Hawthorn Manor


"That seems like enough of that." she whispered as she pulled out the now dripping wet strap-on. "I think she needs to relive a bad memory." The next thing she knew, she had grabbed the strap-on again but this time was lining it up with Oxana's asshole. "Wait, I need a little light." she whispered as she grabbed the flashlight. She was horrified when she saw her hand place the base of the flashlight against Oxana's pussy, and then plunge it in all the way to the switch, which was about eight inches up the handle. "That's better."

She then began to push the strap-on in Oxana's asshole. It took a while, but eventually, she got the whole thing up there. She then continued moving her hips back and forth, and fucked Oxana's asshole. She continued this for a very long time; Oxana had even given up trying to scream and struggle, and was lying back and taking it.

Eventually, she stopped. "This just isn't the same without a real dick." she whispered. She removed the flashlight and moved around to Oxana's head, where she bent down over another box. This one was full of cutlery, and soon she was holding a long, sharp knife. She stood up and turned back to Oxana. She saw her hand bring the knife up to Oxana's throat.

"No!" she screamed, and this time her words were actually heard. The hand holding the knife backed up and started to shake.

"Are you still here? Leave, I control this body now." she heard herself say. Her hand had stopped shaking and was once again making its way to Oxana's throat.

"No!" again the hand was drawn back and began to shake; but this time, the knife came loose, and fell to the floor. "Get out on my body!"

Now both her hands were clutching her head. "No, you get out! I've had to live here for thirty years, because of that bitch! Thirty years of scaring young girls, but never being able to touch them, to taste them, to feel them squirm. But all that has changed, thanks to you. No one has ever found the mirror before, so I had no chance to escape."

"I don't care about anything you say, get out of my body! I won't let you hurt anyone!"

"You didn't seem to have a problem with everything else I did to her. I guess rape is okay, but murder isn't"

"No! What you did was wrong!"

"If it was so wrong, the why didn't you try to stop me then."

"I couldn't."

"Oh, I think you could; but you enjoyed it too."

"No I didn't."

"Oh yes you did. You enjoyed the power you had; making someone do something they don't want. You liked being in complete control."

"Liar! I didn't enjoy it!"

"Then why do I feel that if I reached down between your legs I would find a wet pussy. Admit it, you enjoyed it; and I could give you more. I can show you ways to make it even better."

"Never!" she reached down, grabbed the knife and ran at the mirror.

"What are you doing?"

"This!" she said as she hurled the knife at the mirror. The moment it hit the mirror, it shattered, and she collapsed to the ground, once again in total control of her body.

She got up, ran over to Oxana and untied her. Oxana, sat up, removed the gag and blindfold, and looked at Tracy; before either of them could say a word, a broom stick came flying at them from the direction of the mirror and hit them both in the shoulders.

Oxana jumped off the table and began to back away with Tracy as the broomstick came at them again, being wielded like a bat by invisible hands. It swung and missed Tracy's head by inches, before swinging back the other way and catching Oxana in the stomach; she collapsed to the ground holding her belly.

As Tracy turned to see if Oxana was alright, the broom came down across the back of her head, and she hit the floor in front of Oxana unconscious.

When Tracy awoke, sometime later, it was to find herself back in her bed upstairs, surrounded by the other four girls. She could feel a huge bump on the back of her head and asked. "What happened?"

The other three girls looked at Oxana. "Well, it appears that you were possessed by the spirit of that murderer; but you fought him off, and saved me. He managed to injure us both with the broom, but suddenly, he stopped. I managed to carry you upstairs, where together, we brought you here. You've been unconscious for about three hours."

Oxana sat down next to Felicia, who was the only one sitting on the bed with Tracy. "Thank you. I saw the knife, and know what he would have done if you hadn't fought him."

"But the things he made me do, and the things he said." Tracy said.

Oxana took Tracy's hand between hers. "Everything that happened was because of him. I know that none of it was you, and that you would have stopped it if you had been able too. I'm just glad you were able to stop him when you did."

"But, everything he said..."

"He was probably trying to confuse you and distract you long enough to get back control. Forget it, I don't blame you." Oxana released Tracy's hand and stood up. "I don't think it's safe for any of us to be alone, so Felicia can stay with Tracy while the three of us go collect our things. We'll come back here and then all go downstairs; we can wait by the front door until they come get us."

The girls agreed with nods, and Oxana, Claudia and Quynh Mi left the room.

Felicia turned to Tracy. "What happened?" she asked.

Tracy looked her friend in the eye and told her everything, from the moment she found the mirror, until she lost consciousness. Felicia sat there in silence the entire time. When she was done, before Felicia could say anything, the other girls returned. They helped Tracy and Felicia pack, and then headed downstairs. They sat on the floor, next to the door, and waited in silence.

When the sorority sisters finally arrived, a short while later, they left immediately. As they were getting in the mini-van, Tracy looked back at the house and said to Felicia. "I don't care if I have to burn the house down, I'll never let anyone be put through what we went through."


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