivalent.

"Yes! Wife swapping," she said as her cheeks went a bit pink. "We went to a gathering of couples that do such things but we both found everyone unsavory or a little bit crazy ... and ugly." She laughed. "A fat man like a sumo wrestler and his plump wife begged Kira and I to join them but we politely declined and then ran away from the party never to return." She laughed again and puffed her cheeks out and did a sumo pose on her side of the booth.

I laughed too.

Emiko continued.

"We tried again and met up with a couple that was more to our liking through the internet. We almost went through with it but at the last moment, Kira backed out. The woman was very attractive but he did not like her personality, she was so cruel. The husband was handsome but had no..." I missed the last part. She pondered then said, "I'll use American word I know, no balls."

I laughed she pronounced balls, bulls.

"The cruel wife did all the talking and she treated her husband badly always calling him names. I could not make love to a weak man like that. We were very embarrassed and Kira and I walked away. The woman called us cowards as we left." Emiko shivered her shoulders dramatically. "Very bad experience."

I shivered in sympathy.

"We tried one more time with the internet but it failed again so we just gave up." She went quiet for a few seconds then leaned in and said very softly, "Would you and Hawk like to 'wife swap?'"

She said wife swap in English. I should have seen where this was going, but because of the wine it took me by surprise.

"Have you talked to Kira?" I asked unsure what else to ask.

"No," she confessed, "but I know he likes you. I can tell because he tries to make you laugh." After a short pause she added, "You are very beautiful."

My face warmed at the blunt compliment. Unable to look her in the eye just yet, I looked over at Hawk and Kira. Something good must be happening with the Tokyo team because the guys clinked beer mugs then high fived. Kira was smiling. Smiling suited his handsome face. I looked back at Emiko whose face was very red. I saw that she wasn't approaching this lightly.

"Why do this thing?" I asked. "Kira looks to be a good lover?"

"He is, but we want some adventure," Emiko confessed. "We were married at eighteen, over twenty years now. We both crave new things but don't want to sneak around." She caught my eyes and said, "You and Hawk are very nice." She looked away from me and looked at her wine glass. She turned a deeper shade of red and said, "I like the idea of being with an American man." She took me by surprise by saying the next thing in accented English, "It turns me on."

I sat stunned and tried to get my wine muddled head into focus. Emiko took my silence as rejection.

"I have offended you," she said sounding deeply mortified. "I am being very rude." She bobbed her head in a tiny bow, and then made to get up. I put my hand on her arm making her sit back down.

"How do we tell the men?" I asked her. She looked panicked for it seemed that she hadn't expected this to fly. I waited, allowing her time to think.

"I will ask Kira," she said.

She swallowed the last of her wine and then reached over and finished the last couple of sips in my glass too, and then she got up and walked to the bar. Her ass was spectacular in her designer dress. I watched her put her hand on her husband's shoulder lean in and speak into his ear. Kira swirled in his bar stool, looked at me then back at his wife. They exchanged more words then he looked back at me again. I smiled and shrugged. Kira excused himself from the bar and came to the booth and sat across from me. Emiko stayed at the bar with Hawk.

"Are you sure?" Kira asked.

"Are you sure?" I returned.

"I think so? What about Hawk?"

"I'll go tell him." I got up and went to the bar feeling both excited and apprehensive. I sat in Kira's vacated stool and looked at Hawk. "Emiko and Kira want us to join them in their room."

"They want to finish the party up stairs? Sure." He drained his glass of beer then reached for his wallet to pay.

"They want to swap are you interested?"

He froze in the act of pulling bills from his wallet and then his eyes narrowed giving me an accusing look.

"It was Emiko's idea, honest," I said instantly.

Hawk looked at Emiko sitting on the other side of me at the bar. She smiled and gave him a goofy little wave. I got up and went to the booth, Emiko and Hawk followed. When everyone was seated again, I spoke in Japanese.

"We move slow because we all have had a few drinks. I suggest we split up, Emiko with Hawk and me with Kira. We'll give ourselves an hour to get acquainted. If anyone of us changes his or her mind we end it no questions asked. Understood?"

The Kokuras nodded in agreement.

I translated for Hawk.

Kira and I left the restaurant and followed a path that led us to the ocean. We took off our shoes and carried them as we walked side by side in the sand. We were hardly alone, it was a beautiful warm night and people were everywhere. We walked quietly for a little ways, waiting for the other to talk. This was crazy I thought. I've had too much to drink and should call this off.

"This is all fake you know," Kira said.

My brow wrinkled in confusion. Was he criticizing the swap thing or was my Japanese failing me again?

"Waikiki beach, all the way from diamond Head to Ala Moana Beach, is all man made."

"I didn't know that," I said relieved that he was just making conversation.

"This was all swamp and rocky shore, no sand, and no hotels. Ironically, this area was the most undesirable real-estate on the island for a long time. Then they hauled in the sand and drained the swamps, put up breakers to calm the shore. The hotels soon followed."

I didn't know any of this and was embarrassed that an outsider knew more about my home than I did. Moreover, finding out that my island's big tits were just an expensive boob job seemed so tacky.

We found ourselves standing on a path lined with torches. I looked at Kira in the orange glow of the fire.

"Was this originally your idea?" I asked him.

"No, Waikiki was made back in the twenties I think."

I laughed. "No, the wife swapping thing," I said.

"I know," he said with an embarrassed laugh. "This has been Emiko's idea from the start. She was a wild one when we were young. That fire still burns in her."

We turned our heads and looked at each other. Then next we knew, we were kissing. The kiss was soft and quiet. The smell of his cologne mingled with the smell of the sea. His hands rested on my back. With every passing second our inhibitions melted away and we pressed in closer. My physical world was reduced to the the feel of his warm mouth and nothing else seem to matter. If passing tourists took notice of us, we didn't know ... or care.

The kiss wound down, we separated, I looked into Kira's face.

"Let's go back and see how Emiko and Hawk are doing," I said.

He nodded and we walked back to the hotel side by side, inches apart, not daring to touch for we knew it would trigger another kiss. I couldn't speak for Kira, but I didn't want this to get any hotter only to find out Hawk or Emiko had called it off. As we waited for the elevator, we were the king and queen of restraint. But that lasted barely a second the moment the elevator door closed and we bashed into each other for another kiss and then pulled away instantly when the door chime sounded at Kira's floor.

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