He Finally Fucks His Younger Sister


"I want you to fuck your sister's wet soaking pussy over and over and cum inside me! And then I

want you to shove it up my ass!"

"Yeah, sis, I am fucking you. Do you believe it? Why did we ever wait so long? That's it, move your ass and fuck me back! Lift your hips and fuck yourself on your brother's rock hard prick.

"Slam your pussy against my hard cock as it bottoms out in your hot pussy!" My cock swam back and forth in her soaking gash. My belly and my balls were slapping her body as I fucked her so hard she was driven forward with each stroke.

She replied,"If we had known how hot this is, we could have been doing it all these years. FUCK ME!!!

I plowed into her hot box and listened to her moan loudly. I moaned, "Why did you decide to fuck me? I mean, it's not every day you get an offer to fuck your brother and let him cum inside you..."

I slapped her thigh and ass. "You avoided this all these years! Just think, all the times we have had the chance..."

"I had a fantasy a few times that we fucked. It's much better in person! I also agreed with you that this is a safe thing. People are stuck in the middle ages for the most part.

Oohhh, you are fucking me so good. When it is time for you to spray your cum, let me know. I wanted it in my pussy, but I might decide to drink your cum instead. How is your cum, you said you have been eating it?

Oh my God, fuck me. Slam your hard prick in my soaked pussy! FUCK ME, BROTHER! Make some cum for me to eat!"

"Yes, I have tried it when I jerked off. I would get a glob and try it. It's not that bad really." I could feel my cum rising, and because this was so exciting, I overcame my usual hesitation in cumming. "I am going to cum pretty soon. Where would you like it?"

"I think I want it in my mouth. It's just too sexy to avoid!"

"OK, I will let you know. It won't be long." I felt my balls boiling with cum. "Okay, here it comes, get your mouth up here. Ok, I am going to cum in your mouth and on your face."

She put her face about a foot from my throbbing cock. I let loose a jolt of liquid DNA, and it hit her right across the bridge of her nose.

"Oh God, Mark, cum on my face! I want your spunk.

"That's so fucking hot, spray me!"

She stopped talking when the second big shot of gooey splooge hit her right in the tongue. I continued to blast, and it was on her cheek, in her hair. "Spray that cum on me, brother of mine! Oh, I am cumming right now! Your cum is so good, I want more!"

I exhaled heavily. "Ahhhh God that was good. I love fucking you. It's so hot seeing my cum on your face and in your hair. Come here and kiss me and rub that cum in your tits.

"Is this something you can see us doing once in a while? I think it is a great stress reliever and good cardio exercise."

She smiled big. "I don't see why not. I was thinking that this "safe" sex is perfect, instead of going to clubs or who knows what. I liked you fucking me, and I don't have to worry about finding some boyfriend if I don't want to. God it felt good to have your cock inside me.

It's been too long since I had meaningful sex, or any sex really. Next time, I want to ride you. We'll get around to sticking that hard cock up my butt one of these days."

My sister is a freak, and I was absolutely okay with that. After all, I am a freak too.

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Very similar to my personal story. I so enjoy finding and reading mature B&S fuck/love stories

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